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Many of the greatest biblical events took place at meals. Meal rituals are important and may take years to evolve.

Menu Options





Menu 2014

-- Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast cereal


pancakes breakfast burritos pancakes french toast




Lunch sandwiches tacos chicken patties

french fries

sandwiches potato soup
Dinner hamburgers

and hotdogs

Creamy Baked


subs pulled pork lasagna tuna melts
Dessert s'mores cake brownies

ice cream

kremowki apple crisp cookies

Menu 2015

This menu is a blend of the girls' and boys' menus. (There were very few variations between the two. The boys had a chicken and rice stir-fry instead of garlic parmesan chicken. The girls didn't have french toast casserole or kremowki. The girls had macaroni and cheese with the ham instead of potatoes. The boys had Klondike bars and ice cream sandwiches instead of ice cream sundaes.) It's probably our most successful menu so far.

-- Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast cereal, oatmeal


pancakes breakfast burritos pancakes french toast



Lunch Creamy Baked


baked ham



corn on the cob



tuna melts
Dinner hamburgers

and hotdogs

pasta and sausage subs chicken patties

french fries

garlic parmesan chicken


pasta bar
Dessert s'mores brownies ice cream cookies kremowki ice cream


Notes on the Menu

In 2015, we cut bagels and english muffins from the menu because toasting slowed down the breakfast line too much. We added more hearty options like hard boiled eggs and oatmeal, which were more popular with the girls than the boys. We also added baked ham to the menu, which provided us with enough leftovers to scramble ham bits with eggs for breakfast. We used leftover tortilla shells from the taco/burrito meal to make breakfast burritos with the eggs and ham.

N.B. Soft tortilla shells are more versatile than hard taco shells! The hard shells usually go to waste, but leftover soft tortilla shells can be used for breakfast burritos and sandwiches, or even baked and eaten with cream cheese dip.

At least one meal--typically Thursday lunch--is reserved for leftovers. Since we never know how much food we'll have left over, we usually have some lunchmeat and bread on hand.

Snacks: The girls like hummus more than boys. The boys eat more snacks in the afternoon than in the morning.

Desserts: The girls have come to expect ice cream sundaes after the Tuesday beach outing. (The boys do not have this tradition.) Since we never know how long Wednesday night Adoration is going to last, we prepare a dessert that is easy to clean up, like brownies or cookies. Same for Thursday. We never know how long the Variety Show will last, so we prepare something easy to clean up. We have s'mores at one or two of the campfires--either Sunday, Monday, or Friday. (S'mores are more popular with the girls.)





  • Resurrection Stories


  • Open questions


  • Biblical Charades
  • Getting-to-Know-You Rotation (Julia's "speed-dating")
  • Geography Competition (Europe)
  • Mad Libs
  • Pictionary (with whiteboards)
  • Sing-Off
  • Interview Questions
  • Bible Challenge
Acts 12:24
Hebrews 4:12
1 John 2:14
John 7: 31-32
  • Bible story pictionary relay

Old Testament

Abraham and Isaac
The Burning Bush
David and Goliath
Adam and Eve
Noah and the Ark
Elijah’s chariot of fire
Daniel and the Lions
Jonah and the Whale
The Towel of Babel
Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

New Testament

The Birth of Jesus
Jesus and Zaccheus
The Parable of the Sower
The Prodigal Son
The Resurrection
The Good Samaritan
Jesus Feeds 5000 People
Jesus and Lazarus
Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter


Lunch Challenges
  • Geography Competition (South America)
  • New Testament List
  • Bible Challenge (One person from each group came forward. A verse was shouted out. Whoever found it and read it aloud first won a candy prize. Another person from each groups came forward, another verse was shouted out, etc. Sometimes, in order to make the game more quick-paced and competitive, the verse was shouted out before the competitors came forward.)
  • The Ultimate Bird List (One group managed to name 98 kinds of birds.)


The virtues of a pig bucket. In 2015, we had no pig bucket.

At the boys' Sro-event 2015, we used paper plates for lunch and dinner, and the boys washed the dishes--cups, utensils, and pots--in the Great Kitchen.

Advantages: Pots and platters got washed. Dishwashing was more easily monitored. Dishes could be rinsed before washing and dirty water could be replaced with clean water.
Disadvantages: More trash, a wet kitchen floor, one dishwashing bucket instead of two. Dirty water was dumped in the sinks instead of outside.

Reminders: Put cloth napkins in the laundry basket. Hang wet dish towels on the laundry rack.

Meal Theology and Philosophy

Abraham and Sarah
Exodus 24
Mary and Martha
Bread machine to Mars