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Kathrin Braungardt, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

The purpose of this page is to clarify the documentation from Github.

What BMC can and cannot do

Source: Blackboard 9.1 SP 14

Target: Moodle 3.1.1

BMC converts documents, content from text elements, links, YouTube mashups, and tests.

All question types are converted except for "Calculated Formulas" and "Quiz Bowls."


- Put all files in one directory on a webserver. This directory should be writeable by the webserver.
I used "bmc" on my system as my "main converter dir."
- Install files of PhpConcept Library - Zip Module 2.8.
- Download the zip file.
- Extract the library and put it in your main converter folder

- Define variables uploaddir und downloadlink in uploaddir.php
$uploaddir = '/var/www/html/bmc/';//absolute path to main converter dir
$downloadlink= "";//url for export files
- Make a directory called “uploads” in your main converter dir that is writeable by the webserver.
- Make a directory called “exports” in your main converter dir that is writeable by the webserver.
- Make directory called “activities_src” containing the files grades.xml, inforef.xml, roles.xml.
This is where we are stuck at the moment. I have the feeling that we are using a more primitive version of Blackboard. I can't find these files anywhere in the Blackboard archive zip file.
- Make a directory called “moodle_src” in your main converter dir.
- In “moodle_src”, make two directories, one called "course" and the other called "sections."
- Place 5 files in “moodle_src”: gradebook.xml, groups.xml, outcomes.xml, roles.xml, scales.xml
- Make as many section files in the sections directory as needed for the course: section_1, section_2
Stuck here, too. I don't know where to get these xml files. From Blackboard? From Moodle?

Using the converter

start file: upload.php