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This page originated from the chart, "Derivation of Protestant Denominations," in Catholicism: The Faith of our Fathers by Albert J. Nevins (Huntington: Our Sunday Visitor, 1995). I've added dates to it and rearranged some of the lines of descent. I have a simpler version of the table in "Varieties of non-Catholic Christianity."

I plan to add the Eastern Orthodox Churches in a later version as well as to start organizing the material chronologically.

Association of Religion Data Archives — Denominational Profiles in the U.S.
Denominational Family Trees in the U.S.

Lutheranism (1517-1524)

Schwenkfeldian (1782)

Pietists (1675)

Moravian Church (1722)

Anabaptist (1525)

Hutterites (1533)

Mennonites (1536)

Amish (1693)

Schwarzenau Brethren (1708)

German Baptist (1708)
  • German Baptist.: "German Baptists are not to be confused with Primitive, Separate, Southern, Particular, and all other mainline Baptist denominations who, although generally unified on rudimentary doctrines such as baptism, would have conflicting views in other areas, such as non-resistance, etc. In addition, German Baptists are not to be confused with a recent, small, renewal movement of "Plain," "Covered" Baptists, who, for all intents and purposes, have comparable beliefs and practice of the historic German Baptists for the most part (albeit in wide variance), but are of different origins. The German Baptists and subsequent groups with the name "Brethren" are not to be confused with various other similar denominations such as the Plymouth Brethren, their respective variants, and the Stone-Campbell Movement, etc. See Brethren for more information."

German Baptist can refer to any one of the following:[1]

  • German Baptist Brethren, the American name of the Schwarzenau Brethren and several groups associated with them:
    • Old German Baptist Brethren
    • Old Order German Baptist Brethren
    • Old German Baptist Brethren, New Conference
    • Dunkard Brethren
    • Church of the Brethren
    • The Brethren Church
    • Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches
    • Conservative Grace Brethren Churches, International
    • Church of God (New Dunkers)
    • Brethren Reformed Church

Anglican (1534)

Methodist (1739)

English Methodist or Wesleyan (~1791)

Calvinist Methodist (1743)
Methodist New Connection (1797)
Primitive Methodist (1810)
Primitive Christians

I can't identify this denomination.

Salvation Army (1865)

American Methodist (Methodist Episcopal Church; 1784)

Free Methodist Church (1860)
Reformed Methodist (1914)
African Methodist Episcopal Zion
Union African
African Union Methodist Episcopal
Union American
Protestant Methodist
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Reformed Union
Independent African Methodist Episcopal
Wesleyan Connection
Pentecostal or Assembly of God
Revival Union
First Century Pentecostal
Evangelist Revival
Christian Decision
Missionary Revival
Free Pentecostal
Independent Pentecostal
Pentecostal Holiness
Pentecostal Assembly
French-Swiss Pentecostal
Gospel Mission
Friends of Revival
Pentecostal Alliance
Independent Pentecostal
Apostolic Church
United Pentecostal
Calvary Pentecostal
Voice of Healing
Assembly of Christian Evangel.
Methodist Episcopal
Free Methodist
Holiness Methodist
Congregational Methodist
Reformed Zion
Colored Methodist Episcopal Church
New Congregational

English Baptist (1609)

The ancestry of the English Baptists has to include the continental Anabaptists, but the group from which the English seceded was the Church of England. This is only one of a multitude of such simplifications introduced by using headlines to denote lines of descent.

American Baptist

Seventh Day Adventists

Church of God
Reformed Adventists
Life and Advent
Primitive Adventists
Bible Students
Jehovah's Witnesses (1872)
Friends of Man

Disciples of Christ (1832)

Independent Baptists

Free Will Baptists

Primitive Baptists

Evangelical Baptists

Apostolic or Irvingites

Neo-Apostolic Church

New Neo-Apostolic Church

Plymouth Brethren

Closed Brethren

Open Brethren

Brethren-Eight Groups


Protestant Episcopal




Primitive Friends


Calvinism (1534)

Reformed (1519)

Presbyterian (1541)

Unitarian (1600-1673)

Zwinglianism (1560s)

Small Church

I can't find a denomination by this name.

Old Catholic Church (1853)

Worldwide Communion of Catholic Apostolic National Churches (1945)

Gallican Catholic

French Catholic

Primitive Catholic

Polish National

Lefebvreites (1988)

Christian Science (1879)

New Christian Science

Free Christian Science

Reformed Christian Science

Mormon (1831)

Temple Lot



Reorganized Mormons


We Are Church (1997)