My Great Western Auto Tour

Friday, May 10: Detroit, Michigan to Buffalo, New York

Page last updated May 28, 2002.

I got up early to say good-bye to June, then worked a bit on my diary and watched some TV with Seymour--a history of the founding of Israel on the History Channel. It was a lovely spring day.

I had my doubts about the wisdom of trying to cross two borders with my augmented pile of stuff. I didn't think either Canada or the U.S. customs would be happy with the mess. But I figured even an hour of wrangling would be more fun than driving across Ohio again. As things turned out, neither customs service wanted to unpack my car, so the shortcut worked. I think it helped that I told my story more coherently than I had in North Dakota.

I had originally planned to follow 401, the expressway across Southern Ontario. At the last second, I swung on to route 3 instead. I had traveled this road once before with three other Jesuits after a charismatic retreat in Detroit. We took the local road that day thinking it would save time. We were wrong. There is no end to the small towns along the way, and the road plows right through the center of each and is full of stop lights and intersections. But I was in the mood for one more back road. I accidentally got on to a smaller road still when I missed the big swing east on 3 near Leamington. I ended up driving on a lake shore road for an hour or two.

My last meal of the trip was at a truck stop in Southern Ontario. I had a Western egg sandwich. I reached home around 4:30 in the afternoon. I immediately unpacked the car and hauled everything up to my room. After dinner, I got the car washed, waxed, vacuumed, and detailed at a Delta Sonic. The final touch was a spritz of new-car perfume. I hope the next guy to use it enjoys his trip as much as I did.