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[[Category:Culture Wars]]
[[Category:Culture Wars]]

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The thought that something we fashion could come to life is as old as the myth of Pygmalion.

Movies and TV Shows

This is just a list of movies or series with which I am familiar.

year title comments
2001: A Space Odyssey
Almost Human
Battlestar Galactica
Blade Runner
Black Mirror
Ex Machina
1999-2003 Farscape
Hitchikers Guide to the Universe "Marvin, the Paranoid Android."
I, Robot Robot slaves, Vicki, one awakened slave
Iron Man, Age of Ultron
Knight Rider
Lost in Space (TV series) "Danger, Will Robinson!"
Men in Black
Millenium Man
Minority Report
2009 Moon robot miner with AI computer companion
Mr. Robot
Person of Interest
2012 Prometheus David and a human crew awaken a monstrous alien trapped in a cavern.
Real Humans (Swedish), Humans (British-American)
RoboCop Cyborg, not pure AI.
1986 Short Circuit Huge binocular eyes.

1972 Solaris
Star Trek Computer, Data
Star Wars
1975 Stepford Wives
2015 Tomorrowland Robot girl lays down her life for her friends.
Transcendence Woman turns into a computer.
Wall-E Recycling robot falls in love.
Westworld (movie)
Westworld (HBO series)
2013 World's End Humans are replaced by robots. Lots of blue blood spilled.