"I am Gabriel" (2012) movie review

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Directed by Mike Norris, Chuck Norris's son.

Jenn Gotzon is perhaps the best known actor--some indie films. She plays an aspiring writer.

Nurse: "Why do bad things happen to good people?"

Doctor: "Who am I to question God?"

"It all began with the death of a baby." Ten years of trouble. Echoes of the book of Job.

Promise, Texas

Angels don't need to be informed by talking. We do.


Protestant church, pastor, theory of the bible, theology.

When people lose hope, they lose everything.

Prayer mat. A reminder that I need to talk to God.

Not great acting.

Prayer mats for the world.


Down Syndrome actor--Wesley.

"Praying is more important than sleep"--if you're an angel.

"I don't want to just live anymore. I want to live in His light."

"There's a big difference between what you saw and what happened. Don't let your story get in the way of the truth."

"Miracles are real."

The medical problems are not persuasive: the death of the baby ("Don't push!"), the doctor's fatal illness, the girl's blindness. Why doesn't the doctor go to the doctor?

Sheriff Brody is miscast or misdirected. He needs to be a whole lot nastier.

Horrible little bridge outside the house--just so they could say, "I love you so much" while standing photogenically on it.

Corvette vs. Bronco! :-O

Monotonous sound track--too much of the solo cello. Overworked.

Psychobabble -- dialogue with the Sheriff.

"It's all over the world. It's time for revival."

They want to have their cake and eat it, too. Boy's qualities in the way he speaks (what is PBJ?), learning to be human; but practically ominiscient and omnipotent. As though taking on the appearance of a boy gave him a boyish mentality. Wife to kids, "He's just a boy!"

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