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"ff": Allowed? With or without a space?

- Discouraged, highlight for Dean's consideration.

« , » ou « virgule »

French: «word»

Mistake: »word«

  • Use English names and order for the cumulative Scripture index
  • . . . vs. ...
[...] to show that the author has inserted the ellipses.
  • Should I expand abbreviations in the main text of the essay? YES.
By means of the introductory phrases, they are clearly separated from the foregoing text and thus are marked as interpretative additions (similarly to Eccl 12,9 – 11,12-14). At the same time, the references to other texts in these introductory notes invests them with the same authority as the sources to which they allude. In fact, the texts on which the additional details on Job are based were identified in our analysis as passages in 2 Macc 7; 12 and Dan 12 resp. Gen 25 and 36 (par. Jub 19 und 38)
  • Pattern for volume and page numbers: (I.56, II.196, 223, 231)

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