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Four Families of Christology

Every Christological doctrine, orthodox or heretical, can be located in one of the four categories created by this logic box. There are only four possible ways of thinking about the divinity and humanity of Jesus.

Jesus is God.

Jesus is not human.

  • Docetism
  • Apollinarianism
  • Monotheletism
Jesus is God.

Jesus is human.

  • Nicene Christianity
Jesus is not God.

Jesus is not human.

  • Arianism
  • Monophysitism
Jesus is not God.

Jesus is human.

  • Nestorianism
  • Modernism
  • Adoptionism

There are other errors that don't fit this scheme. They are essentially Trinitarian doctrines: Modalism, Patripassionism, Sabellianism, etc.

Hypostatic Union

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From the Greek: ὑπόστασις, {"[h]upostasis"}, "hypostasis", sediment, foundation, substance, or subsistence
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Cappadocian Fathers: "Three Hypostases in one Ousia."