The Shack

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I haven't read The Shack yet. I'm not likely to. It's the kind of book that makes me grind my teeth.

Baptista at Catholic Answers forum.

On page 136 ~ "Evil is only the absence of good, like dark is 
the absence of light." God is supposed to be saying this to 
the main character. No mention of satan anywhere in the book.

On page 177 ~ While Jesus says that the church is his bride, 
he/God is also against religion. God says that "religion, 
politics and economics are the man-created trinity of terror".

So much seems to go towards the 'new age feel good' attitude. 
It seems as if the author takes just enough truth to make 
you let your guard down, and then hits you with these 
weird ideas. Such as....

On page 181-182 ~ 'Jesus' "has no desire to make anyone a 
Christian". (excuse me? What about His command to the 
Apostles to go out and make disciples of all nations???)

On page 202 ~ The Ten Commandments no longer apply. It 
says that "Jesus fulfilled it all, so that it (the law) 
no longer has jurisdiction over you." (excuse me? What 
Jesus said was that He did not come to abolish the law 
but to fulfill it...NOT abolish, as the book says)

On page 203 ~ It says that 'In Jesus, you are not 
under any laws.'