Ordinary Time

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In Ordinary Time, we follow Jesus through his public ministry, which lasted from His baptism to the beginning of His Passion. The season climaxes with the Feast of Christ, the King, which reminds us of the goal toward which the whole of creation is moving, the time when Jesus will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever. During Ordinary Time, we sit at the feet of Jesus, our Rabbi, and learn from Him what it means to be one of His disciples.

One gospel is used as a focus for the Sundays during Ordinary Time. The weekday readings for Ordinary Time are on a two-year cycle; the gospel is the same for each weekday from one cycle to the next, but the first reading and Psalm are different.

In a sense, it is a 6-year cycle: A1-B2-C1-A2-B1-C2, then back to A1 again.

C 1 Luke 2018-2019
A 2 Matthew 2019-2020
B 1 Mark 2020-2021
C 1 Luke 2021-2022
A 2 Matthew 2022-2023
B 1 Mark 2023-2024
C 1 Luke 2018-2019

The Gospel of John is featured in Lent, Holy week, and the Easter season every year.

There are 529 different passages for the Sunday readings (160 from the Old Testament and 369 from the New Testament).