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# The first line should be left alone.  It seems

#   to be an important default.   MXM, SJ				localhost localhost.localdomain 


# The name of our machine (lamentably) is "tighar".

# The fully qualified domain name of the machine

#   is tighar.tighar.org

#	tighar.tighar.org ti


What reports should be made to root@tighar.org?

Default configuration: /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf

MailFrom = root


According to mailname(5), the /etc/mailname file should contain

the “the visible mail name of the system” and is usually used by

“programs that wish to send or relay mail, and need to know the

name of the system.” More specifically:

  • The file contains only one line describing the fully qualified

domain name that the program wishing to get the mail name should

use (that is, everything after the @).

We don't have this file on our system. If we have troubles with

sendmail, it's something we might try.


A list of users who can log into the linux system (SSH/SFTP).





   MySQL: /var/log/mysqld.log

  logins: /var/log/secure


	/var/log/qmail/current -- records e-mail traffic sent through system

	/var/log/qmail/smtpd/current -- smtp connections


	/var/log/dovecot -- IMAP and POP3 connections

  syslog: /var/log/messages -- information and errors

    cron: /var/log/cron

	       cron rotates logs at 4:56 AM each day

STD files

Every process has a minimum of three standard streams associated with it:


The numbers associated with these STD file streams often appear in command lines. 2>&1 says “redirect the output for STDERR to wherever the output for STDOUT is going.”

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