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Tetrad of Blood Moons

With reference to Acts 2:19-21, do you have any information regarding Tetrad of the "blood moons" occurring on the Jewish Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015 (April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and April 28, 2015), with a Solar eclipse on March 20, 2015. I learned this information from a Catholic website, "Signs and Wonders for Our Times," a group of lay and religious Catholics whose primary objective is to live and spread Our Lady's messages of prayer, fasting, faith, conversion, and peace. We distribute literature, including books, audio, and video materials on the Catholic faith.

19 And I will work wonders in the heavens above
and signs on the earth below:
blood, fire, and a cloud of smoke.

20 The sun shall be turned to darkness,
and the moon to blood,
before the coming of the great and splendid day of the Lord,

21 and it shall be that everyone shall be saved who calls on the name of the Lord.

Dates and Feasts

15 April 2014 Passover
8 October 2014 Sukkot
4 April 2015 Passover
28 September 2015 Sukkot


"Blood Moon Prophecy."
It is one of eight tetrads during the 21st century AD.[3]
The red color is caused by Rayleigh scattering of sunlight through the Earth's atmosphere, the same effect that causes sunsets to appear red.
Around 2008, Mark Biltz began predicting that the Second Coming of Jesus would occur in the fall of 2015 with the seven years of the great tribulation beginning in the fall of 2008. He said he had "discovered" an astronomical pattern that predicted the next tetrad would coincide with the end times. When the prediction failed, he pulled the article from his website, but continued to teach on the "significance" of the tetrad.
Four Blood Moons became a best seller.
... there have been 62 tetrads since the first century AD and eight of them have coincided with both the feasts. Thus, the event is not as unusual as Hagee and Biltz imply. Additionally, three of the four eclipses in the tetrad will not even be visible in the biblical homeland of Israel, casting further doubt on Hagee and Biltz's interpretation.

Epic Fail

"Pastor Claims 'Blood Moons' a Sign of Things to Come."
According to him, past blood moons have occurred near pivotal events in Jewish history: In 1493 while the Jews were being expelled from Spain, 1949 after the state of Israel was founded, and 1967 during the Six-Day War. Therefore, in his opinion, this new round of blood moons is a sign from God that some major event in the history of the Jewish people is about to take place.
It's probably worth pointing out that not a single one of these blood moons occurred before the event Hagee claims they are associated with. If these specific phenomena were meant as a sign of things to come, they were late in appearing.