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Spectrum of disorders from ordinary concern to guard against self-deception at the low end of the scale and OCD and other mental illnesses at the high end.

One man's meat is another man's poison

Different sicknesses require different treatments. I am allergic to penicillin. It's fine for most of the world, but it would kill me. Some of the sayings of Jesus and the saints are exactly what most people need to hear, but preaching perfectionism to perfectionists is deadly to them.

Virtue is the mean between extremes

Contrition is essential to the development of the spiritual life. As we begin the journey, it often happens that we become anxious about unintentional sins, unconfessed sins, the quality of our confession, and the fullness of God's mercy. Those who suffer from scrupulosity lack a sane and balanced judgment of what they have done, so their guilt knows no bounds.

unscrupulous contrite scrupulous

Easy does it

St. Philip Neri, maxim for Friday, May 9
When a scrupulous person has once made up his mind that he has not consented to a temptation, he must not reason the matter over again to see whether he has really consented or not, for the same temptations often return by making this sort of reflection.

Doubt proves innocence

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

If you doubt you have sinned, then you have not sinned.

If you doubt you have intended a mortal sin, you have not committed a mortal sin.

If you can't tell whether you sinned, you can tell that you haven't sinned.

Your feelings of guilt are misplaced.

No amount of introspection can end your torment.

You must look away from yourself and see how much GOD loves you.

More self-scrutiny is only going to lead to more self-scrutiny.

It is a vicious circle and a bottomless pit.

"If in doubt, leave it out."