Desmond and Ruth's Children       

Mom had some pictures taken of the family the day before Dad's wake.

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Christopher Moleski asked for an index of who is who. The following photos should help somewhat in answering his question.

Ruth Gabrielle Moleski. In February, Dad called Laura and told her that he couldn't figure out how to call or florist and order flowers for Valentine's Day and Mom's birthday. Teresa and Laura organized the flowers. On her birthday, the card read, "To Ruth, the love of my life. Desmond."

Mom is holding Jacob Moleski, the youngest of the great-grandchildren.

Marion Ruth

Robert James and Marion Ruth Hanson

Martin Xavier Moleski, SJ

Teresa Gabrielle Ichniowski

Claudia Jean Moleski

Marne O'Shae

Cat Moleski

Dominic Joseph Moleski

Laura Maureen Franc

Hilda Margaret Moleski

Desmond Christopher John Moleski and Marne O'Shae .

Dez taught me about wikis. He installed one for me on an earlier incarnation of
I didn't understand the beauty of it, and it went nowhere.

Since then, I've fallen in love with wikis because of my work on the Big-8 Management Board. I understand Dez's own frustration with his work wiki and I see how my own failed experiment with the wiki corresponds to his work experience. I may yet try again, if I can get a wiki that is compatible with my current ISP.

Dez's page on Ward's Wiki.

Crocus. She found Dad one spring and
kept him company for many years.

Jean Louise. She walked with Dad every day until
Dad became housebound.