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The machine

NP300E5C-A07US (October 2012)

STL500LM012-M500MBB — Samsung hard drive (500 GB)

The problem

Windows 8 to Windows 10 migration did not work well.
- 100% disk usage on startup.
- abysmally slow response rate at first
Turned off, disabled, or removed
- Cortana
- all Apple software
- Delta Chrome Toolbar (malware) — and all of its add-ons
- Delta Toolbar
- BlazePhoto 2.0
- Webroot SecureAnywhere — remnants of installation and sales nag
- Dropbox
- Onedrive
- Samsung Software (SW) Update (hostile to Windows)
- Samsung Support Center (hostile to Windows)
- Many live tiles
- games

- Windows updates
- CCleaner
- MalwareBytes
- Created Windows repair DVD — fresh, complete download from MicroSoft that could be used to wipe everything clean and start over.
To do
- re-install DropBox

Good computer hygiene

- Never install any Norton products under any circumstances.
- Do not reinstall Samsung SW Update or Support Center. They are at war with Windows.
- Never, never, never say yes to any offers to scan your computer that come from a website!
If you are anxious, carefully close all windows, apps, and programs, then run a full scan with Windows Defender and MalwareBytes.

- Resolution: 1366x768