Dan and Dale's Web Page


This is Dan's Great Planes Cub in Harley colors, 1999.

We learned a lot from it–mostly how tricky overweight Cubs are to land gracefully!

This has become an official Hangar Queen. Dale says it is too pretty to break. “Whatever the woman wants, God wants.”


  • Even prisoner's get lunch!
  • You know what they say in old Mexico!
  • Let's have some more of that previously enjoyed equipment. :-o
  • There is never enough time to do it right, but there is always enough money to do it again. Funny how that works!
  • There are some people who watch things happen, people who make things happen, and people who wonder what happened.
  • You don't get the shrimp if you come late to the party.
  • Time to reboot.
  • There's some stuff you just can't polish, no matter how hard you try.


Making a home page for Dan

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