• Make Pat happy. She is our customer. “Whatever the woman wants, God wants.”
  • Long range:
    • give special benefits to dues-paying TIGHAR members;
    • sell access to special items (videos?).

Current system

  • HTML forms.
  • CGI scripts.
  • Some data written to a private folder.
  • Some data sent via e-mail.
  • Pat retrieves info, enters it by hand, confirms transaction, maintains lists with Filemanager.
Pat understands the system.
Dreamweaver / HTML forms are simple.
Lowest dollar cost.
Users make entry errors.
Bots attack the scripts.
Keying in CC info costs time and energy.
Not connected to the website; cannot give special access to TIGHAR members or customers.

Custom Filemanager System

Total solution

  • $10,000 for Tammantech.
  • Leave forms in HTML.
  • Add database management to scripts.
  • Connect Filemanager to MySQL to download and update transactions.
  • Upgrade credit card account at bank or other credit card clearing agency.
Pat can continue to use Dreamweaver and Filemaker.
Automated CC confirmation between website and agency puts data entry burden on the user, not Pat.
Simplest learning curve for Pat.
$10,000 entry fee.
No connection to Joomla/Forum lists and permissions.
Increased processing costs for CC validation.
Documentation for source code and user.

Simpler solution

  • Parse e-mail and private data log.
  • Update Filemaker semi-automatically.
Less than $10,000.
HTML forms not changed.
Filemaker lists augmented, not replaced.
No online validation.
No integration with Joomla/Forum lists.
The burden remains on Pat to get correct CC info.


  • Open source.
  • Standalone component.
  • Online validation.
  • Parse e-mail and update Filemaker.
Essentially free software.
Lower cost for Tammantech support.
Documentation and support from other OpenCart users.
Pat has to learn the OpenCart inventory/shopping system.
No integration with Joomla/Forum lists.
Increased processing costs for CC validation.

Joomla Component


  • Community Builder CBSubs (annual fee of 145 € for 5000 users–more than enough).
  • Move Filemaker data to Community Builder tables, coping with duplicate entries on startup by administrator judgment (present conflicts, allow admin to choose resolution).
Reasonable software cost.
Integrated list of members for TIGHAR, Joomla, Forum through Community Builder (CB is free and is already installed).
Online validation of sales.
Documentation and support from other CBSubs users.
Marty has some experience with a similar project.
Learning curve for Pat.
Everything managed through Joomla interface–no Dreamweaver, no Filemaker.
Marty is the only of us who is comfortable with Joomla.

Other Joomla components

Marty's KISS Storefront

  • 90% complete. Of course the last 10% will take more than half the time that the first 90% did. :-(
  • Works with PayPal only.
  • Online validation; customizable filing of data in MySQL.
  • No inventory management.
No dollar charge for the component.
Storefront can be edited with Dreamweaver.
Adding items is tricky.
No user community.
May be hard for others to understand and maintain.
3% or 4% PayPal commission for each transaction.


Some are free, open-source software.
All have arbitrary decisions made by others.
Quirks, bugs, limitations …
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