Hyphens and dashes

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Style guide for Biblica.

One chapter: Genesis 2 Use full name of the book for chapter.
A range of chapters: Genesis 2–3 N dash, no spaces; full title of book.
Chapter and verse (ch:vv): Gen 2,1
One chapter and multiple verses: Gen 2,1-3 hyphen, no spaces
From ch:vv to ch:vv: Gen 2,1 – 3,15 N dash with spaces
Same chapter and individual verses: Gen 2,1.3.5
Same chapter and disconnected ranges: Rom 14,5-9.22-23
Sets of books: 1-2 Kings 1-2 Cor, 1-3 Jn, etc.
Page ranges: pp. 1-23
Year ranges: 1969-1970