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Our Lady of Guadalupe, Extremadura.
Holy Mother of God, pray for us.
From a friend:
"There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers."

December 19: Canned Catholic Radio Christmas Special

  • What does the word "Christmas" mean?
  • Are stores that use "X-M-a-s" on signs "taking Christ out of Christmas"?
  • Was there really a time when celebrating Christmas was outlawed in England?
  • What are the rules and regulations for Christmas trees?
    • When should lights be put on the tree? St. Lucy's Day ()? Christmas Eve?
    • When should they be decorated? Are there different steps in decorating?
    • When should they be taken down
    • Are the trees required to be green?
    • Is it offensive to Jesus to use silver and gold ornaments instead of red and green?
  • What is a "Jesse tree"?
  • Where did the Advent wreath come from?
  • Why do some priests wear blue vestments during Advent?
  • When does Christmas end?
- December 25
- January 1
- Epiphany
- January 6th, the 12th day of Christmas
- Baptism of the Lord
  • Who was the real Santa Claus?
- Is it wrong for parents to tell children fairy tales about Christmas?
  • Is it OK for Catholics to wish people "happy holidays" or "Happy Hannukuh" or "Happy Kwanzaa" or "Happy Ramadan"?
  • Is it true that Mary felt no pain in childbirth?
  • Did Jesus already know how to talk the day He was born?
  • What is a manger?
  • What are swaddling clothes?
  • When did Catholics start making Nativity scenes?
  • What do we know about the Magi?
- Did the Magi have to talk to Herod? Could they have found Jesus' without Herod's help?
- How do we know there were three kings?
- How old was Jesus when the kings visited?
- Names (Caspar, Melchior, Balthasar)
- Where are they from?
- What happened to them after they returned home?
  • Wouldn't the shepherds and other witnesses of Jesus' birth (Elizabeth, Zechariah, Simeon) have spread the news throughout their communities?
  • Do we know what the star of Bethlehem was?
  • Were Joseph and Mary warned to go home another way? How long was it between the census and the slaughter of innocents?
  • Did Mary remain a virgin? What about the brothers of Jesus?
  • What are some of the Scriptures that prophesy Jesus' birth?

December 19

  • O Antiphons
  • How did Abraham's experience of the Holy Spirit compare with that of the disciples at Pentecost?
  • Prayer intention.
  • Caller from down south, iCatholicRadio--check to see if we get a pin.
  • Scott: "Merry Xmas"? Xing Christ out of Christmas?
  • How can I pray for people when I feel sinful myself?
  • Barbara from Kenmore: How to show her students that the Bible is true.

December 12

  • Kim from e-mail: Joseph was told not to 'know' Mary until after Jesus' birth... Did Joseph and Mary have marital relations? I'm confused about this. I've heard that Catholics believe in the perpetual virginity of Mary, but do not know the scripture basis for this.
  • Patrick. Buffalo. Would like clarity on the difference among the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Barbara. Kenmore, NY. How do those who believe in "sola scriptura" explain things not in the bible like the Trinity?
  • Greg. Rochester, NY. Would like to request prayers to sustain my marriage. (I called earlier and asked that my marriage be restored, and my wife is now back and we are working on it.)
  • Kathryn. Our priest referred to the Holy Spirit as a "she" and "her". I found this disturbing. Especially since Mary was with child through the power of the Holy Spirit . Was his reference acceptable?
  • Mike: Proverbs 20-22 Wisdom cries aloud in the street; in the markets she raises her voice; on the top of the walls she cries out; at the entrance of the city gates she speaks: "How long, O simple ones, will you love being simple?
  • Tom, Buffalo. I want to understand the Eucharist. In Acts, it is said that the disciples are warned not to drink blood. Then how does this relate to the Eucharist? (I am not a Catholic.)

December 5

Followup to a prayer request from Alice in Massachusetts, whose dear friend is thinking of having an abortion.
  • Robert from Rochester, NY. I suggest that Alice and her friend watch the video by Dr. Bernard Nathanson on YouTube.
I'm not sure which video Robert meant--probably "The Silent Scream."
- "The Silent Scream" (1984).
- "Eclipse of Reason" (1987).
- Aborting America, 1979, Doubleday & Company, Inc.: Garden City. ISBN 0-385-14461-X.
  • From Chris. Albert Einstein said "It seems to me that the idea of a personal God is an anthropological concept which I cannot take seriously. I also cannot imagine some will or goal outside the human sphere.... Science has been charged with undermining morality, but the charge is unjust. A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death". Do you not agree that it is better to do good regardless of reward or punishment?
  • From Alice in Everett, MA. I have a friend that I love like a sister. She has recently found out that she is pregnant out of wedlock. There is no possibility the she will marry this man. Worse yet is that she is contemplating aborting the baby. This is horrible and I am very sad that this would be an option for her. Can you/we pray that her mind be put at easy with the decision of keeping her baby? I have bee pleading with the Holy Spirit to enlighten me with the words to change her mind. Thank you
  • Christopher, Houston, Texas. 1.) for the repose of the souls of Father John T. Weyer Jr. + & Imelda Hayes. 2.) for those who are mourning the loss of a loved one especially during this holiday season.
  • Debbie. Buffalo, NY. Please pray for my Aunt Judy who had a stroke and is in the ICU.
  • Delores. Hamburg. Pls explain translating the Greek dialogues into mathematical logic.
  • Rebecca. St. Petersburg, FL (via iCatholicRadio). Re: the commandment to honor thy father/mother, someone said that you must honor, but not necessarily love them. Your take?
  • Barbara. Kenmore, NY. In my religious ed class, a student asked if Catholicism is the only true faith, as there are other faiths that have some truths. How can I best answer that? Also, let us pray for the conversion of sinners (i.e. all of us).
  • Theresa. Oregon. I want to comfort the listener who called on Wednesday who lost her father who was age 85. I lost my dad when I was 6 and our family was able to find happiness and be grateful for his life.
  • Jennifer. Niagara Falls, ONT. What is the meaning of "The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary"?
  • Rita, Southern Ontario, Canada. Please pray for my son's father-in-law, Don. He has lost his faith (he grew up Catholic) and has little desire to live. We offered to bring priest to him, but he declined. Please pray for his healing.
  • Mary from Malden. (Even though everyone hates Tom Brady and the Patriots including you I still love you) I'm calling for a prayer request for my dad was very sick and has been in the hospital for the last two weeks. I first made a prayer request to Father Rick and then one from Father Chip and now one from you. Everyone's loving words are helping my dad extremely. We listen to you almost everyday and really love the show. Mike is cool too. thank you and God bless.

December 4

  • Anonymous from e-mail: I am Jewish. I did not see "The Passion of the Christ" because some friends of mine told me that it is gory and that it is anti-semitic. Is it true that the gospels on which the movie was based promote hatred of the Jews?
  • Anonymous. "My understanding is that some of the parishes in our diocese are making use of "Centering Prayer." What is Centering Prayer, and is it orthodox?"
  • Chris. Albert Einstein said "It seems to me that the idea of a personal God is an anthropological concept which I cannot take seriously. I also cannot imagine some will or goal outside the human sphere.... Science has been charged with undermining morality, but the charge is unjust. A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death". Do you not agree that it is better to do good regardless of reward or punishment?
  • From Alice in Everett, MA. I have a friend that I love like a sister. She has recently found out that she is pregnant out of wedlock. There is no possibility the she will marry this man. Worse yet is that she is contemplating aborting the baby. This is horrible and I am very sad that this would be an option for her. Can you/we pray that her mind be put at easy with the decision of keeping her baby? I have bee pleading with the Holy Spirit to enlighten me with the words to change her mind. Thank you
  • Arthur. Wanted to talk with Father about the Romans killing Jesus. He seems to think that the Jews are also guilty for bringing him to Pilate and falsely testified against Jesus. Just wanted further clarification.

November 21

  • Christopher. Houston, TX. Prayer Request: For the repose of the souls of Lucy Beatrice Garcia Robles + & Msgr T. Joseph Culver.
  • Anonymous. Massachusetts. Prayer request for guidance on a new job.
  • Joe. Boston, MA. 1) Advice for job seeker. 2) How do I explain "He descended into hell"?
  • Cathy. Erie, PA. Question about Orans posture for the Our Father.
  • Mike. Welland, Ontario. Please say a prayer for me in thanksgiving to St. Cecilia (whose feast is tomorrow) for the many favors she has given me as a musician.
  • Maria. Massachusetts. Prayer requests for husband Jim who is suffering from severe depression. After losing his job, he has a feeling of hopelessness and emptiness. It is also affecting our children.
  • Anonymous. Buffalo. Prayer request for the people affected by the storm to be protected by their guardian angels - as Padre Pio believed in the power of angels.
  • Joe, Boston, Mass. (same guy as before). Three pieces of advice for the lady whose husband lost his job: 1) Call the local Knights of Columbus and ask if anyone there has a company that can give him a job or training in computers. 2) Check with local/state unemployment office and ask if they have training programs for the disabled. 3) Google "Jobs for sedentary individuals" to get ideas of what kind of work he could do.
  • Bob. Buffalo. Wants to thank Father for the announcement from the diocese.
  • Delores. Hamburg, NY. Do you know anything about the Greek dialogues transferred or translated into Mathematical logic?

November 14

  • Christopher. Houston, Texas. Prayer request for the repose of the souls of Ann & Mary. (Last names withheld by screener)
  • Agnes. Boston, Mass. Where is there reference to purgatory in the bible.
  • Billy. Buffalo, NY. As a Jesuit, could you give us your opinion of Pope Francis?
  • Barbara. Kenmore, NY. 1) Was St. Timothy circumcised? 2) Lutherans and some other Protestants have adopted our lectionary. What do they do on Sunday Feasts like last Sunday? 3) Question about Matt 16:28: "Amen, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.”
  • Judy. Buffalo, NY. I want to follow-up about my brother's organ transplant surgery.
  • John. Rochester, NY. What do you think is Pope Francis' take on secularism. Where is it on his priority list (compared to Pope Benedict)?
  • Ginny. Buffalo, NY. Comment on organ transplants. My brother lived 20 years after his heart transplant and it was wonderful! He was very pro-life.

November 7

  • Christopher. Houston, TX. Prayer Request.
  • Anne. Buffalo, NY. I struggle with confession, but feel peaceful afterward. What advice can you give to help me examine my conscience in preparation for confession, particular those sins that we don't always think of?
  • Anonymous. Please pray for my friend John who just had a colon operation and doctors said chances are he won't survive. John practices no religion. Please for a miraculous healing and true conversion or if his healing is not in God's plan then please pray for his conversion before he actually dies. Please also pray for the conversion and comfort of his wife Viv. Thank you.
  • Carol. Greece, NY. Explain how the theory of evolution works with our Catholic teaching of creation.
  • Anonymous. I came across a website that sells incenses kits. I thought it would add another element to my private prayer life at home since I love the aroma and smoke of the incense. The incense burner that I like is a small bowl shaped incense burner. Is it ok to burn incense for private prayer at home? Thank you and have a great weekend!
  • Jennifer. Niagara Falls, ONT. I am separated from my husband. Can I still receive communion?
  • Pete, Lancaster, NY. Follow-up to evolution question. If the theory of random mutation is true, at what point did God really intervene to make man?
  • Judy, Buffalo. My brother Tim is having liver transplant surgery right now. Pls pray for him. Could you comment on the love and sacrifice it took for that donor and his/her family to do what they did.

October 31

Fund Drive--three hours. OK in the context of the week; way off the pace of the spring drive.

October 24

  • Anonymous from Facebook: How much may I drink before it becomes sinful?
  • Karen. Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Can you help me explain to my daughter about our ability to have free will vs. God's will.
  • George. Bellingham, Mass. I would like to ask a follow-up about the question of free will.
  • Ciara (Kee-ay-rah). Ashbee. Mass. I want to follow-up on the question of what is the point of prayer.
  • Rebecca. St. Pete's Beach. Florida. (via iCatholicRadio) My friend has a complicated divorce/annulment situation that I want to discuss. (Sorry - that's all I got.)
  • Ryan. Canandaigua, NY. I want to understand the difference between Catholic view of pre-destination and the Calvinist view.
  • Anonymous. Buffalo. I am reading "Divine Mercy in my Soul" and wonder if we could actually pray for the devil, is it possible that he could actually repent and there would be no hell any more. Can God's mercy reach that far? Just wondering.
  • Julie. Ontario, NY. Regarding question of pre-destination. My son Kevin is away from the church and I pray for him constantly. When he was a baby, he had a serious head injury - God could have taken him then, but I believe God still has a plan for him. Am I thinking correctly?

October 17

  • Anonymous. Jesus said, 'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled ...' I have been a catholic for a long time but I have a hard time to obtain peace and silence during both happy exciting time and difficult times. How do we actually obtain the peace Jesus promised? How do we feel the love of God? I have heard of love and seen in books million times but I don't truly feel it. What is the best way to really see and feel it as I am desperate for love. Thank you so much!!
  • Jean. Rochester. Have friends who are Catholic who believe in gay marriage and am worried about them.
  • Paul. Toronto, Ontario. (LIstening via web site). What is the church's stand on the state of neanderthal man, i.e. beings that pre-dated homo sapiens?
  • John. Rochester. Prayer request for friend Jim who is 82 and had a fibrillator installed.
  • NOT ON THE LINE. Lisa. Rochester, NY. I am a good Catholic, but my teenaged kids go to a liberal school and they are hearing that gay marriage is a civil right. The media and secular society criticizes the church about civil rights. What is the difference between governments protection of civil rights and the church's stand on civil rights where gay marriage is concerned?
  • OTL. Julianna. Lowell, Mass. How do I start a novena?
  • Anonymous. Niagara Falls, Canada. I want to become a Catholic, but when I left my name at the church, they have not called me back. How do I become a member of the Catholic Church?
  • Debbie. Elmira, NY. Prayer Request. My 19 year old son was involved with people who were dealing drugs and was in the car with them when a robbery/murder occurred. He took a plea deal and will do jail time, but still has to testify against the other perpetrators. We are worried about him and would like prayers for him. Thank you.

October 10

  • Anonymous from e-mail: I received a holy card that says in the front, "Blessed Relic Of The True Cross." Is this for real or a scam? If this is real, Isn't it risky to send a Blessed Relic to a possible non-Catholic? Is it really Blessed?
  • Kevin from e-mail: Please pray for the repose of the soul of Shane, who committed suicide.
  • Anonymous from e-mail: First question: How does a Catholic priest go about becoming bi-ritual? Second question: I like to attend divine liturgy and mass on Sundays, is it wrong for me to receive communion at both or twice a day?
  • Marie. Bedford, Massachusetts. I have a question about using the name of Jesus in my prayers. That is, I use his name more than God. Is there a difference?
  • "Desire of the Everlasting Hills."
  • Gabriel. E. Amherst, NY. I have a question about the length of time Jesus was on the cross. I believed it was 3 hrs., but Pope Benedict says 6 hours?
  • Paul. Rocester, NY. I wanted to respond to the call from Gabriel. I also heard this, however, it was not in a book, it was a weekly talk called "The last words of Jesus". Pope Benedict did state it was 6 hours and it was not a misstatement by him as he went on to give his reasoning for this. I will try to send more information on this when I get home and can e-mail.
According to Mark's Gospel, he endured the torment of crucifixion for some six hours from the third hour, at approximately 9 am,[27] until his death at the ninth hour, corresponding to about 3 pm.[28]
  • Anonymous. During a mass for our elementary school, the priest had children distribute communion. Is this OK?
  • John from Facebook: I read more Catechism this morning. We have readings from Scripture at Mass, it would be nice if there was also a reading from the Catechism. Was it ever done? Or could it be done?
  • What are acceptable practices at Eucharistic Adoration? Can you read the bible or other books about Jesus?
  • More on Miscarriages:
    • Yes, the bishop makes the decision about what kind of memorial can be held (!).
    • Liz from "Ask a Priest" responding to last Monday's Canned Catholic Radio show: As an Operating Room nurse, if a woman miscarries, we must release the body of the child to the parents for funeral if they request it, no matter how many weeks old the child is.
  • Anonymous from Facebook: I went to confession yesterday for the first time in a while and it felt great, but one of my biggest problems is impure thoughts. I keep getting these images flowing in my mind and will catch myself pondering before realizing what I'm doing. It upsets me that I keep dwelling on these thoughts. Am I continually sinning?
  • Eileen from e-mail: Why do people accuse G. K. Chesterton of being Anti-Semitic?
Was GKC anti-semitic?
  • John from facebook: Most of our lives as laity are spent in the world. What can we do to make our work environment more Christian?
Mondragon cooperatives

October 3

Frank Kelly.

September 26

  • The Giver.
  • John. Rochester, New York. How many priests in the U.S. have been de-frocked due to pedophile activities?
  • Joe, Boston, Massachusetts. I need advice on how to help my wife who says she doesn't get anything out of mass.
  • Allan. Montreal, Canada. I ask how I can help some families members come back to the church or convert back to Catholicism. Also I have a prayer request for them.
  • Bob from Cheektowaga, NY: I was listening earlier to Father about remarrying after being previously married. How did Jacob go to heaven while being married to Liah and Rebecca at the same time?
  • Rebecca: How does the doctrine of "Communicatio idiomatum" differ from "patripassionism"?
"Communicatio idiomatum."

September 19

  • Sarah. Boston, Massachusetts. I have a question about tithing when you are not financially stable.
  • Gail. Tonawanda, NY. I have a problem praying for ISIS murderers, although I know we are supposed to pray for our enemies. How do I get past this?
  • Mary. Malden, Massachusetts. PRAYER REQUEST. Love the show-listen almost every day. Today i'm asking for a prayer request for a lovely friend Marion who has been battling lung cancer since January -and it has now matasticized to her brain - thank you and God Bless all you do for us.
  • Steve. Boston, Massachusetts. What is the difference between Catholic and Lutheran belief regarding the Eucharist?
  • Mark Williamsville. New York. Would like Fr. Marty to reflect on what Catholics have that other faiths do not, especially the reality of the Eucharist.
  • Mary. Buffalo. How do I respond to someone who left the church because she felt the priest had his "hand out" for money?
  • Carol Ann. Lancaster, New York. I would like to respond to the lady who called about having trouble praying for ISIS. I have a personal story of forgiveness of someone who wronged us.
  • Barbara. Kenmore, NY. Would like to pray for catechists starting religious ed next week.
  • Joyce. Buffalo, NY. I have an update on a prayer request from July for baby Theo who had surgery and is now doing well.
  • Mary. Niagara Falls, NY. I know that there are dangers in practicing yoga, but is it all right just to do the exercises without getting into any of the spiritual aspects of it?
  • Cheryl. Methuen (Meth-oo-in), Massachusetts. Prayer request for my sister who was laid off after many years of service at her job.
  • Anonymous. Please pray for all who are sick and all who need our prayers, especially for a friend in the hospital ICU. that they may be reconciled with God.

September 5th

  • Cindy from Westerly, Rhode Island, was on hold for 25 minutes the other day, but didn't get on the air. She said, "Some Popes of the past have not been very faithful. How do I defend the faith when that happened?"
Bad Popes
  • Stephen from "Ask a Priest": What can one do as far as praying to shorten my Dad and my brother's time spent in Purgatory? Any special prayers associated with this subject? I have read something about "indulgences".
  • Scott. I ask prayer for Teresa who just received a diagnosis of cancer.
  • Dennis. I am looking for a good book or a website for the different symobls and their meanings. For e.g. the Alpha and Omega or those symbols found in the book of Revelation.
  • Barb. Kenmore, NY. I have 2 questions : I attended daily Mass and than served a Funeral Mass and rec'd Communion both times. My priest said that I only needed to fast for the first Mass and it was not necessary for the 2nd time of receiving communion. 2nd question is the Hail Mary Prayer containes two references to Blessed and I wondered if the meaning is the same for both times?
  • Bob, Cheektowaga. I love the way Father tells stories. Could Fr. tell the story of Judges (13:18)? Could he reference the "the honey pot", "the millstone", "Colliseum"?
  • Al. Here in Miami we have a lot of Cubans like myself. Some are Santeros or into Santeria. They have a false god and he's disguised as Lazarus from the story of the poor beggar and the rich man . Lk 16:19-21. Is Lazarus even recognized as a saint by these churches ? I was surprised to see a parish selling a statute of him and cannot find anything about him
  • Gregg. Rochester, NY. I would like to ask Father for prayer for my "rocky" marriage.
  • Christy. My 26 yo daughter, born and raised catholic receiving all the age appropriate sacraments has decided to get married in a Methodist church so that her father's sister, an ordained Episcopal minister can co-officiate. She and her fiance chose the church at random. When I expressed my disappointment, she told me I should be happy it's a church.. a church is a church, Jesus is present. Not wanting a confrontation, I did not respond. The next time she brings it up, how can I respond to her comment 'a church is a church - remembering that her aunt in a minister. Thank you.
  • Jennifer, N. Falls, Ontario Ca. I wondered why Catholics fast before Mass. I am excited to say I will starting RCIA and it is because of the radio station!
  • Chuck. Buffalo, NY. I would like to ask a question about the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Is this the same for the Episcopal Church?

September 5 -- Canned Catholic Radio

Faith and Facts?

  • John from Facebook:
An agnostic friend of mine says that he doesn't like faith--he likes facts. What is the best way for me to answer that objection?

Why do the Palestinians hate Israel?

  • Karen from Facebook: Why do the Palestinians hate Israel?

When did the apostles recognize the divinity of Jesus?

  • Sara from Buffalo:
When did the apostles recognize the divinity of Jesus?

August 29

- Online resources
Movie Review
- When the Game Stands Tall (2014) movie review--one of Gina's two "must see" movies for August.
  • Shawn from Facebook: I recently read where a priest was talking about mortal sin. He said, this,"If you need another person to help you figure out if your consent was full, then you have to judge that it was not, because full consent does not leave room for any doubts." This gave me great comfort because this is how I have always felt about this. How can one know except the person who has sinned? If they aren't sure if their sin was mortal, it means they obviously didn't have full consent.
  • Anonymous. (Mike - at your discretion!). According to scriptures Leviticus 20:15: "'If a man has sexual relations with an animal, he is to be put to death, and you must kill the animal. Will you explain why the poor abused animal must be killed? Obviously the sex could not have been consensual.
  • Toby. Please pray that i may find a good job. And that it pays enough so that i can get married to my fiance and support a family
  • Heidi. My older sons use the Laudate App for a variety of things: Mass readings and various prayers listed in library! My middle school age son likes both the Divine Mercy App and Rosary apps for an auditory guide for both the chaplet and rosary. All are a nice variation when boys need to change up their prayers.
  • Michael. Massachusetts. I have been observing abstinence every Friday for a long time, but recently forgot and accidentally broke the abstinence by eating meat. I am not sure how to feel about it. Could you please discuss it.
  • Bob. Cheektowaga. 1 Samuel 18:25 states: "Saul commanded them, “Say this to David: The king desires no other price for the bride than the foreskins of one hundred Philistines, that he may thus take vengeance on his enemies.” Saul intended to have David fall into the hands of the Philistines." In light of your earlier discussion today, was this a clean and holy act by the king.
  • James. This is a prayer request that came to me from Crisis Relief International (CRI): Please pray sincerely for the deliverance of the people of Northern Iraq from the terrible advancement of ISIS and its extreme Islamic goals for mass conversion or death for Christians across this region.

August 26

  • Alan. I teach 2nd grade religious education at my Catholic church on Sundays. In these times of smart phones and tablets, what applications would you recommend for kids to use that can help them learn more about God? i.e., like prayers, bibles and other educational applications.
  • Sue. I was reading in St. Faustina's Diary, #'s 916 & 917 that St. Faustina knew of a dying Jewish woman in the same ward as her when she was ill. Faustina wanted to find a time to have her baptized before she died, however there was always a Jewish Family Member around. Moments before her death, the family was 'miraculously' summoned out of the room and another sister baptized her. Faustina witnessed her soul ascending to heaven.

Is it possible for someone to be 'unknowingly' saved? How can a mature adult be baptized against their will? (there was no mention of the Jewish woman asking to be baptized)

  • Jane. Fr. mentioned a priest who has written good apologetics for college students facing aggressive atheistic professors. Could you give the name of that priest and the book, web site, or CD that Father referred to this afternoon? Thanks
  • Grace. Rochester, New York. Please pray for my daughter and her spouse who are having marital and financial problems, and I would also like some guidance suggestions of how I can help them.
  • Robin. My son is 25 and was raised in the Methodist church and used to believe in Jesus. I converted to the Catholic faith after a wonderful conversion experience while visiting Medjugorje in 2008.

Among other objections, my son feels Jesus was just a man someone wrote about long ago and for some reason the book has stuck around. I need an easy list of atheist's reasons for not believing and the explanations of why these beliefs are wrong so I can better explain things to him. I'm so worried about his soul and desperately need your help. Can you also pray for him (Aaron) thanks for your help.

  • Mike: RSVCE
  • Valerie. Wayland, MA. Is God still speaking to the Jews, ie, through prophets? Also, when God made his covenant with the Jews, how do you explain when Jesus said that everyone must come through Him?
  • Adam. (This goes with FB No. 1 posting) My question has to do with vocations. How can I discern God's call to the brotherhood? What is a rosary for vocations? How would one pray a Rosary for vocations? How can I raise awareness of vocations in my parish?

August 22

  • Anonymous. I listen to this program and it has helped me develop a deeper understanding of God's plan for us.

I was recently speaking with my wife on the general topic of re-marriage after divorce. Listening to her view lead to this question: "So, if a valid marriage were broken up because of an unfaithful spouse, then what is the other person to do? Are they expected to live the rest of their life alone?". This question was also followed up with the point that God created man and woman to be together; we are designed to desire companionship. I had provided some explanations, and sympathized that there are many bad situations out there. I continue to look to the teachings of the Church, but her comments provided me insight into today’s culture of what is popularly embraced: namely, we are created for companionship. It seems to me that this “well-intentioned” mentality is behind much of what we see “progressing” as acceptable, topics like: divorce and re-marriage, same-sex unions, sexually active teen couples, and even just “hooking up”. I am interested to hear your thoughts on this “need for companionship”, as is seen through the lens of the Church teachings. And, do you see this mentality as a reason for the widespread worldview shared by many today? Thank you, and please pray for my wife and me as we continue to grow closer in our relationship and our understanding of one another.

  • Anonymous. Why does the Vatican still refuse the release of the child sexual abuse files!?
I ask that you read the statement below from the SNAP president Barbara Blaine yesterday and please explain:
"Survivors in the audience gasped in horror last night when Cardinal George Pell rejected as unreasonable the Australian Royal Commission's request that the Vatican produce child sex abuse files. Pell claimed the files contained the internal workings of a sovereign state. This is despite Pell having claimed an intention to "co-operate fully" when the Royal Commission was announced less than two years ago."
"There has been no change to the Vatican's understanding of the seriousness of these crimes, or the need to protect children, since a similar disgraceful refusal to consider requests from Ireland years earlier."
  • Bill. Depew. NY. In my job, I am supposed to sign an of oath of confidentiality. Is this taking an oath unnecessarily? Also I have a question on the perpetual virginity of Mary.
  • Dr. Shugar. Burlington. Massachusetts. What is the background that led to instituting no marriage for a priest?
  • Ana. Norwick. Arkansas. Prayer request. Please pray for my son Paul and my daughter in law, Marie who is 4 and a half months pregnant, and their unborn baby. They just found out today that the baby is not developing normally.
  • Anonymous. I thought the Catholic Church believes in evolution. How could God have created man before the animals?
  • Robert. Buffalo. NY. Prayer request. I'd would like to pray for all those seeking the truth.
  • Mike Ontario. Canada. I wanted to update Father since being married in Oct and I have a prayer request because I am a musician and am nervous about an upcoming show.

August 22 -- Canned Catholic Radio

HIV is no joking matter

  • Ted from e-mail:
The question
I was outraged when I heard you joking and downplaying last the efficacy of condom use in the prevention of HIV transmission. You were also downplaying the number of deaths that could have been prevented and would be prevented if the Catholic was in favor of saving lives by promoting condom use as a effective preventative measure.
Material for an answer
The head HIV advisor for "Doctors without Borders" says that "Condoms are the key to safe sex. They not only prevent HIV but many sexually transmitted infections. And they prevent unwanted pregnancies."
Jason Evert, "Romance without Regret" (DVD/CD). Also: "Sexually Transmitted Diseases"--five videos, among them "Why Condoms Aren't the Answer," "Is there Such a Thing as Safe Sex?", and "The Pope is still right about AIDs in Africa."
AIDs broke out in the Philippines and in Thailand about the same time. The Philippines promoted abstinence; Thailand promoted the use of condoms. 20 years later, the rate of AIDs infection in Thailand is 50 times greater than that in the Philippines. Abstinence works!
[Uganda also developed an abstinence-based program in response to the AIDs epidemic. It, too, has proven highly successful. The rate of AIDs infections has dropped to 6%.]
Condoms only reduce the risk of acquiring AIDs by 85%, but the thought that they make unchaste sex "safe" encourages people to take more risks, and the rate of infection rises as a consequence of the promotion of condoms.
[The same trend is evident in the United States. We have a virtual epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and "unwanted pregnancies" because the gospel of "safe sex" preached in our schools from kindergarten on encourages our children to indulge their appetites rather than learn to sublimate them.] "Every single day, 43,000 people in the U.S. contract a sexually transmitted disease. ... Condoms are not working. ... The 'latex missionaries' are the ones clinging to an outdated dogma in the face of the evidence. 85% is not enough of a risk reduction to stop AIDs infections. If I had a skydiving company and the parachutes opened 85% of the time, would you go skydiving with me?"
Human Papiloma Virus (HPV)--40% of sexually active high school girls and 49% of sexually active college girls are infected with HPV. Skin-to-skin transmissable virus, areas not covered by condoms. HPV increases the rate of cervical cancer. Sexual activity also increases depression, especially among young women. Planned Parenthood: most pregnant high-school girls became pregnant while using contraceptives.

What is the significance of the tetrad of blood moons?

  • Michael from "Ask a Priest": With reference to Acts: 19-21, do you have any information regarding Tetrad of the "blood moons" occurring on Hebrew Feast days of April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and April 28, 2015, with a Solar eclipse on March 20, 2015?
Acts 2:19

19 And I will work wonders in the heavens above
and signs on the earth below:
blood, fire, and a cloud of smoke.

20 The sun shall be turned to darkness,
and the moon to blood,
before the coming of the great and splendid day of the Lord,

21 and it shall be that everyone shall be saved who calls on the name of the Lord.

Is it worthwhile to protest gay marriage?

  • From Facebook:
I was listening to catholic radio this morning and heard about a dozen people praying the rosary outside a courtroom in Cincinnati. The judges were discussing gay marriage. A man whom was praying the rosary was interviewed and the reporter asked him what his opinion was. He said, "God's will will be done, but I don't have much faith in the judges." So, my question is this: If God's will is always done, does it matter if we protest something since we admit that the decision on gay marriage is up to the judges?

Can the Devil read our minds?

  • Mary from the Fund Drive: Can the devil read our minds?

Hunger Games?

Marie from e-mail: I was also wondering if you have done a review for The Hunger Games or seen the movie? The first movie to me seemed quite "Catholic" in the choices the heroes made throughout, which I was amazed to see for such a huge box office hit. I would be very interested in your perspective.

August 18 -- Canned Catholic Radio

Mourning the loss of an unborn child

  • Sarah from Facebook:
My friend's brother and his wife lost their child at 38 weeks into the pregnancy. They called their parish priest because they wanted a funeral mass and Catholic burial. The priest told them that he did not know if either was appropriate and could not really offer any suggestions. What I have found online suggests that this is a theologically controversial issue and that the priest would have to obtain permission from the bishop. I understand why the baby could not be baptized but it seems rather unloving to deny the grieving family a way to say goodbye to the baby within the Catholic Church. Is there such a proper ritual for a baby that died before birth? Another Catholic friend of mine had a miscarriage at 22 weeks and her parish priest allowed both a funeral mass and Catholic burial.
Sara then found this link and forwarded it to me: "Pastoral Notes on the Celebration of Liturgical Rites for Mourning the Loss of an Unborn Child or Infant."

What traditions did Paul teach orally?

  • Shawn from Facebook:
Paul says, "Therefore, brothers, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions that you were taught, either by an oral statement or by a letter of ours" (2 Thes 2:15). But what are the traditions he is referring to?

Why do we call the Pope "Holy Father"?

  • From Facebook: Why do we call the Pope "Holy Father"? I thought that title was for our Father in heaven alone?
Call no man father

How to Dad

My name is Dad. I'm proud of it, and all Dads should be.
Kids think we’re awesome. We get our hands messy, we tell hilarious jokes.
We never say no to dress up, we build the best forts.
We do work work and we do homework.
We lead by example. We blow their minds.
Being awesome isn’t about breaking rules, its about making them.
Suggestion: that's a boy, that's a man.
Scraped knees aren’t boo boos, they are badges of bravery on the playground.
Hey, Victoria, that profile pic? Awesome!
When you're a dad, hugs can be bear hugs, but they can also be high-fives, fist-bumps, and next-level handshakes.
Kids--they're our best friends, they're our greatest fans!
And they look to us like the same way we look at superheroes--up!--because we're taller.
Now, Dadhood isn't always easy.
When a rule is broken, we’re the enforcement, but when a heart is broken, we’re the reinforcement,
and we wouldn't have it any other way, because being a Dad is awesome.
(Peanut Butter Cheerios is the official cereal of Dadhood.)
And this, this my friends, this is how to Dad.

Moms' Night Out

  • From the same faithful listener:
What do you think of Moms' Night Out? I first saw it with my prospective mother-in-law, then, a day later, with my mother and brother. Even he enjoyed it! I am considering pre-ordering several copies on Amazon. Overall, we thought it was terrific and entertaining as a film in addition to having a good message in it.

Temptations to Sin on the Internet

  • Anonymous from "Ask a Priest"':
I was on Netflix today looking for something new to watch. I happened to find a show of a sexual nature, and glanced at the title's cover. Have I committed mortal sin using free will glancing at it even though I didn't feel lustful towards it? This is distressing because I just went to confession yesterday and am trying to live a chaste life.

August 15

  • Anonymous. Can you explain why God commanded Abraham to murder his only son Isaac as a test of Abraham's devotion to God? Why is Abraham revered for following God's instructions? As a father of 3, I would rather go to Hell than follow the instructions of God. What could the moral message of this be?
  • Mike: Link to purchase Nun Mosul t-shirts and stickers to support Christians in Middle East - http://store.ucatholic.com/
  • Zach from Amherst: Why didn't God make all human beings free from Original Sin? Why did He wait and only give that gift to Mary?
  • Louis. Buffalo, NY. The notion of "intercessory prayer" seems like God is being a "federal bureaucrat". ( I am a career bureaucrat and feel this way.)
  • Bob. Cheektowaga, NY. I have 3 questions regarding the Bible:
  1. What happened to Ishmael (Hagar's son)?
  2. Who told Sarah she was pregnant?
  3. How did Isaac's grandchildren end up in Egypt? (because Jacob rec'd his brother's birthright?

August 8

My homework assignments from the last show
  • I purchased Parish Priests among the Saints (1947) by Father Walter Gumbley, OP, to learn about more saintly pastors. The only name I recognized other than St. John Vianney was St. John Nepomucene (1340-1393, patron saint of Bohemia, who was a priest of the Archdiocese of Prague drowned under the Charles Bridge by King Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia; "When in 1719 his grave in the Prague cathedral was opened, his tongue was found to be uncorrupted though shriveled. His feast is celebrated on 16 May [281 days, or nine months, one week, one day from today]." So St. John Vianney is not "the only canonized parish priest."
  • Kathy, Monday's quasi-hobbit reigning supreme in the Outer Darkness, was correct that common-law marriages are recognized by only nine states at present. Because of the pressure of tax laws, that number has declined over time as various states explicitly ruled out treating common-law marriages as marriages.
  • Prayer Request. For Lena who has had kidney failure and is currently on dialysis.
  • Jennifer. Niagara Falls, Ontario. How directly/closely does Jewish-style worship correlate to Catholic worship?
  • John from Facebook: Father please pray for my mom who is having difficulty.
  • Kim. Rochester, NY. First: When does the host actually become the Body of Christ? Secondly, why do some parishes kneel at the consecration, but not after the Lamb of God?
  • John. Pray for my mom who is up in age and having memory problems. We are all listening.
  • Carol. . I take my 9 year daughter to a weeky healing service at our church. How can I explain in terms that she can understand what is happening when the host is placed on head in the monstrance. Thank you.
  • Peter. Rochester. Would like to clarify that Bishop Clarke in Rochester allowed standing at Communion time.
  • Shelly. Boston, Massachusetts. What actual evidence do we have that the host becomes the real body of Christ?
  • Ethnea (pronounced Eth-nuh). Buffalo. Would like to chime in about what she learned in class about when transubstantiation occurs.

August 4

  • From a faithful listener: Please pray for Wayne's mother, Florence, who suffers from Alzheimer's and recently had surgery for a broken hip.
  • Betsy from e-mail: How can a woman preach the gospel when women cannot preach the gospel in Church?
Mothers of the Church
  • Toby. Are there exceptions to the 6 month waiting period before marriage,after engagement, such as a fiance living in another state hours away?
  • Robert is asking for prayer for 3 week old baby and his daughter in law who is battling cancer.
  • Mariann. Please pray for me in my job search.
  • Anne. Marion, Massachusetts. I would like to ask Fr. to pray for my son Nathan who is need of a kidney transplant.
  • Anonymous. I have 2 questions for Fr.: First, I rec'd a piece of jewelry from my sister who had rec'd this as a gift and she is a nonpracticing Catholic. The jewelry appears to be a Rosary, however, it does have the label jewelry on the top. Is this acceptable to wear this Rosary/ jewelry? My 2nd ? is I have a brother who has been living with a long-time girlfriend. When Christmas comes, I never know how to properly address them when sending in a Christmas card. They sometimes refer to each other as husband/wife. What is the proper way to address them that would be a good Catholic way without condoning their lifestyle?
  • Karen. The phrase," Eat my body and drink my blood". Why do Catholics take that literally? I do!! I am Catholic but cannot explain it when asked.
  • Marygrace. Boston, Massachusetts. I was told something that doesn't make sense recently, that is, "if you are of Polish descent you should be married in the Catholic Church in Poland". Have you heard of this?
  • Marie. What is the reason for the call to the cloistered contemplative life? Our daughter is a year from permanent vows in a cloistered community and we are unsure of the reason for such communities and especially for our daughter who is very good at evangelizing out in the world. thank you.
  • Mary. Can you please pray for my son and daughter-in-law, who is 6 weeks pregnant.

August 1

  • From Ask a Priest: You were explaining to a caller that the catholic church still performs exorcisms which I found surprising! Then you went on to warn that people should stay away from Ouija Boards and Tarot Cards as you don't want to open yourself up to demonic possession. Do you really believe that one can be possessed by the Devil by playing a board game?
  • Ted. Why should I return to the Catholic Church? I am hardly alone in these question and I hope you will answer all of them completely.
I now believe that one of the most pernicious effects of religion is that it tends to divorce morality from the reality of human and animal suffering...
  1. religion allows people to imagine that their concerns are moral when they are highly immoral ... Why do Catholics ...
  2. expend more "moral" energy opposing abortion than fighting genocide?
  3. Why are Catholics more concerned about human embryos than about the lifesaving promise of stem-cell research?
  4. How can you can preach against condom use in sub-Saharan Africa while proper condom use would greatly prevent the spread of Aids and save hundreds of thousands of lives each year?
  5. Why do Catholics traumatize and stigmatize homosexuals by telling them against all scientific evidence, that they have a mental problem, can pray away the gay, and that their natural loving acts are somehow sinful?
  6. Why does the Catholic Church not allow women Equal positions as men within its ranks?
  • Anonymous. (From Ask a Priest and saved from a previous show.) Father, you were explaining to a caller that the catholic church still preforms exorcisms which I found surprising! Then you went on to warn that people should stay away from Ouija Boards and Tarot Cards as you don't want to open yourself up to demonic possession. Do you really believe that one can be possessed by the Devil by playing a board game?
  • Delores. Hamburg. I want to compliment Father Marty on his homily at St. Bernadette's during the Novena for Life.
  • Anonymous. Massachusetts. If a penitent does not recite an act of contrition during the Sacrament of Reconciliation because the priest does not ask them to do this, is it still a valid sacrament?
  • Joyce. Buffalo, NY. Prayer requests for baby Theo - 3 weeks old - as he struggles for life. Also for Lisa who is battling cancer.
  • Mary. Niagara Falls, NY. My sister is a fundamentalist Christian. They believe that they go straight to heaven when they die because Christ already died for their sins. We Catholics believe that we must first do penance to be prepared to enter heaven. Why the difference?
  • Victoria. Boston, Massachusetts. I want to comment and compliment you on the prayer you just made for the cancer patients.

July 25

  • Interview with JJ Wright.
  • 46th anniversary of Humanae Vitae.
  • Anonymous. Why is it not more likely, that man created god?

I was born into a Catholic home and raised in the Catholic belief. Had I been born somewhere else in the world I may have been raised in the Hindu belief, Jewish belief, or Muslim belief etc. There are more than 1000 gods that are currently being worshiped today. Each religion believes their religion to be the true religion and there god or gods to be the true god or gods. Since there is no empirical evidence to any of the faiths, how are we to know what is true?

July 18

  • From Allen via e-mail: I am an umarried man going through the RCIA process. I have had several spiritual experiences that mean a great deal to me. I asked God for a sign when I was starting to believe in Him, and I think I received a sign. When my mother died, I think I received two signs from her that she was with God. What is your opinion about these spiritual experiences I have had?
  • Anonymous. I was told that the Catholic Church still performs exorcisms. I hope this is not the case! Is this true? If it is true, why are these individuals not referred over to the mental health professionals where some real medical help can be provided? This is now the 21st century we no longer no longer burn witches at the stake.
  • Joseph. Buffalo. Prayer Request: For my brother-in-law who was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Billy. Buffalo, NY. Does the bible foresee the threat of the fundamentalist Islamists movement currently happening . Thank u, love the program. (from Ask a Priest)
  • John. Really enjoying your humor today! If we bring holy water from church home, can we bring it with us on communion calls to nursing homes? If so, who can use it and how?
  • Joan. Henrietta. Can a couple (never married) be married by a deacon without a priest. Is this recognized by the church?
  • Delores. Hamburg. Question about a premonition she had about 9/11.

July 11

  • Anonymous. In "Catholicism for Dummies," Fr. John Trigilio and another priest said that watching movies in which the Lord's name is taken in vain counts as a sin against the Second Commandment. This seems a little harsh -- is this really a teaching of the Church? If so, it seems like there aren't very many movies Catholics are allowed to see... Best, -Anonymous
  • Al. Telham, NH. Question about Jacob and Esau regarding why Esau gave up his birthright.
  • Ben. Buffalo. Prayer request for his brother-in-law who lost his job. Pray that he will be able to find a job. (Mike - he may not be able to hold)
  • Bob. Boston, NY. Even though the 500 men and women saw Jesus after his resurrection, are they still people of faith?
  • John Rochester. Prayer request for a young man, Scott, who died in a car accident recently. For his family's healing and consolation. For all families who suffer an unexpected loss.
  • Jennifer. Niagara Falls, Ont. What's the difference between doctrine, dogma and discipline?

June 27

  • Mike. Maine/Boston. Hello Father, I'm a daily listener from Maine. This show helps me decompress from the daily grind during my long rides home from work in Boston, back to Maine. My question is : How does the speculation about the dinosaurs and the age of the earth, factor or transpose into our Catholic beliefs? Thank you for answering, and if you don't get to it, thank you for many wonderful commutes home. Respectfully, Mike
  • Cherie. Waltham, Massachusetts. Would like to speak to Father about rumors, articles, YouTube videos, etc. Alluding to the current Pope being the Anti-Christ.
  • Oliver. Massachusetts. I am 12 years old from Massachusetts. I was wondering why God gave Mary the gift of being born without original sin and not everyone else? I understand that Mary was carrying the Son of God but if God wants everyone to not sin, why did he not give us that choice too?Thanks!
  • Michael. Rochester, NY. Has two comments in regards to your earlier conversation: First. The Church has NEVER changed its stand on Creation, although the science community has. Second. He was always taught that Creator God is the 1st cause of everything.
  • Joe. Buffalo, New York. PRAYER REQUEST. On his way home this evening he received a Flyer from a group of people. It is a picture and information about a 14 year old girl who is missing. She was last seen yesterday near Seneca and Mineral Springs around 3:00pm. He is asking for prayer for her and her family.
  • Anonymous. PRAYER REQUEST. Please pray for a healing and a good place to live for Joey. Also, that his mother may turn to God instead of away from Him in this exceptionally trying situation. Thank you.
  • Bob. Boston. Would like to tell Fr. that the principal author of Big Bang Theory is a Catholic Priest. LaMastra.

June 20

  • Catlin - My question is about fasting and prayer. I recently was given direction by God following a prayer to complete a 21 day Daniel fast for the intercession of someone close to me. I normally pray for an hour in the morning and the rosary at lunch, and nighttime prayers before bed. During my fast, which I just completed, I did not increase my prayer time for the most part, with the exception of a few prayers here or there and a divine chapter of mercy. Does that make my spiritual fast invalid and do I need to redo it?
Daniel Fast
  • Prayer request from Zach: For Mike Brady and his daughter, Evelina,age 32, who is in ICU with unexplained high blood pressure. She has had it for a year without knowing it and the heart was thickening and couldn't pump hard enough. She is on blood/kidney dialysis tonight. She is also undergoing tests and everyone is a bit scared.
  • Jim. Dear Father - Please pray for our two new priests as of tomorrow in the diocese of Rochester. The new priests will be Fathers Sergio Chavez and Peter VanLieshout. Ad multos annos. Thank you
  • Bob. Buffalo. What is the Catholic Church's position on the legalization of marijuana?
  • David. Buffalo. I have a comment regarding the in-vitro fertilization of humans and why it is wrong.
  • Terry. Lexington. Mass. When Jesus ate with the apostles after the Resurrection in His glorified body, did He do that for their sakes or did He have real hunger?
Mike: Rev. 21:4 He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’[a] or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”
  • Joan. Abbington Mass. I would like to say hi to Father and to pray that our Catholic programming will be back in our area-there was not enough funding
  • Bob Boston NY When Jesus said I thirst and was given the vinegar was that the "fourth cup"?
  • Prayer request for Chris that his move is successful and for his brother Pete for strength.

June 13

- First time screening for Steve and Paco.
  • Anonymous. I would like to ask for prayers for a young family member who is struggling with drug addiction. He relapsed recently after being clean for many months. I ask the Lord to be with him and give him hope. I pray for his family to have strength through this very difficult journey and have wisdom in their relationship with him.
  • Betty from Texas via landmail: "Thank you for your sweet prayers for Rodolfo. He is trying to learn how to walk again and is making progress with his speech. Please continue to pray for him and for my precious daughter who has such compassion for all her students. She has adopted a foster child and has a lot of responsibility on her little shoulders. Thank you, too, for praying for me following my FOURTH foot surgery. I have made some progress. Please know, too, that I pray for you every day and appreciate everything that the Station of the Cross has done for me. Thank you for making us Protestants feel as if we are welcome to listen and to participate!"
  • Maureen from Facebook: May I ask for prayers for myself please? I was fired 4 months ago and am looking for a new full time job. And yesterday my minivan hit a pot hole ( go figure in Massachusetts!!) and the car stalled out and is no good. It cannot be fixed. I pray to God, and to Jesus, and to the Blessed Mother, and to the Holy Spirit daily and wanted to see if I can ask for your prayers as well.
  • Christopher. Houston, TX. Prayer Request: 1.) for the repose of the soul of Father Kenneth Walker + 2.) for the healing of Father Joseph Terra
  • Anonymous. 1) Question about what type of weddings a Catholic can participate in or witness, and 2) Question about an unexpected death.
  • Jim. Corning, NY. Wants to continue conversation about the Prosperity Gospel.
  • Sam. Buffalo. What is the church's opinion on hypnotism, especially when used for health purposes like smoking cessation or weight loss?
  • Ron. Newfane, NY. What is the interpretation of the "qualifications" of a Deacon or Bishop as described in 1 Timothy?
  • Margaret. Massachusetts. What is the church's teaching on Purgatory? Is this where we are judged for our sins in life?
  • Marie. Bedford, Massachusetts. Prayer Request: For her 17 year old son who had some problems, but then was able to go to confession for his sins.

June 10

  • pray for Marie's brother-in-law who is suffering from very serious depression.
  • Did we do the FB post yesterday where Caitlin's husband left her and she is requesting prayers?
  • Jason. Can you please pray for some very special intentions? Thanks and God bless!
  • Shawn from Facebook: I have a friend who is going to leave the Catholic Church because he feels closer to God in a non-denominational setting. He still professes Jesus Christ as His Lord, and does not speak ill of the Church, but he just doesn't think it is the One True Church. Instead, he feels that ALL believers form the One true Church. How should I think about this? What should I think about his salvation?
  • Rebecca. St.Petersburgh, Florida. i-phone. My sister is dying and I have questions regarding her being confirmed Catholic. I would also like you to pray for her.
  • Kevin. Cheektowaga, NY. I have a question regarding discernment.
  • Anonymous. I would like prayers please for my husband, Robert, and also for my friend, Carol, for speedy recoveries from their illnesses.
  • Carlos. Please pray for fathers. That they learn how to understand how to bring their wife and children closer to God. Thank you. Amen.
  • Beatrice. San Mateo, CA. "San-Ma-Tay-Oh" . i-phone. I would like some clarification on the Catholic Church's teaching on salvation.
  • Shelly. Boston, MA. Has questions about venial sins and also purgatory.

June 9

  • Michel via the free icatholicradio app that works on Apple and Android devices: I was born and raised as a Catholic believer. Now I am faced with the dilemma of abandoning a religion that I have believed in all my life. What is the difference between being a Catholic and being a Baptist? What does the term born again mean?
  • Ellen. This is a prayer request for my friend Joan . Thank God for the blessing of her new home and may He heal her physically and spiritually.
  • Anonymous from Facebook: Please pray for my annulment. It was a sham marriage but my ex is putting pressure on me not to go ahead with the annulment. Thanks.
  • Helen. Milton, Massachusetts. I am praying for a daughter of my friend who is terminally ill. I am asking for a miracle for her. Thank you.
  • John. Please pray for my father in law who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. I keep feeling that I should be praying to the Blessed Mother Teresa for her prayers. Please pray to Mother Teresa for him that she will intercede before Jesus.
  • Joan. Abbington, Massachusetts. Would like to say hello to Fr. and ask for prayer for herself and others.
  • Anonymous. I am asking for prayer for a serious criminal matter for a family member who is facing prison time. I ask the Holy Spirit to help this person during this time and lessen the severity of his sentence. I would also ask for prayer for a cure for a severe back pain (with much pain) for myself. Thank you.
  • Laura. Fr. Marty, I have a son who has ADHD and yesterday before 11 o'clock mass (about 10:45) I gave him his medicine in applesauce because he can't swallow a pill and he went to communion, however, after Mass as we got in our car I noticed it was only 11:48, so I don't think it was a full hour before my son taking his medicine in applesauce and receiving communion. Does this constitute grave matter?
  • Caitlin. Father Moleski, please pray for my family's strength against the attacks of the devil and for my marriage restoration. My husband has left our family and is living in sin. Please pray for St. Jude to intercede on our behalf. Thank you and God Bless.
  • Delores, Hamburg, NY. I ask prayers for our veterans and our country.
  • Barbara, New York. I ask prayer for my 6 year old grandson, named Orion (oh oh Ryan), who is battling Burkitts-lymphoma cancer. He recently overcame an infection that lasted months but is finally over that. However, he continues to battle this cancer.

June 6

  • Feast of St. Norbert: "He also adopted an asceticism so fierce that it killed his first three disciples. This may account for the failure of his attempts to reform the canons of Xanten,[5] who denounced him as an innovator at the Council of Fritzlar in 1118."
  • "Momnipotent"
  • Shawn from Facebook: Why do people, mainly baptist and Protestants in general, always assume Jesus will heal them or help them financially? They call it "health and wealth." To me, things can't always be perfect here. Only Heaven is perfect and free of suffering. We learn and grow from suffering. We have to pick up our cross and carry it. Am I missing something here?
  • Christopher. Houston Tx. Prayer Request.
  1. For the repose of the soul of Father Rivers A. Patout III +
  2. for those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries during the month of June.
  3. for the physically health of my mother Deborah.
  4. for all priests, bishops, deacons, religious, & seminarians.
  • Anonymous. During the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, one of the prayers we pray is to the Father (e.g. Eternal Father, I offer You...). I thought the Chaplet is supposed to be directed toward Jesus. So my question is when praying it, are we praying it to the Father or Jesus? Thanks.
  • Richard. in response to a question regarding the salvation of non-Catholics, the statement of the Catechism # 847 was repeated. how do we reconcile 847 in the Catechism with the very clear and explict teaching of Scripture in John 14:1-6 where Jesus tells us that He is the Way and that no one comes to the Father but by Him? additionally, the statement of #847 implies that there are those who fully live up to the light grated to them. If it were possible, they would clearly not need a Savior for they would have earned heaven. However, Romans chapter 3 (verses 9-18 and 22-24) make it very clear that sin is the universal condition of mankind.

it is precisely the jeopardy of the sinner that should motivate all believers to earnestly seek the salvation of the lost both in prayer and in deed. When Jesus in the Garden asked the Father to "let this cup pass from Me" and the Father's answer was no, we should understand that the Passion becomes grotesque if it was not absolutely and universally necessary.

  • Mary. My priest often says that one should never criticisize a priest. ( and in relation to him, this is no problem as he is one of the most honorable men I have ever had the pleasure to know) But, if this is true what should someone do when they have concerns over the behaviour of a priest? I have a close friend who recently came back to the church after 30 years away. Not long ago she went to confession during the stated times at a parish in Lancaster, she says she was last in line and when she went to enter the confessional the priest refused to hear her confession - and was so forceful about walking out he pushed her backwards with such force that she hit a pew behind her and carried a large,ugly bruise for weeks. More disturbing was that she felt that the experience was telling her that God does not want her. I can't console her.

This is not normal for a priest...and she is concerned that this is not a one off and that if this priest does this to an older person who is frail, or a young child who is new to confession that serious harm could be done (As if someone thinking God does not want them, isn't harm enough) What should she do if this ever happens again, is praying for this priest enough or should she have done something else? And do you have any advice to me to help her realize that this was not God saying he does not want her back in the Church.

  • Nona . Mass. I know God gives us free will but why doesn't He help us more to believe in Him
  • Ed. Rochester. NY. Some people believe the chair of St Peter is vacant. Why is that?
  • Robert. Buffalo. NY. I would like to comment about people outside the Catholic Church not believing in Salvation. I am a convert to Catholicism.
  • George. Bellingham Ma. I am having trouble with the Marian Consecration. I feel like I want to go directly to Jesus.
  • Maria. Prayer Request. My fourth child, a boy, is due on 9 July. Please pray for a good birth and a holy life for him.

May 30

  • Barbara from Boston called at the last minute last week. The show ends at 5:54. It may take three to five minutes to get on the air. Catholics love being last in line and sitting at the back of the Church, but this doesn't work out well for CAC! Call early and often!
Barbara's question: Why does the way the Mass is said differ from one place to another?
  • Chris. Houston, Tx. Please pray for
  1. for the repose of the souls of Father Todd Reitmeyer + & Father Charles Schoenbaechler CR +
  2. for priests celebrating the anniversaries of their ordination to the priesthood this year.
  3. for seminarians preparing for their ordination to the transitional diaconate and the holy priesthood this year.
  4. for the unemployed, lonely, unwanted, addicted and depressed that they will find hope & faith in the Risen Christ.
  • Anonymous. My child is engaged to a Jewish person, and they are planning their wedding. They live out of state and have attended Pre-Cana. They were planning a wedding in a Catholic church but the fiance’s family strongly asked not to be in the presence of a large crucifix. I have been using the Catholic bishops’ article as guidance but I am not sure if I understand where they should be married and how best we can support their faith.
  • John. Webster, NY. He has a comment for a frequent caller, Fran, who called with anxiety issues. He recommends that he try the 30 days prayer to St. Joseph. This devotional was given to him in a Confessional and it has really helped him.
  • Anonymous. Buffalo. What is the name of the prayer to The Holy Spirit that Father Moleski just said?
  • Ben. Buffalo. Please explain why Ascension Thursday is celebrated on Thursday for some areas and not others. Also, he has a comment on that movie Heaven Is For Real.
  • Anonymous. Amherst, NY. We know a few people that identify themselves as homosexual. While we have raised our children in the faith to believe that God loves everyone, but not their sins and that their homosexual tendencies are not sinful except when acted upon, I think they are getting confused because my one teenager has now stated that there is nothing wrong with "gay" relationships. My reply was that we are all called to be chaste until we are married. Her reply was that that is why people that think they are gay should be allowed to be married. This brought us to the discussion of natural law and what the requirements are for a valid marriage. Her response was that she likes these particular individuals we know and she wants them to be happy. I think she is confused and believes that if we don't accept their behavior, that we are not being nice to them. Do you have a resource I can have her read that addresses this subject? And was I wrong to expose them to these individuals if the result is this kind of moral confusion?
  • Paul. Amherst. He would like to comment on the wonderful experience his son is having at Canisius College.

May 23

  • Lilia: Why are there so many women named "Mary" in the Bible?
  • Shawn, from Facebook: "With thousands of different religions, how do we know Christianity is the correct one?"
Types of Religions.
  • Fletcher, please answer after 5:15, if possible: "In Leviticus, there are laws that allow parents to kill their children and other laws that allow possession of slaves, both Jewish and Gentile. When did Christians decide that those laws are no longer in effect? If they are not in effect any more, why do other laws from the Old Testament remain binding on Christians? How do we tell which parts of the Old Testament are still part of our life as Christians?"
  • Phone call with a man.
  • Missed call from Barbara from Boston.

May 16

Answered earlier in the week
  • From Maria from Facebook (Facebook name: "Virginis Mariae"): I am a civilly divorced and remarried Catholic. My first husband has asked me not to obtain an annulment. He is living chastely and praying for reconciliation. I doubt I will reconcile with him because I never loved him as a husband. I do not want to offend the Lord, so I am trying to live as a sister with my second husband. May I then go to confession and take communion in a parish where no one knows me and therefore I wouldn't be committing the sin of scandal? If not, what shall I do?
  • From Maria (Facebook name: "Virginis Mariae"): My son asked why it is said the Jesus was crucified in a "tree." Also, he asked why should we hate the evil one since we are to love sinners but not their sins. Please help, he is 6 years old and I don't know the answers myself.
  • Anonymous. i am concerned if my husband and i are comitting a mortal sin in our ntimate relations, because i am premenopausing and i dont know when i am ovulating, so we spill the seed, i am 52 years old with some health issues, i used to use the monthly method, but my body is changing so i am very concern wether its a sin or mortal sin please help us do whats right thank you and God bless you.
  • Carolyn. Boston, MA. Has a question for Father regarding St. Joseph.
  • Patty. Boston, MA. Has a question in reverse of the previous caller. A friend has gotten pregnant by artificail insemination and she would like to know how to handle it.
  • Margaret. Boston. MA. Information about the Sin Of Presumption.
  • Fran. Otisco, NY. Would like to speak to Father regarding his anxiety and also about something Father discussed on a previous show about St. Joseph.
  • Dan. Batavia, NY. Has a question in regards to the Friday day of Penance and if it is only in the Octave of Easter.

May 9

  • Christopher. Houston TX. Prayer requests:
  1. for the repose of the souls of Janice Prebilski + & Deacon Reinaldo Egusquiza +
  2. for seminarian Tom as he prepares for his ordination to the transitional diaconate this month.
  3. for Deacon Kyle as he prepares for his ordination to the holy priesthood this month.
  4. for all mothers (living & deceased).
  • A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world (Jn 16).
  • Sue. This and her siblings first Mother's Day without their mother. She passed in November. They would like to feel the Lord's peace and celebrate her life..........
  • Brian. Buffalo. Can you give some examples of how sin can cloud our intellect, and prevent us from loving fully.....
  • Heidi Schiffert Rotella Fr. Marty, could you please post the full text of the Prayer that you shared in the beginning. It's so touching for those of us that struggle with Mother's Day.
  • Maria. Please pray for my 7 year old son Gabriel who not always behaves well at school. He doesn't see his father very often and his stepfather is very strict when it comes to discipline, which is a good thing but my son struggles with it at times. Please pray that I, my husband and my four children become very holy and love God more than anything else, making Him the first thing in our lives. Thank you.
  • Chuck. North Andover (Boston). Question/Comment: He read on the FRONT PAGE of the Boston Herald Newspaper that Harvard University is hosting a "Black Mass". Have you heard about this and can you comment? Are they allowed to do this?
  • Scott. New Hamshire. Would like to talk to Father about his niece that is trying to push mythology on their children.
  • Dolores. Boston, New York. Would like to talk to Father about making sure people in Nursing homes and very ill people are able to receive the Holy Eucharist and Last Rites.....

April 25

  • Jane. Buffalo. Eastern Catholics call this week "Bright Week." Because of the joy of Easter and contrary to their normal discipline, they are not obliged to abstain from meat today. Are there any Fridays of the year that Roman Catholics do not have to offer some kind of penance in memory of Good Friday?
  • Caroline from Facebook: Was Mary Magdalene the woman caught in adultery? Was she the woman who washed Jesus' feet with her tears and dried his feet with her hair? Was she the sister of Martha and Lazarus? What were the seven demons that Jesus drove out of her?
  • Scott. Rochester, NY. Sunday's Gospel is about doubting Thomas, but it is also Divine Mercy Sunday. Why isn't there anything in the Gospel about The Divine Mercy?
  • Ken. Salem, NH. In the recent movie, Heaven is for Real, the boy says he say his miscarried sister there. In the 70s, they taught that unbaptized babies go to limbo. Is this still the Catholic teaching?
  • Anonymous. Please explain how the Church will celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. What process does the priest follow etc?
  • Bob. Cheektowaga, NY. What do we know about St. Joseph's parents, such as their names, etc.
  • Dan. LeRoy, NY. He has been saying to Divine Mercy Chaplet. Does it need to be said at exactly 3pm? Where can he get ahold of Fr. Corapi's CD's? Lastly, please pray for his son and daughter.
  • What do we know about Joseph's parents?
  • Anonymous. Hamburg. She has been praying to Our Lady that on the day of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II's canonizations, that many miracles will be performed.

April 22

  • Sequence for Pentecost
  • Shawn from Facebook: Is right to say that every binding teaching about Mary truly reflects onto Christ first? And it's because of Christ, not on anything if her own accord? I have been reading about how St. Thomas had problems with Mary being Immaculate conceived, I must say Father, I too have problems grasping this and being fully onboard with it. Is it ok to say, "I do not deny what the Church teaches, but I do not understand it."
  • Anonymous. Regarding Divine Mercy Sunday, is the priest requested to acknowledge this feast day during the mass, and if so, what is he required to do? I was at a mass on Divine Mercy Sunday last year and the feast was not mentioned at all.
  • Bob. Cheektowaga, NY. What is the name of St. Joseph's mother? I know his father's name was Jacob, and am wondering about his mother.
  • Terri. Boston, MA. Please pray for my friend, Judy, who is considering returning to the faith and needs the courage to go to reconciliation this weekend.
  • Ken. Salem, New Hampshire. I would like to know if making the sign of the cross on the head, lips, and heart is mainly for the priest or is it for the people to do as well. I thought I had heard it was mainly for the priest to do.
  • 61. Joe. Chili, NY. At Easter Mass they ran out of consecrated hosts, and I'm wondering how this situation should be handled. Many people did not receive the Eucharist that day.
  • James. Littleton, MA. I would like some suggestions on how to bridge the gap in introducing spiritual topics with people that don't seem focused on their spirituality.
  • Sylvia. Boston, MA. How were things like the Agony in the Garden written about and known if the apostles were asleep?

April 15

  • Anonymous. I was wondering how to avoid being jealous or envious of others. Every time it creeps up I ask God to help me try and avoid these feelings but they always seem to win and I feel like I'm not being a faithful follower.
  • Chris. Houston. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sister Eva Regina Martin, for the physical health of my mother Deborah, and for the elect & RCIA candidates who are preparing to enter the Church at the Easter Vigil.
  • Megan. Sterling Heights, Michigan. Please pray for John and his wife to return to the Church.
  • Isabelle. El Paso, Texas. i-phone. Can you explain bible verse Luke 14:49.
  • Anonymous. I wanted to share the St. Phillip Neri confession story where he told the person to individually throw the feathers from a chicken throughout the town, and then to come back to him. When the person came back he instructed the person to go back out and gather all the feathers. When the person said that would be impossible, St. Phillip Neri said that is exactly what happens when we speak ill against others...we cannot gather back our offenses. I thought this was a great explanation about sin and its effects.
  • William. Waltham, MA. I have a child in a catholic school and the teacher is recommending booking with foul language. Please advise how I can handle this situation.
  • Joan. Abington, MA. Today is the anniversary of the Boston bombings. Please offer a pray for us.
  • Janett. Buffalo. My cousin is Pentecostal, and she always tells me that the Bible says not to adore images as Catholics do. How can l answer her?
  • Mary. My mom Sheila thinks Jesus was married to Mary Magdelen. Her friends tell her that He was. She is listening now. Can you please explain to her how He wasn't?
  • John. Webster, NY. Please explain what is included in a passover meal. I've watched a couple youtube videos and I'm trying to relate it to Jesus and the Last Supper.
  • Tim. Templeton, MA. I'm comparing the 2 bible verses 1Cor15 (the degrees of glory in heaven) and John 14:2 (my Father has many mansions in heaven) and would like more clarification regarding the truths stated here.

April 11

  • Feast of St. Stanislaus of Krakow, bishop and martyr (1030-1079).
  • Feast of St. Gemma Galgani.
  • Prayer Request: Joseph D. Joseph &Carolyn: Financial health. Healthy relationship. Reconcile. Get married. Happiness. get along. All quarrels, misfortunes, plagues, impoverishment and attacks to be quench and subside. Blessings in daily lives, works, minds, health, happiness. Those in my prayer lists: Protections, resources, happiness, safety, quench storms, remove thorns, bless in our daily lives, families, relationships, resources, works, foods, water, and shelters. Grant us final perseverance. Health: of Mind, Body, resources, careers, finances, families, relationships, future, shelter, foods, water, air, emotions, heart, soul, studies, careers, businesses. Those in most need of Gods Mercy: Yahweh our God and Mother of Perpetual Help. We commit this world and everything into your hands forever. With all souls, sinners, our families, bloodline, hopes, works, relationships and future. Have mercy on us always through the blood, wounds, face , heart & works of Jesus our Lord. Bless our ways, Grant us protection ,safety and final perseverance always. Unite all our works and prayers with those of the Confraternity of Capuchin, Rosary Confraternity of Dominican& Fatima always. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  • Luz M. I saw Jesus standing at the foot side of my bed a few months ago. He said to me: " Look for me in the light." For months I’ve been struggling to understand what this means. I went to my local parish and brought this up to the priest there. He simply stated why would Jesus appear to ME and not him who’s a priest? Should i file a complaint against him? Is this proper of him to say? I’m not a nun or a priest, but Jesus came and appear to all those who were sinners, nonbelievers and criminals, etc.. Do you think his response was appropriate? I'm going through something difficult and feel Jesus appeared to me as a way of letting me know he’s with me.
  • Laura. Buffalo. Opinion about Father Kelly video on Facebook viral video singing "Alleluia" at the end of Wedding Mass.
  • Scott. Rochester. ("Brother Knight"). Said the prayer "Blessed are You Lord of all creation" and someone overheard him. He wants to know if he committed a Venial or Mortal sin (or any sin at all) by saying a prayer reserved for Priests. He has also pointed the finger at God about his blindness and wants to know if that is a sin and if so, what kind? Prayer Request for an opportunity to get a job promotion.
  • Diane. Williamsville. Yesterday the question was asked in regards to the Divine Mercy Chaplet about the words "Eternal Father, I offer you the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of your dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ" and how we as human beings can do that. I missed the answer and as I am devoted to this prayer, I have often wondered myself. Would you be so kind to answer this for me?
  • George. Bellingham. Massachusetts. Lost the call, but wanted to ask Father to go through the "Our Father" prayer line by line and explain what it means.
  • Ellen. Buffalo. Prayer request for her cousin Amy Betross on her Birthday (today) that God will bless her and in Thanksgiving for her life and the work she does for Him. Also, for Norm Paolini whose birthday is the 19th and in thanksgiving for His life and the work he also does for God.
  • Kim. Rochester. Has a question about the Jews and the Gentiles.
  • Anonymous. Prayer request for two very serious illnesses and a surgery. MaryJane and David. Please pray for their healing and that surgery goes well.
  • Dan. Leroy New York. Prayer request for his children and want to know if you are aware of a Web Browser other than FireFox he should use in light of the firing of the CEO for giving $1,000.00 to anti-gay organization.
  • Betty. Temple Texas. Prayer request.
  • Mike: For Dan in Leroy, FireFox CEO was not fired, he resigned under pressure.

April 4

  • Laura from Facebook: A friend of mine left the Catholic Church because of a couple of marriages. She was married in the Catholic Church, then got divorced and married someone else, and then got divorced again. She said she didn't believe in annulments because of her children--she doesn't like the fact that an annulment says the marriage never existed. I told her that the annulment process will help identify what was lacking that prevented the sacrament of marriage from taking place. If she is no longer living in a marriage, would she still need to get an annulment in order to return to the sacraments?
  • Betty. Fr. Marty,Will you please pray for one of my daughter's students? His name is Rodolfo, and he suffered a brain aneurysm Wed. evening. The prognosis is not good. Also one of her former students, Brandon, was murdered across the street from the school this week. It is PERHAPS drug-related. And, of course, pray for those killed and injured at Ft. Hood (just 20 min. from us), and for the soul of the young man who did this. Thank you for praying for them and their families.
  • Christopher, Houston, TX. Prayer Requests:
  1. for the repose of the souls of Marian G. Willoughby + and Enrique D. Trevino +
  2. for the physically health of my mother Deborah.
  3. for the elect & RCIA candidates who are preparing to enter the Church at the Easter Vigil.
  4. for all priests, bishops, deacons, religious, & seminarians.
  5. for those celebrating birthdays & anniversaries during the month of April.
  • Joan. Buffalo. Has a prayer request for Father regarding a friend of hers that has gone missing.
  • Al. Telham New Hampshire. Would like to speak with Father about the definition of NEPHALIM found in the Book of Genesis.
  • Brian. Massachusetts. What does the Church teach that happens after we die? I believe that we go up to Heaven and our soul is judged. So after Jesus comes back, does our body meet our soul ? Please clarify as I am having a difficult time understanding this.
  • John. My son Peter has been having a hard time finding a job. Please pray for him to get the job he interviewed for today.
  • I saw Noah last Sunday. It went much further away from the Biblical account than I expected it to!

March 31

  • Lani: My husband's employment contract has just ended. We've been praying hard that he gets another job. There are times when I feel at peace, but there are times when I feel that God is not listening. How do I respond to my kids when they ask me why God is not answering our prayers? Also, how do I strengthen my hope and faith?
  • Bruce from Santa Barbara, California, listening on iCatholicRadio: "I have seven children. Two of them are in college and are starting to say things like "There is more than one way to get to Heaven." They seem to be straying from the faith. Do you have any particular prayers for spiritual warfare that I can say for my children?
  • Maryann. Dover, New Hamp. I am looking for a "Miracle for Marcie", my granddaughter who may loose her leg from an injury a couple years ago.
  • Carolos. El Paso, TX. I have a question as to how Mary was conceived without original sin? Was this revealed by personal revelation?
  • John. I bring Holy Communion to my Aunt at her nursing home. There is another woman who does the same. She said that she gives Communion to Non-Catholics, who are very devout and cannot practice their faith due to their circumstances. A priest overheard this and said he knows the people and it was acceptable. It was stated that these people claim to recognize the Communion as the body of Christ. Is this correct and can I do the same?
  • PAT. Boston, Mass. Prayer for depression--DeGrandis' forgiveness prayer.
  • Delores, Boston, NY. I have 4 prayer requests and one question. Prayers for Joanne (surgery); Janet-a young mother with cancer; Lee ?; Michael-shingles. I would like to know if Vincent Ferrar is a Saint. I think he is but not sure.
  • Jesus (Hasoos). Boston, MA. I have delivered Holy communion to nursing home and sometimes a person will spit it out. What do I do?

March 28

  • Noah opens today.
  • Bridgette. Buffalo. Just wanted to let Father know that her Lenten preparation is listening to Father.
  • Jim. Franklin, Pa. In Philippians, it says to work out our salvation in fear and trembling, yet The Holy Father says we are to be joyful. How do we do that?
  • Karen heard Mark Shea pray for people who are mentally ill at 3:30 today on the air. He seemed to suggest that it was because they were not brought up in the faith. Is that true?
  • Joe. Buffalo. How does free will and God's Will correlate to one another? And how do statements such as "if it's meant to be, it's meant to be" and "it's destiny" and "everything happens for a reason" relate to the idea of our having free will?
  • Rick. Grand Island. What was the revelation Thomas Acquinas has to say all we know is a grain of sand?
  • Tim. Central Massachusettes. He has a few older brothers that are Mormons, what's the one or two biggest reasons why leaving the Catholic faith and becoming Mormon might keep them from going to Heaven?
  • Ken. Salem, NH. In Sunday's Gospel, why did Jesus use mud to make the blind man see?

March 21

  • Rhonda. Rochester, NY How literally should we Catholics read the Old Testament?
  • Pat. Boston. MA What does it mean when people kiss their hands after they bless themselves?
  • Michael. Tonawanda NY. I heard you get a plenanary (sp) when you go into a Basilica-Can you explain this?
  • Bernandette. Buffalo. Is it ok to pray for the soul of my ex-husband who left our family for a life of drugs?
  • Alice. Boston MA. I am Hispanic but would like to know when you cross yourself before the Gospel, what do you pray in English?
  • Kathleen. Boston. MA. I am considering joining a 3rd order. Can you tell me anything about the Carmelites or Dominicans or Benedictines?
  • Barbara. kenmore. Was not abstaining from meat on Fridays a mortal sin and how do Protestants justify divorce and remarriage?
  • Maria. Nadek. MA. I would like to comment on the kissing of hands when people bless themselves
  • Marie. Rochester. NY. I would like to ask about my husband who is still living because I have a similar situation as the previous caller whose husband lived a bad life.
  • Al. Hew Hampshire. Regarding the gospel this week of the rich man and Lazarus I would like to ask if the rich man is in Purgatory or Hell?
  • Mike. Rochester. NY. How can I respond to a young high school boy who is questioning his faith?
  • Dorothy. Rochester NY. I have some observations on when people kiss their fingers when they make the sign of the cross
  • Al. New Hampshire, Regarding the gospel this week of the rich man and Lazarus, is the rich man in Purgatory or Hell?
  • Marie. Rochester. NY, I would like to ask about my living husband who is living a bad life similar to a previous caller.

March 7

  • Special edition of Faith 'n' Reason Friday with Dale Ahlquist.
  • Anonymous from Facebook: "My mom is interested in sending me to the Chesterton Academy. I love everything I've seen about it except one thing. Daily Mass. I go twice a week now and find Mass boring. Mom said that the school won't change their policy of daily Mass, but maybe I can change my perspective of Mass. I'm wondering if you can make some suggestions on how to do that. I want to like the idea of daily Mass so I'll like Chesterton 100%. Thank you for any help you can give me!"

February 28

  • Today is the one-year of Pope Benedict's retirement from the papacy. It's been a wild ride! He gave us Francis.
  • Faith 'n' Reason Friday
  • The Station of Cross is dedicated to "Converting Hearts to Christ." "If there is any encouragement in Christ, any solace in love, any participation in the Spirit, any compassion and mercy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, with the same love, united in heart, thinking one thing" (Phil 2:1-2).
  • The Month of February has been dedicated to the Holy Family (HFC).
  • Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.
  • RIP Harold Ramis, co-author of Groundhog Day and co-star of Ghostbusters.
  • Any topic OK.
  • All callers welcome.
  • Serenity Prayer
  • Anonymous: I have heard some good things about the new movie, "Son of God," which is opening in theaters today. My mother is going to the theater this afternoon for the 4 PM showing. Is this a good movie for Catholics to watch?
  • NOT ON THE LINE. Anonymous. Could you please discuss some good food options or recipes for Fridays in Lent? By the time Lent ends I get sick of mac & cheese, fish dishes, tuna casseroles, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. I’d like to abstain from meat every Friday of the year but I’d like some other ideas to help me in this.
"Meatless Recipes for Lent and Throughout the Year."
Vegetarian (allows eggs, cheese, butter).
Vegan (no eggs or dairy products).
  • Anonymous: I feel angry all the time. My confessor suggested that I should examine my conscience daily about the things that make me angry. What should I do with these feelings?
  • Cindy from Rochester, NY. I have an young son, 11 years old. We have been experiencing a lot of sadness (death and illness) in the family and he asks why these bad things are happening to good people? Can you help explain this?
  • Theresa. How can my 10th-grade daughter respond to her New Testament teacher regarding her comments as God as Father and Mother? She would like to call her out on this but needs help in what to say.
  • Maria. An acquaintance said with confidence that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was pro-nazism. I've never heard such a claim before. Any truth is that? How can I respond in defense to our Pope Emeritus? Thank you.
  • Mary. Buffalo. Is there RCIA or anything else for my god children who don't attend CCD so that they can receive the sacraments?
  • Anonymous. Rochester, NY. What is the damage that women priests cause to true Catholics who believe they are attending a legitimate Mass?
  • Catherine. East Aurora. NY. Prayer request: for a favorable outcome on a test for myself.

Friday, 21 February

  • Jerry from e-mail: I am a Ukrainian Catholic and am watching the unfolding events in Ukraine with great sadness and trepidation. Please pray for our suffering brothers and sisters in Ukraine, for an immediate stop to the violence and bloodshed, for a quick restoration of peace and order, and that Almighty God may help the Ukrainian nation elect a truly democratic government which will heed the will of the people. Please also pray for the repose of the souls of all who have died in this civil unrest and for the consolation of their families and friends.
  • Scott (Knights of Columbus) Rochester, New York. In St. Paul Chapter 4 ...led to captivity. What does that mean? and In James Chapter 4 Where do wars come from.... What is the meaning of that? Please pray for me if I should go on for 3 degree of the Knights.
  • Bob from Cheektowaga, NY. I heard Fr. Rick on the show last week and he said you had to be a Catholic in good standing to receive all the sacraments. I don't understand this answer as I wonder if Jesus and His Apostles required that the persons they encountered be without sin?
  • Rick. Auburn, New York Wants to know if there is any information of a sapphire book that provided the dimensions of Noah's arc. He saw a documentary on A & E regarding this information.
  • Margaret .Cyler, New York. Fr prayed for her and she wanted to thank him. Knee surgery was a success and she is now in physical therapy.
  • Dean. Boston. Massachusetts. Can we ever consider a vision or a medium as gift or is it more demonic?
  • Alice. Boston. Massachusetts. Where do I stand now that i had my tubes tied and cant\'t reverse.
  • Nicole. Natick. Massachusetts. Comment and encouragement for Bob.

February 17

  • My Mom's 88th birthday.
  • John from Facebook: I have heard that some secular skeptics argue that we can't even be sure that Jesus existed because the gospel accounts were written so long after Christianity began. I heard a minister say that the people of that time valued the oral word more than the written word. Is that true?
  • Scott. Rochester, NY. I would like to ask for prayer for my eyesight (I have none) and for my friends who are not supportive of my desire. I would also like to ask why in the sacrifice of the Holy Mass, does Father pour a couple droplets of water into the wine? Where does this come from?
  • Kathy. Rochester, NY. I would like to tell Fr. I have been praying to Our Lady -Undoer of Knots as I have just received a book from a friend about this. Can you join with me Fr. in praying that my anorexia and depression, which I have suffered for 43 years be healed?
  • Mark. Upstate NY. My sister is married to a Muslim and his children are not baptized. Is there anything I can do about this?
  • Joe. S. Buffalo. I have a question regarding prayer and graces obtained from them.
  • Cindy. Oil City, Pennsylvania. She is a new listener and loves the show and radio station. She wants to give a Thank you to Fr. and the Station of the Cross.
  • Chris. Boston, Mass. I want to thank Fr. and Calling all Catholics for prayer a couple months for an accident victim who is doing better. Its a real miracle for his healing. Thank you.
  • John. Canandaigua, NY. I have prostrate cancer which has spread to my bones. Will you please pray for healing?
  • Bob. Lowell, Mass. What is the proper posture for the laity when the Host and Chalice is elevated?
  • Robert. Auburn, NY. Can Fr. talk about transcendental meditiation. I am trying to explain to family members the Catholic position?
  • Angie. Rochester, NY. I am having vascular surgery next Tuesday. Can you pray for me?

Friday, 14 February

  • Memorial of Saints Cyril, Monk, and Methodius, Bishop.
- Greek brothers from Byzantium, later Constantinople, now Istanbul.
- 9th century apostles to the Slavs (who gave us the word, "slaves").
- Cyril was skilled in Arabic and Hebrew; spent time among the Muslims.
- Sent by the Roman Emperor of Constantinople to Moravia (now in the eastern part of the Czech Republic).
- Developed the Glagolitic alphabet for the Slavonic and Slavic languages; a later version is called "Cyrillic" in honor of St. Cyril. Variants of the Cyrillic alphabet are used in many modern Slavic countries: Bulgaria (where it was developed), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bealarus, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine, among others.
- Created a new Slavic liturgy, much to the consternation of bishops in the west.
- Cyril died in Rome on February 14, 869, after their first mission journey. Methodius was made a bishop of Great Moravia and Pannonia and died 15 years later.
- The work of Cyril and Methodius paved the way for the spread of Christianity throughout Eastern Europe.
  • St. Valentine's Day: "The martyr Valentinus who died on the 14th of February 269 on the Via Flaminia close to the Milvian bridge in Rome" still remains in the list of officially recognized saints for local veneration."
- Patron of Love, lovers, Young People, Happy Marriages.
- Honored in Rome since 496 AD as one of those "whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God."
- Legend has it that he was caught marrying Christian couples during the persecution under Emperor Claudius. Another story says that while awaiting his execution, Valentinus restored the sight of his jailer's blind daughter, then, on the eve of his death, penned a farewell note to her, signing it, "From your Valentine."
- The association of Valentine with romantic love didn't take place until 1381, when Chaucer wrote a poem in honor of King Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia which included the line, "For this was on St. Valentine's Day, when every bird cometh ...to choose his mate."
  • Uncle Lawrny's 84th birthday (RIP).
  • "Converting Hearts to Christ."
  • The Month of February is dedicated to the Holy Family (HFC).
  • Betty. Texas. Please pray for the following:
1. Joyce, whose chemo was suspended so that doctors could treat an abscess in the stomach
2. Myself and my 4th surgery (in a year and a half) on right foot next Thursday. This time I must sit for 8 weeks. Please pray that the bones will fuse this time. I need healing and lots of patience. Thanks!
  • Kimberly. Weeks ago, one of the readings was about sin. We should not pray for people who are in a certain kind of sin. It mentioned only fasting can remove the sin? I am a little confused. Can you please clarify?
  • Anonymous. Massachusetts. This is a difficult question for me. Initially, I was very sexual with my husband. Throughout our marriage, I believe I have been saved from the sin of lust. But, now he thinks we are boring and I am concerned about losing him, since he values physical touch and I have been very distant. I am trying to find some middle ground. Can you advise?
  • Sherry. Arlington, Virginia. iCatholic. I have a question about suffering and "offering it up". I am not a cradle Catholic, so I did not get the benefit of learning about this while growing up. What I've done is simply a mental prayer like this: "Dear God, I offer you this pain (or discomfort, or whatever suffering I am going through at the moment)". Is this adequate? Sometimes I add " to join in Christ's suffering on the cross in order to help redeem the world (or for some other purpose like to help a sick friend or family member)". Is this an acceptable way to offer up suffering? Thank you. We love your radio show!
  • Agnes. Boston, Massachusetts. Can a priest baptize someone who is bedridden or hospitalized but is in coherent/ Unaware?
  • Joe. Chili, New York. Our priest, at Peace, leaves the alter and shakes hands with members of the congregation. He is not on the alter then, when the "Lamb of God" begins. Shouldn't he be on the alter? or not leave the alter at all?
  • Grace. Pennfield, New York. I called a few weeks ago about my daughter's baby going to be born.. She was born Sun. Had her heart surgery today. Please pray in Thanksgiving for everyone's prayers.
  • Anonymous. Buffalo, New York. About the previous question about forgiveness. I go to Adoration and find it very helpful. You can just sit. Or Pray. But I read in a book in the chapel to say "Have Mercy on me God and bless this person I am upset with. It is causing distress." I found that saying this over and over is soothing. Also, remind ourselves to count our blessings.
  • Somewhere on the thruway in New York. Please remind drivers to be patient with other drivers. Sometimes the person you are angry at may be having a bad day, or thinking about one of these important issues we are listening to.
  • Scott. Rochester, New York. In Exodus, the reading says "Eat it like those who are in flight." I thought Passover was to be a celebratory thing. Why would they be asked to hasten?
  • Theresa. Southern California. Thank you for the clarification about the transition from Valentines Day about beheading in history to love. Prayer Request: please pray for healing for my Aunt who is struggling with Alzheimers.

February 7

  • Chris. Houston. Please pray 1.) for the repose of the souls of Msgr. Edward Miller + & JoAnn M. Jackson+ 2.) for the physically health of my mother Deborah. 3.) for all priests, bishops, deacons, religious, & seminarians. 4.) for those celebrating birthdays & anniversaries during the month of February.
  • Robert . Buffalo. Wants to speak to Father in regards to a Scripture passage that complains about John the Baptist. "Wisdom is vindicated" . He really can't remember too much.
  • Anonymous. Victor, NY. Please pray for my family that we are able to obtain funds in order to find a place to live, and to get contact from t a family member, for their safety and whereabouts. Also, please pray for a healing for a nerve problem I have in my legs.
  • KEN. West Seneca. Would like to know that if through the years the Church has had a policy change on the Sacrament of Confirmation. Is it a requirement now and has it always been?
  • Dolores. Boston, NY. Would like to tell Father about her friend in the hospital who had cancer for 32 years and also would like prayers.
  • Anonymous from Facebook: What should we do when people at church are uncharitable and self-centered?
The short answer from a friend is, "Take what you want to see in Church with you. If you seek love, love, and you will find love."
My other favorite reflection from Frank Sheed is, "Expect nothing from the Church except the sacraments." If all we get from going to our parish is Jesus Himself, that is quite a lot.
  • From Gina's Mom: A "flash mob" showed up at Our Lady of Perpetual Help to boost attendance for that Sunday. The Buffalo Mass Mob picks a church and you come to Mass there.
- http://buffalomassmob.wordpress.com/
  • Theresa from e-mail: I've heard that it is inappropriate to watch the Harry Potter movies because of the magical elements. Do you agree? If it is OK to watch the movies, what is the appropriate age to let children see them?
Harry Potter
  • John from Skype conversation: Will there be races in Heaven? Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc.?
  • Theresa from California listening on iCatholicRadio: How do I answer someone who told me the cancer that I got in 2000 was a result of something I was keeping a secret?

January 31

  • Billy. Buffalo, NY. Father Marty , I heard you speak once about life being theater of free will. I'm sure I'm not quoting exactly, but I remember it being fascinating, could u explain again, or tell me when it was and I'll podcast. Thank u
  • Rick. Grand Island, NY I would like to ask Father about the footnotes of Psalm 51 from this mornings reading.
  • John. Father, Please pray for my family. I have three teenage boys who have turned away from God. My wife is depressed and has also turned away from God and wants a divorce. We used to have God in our thoughts. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of my family.
  • Fran. Natisco, NY I have had anxiety problems for awhile and was wondering if you thought it would go away. I pray to the Blessed Mother but do you think I should be praying to someone else or doing something different. Also, would you pray for me?
  • Bonnie. Springville, NY PRAYER REQ-Jerry-eyesight, arm, legs, heart, My dad-Keith, diabetes and heart, Estella-her cancer, Geri-her cancer, brothe Bob-health, safe trip, andrew-direction,Diane-nueralgia myself-anemia,eyesight and legs,
  • Phil. Rochester, NY Why don't Matthews and Lukes gospels on the Presentation, Feb 2 coincide?
  • Theresa. Southern California. I love you guys, you make a great team! How do a answer someone that told me the cancer I got in 2000 was a result of some secret I was harbouring.

27 January

  • Anonymous from e-mail: Please pray for the healing of my family. Many are facing illness, hardship, and hurt. Please ask God to help them.
  • Lawrence. I am from the country of Liberia and a born Catholic and would like more information why people say that we worship Mary, the mother of Christ?
  • Anonymous. Ohio. I am a new listener and thank you for the new Catholic radio station in our area. WMIH. 89.5FM out of Geneva Ohio (serving Northeast Ohio and PA).
  • Jennifer, New York. I was raised Christian Scientist and my family was very distrustful of Catholics. I am listening to the radio station and enjoying it very much. I have a good friend, Rita, who is a devout Catholic and is praying for me. Thank you for the radio station and I am becoming more trusting of the Catholic faith.
  • Agnes. N. Andover, Massachusetts. I would like to give my opinion on the Blessed Mother. That is, how I pray through her to Our Lord.
  • Delores, Hamburg, NY. I have a question: How do I get the original program about the Jesuit education program? Is it in a book? I also would like prayers for the repose of soul of Sister Mary of the Incarnation and Sister Tibertia.

Movies and the New Evangelization

  • Ken, not on the line. Called on Friday to ask what impact these Hollywood movies would have on the new evangelization:
Pious; intended to evangelize, I think.
- Gimme Shelter (pro-life movie, 2014). Very definitely not Give Me Shelter (pro-animal documentary, 2013).
- Son of God (History Channel, 2014).
- Left Behind (remake, Nicolas Cage, 2014).
- Heaven Is For Real (little boy, near death experience, 2014).
- God's Not Dead (2014).
Relatively secular. "God" is just another character in an action-hero movie.
- Noah (Russell Crowe, 2014)
- Exodus (a.k.a. Moses; starring Christian Bale, 2014). The name of the movie is "Exodus," not "Moses."
- Day of War (Ken called it "King David"; 2014).
- Gods of Egypt (2016).
"John Darrouzet is a successful Hollywood screenwriter, an accomplished lawyer, a student of decision-making, and a deeply committed Roman Catholic layman."
"Simply put, I want to show how to help others find faith by watching movies."

24 January

  • {For Mass: remember Stephen E. Banker's 80th birthday; RIP, 26 May 2010.}
  • "Pope's Message for World Communications Day."
  • Theresa: Please pray for my cousin, who has back problems that surgery has not been able to cure. When I told her to look at the suffering of Jesus as a pattern for her to follow, she said, "He only suffered for 24 hours." Is that true? I feel He suffered all of His life.
  • Ken, not on the line. Called on Friday to ask what impact these Hollywood movies would have on the new evangelization:
Pious; intended to evangelize, I think.
- Gimme Shelter (pro-life movie, 2014). Very definitely not Give Me Shelter (pro-animal documentary, 2013).
- Son of God (History Channel, 2014).
- Left Behind (remake, Nicolas Cage, 2014).
- Heaven Is For Real (little boy, near death experience, 2014).
- God's Not Dead (2014).
Relatively secular. "God" is just another character in an action-hero movie.
- Noah (Russell Crowe, 2014)
- Exodus (a.k.a. Moses; starring Christian Bale, 2014). The name of the movie is "Exodus," not "Moses."
- Day of War (Ken called it "King David"; 2014).
- Gods of Egypt (2016).
"John Darrouzet is a successful Hollywood screenwriter, an accomplished lawyer, a student of decision-making, and a deeply committed Roman Catholic layman."
"Simply put, I want to show how to help others find faith by watching movies."
  • Anonymous. Prayer Request... My hometown has recently suffered from several gun-related crimes. No one has been hurt or killed, thank God, but there have been instances of store robbery, individual gunpoint robbery, and burglary. Could you pray for us and for the people who are committing these crimes?
  • Barbara from Rochester: Thanks for the prayers for my sister and brother-in-law. Both are doing well now. I was the second Barbara from Rochester. I wanted to you know the outcome of your prayer and how much I felt the Holy Spirit working through you.
  • Renee. Kenmore, New York. Listening to you now...Your voice is the "calm" that I need on the ride home from work. Thank you!
  • Anonymous caller from Rochester would like prayers for the family of Marlise Munoz.. She is the woman in Texas on Life Support (brain dead) with a baby living in her womb. The baby is two weeks away from viability outside the womb, but Marlise signed a paper that she does not want to be kept on Life Support if she is ever brain dead. However, she did not consider a pregnancy when signing this. Now the family is having an emergency stay to intervene and keep her on Life Support until they can take the baby, but the husband is fighting it.
  • Bernadette. Buffalo, New York. Would like to speak with Father in regards to going about contacting a Cardinal or Bishop to start the process of excommunication of Gov. Cuomo.
  • Kim. Rochester. Would like to know why it is necessary to get married in the Church (both Catholic) if they are living in mortal sin.
  • Margaret. Fabius, New York. Would like to speak to Father about Marlise Munoz.
  • Mary . Batavia New York. Baa tay vee ah. Please pray for her friend Mary who's job is in jeopardy. She is quite worried and is very good at the job she performs.
  • Janet. Batavia, New York. Please pray for Mary who's job is in jeopardy.
  • Paul. Buffalo. Would like to speak with Father about Disciples and Apostles.
  • Private stranger, Wife, husband, daughter ... a personal and private stranger

20 January

  • Skyler via e-mail (Gina promised him an answer today): Why do Catholics pray to Mary?
  • Barb, Rochester, NY. I would like clarification as I attended my sister-in-law's non Catholic, Christian service where she was ordained a minister. I am feeling guilt and not sure if I should have gone.
  • Ken. Needham, Massachusetts. I would like to ask Fr. what he thinks of the upcoming movies for 2014 that are about biblical figures. The movies that I now coming are: Son of God; Moses, Nella and King David. What effect do you think they will have on evagelism?
  • Barb, Rochester, NY. I would like prayer for my brother-in-law, John, who had a problem with his heart this morning and is in Intensive Care. I also ask prayer for his wife, Theresa, who experienced illness brought on by this stressful situation and is being treated for this at this time.
  • Gabriel, Amherst, NY. Gabriel was on the air and got disconnected when another call
  • Joe, Boston, Mass. I have a question regarding the Gospel yesterday where John the Baptist did not recognize Jesus. Why is this as they were cousins?
  • Fred. Corning, NY. I would like to comment on the Movie discussion. I ask "Isn't it better for persons to have some exposure to these movies even if they are not the best representation of the Gospel? It may dispel ignorance.
  • Bill, Blasdell, NY. I would like to ask if it was possible that Jesus first appeared to His mother after the Resurrection?
  • Theresa:
  1. Pray for the conversion of the United States. Please pray, too, that God will help keep my Faith Strong as we are going thru difficult times in our Country during this time of spiritual warfare.

17 January

  • The show whose name we were trying to remember on Monday was "Reasons for Faith Live" with Jesse Romero and Terry Barber. EWTN changed its 2 pm lineup maybe about a year ago so it is no longer on. "At Home with Jim & Joy" has replaced it. It looks like it’s still airing, but only through Immaculate Heart Radio:
  • Theresa from e-mail: I am very unhappy with our President, who seems to me to be destroying our country by promoting immorality among youth. Our government is teaching that same sex marriage is OK, that sex outside of marriage is normal, and that abortion is something that women may freely choose. How should we deal with these grave evils?
  • Katy from e-mail: Is there a difference in the use of life support in the terminally ill and those with end stage disease, and the use of artificial insemination/scientific reproductive practices in loving couples who wish to conceive? Both manipulate nature, and God’s design.
Catholic Medical Ethics.
  • Christopher. Houston, Texas: Prayer Request- for the repose of the souls of Father Joseph D. Konkel, O.P. + & Herman A. English Jr.
  • Patty from Massachusetts: How can a lay person make a vow to God
  • Tom. Lake George, NY I would like to testify to what my faith is about.
  • Betty TX prayer request for Avery 18 mos old fell down stairs and died.
  • Barbara, Kenmore, NY Prayer request- in thanksgiving for successful surgery of her niece.
  • Kaylee, Muskeegan, MI Are protestant marriages valid and what happens when they get a divorce and marry a Catholic?
  • John from e-mail: Would you please say a prayer for the members of my youth group who might not go to the Steubenville conference in the summer. When I went to a steubenville conference, it changed my life. Thank you

13 January

  • Mary Anne. Please, pray for the saving of the marriage of my dear husband and me. My dear David has separated from me (November 2013), does not speak at all with anyone who has contact with me and IS divorcing me....Please, pray for the SAVING and STRENGTHENING of our beautiful marriage! We met through the image of Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Angels, he proposed after Holy Mass and the Angelus (while we were before the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa.) My husband is set on divorce and we need a miracle to save our marriage, as it is in the courts.
  • Trish. Please pray for Hearts Afire 4 God, a local ministry who is working hard to get EWTN on the air in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Please pray for donations to come in so that the radio station can be launched.
  • Alex.
    • I’m having the worst time finding godparents for my child. Most of my family do not go to Mass on Sundays or believe everything Holy Church teaches on a moral level and my wife’s family are no longer Catholic or borderline Anti-Catholic . My first question is since my options are limited to my own family can grace through prayer work through my children to their godparents in hopes to bring them back to the Faith?
    • My second question is my grandmother has Alzheimer’s but this is a saintly woman in my eyes. She can’t talk and doesn’t seem to know who anybody is because of the disease, but if I could pick a godmother it would be her. Does she have to agree to be a godmother ? Can I have a proxy in her place ? It seems I could be forcing her into being a godmother, but I know if she could she would.
  • Anonymous. I'm a new Catholic and am enjoying reading everything I can get my hands on to learn more about our faith and to grow closer to God. I have recently heard about Opus Dei and wondered what it was exactly and if you would recommend me looking into it further?
  • Allen. Rochester, NY. I wish to encourage the first e-mail person as my wife prayer 9 54 day novenas and now we are remarried.
  • Jim. N. Tonawanda, NY. I am tired of hearing Catholics and Christians having a negative attitude. This is hurting the church. I would like to discuss for Fr.
  • Grace. Penfield, NY. I have an older daughter expecting a baby shortly. The baby has a hole in its heart and will need surgery. I would like a prayer for a miracle.
  • John. My wife and sons have turned away from God. My wife says often she wants a divorce. Please pray that my family accepts God back in their lives and my wife and I reconcile.
  • Mickey. Rochester, New York. I would like to ask for prayer as I often feel "under spiritual attack". I am also divorced and can feel empathy for Mary Anne.
  • Renee. Pennsylvania. I am a Confirmation teacher and am planning a Day of Reflection. Would you have any suggestions, tips or activities for this Day? These children are in 10th grade.
  • Dennis. Auburn, NY. I would like to use the Ignatius Spiritual Exercises to discern post retirement ministry. I am a part time deacon and would like some advice.
  • Donna, Depew, NY. I would like prayer for my friend's daughter, Julia, who was rushed to the hospital and is suspected of having brain lesions. I am asking for many prayers for healing.
  • Mary, Niagara Falls, N.Y. My sister is an ex-Catholic and says to me not to pray for the dead. I would like to have Father's comment on this.
  • Terri. New Hampshire. What is a spiritual director and how to get one?

10 January

  • Carolyn, Amherst, NY - Question as to when were priests able to be married in the Catholic Church....Why was that privilege removed?
  • Laura from Facebook [may have been asked]: In Genesis, the Bible talks about the tree of good and evil and the tree of everlasting life. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of good and evil and were driven from the Garden of Eden, God put an angel in the Garden of Eden to protect the tree of everlasting life. Were there two trees in the Garden of Eden?
"Out of the ground the LORD God made grow every tree that was delightful to look at and good for food, with the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" (2:9).
"He expelled the man, stationing the cherubim and the fiery revolving sword east of the garden of Eden, to guard the way to the tree of life" (3:24).
  • Carmine, Rochester, NY- 1.) Wants further explanation of St Augustine "seek to believe that you may understand vs understand that you may believe." 2.) What is the Church doing to attract more young people to parishes?
  • Agnes, Boston, Ma., If Mary was eternal virgin and had only one child , Jesus, does this mean that Joseph likewise remained a virgin?
  • Ellen, car phone, traveling from Massachusetts to New Hampshire; had abortion 30 some years ago...did confess to priest....but cannot forgive herself.....I sholding to tal to Father...Devout Catholic now and LOVES Cath Radio and listens all the time..
  • Bob, Boston, NY- Confirm if Mary came from tribe of Levi and if that is the case, is that where Jesus received his priesthood from?
  • Sue, West Seneca, NY, wants to make a helpful comment re Rachel's Vineyard as a help to caller Ellen...
  • Brian. Hudson, Massachusetts, What is Church teaching regarding children that have been miscarried? Will they merit Heaven and will we see them again?
  • Ginny, Amherst, NY..is driving, please pray for husband who has a nasty bronchitis virus and pray for all those in like circumstances with serious illnesses..
  • Jennifer, Wichita, Ks. Whole Diocese is doing great! Great # of seminarians too..Loves the show ..The Centrals states has loyal and strong Catholic following!! No questions !!!!!!

3 January

  • I want to talk first about Gina's article in the January newsletter on picking a patron saint for the year.
"Your patron saint for 2014!" has a "Saint's Name Generator." I used it and received St. John de Brebeuf as my patron saint for 2014.
  • Anonymous from Facebook: I am a big fan of film, art, and media. I watched a few episodes of "Game of Thrones" on January 1st, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Was it a sin on my part to knowingly watch something with the kind of R-rated content "Game of Thrones" contains on a Holy Day?
  • Barbara from Kenmore New York: says to Father Moleski: Welcome back from Sabbatical, and has prayer requests: pray for her in the coming year, and pray for her niece who is having back surgery on Monday.
  • Nick from Northampton Pennsylvania: Wants to know if it's a sin to say to the people in your household that it's a sin to not go to confession.
  • Ashley from "driving through Pennsylvania mountains on my way back to New York" has a prayer request. Says her and her sister are both starting new jobs and would like Father Marty to pray that they can both keep God at the center of the new paths they're taking.
  • Dan from Batavia New York: What might be some ways to discern whether a particular thing is a legitimate enjoyment or just an attachment?
  • Marley from East Aurora New York: Question and prayer request: Found a dog she thought was lost and took it back the owner. The owner was drunk and was abusive to the dog. Should she pray for the owner? Prayer Request: pray for the safety dog and the household.
  • Andrew from e-mail: My younger brother Patrick is about to be confirmed. His class is using YouCat. What do you think about the quality of that catechism?