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December 30

1. The Trinity is Three Persons in One God, humans are persons, so are angels also "persons"?
2. Which aspect of marriage is most important? Unitive or procreative?
  • Jason from Pittsburgh: What is a "signal grace"?
  • John from Buffalo: How can Protestants ignore passages like 2 timothy 4:2-4?
  • Steve from Buffalo: How do we make and keep New Year's resolutions?
  • Joyce from Buffalo: Has a prayer request for Fr. lllig.
  • Jen from Amherst: Father, would you please offer prayers for Chris who had a job interview today and who is also traveling. Thank you!
  • Anne from Rochester: What does 1 Cor 15:28 mean? "When everything is subjected to him, then the Son himself will [also] be subjected to the one who subjected everything to him, so that God may be all in all."
  • Rob from e-mail: I enjoy historical dramas such as the series 'Rome' which was on HBO several years ago, however many of those types of programs show explicit and frequent sexual scenes and I've since stopped watching them. Is there a difference between this type of programming and pornography? I'd like to be able to watch them again; however I'm afraid that it might lead to sin or the near occasion thereof.

December 20

  • O Antiphons
  • Suellen. Why doesn't the Creed include something to the effect of, "I believe in the True Presence of Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Eucharist"? It seems like that would be one way of making sure people knew that our Communion is not merely a symbol.
  • Question on Facebook: I was in adoration and picked up a card that explained if I followed the prayer on it, went to confession within certain time frames, attended Mass a certain number of times, etc, I would be kept from purgatory and three generations after me would be as well. Then a fellow Catholic shared with me that the way to receive a request was to make a "promesa" or promise to the Virgin that I would do something for her if she helped fulfill my request. I felt as if this would be bargaining to get my way, therefore the confusion. Is this in line with Holy Mother Church? What are indulgences?
  • Jason. Pittsburgh. Very shortly, the sun will set here on the East Coast, making it the 25th of Kislev on the Jewish Calendar, which is the First Night of Chanukah. What meaning can we as Catholics take and what lessons can we learn from this Jewish celebration and the stories of the Maccabbean Revolt and the Miracle of the Oil?
  • Kathy from Buffalo: When was it decided to celebrate Christmas on 12/25?
  • Carolyn: I would like to ask a Christmas question. My daughter goes to a catholic school and the teacher said Jesus was actually born in April not on Dec 25th. Can you talk more about this please to explain?I would like to ask a Christmas question. My daughter goes to a Catholic school and the teacher said Jesus was actually born in April not on Dec 25th. Can you talk more about this please to explain?
  • Josh from Cleveland OH: Is Protestant. Expain Pergatory., please
  • Ilona from Germany, but living and listening in Rochester: Has another name for Christmas: Weinacht, "Holy Night."
  • Kelly from Facebook: How do you recommend a faithful Catholic deal with Christmas/Easter relatives who attend Christmas Mass and receive the Eucharist when they clearly are not in Communion with the Church? Indeed it is a touchy subject, but one which should not be avoided.
  • April from Buffalo: Comment about the Christmas tree question.
  • Elaine from Tonawanda: Question about changes in Nicene Creed, e.g., worship vs adore.
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicene_Creed#Latin_liturgical_version

December 16

  • O Antiphons
  • Christmas is the 50th anniversary of the convocation of Vatican Council II (1961).
  • Followup to Jason's question on consolation and desolation--discuss the enemy attack: "If I were a good Christian, then ..." or "If God loved me, then ..."
  • Dennis from Buffalo: Father, I recently changed parishes. I have gone to few different ones. My question is before Mass starts now the lector asks us to stop and say Hi to the people around us...I just wondered if this is something new that all churches are doing along with the change in responses?
  • Alex from Florida (iCatholicRadio). How do I bless my children? Does using holy water remove venial sins?
  • Vienna from Clarence: Wants to make a prayer request for college interviews.
  • Justin: During Lent my parish does a Mass and during this Mass they have children (high schoolers) mime the Passion of Christ. While watching this...well, it's seems wrong. Have you heard of any other parishes performing the Passion this way?
  • Anonymous from California (iCatholicRadio): Has a question on Venial and Mortal Sins & Reconciliation
    • 1 John 5:16-17
(16) If anyone sees his brother sinning, if the sin is not deadly, he should pray to God and he will give him life. This is only for those whose sin is not deadly. There is such a thing as deadly sin, about which I do not say that you should pray.
(17) All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that is not deadly.
  • My parish priests don't ignite my faith, especially after listening to priests like those on WLOF and other catholic stations I listen to. Is it a) a sin to attend other churches to find priests that are more interesting to me. B) frowned upon by church. C) bad form in pursuing this. It makes attending church more like penance than a gift to have the opportunity to worship at my local parish.
    • We need to pray that listening to The Station of the Cross will help people love their priests as they are ... as God loves them.

December 9

  • O Antiphons.
  • Feast of St. Juan Diego.
  • I was asked earlier this week whether I mind it when people say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." I realized afterward that "holidays" is a Christian term--it is directly derived from "holy days." G. K. Chesterton defined "holiday" as "a holy day, a word that will always answer the ignorant slander which asserts that religion was opposed to human cheerfulness, and will always assert that when a day is holy, it should also be happy; a restoring thing that, by a blast of magic, turns man into himself" (The Universe According to G. K. Chesterton, 54-55).
  • Jason. Pittsburgh. Is there a difference between the consolation and desolation that God gives us to help discern His will, and the highs and lows, joys and worries of daily life? How can we tell the difference? Also, please pray for me and a couple of things with which I'm currently struggling against.
  • Brian from Facebook: I fully agree with what you said last Friday (December 2nd) on being prepared to receive. For me, the frustration comes when those who are not objectively prepared believe that they are prepared, and therefore resist all efforts to show them that they are not qualified to receive Communion. They say, "How dare you tell me that I can't receive Communion?" How have you handled this?
  • Jennifer. WLOF. She is a divorced Catholic without an annulment. She has just been asked to marry a nice widowed gentleman who is Methodist. Can they get married in the Catholic Church? And can she receive the Sacraments based on this situation?
  • Nora. Williamsville, New York. We want to start celebrating the feast days of our saints. Two of our boys, James and John, are easy. But what do you do with the Old Testament names? We're not sure when to celebrate for our other two sons, Joshua and Jacob.
    • Perhaps you could celebrate a Jewish holiday with them:
Rosh Hashanna -- New Year's
Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement
Hannukah -- celebration of the Maccabees' defeat of the Greeks
Passover -- feast of Exodus
Pentecost (50 days after Passover; feast of the giving of the Law to Moses on Mt. Sinai)
Feast of Booths (Sukkoth) -- harvest festival
    • Or associate them with the derivative names: Joshua is probably an antecedent of "Jesus," so you could celebrate Joshua on the Name Day of Jesus (January 1, formerly the feast of the circumcision and naming of Jesus). Jacob is the ancestor of "James." St. James the Apostle is very famous.
  • Marie. Buffalo. Has a suggestion for Jason that he should look into the readings of St. Ignatius Loyola called the 15 Rules of discernment. These address the consolation and desolation questions.
  • Patricia. Buffalo. She recently saw the movie called The Way and they went to the tomb of St. James. Can you explain the difference between the two James' in the Bible?
  • Sylvia from e-mail: Can non-Catholic Christians go to confession?
  • Charlie. South Buffalo. Has a question about the office of the devil's advocate? What was John Paul II's intention in suppressing this office?
  • Georgette. Ontario, Canada. What did Jesus do in the years prior to preaching? She does not like the fact that God keeps secrets. That led to a discussion of why God does not tell us the future, which led to a conversation about the recent death of her daughter from cancer; her daughter left five children behind.

2 December

  • Happy Advent--Happy New Year!
  • Cycle of readings: St. Mark is next year's star gospel (year B), once we return to Ordinary Time. Some comments on sequence of the composition of the gospels.
  • Jen from e-mail: Is there any good online resources that detail the changes to the Mass?
  • Jason from Pittsburgh: What is the purpose of the humeral veil used during Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament? Thanks and God bless!
  • Five or six weeks ago, we had a question about the bishop of Phoenix restricting Communion under both kinds. Upon further review, he has changed his mind: "Phoenix Bishop Reverses Ruling on Communion under Both Kinds."
  • John from Cheektowaga: INRI and IHS.
  • Chris McKee Where can I find the words a priest prays as he vests for Mass? And there is something in most sacristies that says something like prepare for mass as if this is your first, last, and only Mass. Do you know what I am talking about or what the wording of this is?
  • Mike from Rochester: funny story about a Christian bear saying grace over an atheist. Short discussion of the Church's view of evolution of the body and personal creation of the human soul by God at the moment of conception.
  • Joe from Buffalo: Many people who are not practicing Catholics take Communion at Christmas and Easter. They shouldn't do that. Priests should do more to discourage this practice.

11 November

  • Memorial of Saint Martin of Tours, bishop and confessor, patron of soldiers and horses. Last day of the Novena of the two Martins.
  • This was our only Faith and Reason Friday in November.
  • I totaled a car at 12:10 AM on the way home from Geneva College. What a day!
  • New translation: Offertory Prayers.
  • Rick from e-mail: We are soon moving to the third version of the Roman Missal. Can you elaborate on the changes that had occurred between the first and second versions of the Roman Missal?
  • Matt from Colorado: I am always a few days or a week behind as I listen to Calling All Catholics on podcast. On the 7th of November you were discussing depression and suicide. I wanted to point out something positive to keep in mind as the holidays approach. It turns out that suicides rising at the holidays is one of the biggest myths. It is so bad it gets reported in major newspapers and other media each year. The truth is, from the CDC, that suicides are lowest in December and peak in the spring and fall. This does make some sense as people are most hopeful, loving, generous and good natured (most people, some are always nasty) during the various secular and religious holidays. People naturally get a boost from the holidays although it really can be a depressing and lonely time for those without family or close friends nearby. I would hope you can help dispel this myth to your listeners and of course remind people to try to do something special for anyone they might see as lonely at any time of the year. Loneliness is such a horrible thing. Misery loves company for a reason. People can really deal with a lot when they have friends and family that love them. Cancer, death, loss of jobs and the like are real bearable when you have hope, love of family and the love of Christ. When you are alone, it doesn't even take much in the way of suffering to cripple you. The loneliness can be the full source of the depression.
  • Joe from Kenmore: Feels like he's becoming lukewarm in the Faith. Do you have any suggestions for overcoming this?
  • Scott from Rochester. When the priest is doing the Consecration, are you supposed to hit you chest? Also, could Father go over today's readings?
  • Mark from Buffalo: Wants to ask Fr. about people who received Eucharist and wanted to 'dip in in the cup.' 'Is that normal' he asks.

7 November

  • Anonymous: Please pray for me so that I may gain relief from severe depression and find a job.
    • Patron Saints for those suffering from Mental Illnesses.
    • Bill called back to suggest the shorter days and lack of light may have something to do with the depression.
    • Exogenous factors: money, family stress, deaths, abandonment.
    • Internal factors: genetics, childhood wounds, loneliness; drugs, alcohol, unchaste behavior; occult practices; habitual sins.
  • Jen from Snyder, New York: Please pray for my clarity on the path God wants me to take in certain areas of my life and for strength to persevere during the stressful preiods coming up
  • Jason from Greentree, Pennsylvania: Please pray in thanks for a great Fall Fund Drive, a safe journey home for all who have been traveling the past few days, and for my new home. Please also pray for the safety of all travelling now, those with no homes, and a special blessing for Morgan and her family.
  • Bill from Buffalo: Father Mark for an eye procedure he had earlier, it came out fine and wants to give thanks. Also his Mom is having GI scope next week, prayers for a successful outcome.
    • Father Mark had prayed for Bill.
  • Bonnie from Springville: For friend Jerry, eyesight and overall health; for her Dad Keith, heart and diabetes; for stepmother Evelyn, leukemia; for Estella, cancer; for Elsie, cancer; for brother Bob, gout; for woman friend Pat, having eye surgery tomorrow; and for herself, eyesight and overall health.
  • From me: Please pray for Bill, who is suffering from inoperable brain cancer. This is just the latest in a whole series of medical misfortunes that Bill has endured in the last decade. Thanks.
  • Ann from Buffalo: For her brother, Father Mark.
  • From Edith: Please pray for my daughter, her husband and their toddler son, as they temporarily move out of their home and into ours, due to financial difficulties. May we all keep our tempers cool and be patient with each other during this time of change and adjustment. Also that my daughter would soon be called about a job prospect. Thank you very much and God bless you.
  • Please pray for Mary Ann in all of her physical ailments that have made her endure much suffering
  • Christine from Rochester: Please pay that God puts an end to all witchcraft wherever it exists. She thinks an increase in depression is due to witchcraft. Also prays for an increase in Eucharistic adoration in every parish throughout the world. Also asks prayers that God strengthens her heart and that her mother Patricia's spine is free of pain.
  • Frank from e-mail: Please pray for my teenage son and myself to help us work out problems and misunderstandings and to help him understand how much I love him. Thank you. Frank
  • Anonymous. Prayers for health, to find a job, and her special intentions.
  • Lizette from Facebook: Please pray for Alicia. She is a 92 years old and she is very weak. She is my friends mother. Also pray for my friend Leticia so that God gives her peace inside.
  • Brian from Niagara Falls: For his fiancee Joan, for himself, and for his cousin's husband Leonard, going thru some difficult times since a fall about a year ago.
  • Kathy from Rochester: Prayers for the safety of her friend, Rose, traveling thru Ohio, and for her own health and health.

4 November

  • Fun Drive.
  • Anonymous from Amherst: I have a teenage son who asked "If God is a loving God, why does He let people die and suffer every day? Even if people can help others, most don't, so why doesn't God intervene?
  • Dan from Buffalo: In reference to Luke 16:18, please explain “people of the world” versus “people of light”?
  • What is the origin of the word “hypostatic” in the term “hypostatic union”?

1 November

  • Jerry: Is there a record of the first recorded saints or when the title saint was used?
  • Preface of All Saints.
  • Jason from Los Angeles: I used to see indulgences printed in the prayer books of 30 or 50 years, but I don't see any printed in those of these days and age. Would you please tell me more about indulgences since I don't hear any priests or clergy talk about them and their importance? What are they? How many kinds of them? How does God use them as offered from us?
  • From Jerry in e-mail: Are angels considered to be divine beings? Are the saints?
  • From Jen in e-mail:
1.) The diocese was posting Twitter updates during the bishop’s anniversary Mass on Sunday. They were short updates on what music was sung, tidbits from the homily, who said what prayers, who brought up the gifts, etc. I found it rude and disrespectful to the Mass. Their reply was that it is the same as commentary on a televised Mass, but it still doesn’t seem right to me. What are your thoughts on using social media to cover events DURING a Mass?
2.) Can you explain the process for appointing a new bishop?
  • From Sam in e-mail: Can you direct me to a source or church doctrine that states a mortal sin is committed when one misses a holy day of obligation of mass?
    • Precepts of the Church
    • Holy Days of Obligation
    • Chris from Steubenville, Ohio: Also, Catechism of the Catholic Church 2042: "The first precept ("You shall attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation and rest from servile labor") requires the faithful to sanctify the day commemorating the Resurrection of the Lor...d as well as the principal liturgical feasts honoring the mysteries of the Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saints; in the first place, by participating in the Eucharistic celebration, in which the Christian community is gathered, and by resting from those works and activities which could impede such a sanctification of these days."
  • Why is Joseph called "the terror of demons"?
  • Anonymous, not on the line: "My husband is addicted to pornography and solitary sin. Is there a support group along the lines of Al-Anon for women in my situation?"
  • Halloween:
  • Dennis from Buffalo: when Bishop Kmiec retires will he be considered an auxilarry Bishop like Bishop Grosz or will he no longer serve Buffalo in anyway?
  • Julie from Ontario, NY: Was John the Baptist free from original sin after he encountered Christ in the womb (at the time of his birth)?

31 October

  • Jen. Snyder, New York. Please pray for healing and comfort for a friend who had surgery today, for a friend struggling with depression, and for a personal intention.
  • Bonnie, Springville. For her friend Jerry, for eyesight and overall health; for Dad Keith, heart and diabetes; for stepmother Evelyn, leukemia; for Estella, cancer; for Elsie, cancer; and for herself, eyesight and health.
  • Anonymous. Prayers for health, to find a job and her special intentions.
  • Jason from Los Angeles: Would you please say a prayer for me? I would like you to pray for the sould of my father, aunt, grandparents and all the holy soul in purgatory and Christian Unity?
  • Carol, Lancaster. For her grandson Liam, having serious spinal surgery tomorrow, and also for her son Terry who has to have surgery on his knee.
  • Sam, Lousiana. Listening on Android cell phone. For friend, Joann, has cancer of the blood; for friend Sara, had car accident and is still in pain, and for his wife who had back surgery and is still, her name is Nancy; and for his grown children to come back to the church, and for himself, looking for full time employment.
  • Susan, Buffalo. For her son Thomas, and all of the little boys living with Duchenne Muscular Distrophy. That a cure be found and until then, some better treatments be discovered.
  • Jen. Williamsville, New York. Please pray for those who are feeling overwhelmed right now. Especially for grad students. Thanks!
  • Jenny, Buffalo. She has a very bad cat allergy, and was exposed twice, and now has a sinus infection as well as a stomach bug, prayers for healing. Also for her brother in law Jim, healing from a stroke.
  • Joyce, Buffalo. Prayers for the Holy Spirit to descend upon all who listen to this station, and will respond and donate generously during the Fall Fund Drive, and bring it to a success.
  • Carol, Lancaster. For Ann, who will be undergoing surgery for aneurisms.
  • Jason, Pittsburgh. That his housing situlation gets straightened out soon, and for the job he started today.
  • John, Webster, NY. For friends that are battling cancer, and the one that has Lou Gherig's disease. Also wants the name of the HS prayer.
  • Ana, Arkansas. Listening on IPOD. For her mom, she died 2 years ago, and for an aunt and cousin who died 2 years ago, and for her family in Mexico, having a hard time, and for her husband, who has MS and not feeling well.
  • Ellen, Buffalo. For thanksgiving for all the graces that we receive every moment,and for St. Joseph (the title you just used, slayer of demons?)
  • Brian, Niagara Falls, NY. For repose of the soul of his grandmotehr Caroline, she passed away in 78. Also for his fiancee Joan, who had eye surgery, having checkup on Weds.

28 October

  • Feast of Saint Simon and Saint Jude, Apostles.
  • Prayer to Sts. Simon and Jude.
  • New translation of the Mass: Credo.
  • Does the change from "sin" to "sins" in the Gloria really make any difference theologically? The phrase "Lamb of God" as a title for Jesus comes from the Gospel of John. John the Baptist says, "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world" (Jn 1:29).
  • Kathy (from last week's chat transcipt--a phone call, perhaps?): At the beginning when we say "sin," she thought that it meant Original Sin and later on in the Mass when we say "sins," that was all the sins of the world.
  • Lynn from Facebook: As I was listening to the morning Mass on EWTN, I thought about Judas Escariot and how he is described as the betrayer of Jesus. I'm wondering, though, that this betrayal must have been ordained by Jesus as part of the overall plan for His arrest, trial and crucifixion. Is Judas a "betrayer" or is he a martyr who sacrificed his reputation, relationships, and eventually his life to play this terrible part?
  • Dennis. Buffalo. I heard talk by Betty Brennan, she fell away from the Church and became a satanist, but then she found God again. In her talk she said there could be 20 hosts and just one that was consecrated, and if there was a "true" witch the witch could tell which host was consecrated. I found that hard to believe. Is that true? I am not even sure a priest could tell just by looking at them. She also talked about how if she attended a Mass during the consecration, if she stayed in the church for it, she would break out in a cold sweat. Was that her guilt or was that power of God driving the demons out of her?
  • Jason. Pittsburgh. If a priest has faculties in, for example , the Ukrainian Catholic Church, does that mean he also has faculties in all Catholic churches that use the Byzantine Rite? As another example of the same question, if a priest has faculties in the Chaldean Catholic Church, does that mean he has faculties in all Catholic churches that use the Syriac (or East Syriac, at least) Rite?
  • Anonymous from New Orleans. Listening on mobile phone. Re: demons & so forth. she doesn't see demons and I don't hear them, but she senses them when they are near, or walking by. Sometimes when she's home, sometimes when out and about. The last time it happened she was in the emergency room, and she noticed another woman walking by, saying a prayer too. Just converted to Catholicism this past January. Could you comment on this?
  • Delores from North Boston. She was listening to Patrick Madrid last night. A non-Catholic called in with a question, about "all fall short and are sinners ..." and they were discussing, does that include the Blessed mother? Delores has some comments...
  • Rose from Rochester. I heard a priest refer to Jesus' renaming Simon Peter, as if Jesus had given him a nickname like "Rocky" . That didn't seem right, wanted to talk with you about it.
  • Joan from Buffalo. When did the Catholic church start to call itself "Catholic Church? And why?"

October 21

  • Tomorrow is the memorial of Blessed John Paul II.
  • The end of the world is scheduled for today. If I am reading this on the air, then it probably hasn't happened.
  • Thanks for the prayers for my sister, Claudia, and for my family.
  • Nel from Houston, Texas, via e-mail: My husband and I are blessed to be new parents. I love attending weekday Mass, and as a new mother, going out can be quite the challenge. I know and value the importance of being respectful and attentive during Mass to be more fully in communion with God. However, I have become aware of just how much attention our baby needs, and it seems that he needs it most during Mass. My husband tries his best to help durning Sunday Mass, but many times the baby is hungry (I breastfeed) or just wants to be held by me. Is my inattentiveness at Mass (attentiveness to our baby) be something I should confess?
  • Special guest: Mother Miriam (a.k.a. Rosalind Moss).
  • Nel. Houston, Texas. My husband and I are blessed to be new parents. I love attending weekday Mass, and as a new mother, going out can be quite the challenge. I know and value the importance of being respectful and attentive during Mass to be more fully in communion with God. However, I have become aware of just how much attention our baby needs, and it seems that he needs it most during Mass. My husband tries his best to help during Sunday Mass, but many times the baby is hungry or just wants to be held by me. Is my inattentiveness at Mass (attentiveness to our baby) be something I should confess?
  • Jason. Orlando. 1.) The Assc. of Hebrew Catholics - Do they do Outreach? 2.) A friend who is a non-practising Catholic is converting to Judaism. Is there any thing he should say?
  • Vicky. Williamsville. Is currently taking a Catholic Bible study but is having trouble with the instructor's position re: Mary's Perpetual Virginity.
  • Jason. Los Angeles, CA. Hello Father, Mother Mariam and Gina,
1) Is it appropriate for Catholics to celebrate Jewish holidays?
2) Is there any Jewish tradition that the Catholic Church adopts or reserves from the Jewish traditions?
3) I have read somewhere that the Jewish people will have returned to God and accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah before the second coming of Christ. Can you confirm this information?
4) Do the Jewish still believe in God? What is the difference between radial and traditional Jewish?
  • Salvation is from the Jews. Honey from the Rock. Both from Ignatius Press.
  • Polly. Tonawanda. Heard Fr. Mitch mention that the vast number of Jews in Israel are atheistic. Do you know if this is true, Mother? Also is there an increase in Messianic Jews?
  • John. Wilson. Is curious. Has a lot of Prot. friends and he finds himself debating Confession. Did the Ancient Jews have to confess to the priest before they offered sacrifice?
  • Dawn. Rochester. Has a question about Acts 2:17. She has a friend who's a JW who's telling her that the Spirit isn't a person
'It will come to pass in the last days,’ God says, ‘that I will pour out a portion of my spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams.'
  • Tim. Florida (iCatholic). Has a Hassidic friend and was wondering what book Mother would recommend.

October 14

  • Fatima Prayers.
  • Discussion of the new translation of the Gloria.
  • Anne from Alden, NY. If someone has bulimia, are they committing the sin of gluttony?
  • Chris from Steubenville, Ohio: Would you please pray in thanksgiving for two answered prayers this week: 1) for Jason from Orlando's answered prayer request for a job 2) my knee pain that I have had all week is gone!
  • John from Medina, New York: Has the Church in America always taken federal grants and used tax exempt status as a non-profit organization? Was there ever a time when the Church relied only on its members stewardship here in America, if so what date did that occur? Thanks as always look forward to the show.
  • Jason from Orlando: St. Augustine, Florida is the birthplace of the Catholic Church in the Western Hemisphere, long before Florida was part of the U.S.
  • Jason: En español, San Agustín - hence, that's how I say it in English, too (Saint AugusTINE).
  • Rich from Sloan: During the Sacrament of Reconciliation, are we absolved as soon as the priest says so, or is absolution pending the completion of our penance?
  • Anne from Alden, NY: If someone has bulimia, are they committing the sin of gluttony?
  • Mike: Can a person other than a deacon or priest deliver a homily at a Catholic mass. I recently heard a program where Fr John Riccardo spoke at a Protestant service. So I was wondering if our church would allow a minister from another Christian faith to do the same.
  • Scott from Rochester: Can Father go over the readings?
  • Jason from Los Angeles: I sometimes feel that I have hit the plateau of faith, love and holiness for God. I feel that I will need to be holier so that I can believe in and love God more. I pray every day that I could have the love as fervent as that of St. Phillip Neri, but I haven't felt anything. How can I increase my faith and love for God even though I spend most of my daily time to incessantly pray and mediate on God's? How can I know that God has been listening to my prayer and understands my desire to totally love and be devoted to him?

October 11

  • Dave from Williamsville. What is the churches teaching as far as wearing the rosary as jewelry?
  • From a friend via e-mail: "Genesis 1:27 says, 'God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.'" That makes it sound as though only men are in the image and likeness of God while females are secondary. Can you explain the right way to understand this verse?"
    • adam, zakar, nekebah ...
  • Jason. Orlando.
    • I know that in Scripture when we see "LORD" in all CAPS, it means that originally, this where the Divine Name of God would appear. But in Isaiah 25:8, it says "the Lord GOD will wipe away tears..." with "GOD" in all CAPS, but Lord is not. Why is that?
    • Also, can you please pray for my job interview that I had today?
  • Jen. Snyder, New York. Can you provide some advice, encouragement and/or scripture to help those that are struggling with feeling like doors are constantly being closed as they are trying to discern God's will?
  • Patricia. Why is one shoe missing from Jesus in the portrait of Our Lady of Perpetual Help?
  • Dave from West Seneca, NY. Re: when you said "Let us create man in OUR image...", he has thoughts on that, he thinks its referring to the trinity...
  • Patricia from Buffalo, NY. In the recent readings, maybe Saturday, they said the Lord would appear in St. Josephat's valley. Is that where the Lord will finally appear for the judgement?
  • Delores from Hamburg, NY. Not sure if this is biblical. When it says the sins of the father will be visited upon the children, what does that mean?
    • "no subordination without coordination:"--didn't get to that part of her question.

October 7

  • Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary.
  • Memorare.
  • Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
  • Bob R. from e-mail: I take issue with your idea of not opening the priesthood to women based on dogma. (We started on this on Friday, August 19, and focused just on the distinction between dogma and discipline.)
  • Mark. Tallahassee, FL (Droid Tune-in radio). What can we do about these kids that are wearing Rosary.
  • Jason. Orlando. Are Jews today still bound by the 613 commandments of the Old Covenant found in the Torah? If so, would a Jewish person bound by the 613 commandments of the Old Covenant still be bound by them if they became Catholic?
  • Debbie. Getzville. Had a friend come to her who had gone to Confession. The preist told her that her sins were venial and gave her a blessing instead of absolving
  • Anna. Springville, Arkansas. Called previously about a son who had MS and wanted to catch up with Father
  • Erica. Amherst. Father, Would you please explain the last part of the Gospel reading from today…about the spirit going away and then coming back to “it’s home,” finds it all clean, and then brings in more of his nasty friends. What (the heck) does that mean? I’m confused by that every time I hear it.

September 30

Followup from last week's reflections on the new translation
  • John Z. from Facebook: I like what you said about that the liturgy is not confined to just one language. I respect the Latin, but I like be able to understand what is being said and why, rather than reading the translation in a missal. I could be wrong but there seems to be a trend towards returning to Latin. Why do they use Latin in certain areas of the Mass on EWTN?
  • From a friend: Last week you mentioned that there are three Latin Rites. What are they?
This week's topic
  • "And with your spirit." * Kathy. Buffalo. What are the Works of the Law, and are we still held accountable today for them?
    • "A person is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by works of the law, because by works of the law no one will be justified" (Gal 2:16).
  • Added question for liturgy section: What is the nature of the controversy in Phoenix about receiving communion under both kinds?
  • http://moleski.net/cac/New_translation_of_the_Mass
  • Jason. Orlando. Question: Rev 4 they talk about the 4 creatures that represent the Evangelists. Which is which and why were those chosen. Also a Prayer Request for his Mom and her traveling companions
  • New answer to old questions about discernment and spiritual directors: Make a retreat. That is the perfect time and place to seek God's will and to receive help from a spiritual director.
  • "There have been two calls this week about a bishop limiting the distribution of Communion under both species. What are the details about that story?"
  • Jason. Los Angeles. What are the criteria for a saint to be promoted as Doctor of the Church? What is the purpose of the promotion for the title of Doctor of the Church? Who is the most important doctor of church in your opinion? Thank you very much for your answers Father.
  • Shana Tova, by the way.
  • Mark. Buffalo. Discovered a book in his basement about the secret teaching of Jesus and the 4 Gnostic gospels and would like to ask Father about it.
  • Billy. Hi Father and Gina. I had a question about Jesuits, and thought I'd ask the resident Jesuit. What happens to a Jesuit after he takes his final vows. Does he get to pick what he does? If not, who decides and what might he do? Thank you very much!
  • Rich from e-mail:
5) What are the corporal and spiritual works of mercy?
Catholic Lists

September 26

  • Fr. Illig was under the weather today. May God renew his youth like an eagle's!
  • Marlene from Hamburg, New York: Her niece Sarah had a cyst removed from her uterus. Please pray for complete healing.
  • Carol, calling from Rochester, NY: Prayer for her father Gerard, who is dying. Please pray that he will be with Jesus.
  • Bonnie from Springville, NY: For her friend Jerry, for his eyesight and health. For my dad, Keith, for his diabetes and heart. For her stepmother Evelyn for her leukemia... for Estella and her cancer... for Elsie and her cancer... and for myself, for my eyesight and health.
  • Chris from Grand Island, New York:
1) Please pray for all of the people who are still hurting from the tragedy of the suicide that happened last week.
2) Please pray for the leaders of our country, that may uphold the dignity of all human life.
3) Please pray for all the ...U.S. dioceses seeking new bishops, that they may be blessed with good, holy, strong Catholic shepherds who will lead their flocks closer to the Lord.
4) Finally, please pray for all of those people who love sports, that we may know the proper role of sports in our lives and that we may apply the same passion which we root for our teams to fostering and building up of the Church.
  • Jason from Orlando:
1. My late father whose birthday is on Wednesday, and his mother who passed away 15 years ago this past Saturday.
2. Everyone discerning vocations to religious life and/or priesthood, especially Marco and Nicholas.
3. All priests and bishops.
4. All students.
5. Everyone with illness.
6. A special intention.
7. Me and everyone else who is looking for a job.
  • Anonymous - and she wants to tell father that he does a great job, despite his driving habits. For continued support and special protection for caller, her children, and the grandchildren. For financial blessings, to be able to get a larger home for the family... that her family will return to the Catholic Church,and for the conversion of non-catholic family members... to be able to obtain good, reliable transportation... and please, Lord, release the poor souls into heaven, to help us.
  • A caller from Buffalo area: Please pray for my ex husband, who's birthday is today, and for all those who are separated or divorced, please bless them, guide them, help them to always seek and obey your will, and be the best parents and people they can be.
  • Nancy from Rochester, NY: Her son Alexander who is 26, was in a very serious car accident and got a very serious brain injury, please pray for complete healing.
  • Jason: Just to clarify, it's my father's mother (my grandmother) who passed away 15 years ago. I'm sure God knows for whom the prayer was intended. And I'm sure my mother (who is still alive) appreciates being inadvertently included in our prayers!
  • Mark from Tallahassee, FL: listening via droid x. Please pray for the bishop in Arizona who has decided to cut out wine for the holy Mass.
  • Delores from Hamburg, NY: Question for father regarding praying. She used to teach children to pray "St. Anthony something is lost, and needs to be found, dearest St. Anthony, please come around". They've adjusted it, "Dear St. Anthony, someone is lost and needs to be found..." is that okay?
  • Diane from Kenmore, NY: Please pray for her mom who has bronchitis... and for herself, she just had knee surgery... For her whole family... For her mom's brother, so sensitive, gets feelings hurt so easily, pray for unity in the family...
  • Carl from Email 1: Father can you please say a prayer for my wife's aunt who just discovered she has breast cancer? Breast cancer runs in our families and some have succumbed to it, so I also include all my female relatives in my prayer, that the Lord will make them vigilant. Thank you and peace to you.
  • Martha from Rochester, NY: Please pray for the return of the Catholic faith of her niece Debbie and her children.

September 23

  • Prayer for Generosity.
  • Memorial of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, priest. “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” Patron saint for the father of a friend of mine this year.
  • Principles and history of the translation. 10 weeks to Advent, 10 commentaries on the new translation of the Mass.
  • Dennis. Buffalo. I have been working on my family tree. I am having a very hard time finding out where and when my grandfather was baptized. My problem is that I am not sure what parish he was baptized at. Is there a master list for all the parishes? I know when he was born, who were his parents, etc... I just don't know the parish.
  • From a Monsignor of the second rank with an inquiring mind via e-mail: The closing oration of today's Feast of the Sorrows of Mary reads: "may we make up in our own lives, whatever is lacking in the sufferings of Christ for the good of the Church". My question: what could be possibly "lacking" in the sufferings of Christ?
  • [Reprise]--Billy from Buffalo: Does Father feel that it is harder to be a Priest today than in earlier times? Added thought: Following Jesus on the way of the Cross and dying to self is equally hard in all ages. There is no other path to glory.
  • Jeff from e-mail: In the both Testaments, the Bible refers to 'other gods.' I understand that today we use it when we talk about things like money and pop icons, but in the Biblical eras, would we consider those 'gods' (Baal, Moloch, Apollo, etc.) some sort of actual, spiritual being like a demon? Or just some sort of human conception?
  • Ron from Elma: John the Baptist was baptizing before Jesus' ministry started. Baptism seems to be Christian. Was it an accepted Jewish practice?
  • Jenny from Boca Raton, FL (iPhone): Is it bad to listen to non-Catholic/Church-related music?
  • Evanka from Buffalo: Wants to share thoughts of Padre Pio and suffering.

September 16

  • Kevin Bacon: I don't know if you're still looking for suggestions for kids videos, but there was one series that I used to watch called Flying House. Superbook was also pretty good. Neither are Catholic, but they are good Christian stories. I think they are available on amazon.
  • John from Wilson, NY: Any indication to how much time might have passed between the creation of man and the fall of man?
  • Jason from Orlando: I'm interested to know what the Roman Mass was like before the Council of Trent. Can you tell me how it was different from the Tridentine Mass or do you know of any resources where I might be able to find out?
  • Mark: Fr. Marty, do you get to hear confessions or do only parish priests get to do that?
  • Dennis from Buffalo: My mom said she doesn't see why she needs to tell the priest her sins when they sin themselves. What can I tell her? Also, I hear different ways you should go to confession. I heard that you only need to say, "I broke commandments 3, 4 and seven." I also heard you need to go into detail of your sins and also the number of times. Which version is correct?
  • Jason from Los Angeles: What are the most difficult problems that our Church is dealing with in this day and age? What are the solutions for them? What priorities do you think our Holy Father is focusing on? What is the Pope philosophy or strategy to lead the church in fighting against secularism and negligence or indifference to the teachings of the Church?
  • Scott from Rochester, NY:
1) Readings for today and this coming Sunday
2) how to talk with sister about controversial issues without getting her upset.

September 13

  • Peace Prayer of St. Francis
  • Memorial of Saint John Chrysostom, bishop and doctor of the Church.
  • Erica from Williamsville, New York:
    • Is the Coptic church a rite within the Catholic Church? Is there such a thing as Orthodox Coptic?
    • Once the new translation is officially installed this Advent, will Gregorian chant still be allowed to be used during the Liturgy?
  • Dennis from Buffalo: I am looking for a movie that tells the story of Jesus for my 7 year old daughter. I have the passion and I have Jesus of Nazareth, but I don't think either one would be a good movie for her to watch. Do you know any good movies geared towards younger children? Thank you.
  • Alice from Batavia: Davey & Goliath.
  • Julie from Webster, NY: An appropriate show for little ones - on Saturday mornings after Mass, EWTN has cartoon type stories with parables...
  • Dorothy from Rochester: Re: the new translation of the Mass. Will the translation be similar to the St. Joseph's missal translation, or like the New Revised Standard ?
  • Erica again: we’re trying to figure out the music for our wedding liturgy. We want it to be beautiful and holy, so we were going for the Missa de Angelis. I asked the priest back home for his blessing on our mass part choices and he said no. He thinks it ought to be in English, because “the participation of the people is the highest principle we are to use in judging things as we prepare to celebrate a liturgy” – and he doesn’t see how having Mass parts in Latin will be inviting toward our guests. He wants us to use the new mass parts they’re learning back home in preparation for the new translation. I understand where he’s coming from, but not a lot of our guests will be from that parish, my fiancé and I do not know those mass parts, and on top of that they’re not very beautiful (they have syncopated rhythms – yuck). Is there a way I can respectfully ask, all things considered, for him to still let us use the Mass of the Angels? I want to glorify God and have a beautiful Mass. Or is this something I should just let go of?
  • Gabriel from East Amherst: What is the purpose of the revision of the translation of the Mass in the first place? I tend to go to the trinitine (?) Mass, there is no English translation for that...
  • Ben from Rochester: In Luke 10 when the 72 are sent... who are these people and how does it relate to us? At a Protestant service recently the pastor claimed that scholars all agree that this chapter is meant for all believers. I found that odd since it clearly says Jesus appointed these men. Also, what's a good thorough bible commentary online/print. Actually I'm not sure a commentary is what I'm looking for - what are the various Bible supplemental tools?
  • My husband doesn't allow our kids to watch movies that have any magic, witches, or the slightest suggestion of something against the Church. For example the Disney Princesses, with the "fairy godmothers" and witches. He didn't want to see Kung Fu Panda because of the Chinese mysticism and the meaning of the yin yang, but a Catholic priest recommended it as a great family movie. My question is where do we draw the line? Are we going over board keeping them from these childrens movies? If not should we discontinue the others as well? Thanks!!

September 9

  • Memorare.
  • Feast of St. Peter Claver, SJ, patron of slaves.
  • Jason from Orlando: Good afternoon, Father, Hobbit, and listeners. Have there ever been any groups of Catholics under the Roman Rite who have broken Communion with Rome to seek Communion with Constantinople and the other autocephalous Orthodox Churches, the non-Chalcedonian Churches, or the Anglican Communion? Thanks and God bless!
  • Courtney from Amherst: Has heard before that the closer you are to being on the path that God wants you to be on, the more the devil tries to attack you. Do you feel this is true and what are your thoughts about it?
  • Marie from Dansville: Has a question about baptizing her grandchild with/without desire of mother
  • John from Buffalo: Would like Father to say a prayer for 9/11 weekend & against hate.
  • Dennis from Facebook. Good afternoon FR, in the book of Revelation as we know John uses a lot of symbols and images that is not very easy to break down and know what exactly John meant by what he wrote. As we know he was exiled at Patmos when he wrote it. What I wondered was, if the Christians at his time if they knew all the meanings to these symbols? I ask this because although we are pretty sure what some of these things mean, but there's a lot where we are not certain, and I just wondered why if his followers knew all the meanings why they didn't pass it along.
  • Allison:
    • I was listening to a podcast from a show you did last week and I heard you say something to the effect that praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy wasn't appropriate during the Mass. I understand that it shouldn't be done as an addition to the mass by the priest but is it okay for us to say it in private during communion? I generally sit pretty close to the front of the church and after returning to my seat after receiving communion, I'll pray the chaplet while the rest of the parishioners are still in line to receive. Is this okay? I always thought we had the option of joining in with whatever hymn is being sung during this time or silently offering a prayer or thanksgiving after receiving communion.
    • Also, can you please say a prayer for the firefighters working to put out the fires in Texas and all those who have lost their homes or forced to evacuate?
  • Billy from Buffalo: Do you invite your students to listen to the show? [We also talked about the book he sent me. Also a free Kindle book, Jesuits of North America.]
  • Giselle from Canada:
    • Her daughter is in stage 4 cancer and Giselle is trying to get her to get Reconciliation.
    • Reconciliation, Anointing, Communion: three sacraments for the dying.
    • What does "Lead us not into temptation" mean?
    • Why didn't the disciples recognize the risen Jesus?
  • George from Liverpool, NY: Good afternoon, Father. In "Tra Le Sollecitudini," Pius X states that “the employment of the piano is forbidden in church, as is that of noisy or frivolous instruments such as drums, cymbals, bells, and the like.’ As well as ‘It is strictly forbidden to have bands play in church.’ What happened between then and now where we have all sorts "(youth) bands" and pianos instead of organs?
  • Claudia from Hamburg: I was in my car returning home and I heard the woman who, if I understood correctly questioned you about having her grandson baptized even though the parents are not practicing Catholics. Shouldn't the child be baptized regardless to remove original sin?
  • Joyce from Buffalo: Wants me to: 'Tell Tigger on the other line that I resolved [Giselle's] dilemma in the Our Father by saying in my own head 'Let us not be led into temptation.'

September 2

  • Followup to NFP discussion on Tuesday:
    • Naprotechnology includes, but goes far beyond Natural Family Planning.
    • Ken called yesterday and talked with Gina and Fr. Rick about the NFP conversation. He was correct in saying that no pope, bishop, or priest can "give a dispensation from God's laws" or give people permission to sin.
  • Nino from Ohio in e-mail: loves CAC. Two additional ideas from the natural standpoint about why using the pill is a bad idea: 1) the hormonal replacements are carcinogenic. They make the woman's body think that she is pregnant all the time. 2) The Pill does not prevent conception in all cases. Women can ovulate and a new child can be conceived even if they are taking the Pill; the second effect of the hormones is to prevent implantation in the womb, so that the new life is aborted.
  • Jessica from Lancaster, New York: Please pray for a family friend's granddaughter Emaleigh who is a 5yr old girl who is in the hospital fighting for her life. Please Pray that God restores her health as well as her brain function and for God to give her family strength as they face this difficult road a head of them.
  • Jason from Orlando: In Genesis 4, why did God accept Abel's sacrifice, but not Cain's
3. In the course of time Cain brought an offering to the LORD from the fruit of the ground,
4. while Abel, for his part, brought the fatty portion* of the firstlings of his flock.
The LORD looked with favor on Abel and his offering,
  • Scott. Rochester
1.) Can Fr. give a synopsis/hint of the readings.
2.) clarification on Matthew 18 21-35.
  • Polly from Tonawanada: Comment on what Fr. is speaking of, Pediatricians are promoting contraception to daughters outside
  • Billy from Buffalo: Does Father feel that it is harder to be a Priest today than in earlier times?
  • Estel from Rochester: Follow-up to Polly. Went through the same experience and has a resource to share
  • http://onemoresoul.com
  • Rick from Buffalo: Father Moleski, how did the Gospel writers become aware of things like Jesus’ words in His personal prayer to God the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane and the conversation between Jesus and Satan as Jesus was being tempted in the desert?
  • Jason from Los Angeles: I have been contemplating on God's providence, patience, omnipotence and omniscience. Why did God allow Satan, an imperfect creature, to spoil his works while He is perfect; for instance, He allowed Satan to tempt Eve and let him win the battle? Wouldn't God want all things He created to be good for ever since "God saw all the things that he had made, and they were very good.." (Genesis, 2-31). Why is God so patient with us by having established so many covenants with us, especially the New Covenant through His Son, Jesus Christ, so that we may return to God even though He knows that we will be doomed to fail over and over again due to our concupiscence?
    • Next question, I know that we have to fast 1 hour before receiving communion. Is the 1 hour an absolute time that one has to abide to? I remember I received communion once after I ate dinner 55 minutes prior to the communion. Did I commit a sin?
  • John from Olean: Question on Luke's Infancy Narrative
  • Billy from Buffalo: Called back. He'd like to know if Father is saying Mass at St. Aloysius Gonzaga this weekend.
  • Linda from Buffalo: Has a situation at home where she's generous and let people into her home, but they took advantage of the situation and they took some things. She's trying to offer it up for God, but she is also looking for solace.

August 29

  • Chris from Houston:
1.) for the health of my grandmother JoAnn who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week, as well as for me and our family as we deal with the situation with her health.
2.) for me and my personal intentions.
3.) in thanksgiving for prayers answered.
4.) for the priests, deacons, religious, seminarians, & laity of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.
  • Sarah: please pray for my family who have chosen not to believe in God.
  • Marlene from Hamburg: Prayer of thanksgiving for Father Mark, whose leg is healing, and prayers for Christopher, for addiction and for all addicts.
  • Jason from Orlando:
1. Everyone affected by Hurricane Irene
2. All travelers, including my brother who is leaving Los Angeles tonight and arriving home in Orlando tomorrow morn...ing, and me, as I leave for Connecticut soon and will return tomorrow evening.
3. Marco and Nicholas who are discerning their vocations to religious life and/or priesthood.
4. Everyone beginning a new school year around this time of year.
5. All priests
6. and for all my other needs and intentions
  • Anonymous: Please pray for June, seriously ill and hospitalized in the ICU, and for Eva, suffering from dizzy spells and had a fall last week, cause of dizzy spells not known.
  • Stephanie: Saint Joseph Maronite Catholic Church in Olean, New York, burned down to the ground. Please pray for the parishioners and priests. And for people to help in the rebuilding process.
  • Anonymous: Prayers for her health, to find a job, and special intentions.
  • Marybeth from East Aurora: She sold her business is a single mom, and the woman who bought the business is snot paying for it, so the caller and her daughter are in a desperate situation.
  • Martina: Please pray for those have strayed from the church, especially Josh, who at this time has many questions about the faith and wants to understand the ‘truth’. James, whose wife does not want to be married, he is in the Navy, alone in California. For Erryn, that believes in Christ but does not trust in the church. Jacob needs courage to seek and follow the path God has for him. Health of my mother.
  • Martha: Fr. Moleski, please pray for my brother Tom who is battling cancer.
  • Anonymous: For a woman named Bonnie who has serious breast cancer, and for everyone else who has cancer. Also for her husband, was convictesd of a crime he did not commit iin the past, has a hard time dealing with family and people who he thought were his friends, for healing in those relationships.
  • Anonymous: For health of grandbaby, is home but still needs medical help, for healing; and for family to get along better and for financial resources needed now.

August 30

  • Nick: I'm almost 16 years old, and my friend and I like to get together and play video games. My parents don't want me to play violent ones, but I don't think it really matters, if it's in good context. Is it wrong to play games like Call of Duty? It's not mindless killing like in Grand Theft Auto; there's actually a complex, realistic storyline set during the Cold War where the player is a soldier fighting against Castro. I think the game gives a pretty accurate presentation of what it's like to serve in the military. I don't think it's any worse than watching a war movie. Thanks.
  • Sharon: Ooh, I'd love to interview you on your work in Catholic radio, how you got started, why you think it's important.... You up for it? Or do you want to stick with music?
  • Chris from Houston: Why is the Gloria recited on feast days and solemnities of saints but not on memorials of saints?
  • Jason from Orlando: Good afternoon, Father, Gina, and listeners. Can you please pray for the job interview I had this morning, and for a safe flight home? Also, I went to a Polish parish for Mass this morning. When the priest entered the sanctuary from the sacristy, he rang a bell, much like the one at St. Josaphat. What is the origin of this bell? Thanks and God bless!
  • Peg: Father Moleski - I have a question concerning God's "Retribution". In todays first reading (1 Thessalonians 5:1-6,9-11) where St. Paul says "God never meant us to experience the Retribution, but to win salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ" is he speaking of a retribution in a sort of chastening by God way? In many cases lately, in common conversations with others, they will say something that hits me in the pit of my soul, things I have said in my past that were not good, but did not come from the heart, and now when I hear this sort of talk, I am quickly reminded of when I used to say such things and it causes me to repent deeply for saying them in the first place. Is this "Retribution"?
  • Christine from Albuquerque, listening on the internet: Doesn't feel like she makes good confessions, wants to talk to you about that.
  • Anonymous from Ontario, Canada: Question about confession. She hasn't been in a long, long time...
    • http://www.naprotechnology.com/
    • Bonnie from Rochester: The book that you mentioned, "Sex Au Naturel", is by Patrick Coffin. She listens to "Catholic Answers" & they talk about it a lot.
  • John: I have a question regarding Churches teaching, and a text book by Thomas Zanzig, called Jesus of History Christ of Faith,. . In the text book, on the subject of evil the writer states that in the past the Church has used different forms to describe evil such as Satan, and the devil. But that evil comes from people. This statement leads me to believe the Church doesn't teach that there isn't a devil? Or I could be reading it wrong. What does the Church teach regarding evil and the devil and or Satan?
  • Mike from Rochester: Question about Acts chapter 9 verse 7, and Acts chapter 22 verse 9, and the discrepancy ...
  • Ginny from Amherst: Brother, Dan, had surgery today, daughter will be married in a couple of weeks. Please pray that Dan will be strong enough to walk his daughter down the aisle.

August 26

I was away in Canada. Fr. Mike Mayer from Rochester did the show on "Eucharistic Living."

August 19

  • Peace Prayer of St. Francis
  • St. John Eudes, who wrote the liturgies in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. "Whoever beholds Jesus sees Mary; whoever loves Jesus, loves Mary; whoever has devotion to Jesus, has devotion to Mary."
  • Billy. Buffalo. Wants to ask Father about the Kindle (He says he spoke to you about this via e-mail?) Lost the call. He didn't call back.
  • Rich from e-mail: "If, for whatever reason, an adult Christan baptizes a newborn 'In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,' and that infant is later baptized by clergy in church, is the first baptism invalid or sacrilegious?
  • Mrs. Stanley from Buffalo. Is hoping you could pray for Fr. Emmanuel. He's a priest on EWTN (?). This is the week of his 25th Anniversary as a priest. He was beaten severely and is now in ICU – they don’t know if he’ll make it and if he does they worry he’ll be a paraplegic. Please pray for him, the conversion of his abusers, and for all priests and their safety.
  • Prayer Request from Facebook: "Please pray for the success of this online Facebook ministry. We exist solely to pray for the needs of Catholic Youth. We want to provide a place where anybody can leave prayer requests and other people can pray for the requests left on the page. We want to be an instrument to draw young people closer to the Lord and His Church. The inspiration for this group comes from a prayer group that I was a part of in my undergraduate days at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA. The group was called "The Walk" and it consisted of people praying for one-another's burdens in the spirit of Galatians 6:2--'Bear one another's burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.'"
  • Bob R. from e-mail: "I take issue with your idea of not opening the priesthood to women based on dogma. As a history major with a minor in both theology and philosophy (and having been pre-sem), the history of the Church is littered with 'dogma' that a Pope has declared at one time and another has discarded decades/centuries in the future."
    • Ken. West Seneca. Was thinking about how Fr. Was mentioning disciplines of the Church. Specifically Midnight fasting before Mass. King Solomon's gift of wisdom and his foolishness with his wives and concubines. Change from acceptance of polygamy to monogamy as the ideal form of marriage before the time of Jesus.
  • John from e-mail: Can you shed some light what an oblate is and where this term originates? Can you suggest a book that outlines in lay language the points described by St. Ignatius of Loyola to develop our spiritual lives.
  • Erica. Father, can you advise me on some practical tips that will help me better trust in God without being presumptive. I don’t want to be scrupulous, but I often worry that I think my sins are less grave than they really are. I don’t want to offend God…by being either too lenient or too permissive. Please help me (I know we talk about this often, but I’m hoping to somehow get it through my skull).

August 18

  • Anonymous from e-mail: Could you give some advise, suggestions, prayers or other help for people going through a dark night of faith or religious uncertainty due to overwhelming life circumstances? Much appreciated, Nameless
  • Beth from Buffalo. My friend, who's very religious, has a spiritual director. In different things I've read, I've heard of that. Is a spiritual director just for super-religious ? How would we go about finding one?
  • Charlie from Central New York. Question about Catholic position about divorce & remarriage ...
  • Anonymous from New York State. Please wish my son Eric, a happy birthday today with many blessings. Please pray for the development and welfare of my family, for good health and protection. We are in need of a home and funds, please pray that God can find a way!
  • Jason from Florida on Facebook: I recently learned of a church in my area called the Cathedral of the Incarnation, which, according to their website (http://www.theparish.org/index.html) is "a Catholic Church in the Anglican Tradition." The website continues, "In December 2010, the membership of the Cathedral of the Incarnation voted overwhelmingly to accept the terms of the Apostolic Constitution and to request admission to the anticipated Ordinariate in the United States." Does this mean they are in Communion with Rome and that, as a Catholic, I would be able to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist there? In what ways would things like valid orders and the teachings of the Real Presence and Transubstantiation be an issue for Anglican parishes seeking Communion with Rome? Thanks and God bless!
  • John in Olean. Would you please explain what the suppression of the Jesuits was in church history
  • J.T. from Cheektowaga.
    • I have heard from a number of sources that the bible says that the foundation and pillar of truth is the Church. Where in the bible is this quote from?
    • Also, After the Resurrection Christ said to Mary Magdaline not to touch Him as He had not yet been to the Father. Yet later when He met with Thomas, His plead was to touch Him, and put his hand in His wounds. Now I hope and pray that Jesus was not a sexist!
  • Amy from Rochester. Wondering what the difference is between the Anglican church and Episcopal church?
  • Kate on Facebook: "Do you have any suggestions for those, who are looking to find a spiritual director, but are unsure of how to go about finding one? Thanks, and God bless!"
  • Christina on Facebook asks a complementary question to Jason’s … What about the Anglo-Catholic sect? Do they have valid sacraments?

August 12

2) Some lay or religious orders such as the Secular Franciscan Order used to permit the use of a religious habit or large scapular. Now they just wear a Tao cross. Some professed virgins, widows or other women wishing to offer a sign of their betrothal to Christ sometimes wear a homemade habit consisting of a jumper with a head scarf and cross. Was there ever a time that men in secular orders or just lay faithful wore a brown or gray skull cap? (Films of ancient times seem to indicate that "civilian" headgear and clothing was not all that dissimilar from clerical garments). Is this type head covering used by Christian laymen anywhere in the world today? On EWTN, I saw a Messianic Jew who, identified himself as Brother (SFO), wearing a Yarmulke. What does the Church say about lay people wearing these various items of religious dress?
  • Dixie from Michigan: (not listening). Has PSTD. How do you deal with a PTSD moment in relation to personal sin
  • Anonymous from overseas via Facebook: Is tubal ligation accepted by the Church if it is for the sake of the mom's health?
  • Steve from Buffalo: What is the difference between a Jew who converts to Christianity and someone who is a 'Jew for Jesus?'
  • Jason from Orlando: I believe it varies from one Orthodox Church to another. Remember, they are not only not in Communion with Rome, but they are not in Communion with one another, either. Off the top of my head, I think most of them are consistent with the Catholic Church on divorce - only a few differ, but I could be wrong.
  • Carolyn: I recently had a close relative blaspheme against Jesus and the priests in my home. The relative is catholic. I was shocked but feel I need to do something what do you suggest?
  • Jason from Orlando: Follow up to Steve's question: What is a Messianic Jew? Are they Christians or are they still Jews?
  • Gregory from Hardinsburg, Kentucky: What is the length of the study for the permanent deaconate, and are there any pre requirements?
  • John: I've seen some people kneel and receive the Host. Someone said this was the practice prior to Vatican council. Please clarify this.
  • Reflections on the Lay Apostolate: every baptized Christian has a vocation!
  • Progress report on reading The Jesuits: A Multibiography (1997). Billy from Buffalo called and asked about this book on May 20th (!), then gave it to me when we suggested that it was not a reliable guide to the Catholic faith. The author is clearly not an assenting Catholic. Everything is filtered through a Modernist perspective.

August 5

  • Prayer for a New Pentecost.
  • Peter from Rochester: Has been doing reading on certain orgs in the Church with questionable vows. (We lost Peter and he never called back.)
  • Alex from e-mail: My question: For all of secularism in the United States, America is among the most vibrant nations for Catholicism in the world. As the faith declining in Europe and elsewhere, why do you think American Catholics are preserving their faith better than others and what effect can (or should) we Americans have on the larger global Church?
  • Scott from Rochester's question on Tuesday's show: Where did the title of Our Lady as "Queen of Angels" come from?
  • Joel from Pittsburgh found a joke about atheists on the internet: "Atheism: The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything, and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs. Makes perfect sense."
    • Arguing with Atheists.
    • Kevin from Buffalo sent me a link to a lengthy article from Edward Feser on the Cosmological Argument, which is a philosophical view of reality consistent with what St. Paul said: "Ever since the creation of the world, his invisible attributes of eternal power and divinity have been able to be understood and perceived in what he has made" (Rom 1:20).

Many Jewish and Muslim laymen wear head coverings--Yarmulkes and Kufis, respectively. This practice seems to emerge out of Holy Land traditional dress customs as much as from religious prescriptions. Perhaps the Catholic clergy equivalent to this head dress would be the zucchetto. Why has the zucchetto fallen into disuse among Catholic clergy, although cassock and biretta are seeing some resurgence among younger priests?

  • John from Buffalo: The international Pilgrimage statue of Our Lady of Fatima is at Aloyuisus Gonzaga, and he'd like to talk about it.
  • Diana from Livonia: Follow up to John. The statue will be in Leroy on the 10th
  • Fran from Rochester: Wants to ask about miracles. (Miracles, "Ghost" vs. "Spirit", etc.).
  • Mike from e-mail: Just wondering if you could comment on what Jesus' mother tongue was and if he needed and knew how to speak Latin when dealing with the Roman authorities. Or any other languages for that matter. Also, would you talk about why are there different orders of priests and how/why did this practice of orders begin?
  • Scott from Rochester: In some churches they use 'all-inclusive language' like 'Our Parents' instead of 'Our Father.' Is that ok?

August 2

  • Patrick from Rochester: Can someone do a 9-hour novena?
  • Lisa from Buffalo: Is it a sin to go to Olive Garden because they support Planned Parenthood?
  • Guy from Harrisburg: Listening on iCatholicRadio through his Android phone. When our family vacations this summer we allowed our 11yr old daughter to invite one if her school friends. This friend is not Catholic or church going from what we understand. We have known the family socially since our daughter was born. How do we make her feel comfortable, as we don't plan on changing our routine of grace before meals, family prayers before bed, and of course church on Sunday?
  • Liz from Elma, New York: My ex-husband and his family are not Catholic. When the kids are visiting them (out of town), they sometimes take them to their Protestant church on a Sunday, but not always. They never take them to Mass. What should I do? The kids are 10-18.
  • John Paul from Syracuse: What's the difference between Ukrainian Catholic churches and Roman Catholic churches?
  • Kathy from Buffalo: When Adam & Eve sinned, God clothed them with leather, (Genesis, end of chapter 3). Do we know what animal was that from? If it was lamb, would that be a prefigurement of Christ?
  • Scott from Rochester: Could Father please give me a synopsis of the readings for today? Heard it on EWTN this morning. Also can you touch on where the feast of our Lady of the Angels comes from?Also, would you please give him a blessing, he's going in for work evaluation tomorrow, & he's nervous.
  • Jason, Orlando. Needs more advice on discerning God's will...
  • Carolyn. Is it okay for a non catholic to Have and Pray the Rosary?
  • John from e-mail: Other than the most obvious ones, are there any saints that are both recognized in the Greek orthodox and the catholic churches. I'm a convert to the catholic church for 20 years but was born into orthodoxy. Thanks for properly deciphering my question last week on being accepted into the church without rcia.
  • Susan from Facebook. Why the machinations to identify the Ukrainian Catholic Church as different?
  • Sharon from the Outer Darkness: What's wrong with wanting a telegram from God? I'm thick when it comes to hints!

July 29

1) "I talked with you last week about an intuitive knowledge of people, the word of knowledge and discernment of spirits. In rushing back to call last Friday, I forgot that part of my question dealt with people who have things approaching premonitions, deja vu, or a "sixth sense" about the intentions of another. How does one know when these intuitive gifts are prophetic and/or "Of the Lord" and to be encouraged, or if there is another source of what I would call this "Spiritual Sensitivity"? I think you covered how to go about developing these gifts.
  • Sam from Ithaca: I'm at university, and the girls are incredibly immodest in their appearance. How can I avoid mortal sin on my part, and do you have any advice for dealing with the eye-catching apparel. . . or lack thereof?
  • Jason from Orlando, Fl: How can he get back to discerning where he should be?
  • Carolyn from Facebook: Could you clarify the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary?
  • Dennis from Facebook: I had a conversation with a protestant co-worker of mine who took offense to the Catholic teachings regarding gay unions and being impure with oneself. He said if it is so bad why isn't it in the 10 Conmandments? I went on to tell him that sexual acts must be within the sacrament of marriage and be open to creating life. He said what can a man do if he is attracted to another man? My reply was that he is called to a life of purity and that would be the same for me if I were not married. He refused to understand the concept of chastity, so I referred to Paul and John. Is there a better way to explain this?
  • Michael from Rochester: He was wondering if all the Hosts get blessed at once during Mass or only the large Host.
  • Alice from Batavia: What are the sorrows they are referring to when they speak about Our Lady of Sorrows?
  • Mary Ann from North Tonawanda: When they had retreats in Catholic school they were told by the Priest that during Consecration, they could ask the Lord for a special favor. Is this true?
  • Mike from Canada: Can you become Catholic without RCIA instruction?
  • Carolyn from Facebook: If St John the Baptist is known as he who precedes Jesus should we look for him before the second coming of Jesus also?

July 22

  • Memorial of St. Mary Magdalene. One of the Mothers of the Church.
  • Sarah from Amherst via e-mail: "I recently purchased the book, A Brief Life of Christ by Rev. Dr. Leslie Rumble. In it he provides a chronology of Jesus' earthly life which helps someone like me to get the main events of His life in the proper progression. The author writes that Jesus cleansed the temple in Jerusalem of the animal sellers and money changers TWICE! I have never heard that before. I think I remember you mentioning that John's Gospel puts this event during the first of His three trips to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem, and the other Gospel writers locate it during the one and only trip to Jerusalem made by Jesus with His disciples. What do you think about Dr. Rumble's theory? Is it credible?"
  • Rich from Buffalo sent in two questions via e-mail:
1. "Please explain the outlook of the Most Holy Family Monastery and other anti-Vatican II groups. I heard an ad for them on secular radio late at night and called them up to figure out if they were Catholic or not.
2. "What are the gifts of the spirit? I'm especially interested in an intuitive knowledge of people, the word of knowledge and discernment of spirits. Could you give me book references or citations from the Catechism about these gifts?"

July 8

  • Slight correction from two weeks ago. Gerry from North Java called about the Holy Family National Catholic Church that has purchased St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church from the diocese of Buffalo. While we were on the air, I looked up the The National Catholic Church of America, which is very different from the Polish National Catholic Church, as far as I can tell. It is the Polish National Catholic Church, not the National Catholic Church, that has purchased St. Nicholas and turned it into Holy Family.
  • Two graces from the retreat (so far): entering into the Sorrowful Mysteries (all of Jesus' suffering is for me personally); God has established a Temple not made by human hands in each one of us by the power of Baptism.
  • Progress report on reading the life of St. Peter Canisius by Fr. Broderick.
  • Anonymous Caller from Tonawanda. Would like to ask Father if he an explain how to throughly examine your conscience in regards to what is a mortal sin versus what is a venial sin?
  • Jason from Orlando: Please offer a prayer for me in thanks to God for a safe return home, and for all His help so far and to come in the interview process for the job for which I am being considered. Thank you.
  • For we know that if the earthly tent which is our house is torn down, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 Cor. 5:1
  • Nicole on the 290 between Millersport and the Boulevard. Father, I have a friend who describes herself as a 'secular humanist.' Trying to talk to her about morality issues such as abortion and homosexual 'marriage' is like trying to convince a brick wall. Aside from praying for the Holy Spirit to bonk her over the head with a revelation, what should I do?
  • Gregory from Hardinsburg, Kentucky: I have a question about Adam & Eve's Children. They had three male children, two of which got married to other women. Where and/or who were the other women?
  • Bonnie from Springville: Was wondering if Fr. might know what happened to Fr. Corapi.
  • Liz from Elma: A deacon once told me I should start a prayer with "Jesus...Jesus....Jesus..." because of the Trinity, Jesus likes things in threes. That sounds superstitious to me. What do you think?
  • Anonymous. Hi, I was born a Catholic but for different reasons I stopped going to Church and practicing the faith when I was 15 years old. Now I’m 27 years old and I found my way home back to the Church. I went to confession for the first time after all these years and the priest told me that since it had been so long since my last confession to tell him the one sin that I felt the greatest need to confess. The priest told me that the sins that I forget in confession are already forgiven by God and that for now on I should confess new sins that I commit. But I hear people on the radio saying that the first time they went to confession they were there for more than 2 hours and I compare that to myself. . I think I’m struggling with scrupulosity, and every time I realize that something from the past was a sin, and I keep remembering sins from the past that I forgot to confess I feel really guilty and I want to confess it.

July 1

  • Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (Friday after Corpus Christi).
  • Jason from Los Angeles: "I have just finished watching the movie on Pope Paul VI on EWTN and I was moved and inspired by the philosophy and spirit of Pope Paul VI. I thought he could have been a saint already. I did some internet searching to see if Pope Paul VI was beatified or in the process of beatification and I found out that the process of beatification was halted. Do you know what the reason why? and would you please shed more light on this inspirational pope that I really admire so much? Thank you Father and may our living God Jesus Christ live in you for ever through the intercessions and blessings of our blessed ever virgin Mother!"
  • Jason from Orlando, Florida: How can we be passionate and honest about proclaiming the Truth and remain charitable?
  • Rick from Tonawanda: Can you both briefly describe your younger years, growing up in the Faith & the Church? As can happen, were there times when you were not as close to the Faith & the Church as you are now? Were there specific things in your past that have strengthened your Faith? Thank you for sharing! God Bless!
  • Mic writes: Hello. Can you please tell me how one knows when it is time to get a different spiritual director? Thank you.
  • Tammy from Facebook: "I absolutely love the Catholic church, but I am Protestant (if I had to be kept in a theological box). I refer to myself at Catholestant. At any rate, I often quote the 'Calling All Catholics' Facebook page, but I found a quote posted there by Steve Lawson divisive. :( I am passionate about unity in the CHURCH, and I may be one of the few that believes there is room for both Catholic AND Protestant thought. We are brothers and sisters. I love you. God bless the ongoing mission, the Cause of Christ and the Gospel."
  • Scott from Rochester: In Mk 9 14-29 when the child was cured of the demons, why did our Lord rebuke his disciples?
  • Late in last week's show, Greg from Genesee County called with this question: His son recently had First Communion, every time he goes to mass he gives a hard time. What can he do to get him more interested? Dave Marciniak & listeners: any experience? Advice?
  • Marcea from Rochester: Question about a Latin hymm sung on Corpus Christi, and wondered if you could give her the gist of the words.
  • Patricia from Buffalo:
1.) What is the status in the priesthood of Fr. Corapi?
2.) What is the severity of what he did on a scale of 0-10?
3.) How will he be treated?
4.) Is he able to marry now?

June 24

Pope Benedict XVI
“There is nothing magic in Christianity. There are no shortcuts, but everything passes through the patient and humble logic of the grain of wheat that is broken to give life, the logic of faith that moves mountains with the gentle power of God.”
  • Admiral Awesome Lawson took over the helm of HMS Outer Darkness for the afternoon.
  • John from Webster:
1. How does Kosher food work with Catholics? Answered.
2. Does one need to be Confirmed to be Married?
3. What's the difference between Seraphim and Cherubim? Angels.
  • John Z. from Facebook: Father, was does Jesus mean in context when He says, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no, all other comes from the evil one" (Matthew 5:37)?
  • Dennis from Buffalo: Are we to address Fr Corapi as just "John Corapi"? If we were to see him would he still wear his habit or does he have to wear lay clothes? And I know he is unable to administer the sacraments, but is he able to receive them in confession and communion?
  • Jason Orlando 3 questions
    • 1. In luke 1:15 and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even from mother's womb, does that imply being conceived without sin?
    • 2. Is Friday penance required on a solemnity?
    • 3. What set of mysteries do you recommend for today?
  • Gabriel East Amherst Concerning Baptism: What is the connection between the Holy Spirit and Baptism vs. Holy Spirit and Confirmation
  • Jason. Los Angeles. I have been reading about St. Malachy's prophecy about the papacy. I found a lot of information out there that I am confused and do not know what is authentic. What is the Catholic Church perspective on St. Malachy's prophecy on papacy?
  • Gerry from North Java: Through downsizing in Churches their church has been closed but National Catholic Church has opened one is she allowed to go there?

June 17

Practice session running the board.

  • Father's Day and Trinity Sunday.
  • Jason from Orlando: Internet. I've heard that there are some Orthodox churches that do not recognize Catholic baptism. Why?
    • White (or Gold) - Represents Joy and Triumph. Used during the Paschal Triduum, Easter, and Christmas, as well as for Holy Days and Feast Days throughout the year.
    • Jason on FACEBOOK: FYI, in the Byzantine Rite, Pentecost is one of the few days of the year when green vestments are worn.
  • Buddy from Athol Springs: Memorized our phone number (not listening to us). Since Sunday is Trinity Sunday, he has some comments.
  • John from Buffalo: Why were the vestments Red?
  • Steve from Buffalo: What are Father's thoughts on 'knowing when a close family member dies'
  • Gabriel from East Amherst: Since Jason brought Baptism up, he has a question about Baptism:
  • Dan from The Thruway: Can you recommend a good book on the Holy Spirit?
  • Barbara: Just wanted to talk about a child who isn't going to Mass.
  • Gabriel got cut off again. He called back, and I put him back on 50 for clarity.
  • Alice from Batavia: Read a book. Karl E. Olson, Will Catholics Be Left Behind.
  • Mark from Elmira: Hoping to give/get clarification on Vestment colours
  • Georgette from Welland, Ontario: Lost her husband, daughter developed cancer and has 4 children - Sometimes she gets upset with God.
  • Alex from Pennsylvania: I have heard it said that Christ experienced the entire range of human conditions since he was both human and divine. Thus, we have his empathy when we appeal to him. However because he was sinless, he did not experience guilt, pains of conscience or gratitude for forgiveness. These are major human experiences that we've all had. I believe he understands, but he couldn't experience them. How can we be assured that he knows what these things feel like, in the way he experienced sadness, friendship or joy, etc? Have a great evening!
  • Anne from Buffalo: Wants to send her daughter to a girls' school. . .

June 10

  • Jason from Los Angeles: Recently, in the news, the whole St. Luke's Anglican Church Parish in Maryland has been in the process of converting to Catholicism and in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Praise the Lord for this exciting news. Would you please explain to me more about this process? What are requirements for conversion? How does the Catholic Church know that the parish is fully in communion with the Church? Will I be able to receive Holy Communion at St. Luke's church if I attend mass there?
  • Buddy from Athol, MA: Question about the Extraordinary Form now that the Bishops aren't required to OK it.
  • Jennifer from Someplace Exotic: What is the catholic teaching about guardian angels?
  • Brian from Buffalo: Was the Holy Spirit revealed to His people before Pentecost or was Pentecost the first revelation of the Holy Spirit?
    • Would it be fair to say, the Spirit was ever present but not recognized?
  • Jason from Orlando: Has a question about today's Gospel. Summary by the Halfling: 3 times Peter tell Jesus he loves him when asked. Jesus's response is different all three times. Does it mean something different? What's up that?
    • Also, wants to ask about Dress yourself/Someone else will dress you.
  • Alice from Batavia: In the Rosary, the first Our Father before you start the Decades, I've heard people say different ways. Which is the right way to say it?
  • HitOD: http://www.farragut.org/
  • Frank from Missassauga ON: Wants to ask if the Church is ok with Meds for people with OCD, etc.
  • John from Webster:
1. How does Kosher food work with Catholics?
2. Does one need to be Confirmed to be Married?
3. What's the difference between Seraphim and Cherubim?

June 3

  • Fundraiser.
  • Followup question about the Messianic Secret: Wouldn't Jesus have gained more disciples if He had allowed and encouraged people to proclaim his as the Christ?
  • Patricia from Facebook (May 31): I especially loved to receive by intinction. Can it only to be done by the priest? Why don't they bring back the "paten" to be used with receiving?
  • Ladies of the Lord question about the need for the sacrament of Confession.

May 27

  • I apologized for joking about the sin of presumption. I'm going to stop saying that the doctrine of Purgatory gives Catholics permission to "sin now and pay later." "Virtue is the mean between extremes." We don't want to be too scrupulous or unscrupulous about our sins, wrongdoing, shortcomings, or character defects. The good news that Jesus died for all the sins of all of God's children is not an excuse for indulging in sin--far from it!
  • Jason from Los Angeles: I have a question on Verse 21 in Chapter 9 of St. Luke New Testament. Why did Jesus command the disciples not to tell everyone about Jesus' identity as "The Christ of God" or the Messiah? Thank you very much for your answer and God bless you!
  • Dennis from Buffalo: Please say a prayer for me. I got sick just in time for the long weekend....
  • Scott from Rochester: In today's gospel, when the Lord says 'I no longer call you slave. . . 'What does he mean by slave.'
  • Dorothy from Rochester: Was wondering if either of you would know about St. Pauline Visintainer - Patron of Diabetic People. Do either of you have any good resources
  • Wayward Hobbit: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, The Vatican, Malta, Israel, Palestine (Technically also Jordan, Syria), Thailand, Canada, Monaco.
  • Bryan from e-mail: Hi Father, Gina I stumbled on a site for The Most Holy Family Monastery in Filmore, NY. They call themselves a traditional Catholic community. But they have some disturbing views of the Church. Can you tell us anything about them?
  • Chris from Houston asked about books on St. Ignatius. Billy from Buffalo wanted to know whether The Jesuits: a Multibiography was worth reading. Materials of St. Ignatius and the early Jesuits.
  • Donna from Little Valley: "What does the Church think about the prophecies of Nostradamus?"
  • Dennis from Facebook: "I have a bible called the Holy Name Catholic Bible. It is very old; it came out during the papacy of Pope Paul VI. In that time frame did the Church change the names of the different books in the Old Testament? It has four books of Kings instead of two and includes books called Paralipomenon, Esdras 1&2, and Ecclesiastes. Why is this edition so different from other Bibles?" Canon of the Old Testament.
  • You might have already used this. Some woman from Facebook (I didn't copy her name and can't find it now! @#$%*&! Facebook!): "On the Early Christian Writings web site they have several tranlastions of the Didache. Which is the best to read as a Catholic?"

May 20

  • Corrected error about age for Mass attendance! Age 59 is the limit for fasting. There is no age limit for Mass attendance. Precepts of the Church.
  • Apocalypticism. Is the Rapture coming tomorrow? What should we do to prepare for the End of Everything?
  • Chris from Houston: Since you are a Jesuit priest, do you know any good books on the writings and meditations of St. Ignatius of Loyola? I have read his biography and I found it very interesting.
  • Patricia. At a Cursillo retreat we all stood after receiving holy communion as done in the early church. please comment. It really felt like we were one body.
  • http://woodstock.georgetown.edu/ignatius/letters.htm
  • The Prodigal Hobbit likes the Nooooooooooo button the princess gave him.
  • Martina from Texas: There has recently been an email floating around about the 3rd secret of Fatima. Warnings of end of times events after a man is shot and causing world wide war. Wasn’t the 3rd secret about the shooting of an innocent man in white?
  • Emily from East Aurora: Trying to understand why everything about God seems to be Male.
  • Bonnie from Rochester: Was counting the days between Easter and Pentecost, and it only comes out to 48. Why?
  • Dennis from Buffalo: As a follow up about Divorced people. My Aunt originally got married.in the Caatholic church. She had 3 kids with her husband. She civially got divorced from her husband. She remarried outside of the church before her first husband died. Now that she is older she wants to get back to the church. Now seeing as how her husband died, does she just need to confess that she got married when she was divorced and then follow up to get married in the church or is it more difficult then that? I think she wants to know what she will be told when she does go to confession.
  • Norah from Williamsville: Has a question from her son. He's asking about Capitalizing words referring to Jesus the same way we do as with God.
  • Jason from Rochester: Feels that he might be being called to the Diaconate, but he has young children now. Is looking for advice on how to prepare for the day when he might be able to follow through.
  • Fran from Rochester: Has a question about Free Will.
  • Billy from Buffalo: Wants to ask about a book The Jesuits a Multibiography.
  • http://www.amazon.com/Jesuits-Multibiography-Jean-Lacouture/dp/1887178600
Lacouture, a French journalist and biographer (De Gaulle. Vol. 1: The Rebel, 1890-1944, LJ 11/15/90), here presents a series of biographies of prominent Jesuits from the founder, Ignatius of Loyola, down to such modern disciples as Karl Rahner, Daniel Berrigan, and Robert Drinan. Condensed from the two-volume French original, the translation is marred by some inaccuracies and poor word choices. Showing a definite liberal bias and offering anachronistic criticisms, Lacouture writes in an abrasive, journalistic style, speaking of "Church busybodies" and "the noises coming out of Rome," and making no bones about the fact that he disagrees with the exclusion of women from the Roman Catholic priesthood. At the end, Lacouture raises the question of why men would choose to be Jesuits and cannot answer it. He offers a lot of interesting facts but little understanding. Suitable only for the most comprehensive collections.?Augustine J. Curley, Newark Abbey, N.J.
Editorial Reviews From Library Journal
  • Magdeline from Williamsville: Wants to give a book title: 2 Volume work - James Broderick. The Origin of the Jesuits 2md The progress of the Jesuits
James Broderick, a former Jesuit, wrote a two-volume collection on the Jesuits. The 1st: The Origin of the Jesuits. The 2nd: The progress of the Jesuits

May 17

  • Offline: We have a prayer request for the mother of a friend who is suffering from metastatic cancer. The doctors have found a large tumor on her brain.
  • Carol from Facebook: I am a mother of a worried teenager. He recently came home and said that kids were talking about the end of the world on May 21, 2011. I also heard something saying it is the Day of Judgment. As a Catholic, what am I to believe? I know that no one knows the day or the time for the end of the world and not to believe false prophets. How can I calm my teenager down, and what is the Catholic view on this?
  • Jason from Orlando, Fl: What are his thoughts on the rapture prediction for 5/21?
  • Brian from Buffalo: "Why does Jesus have such a ‘distaste’ (pun intended) for the lukewarm believers found in Revelations 3:16? Does this imply those who are cold to the faith will be better off than the lukewarm?"
  • Christopher from Rochester: So if the Bible claims we won't know the hour or the day of the second coming, if anyone predicts the 2nd coming to a specific day then theoretically God couldn't make that rapture day even if He wanted to?
  • Anonymous from Facebook or e-mail: I have a daughter who goes to college out of state. Prior to going away she never followed the crowd. Now, she is back home and has changed her opinions and is doing things that I don't agree with as well as making choices that are bad for her health. What should I say to her? And how do I deal with my anxiety over the situation?
  • Christina from Rochester, NY: How do you interpret the Jewish law in Leviticus?
  • Omar from Maryland: Do you know where he can find a document to show his friends why the Deuteronomical Books were removed from the King James Bible?
  • Alice from Batavia, NY: Has an idea about the Rapture. The people "left behind" in the story of Noah and in Jesus' prophecies about the destruction of Jerusalem were the lucky ones. Noah's family was all that was "left" of the human race. In Jesus' prophecies, the people who were taken were put to death, while those who were "left behind" survived.

May 13

  • Jennifer. Williamsville, New York. I was having a discussion with some co-workers about missing Mass and whether it is sin and if it is a sin, is it mortal or venial. What are the “rules” around that situation? Or is it always a sin to miss Mass even if there is a “good” reason? Some of the example brought up were traveling, working on Sundays, being sick and unintentionally sleeping in. Part two of this question - One of the ladies mentioned that priest told her she doesn’t need to make it to confession before she receives again “if she didn’t really mean it” and “was sorry.” I was under the impression that to receive the Eucharist again you had to go to confession regardless of the reason for your miss.
  • Gina: National Vocation Awareness Week in January; February 2, World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life, February 13 World Marriage Day, February 13-19 National Marriage Week USA
  • Jason from Orlando. In John 6, I notice that in the NAB, there are two different words used for "eat." In verses 53-57, the word "eat/s" is used, but then in verse 58, it uses the word "f...eeds." In the RSV 2nd Catholic Edition, it uses "eat/s" throughout. I once heard that in the original Greek, there are two different words used, and that they are significantly different in their usage and meaning. What would be the most accurate translation (one word or two different words)? What is the difference in significance of the words? Thanks and God bless!
  • Patricia from dear Father , my young grandson has a habit of saying God's name in vain. I told him this is wrong. he said, "so what should I say?"
  • Scott from Rochester. NY. 1. What prayer can I use before confession. 2. What prayers do I use after I leave the confessional.
  • Paul from Tonawanda. just want to comment the persecuted Christians throughout the world and wants to hear Fr. Marty's thoughts on this.and encourage people to vote our faith.
  • John fromAmherst. ( on cell ph. in car, will try to stay on).1.about the Divine Mercy Chaplet and how it starts off "Eternal Father I offer you the body and blood ... what does this really mean?
  • Carolyn from is it true that souls in purgatory cannot pray for themselves? Is this why we have to pray for them?
  • ANONYMOUS from buffalo. 1. In Galatians 1:19[But I saw none of the other apostles excepet James the Lord's brother"] when it refers to the Lord's brother, is this just a general way of speaking of people who were followers of Jesus?
  • Amanda from Amherst. 1. will the music in church also be changed?
  • MaryBeth [did not get on the air]: From now every one will have to pay attention.

May 13

  • Our Lady of Fátima appeared on the 13th of every month for six months, from May to October, 1917.
  • Happy Easter! Rejoice and be glad. He is risen--He is risen indeed!
  • Prayer: Sequence for Pentecost.
  • Sunday is the 46th World Day of Prayer for Vocations. The theme for the day is "Witness Awakens Vocations."
  • I want to thank Shelly from Ontario (!) and Mike L. from e-mail for their replies on Wednesday and Jason for his Facebook posts last Friday. Shelly counted the number of letters in "cac@thestationofthecross.com" (28). Mike L. sent in some interesting information from St. Jerome about the parable of Lazarus and the rich man as well as the meaning of "Lazarus" ("one who is helped"). Jason posted three patristic passages on kneeling on the Lord's Day.
  • I saw There Be Dragons and found that--to my ear!--the actors wavered on their pronunciation of Escrivá.
  • Encourage people to participate in the poll about the Fruit of the Spirit

May 11

  • Jason from Orlando: I vote for D.) patience. "If we don't have patience, none of the other virtues are gonna last, ya know? What good is faith that comes and goes, or hope that comes and goes, or love that comes and goes...We can't live a virtuous life without patience." - Fr. Marty Moleski on the 8/13/10 Faith and Reason Friday edition of Calling All Catholics.
  • Lizette from Facebook: B.) joy C.) peace D.) patience
  • Dennis from Buffalo: all of the above I need all the help I can get!
  • Shelley from Ontario. "cac@thestationofthecross.com" is 27 letters, Fr. Moleski. (I count 28).
  • Ann from Buffalo: Can Father expand on the meaning of meekness?
  • Lizette from Facebook: How can you keep the faith when you see so much evil in this world?
  • Philip from Medina: Has a question about Lazarus- Was he a rich or poor man? and what happened to him after Jesus raised him from the dead?
  • Mike L. from e-mail: "According to St. Jerome. The poor man was named in the parable because his name is written in the book of life. The rich man was unnamed because he is no longer remembered. Also, the name Lazarus means ‘one who is helped’."

May 6

  • John from Facebook: Father please pray for my wife Cathy as she will have an angiogram on monday. She is really worried, I pray that the Lord will take away her anxiety.
  • Jason from Orlando. I've heard that in the early Church, there was a prohibition against kneeling on Sunday, which I believe some Eastern Churches may still observe today. Do you know anything about this, or if and why this was changed? Also, can you please pray for me? I got a call today about a possible job that I REALLY hope and pray that I get. Thank you and God bless! Forasmuch as there are certain persons who kneel on the Lord's Day and in the days of Pentecost, therefore, to the intent that all things may be uniformly observed everywhere (in every parish), it seems good to the holy Synod that prayer... be rendered unto God standing. (Canon XX of the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, A.D 325). We consider it forbidden to pray on bended knees on the Lord's Day. (Tertullian, 210). There are many other observances in the Church which, though due to Tradition, have acquired the authority of the written Law, as, for instance, the practice of not praying on bended knees on Sunday. (St Jerome, 330).
  • John from Buffalo: - Today's Gospel - que about remnants of the 12 wicker baskets
  • Marsha from West Seneca: She went to a Healing Mass & saw many ppl being slain in the spirit/ resting in the spirit. She & her family did not., though. She did feel a "warmth" and peace. Did she get the same benefit?
  • Barbara from Kenmore: When you go to big events, s/a Confirmation or First Communion, there are many who are talking, distracting. This is very bothersome. How does one focus?
  • Scott from Rochester: - When he prays in the morning, sometimes he says the "I confess..." (Confiteor) or the Gloria or other Mass prayers. Can he say those, or are they only reserved for Mass?
  • Jason: Father is correct. Escrivá - accent on the "a"
  • Joyce from Buffalo: Has comment about distractions and what she does.
  • Carol from Rochester: If you start a novena and then have a break of more than one or two days, where you forget or get too busy and you don’t say the novena do you start the novena again because there was a break in the 9 days, or can you just pick up the novena with any length of a break to complete it?
  • Brian from Buffalo: Good Afternoon Father Marty and Gina. As mentioned earlier, today's Gospel spoke of barley loaves. Why do we use wheat for our hosts instead of barley?
  • Jen from Williamsville: I was recently told it is not OK for Catholics to attend/participate in a non Catholic wedding. is there truth to that? If so, what is the info to back it up?
  • Joe from Rochester:
  1. At their church, they have a local band that plays during the Mass - quite loud & boisterous. Is that permissible? Is there anything inthe GERM that restricts certain songs or instruments?
  2. After Mass, he tries to pray before the tabernacle, but it is getting louder & louder with ppl talking in church. Should he approach the Pastoral Administrator?
  • Alice from Batavia: Calling about the "Flying Novena" - Say the Memorare 9 times in a row and in between you say your intention. She mentioned that Mother Theresa used to say it.
  • Fletcher Doyle just called with the correct answer to the trivia. He’s from WLOF. He wanted Fr. Moleski to know.

April 29

  • Mark from Boston: "What exactly the difference is between being beautified and canonized? I know you are beautified with one miracle after you die, so why does it take two to be canonized? Aren't you declared to be in heaven with one miracle?"
  • Jeff from email: Can you tell us when it is ok to receive Communion 2 times in a single day (this Sunday I will receive communion early Sunday morning when my daughter serves Mass, but also wanted to receive it during a later service for Divine Mercy Sunday, is this ok?
  • Jason from Orlando: A friend of mine asked me the following: "Any advice on what to do when a choice has been weighing on your heart, and God's will isn't clear?" What would your answer to that be? Thanks and God bless!
  • Sue from Rolla, Missouri: What do you do what your financial situation isn't good? My husband and I have been looking for work for awhile now and no luck. How do we not let it bring our spirit down?
  • Richard from Facebook: What are the steps to joining the diaconate? Can you speak about the best way to begin the process? Also, what can I do to prepare on my own? I have spoken to someone in my Dioceses to start the Pre-Theology classes (RSI Program...Religious Studies Program).
  • Corrado from (Italian) from Rochester, NY: Has heard much about in-vetro fertilization... Since the fertilization of the egg does not occur in the natural way that God plans, is this a human being with a soul? HE wants to know the position of the Church on humans created in this way. What about the other fertilized eggs?
  • Scott from Rochester: - When Jesus asks Peter, "Do you love me?" Why does Jesus repeat himself 3 times when He already knows the answer? Also, can you comment on Our Lord's statement: "Someone will take you where you do not want to go?"
  • Norb from Troy, OH: - He is asking about the reading today - how the disciples did not recognize Jesus physically. Why do you think this is?
  • Michael from San Jose, CA listening on an android phone: - Wants to point out that there is a church after Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha in Santa Clarita, CA (she is a blessed, not a saint yet)
  • Joe from Ontario: Is there any evidence that Jesus' teachings changed the legalistic way that the Jews looked at the law
  • Barbara from Greece (Rochester), NY: Why are there so many orders of monks & priests & how did it all start - Jesuits, Franciscans, etc...
  • Dennis from Facebook: How should I explain Catholicism to people who say, "Where is that in the Bible?"

April 26

  • Dennis from Facebook: Question about The Faith Database.
  • Lizette: At work we were discussing about people that have to go through pain and have to go through hard time. How come some people have to go through suffering and others not?
  • Joan from WQOM: Wants to say how much she loves the Radio Station. and how much she misses not being able to hear any longer in her area.
  • Kevin's question about lying from the Treasury.
  • Dennis from Buffalo: Thx Fr Marty,...it sounds awesome! I just wasnt sure if it was a thing you had to keep paying to be able to do more..you sold me I will have to pick it up thanks so much!
  • Steve from Buffalo: John places the institution of the priesthood very early on in Jesus's ministry. Which version do we hold as more historically accurate? Is there a symbolic meaning to placing the Eucharistic Institution earlier on?
  • Angie from Rochester: There does not seem to much written about missing or loved one who has passed away.
  • Carolyn from Facebook: Can unwed parents still baptize their child?
  • Lucian from Facebook: Please pray for me to continue to have strength thru my ongoing attacks from my ex wife. Also for triumph over evil. Thank you.
  • Brian from Lewiston: need prayers for my friend Joan and her sister Kathleen flying in from Rome.
  • Denise from Buffalo: I have a brother who is getting married and never got an annulment I need guidance on how to acknowledge his new marriage.
  • Arthur from from the north towns: Was Holy Thursday also the Blessed Mother’s birthday?

April 15

  • Dennis from Buffalo: When did the practice of priests and sisters wearing habits originate from? And why does it seem that more and more are getting away from wearing the traditional habits? Have the rules been relaxed?
  • Bill from Scikuate (Scituate) MA, - Que about what Paul says in Col. 1:24
  • Helen from Elmira: Does the Catholic Church still acknowledge Purgatory?
  • Chris from Houston: What is the meaning behind the words when the priest inscribes the Easter candle at the Easter Vigil Mass: Alpha, Omega, the beginning, the end, and such? Every time I hear those words during that ritual, it makes me reflect on the importance of Christ rising from the dead.
  • Alice from Batavia, New York: You were correct the "Flying Nun" was the name of the show and now I am showing my age also. Sally Fields played her and she was also Gigget in the show of the same name. I am not sure which show aired first but they were both in the 60's. Have a good Holy week and Happy Easter.
  • Bob from Cheektowaga: - Ted Kennedy - responsible for abortion laws - How does he get absolution for his sins, esp. since his sins are ongoing?
  • Brian from Buffalo: Father, going back to Dennis' question. Are there guidelines of the color shirt a diocesan priest can wear? Does it depend on the diocese?
  • Fran from Rochester: Has a que about the Rosary. Also, why did Jesus say on the cross, "Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?"
  • Jason from Orlando: Good afternoon Father, Gina, and listeners. Please pray for me. I've not been feeling well all week and I have no idea what is wrong. Thanks and God bless!
  • Lizette: Do you think there is more sins and bad things going on today than on Jesus time?

April 8

  • Jerry: Are there Christians outside the Catholic Church who can receive the Eucharist if they attend a Mass? This came up during the funeral Mass of my mother-in-law.
  • Jen from Buffalo: I sing in a local church choir and I love being able to share my musical gift to glorify God every Sunday. However, it is easy to get distracted and focus on the music, what piece is next etc. instead of what we should be focused on. Do you have any suggestions for staying fully engaged and participative in Mass while still being an active member of the choir?
  • Scott from Rochester
    • Can you go over the rdg\ngs, esp the Gospel for today
    • He was taught that during Lent we omit the Creed and the Gloria. Is this correct?
    • Quote from Justin Martyr: "We call this food Eucharist, and no one else is permitted to partake of it, except one who believes our teaching to be true and who has been washed in the washing which is for the remission of sins and for regeneration [i.e., has received baptism] and is thereby living as Christ enjoined. For not as common bread nor common drink do we receive these; but since Jesus Christ our Savior was made incarnate by the word of God and had both flesh and blood for our salvation, so too, as we have been taught, the food which has been made into the Eucharist by the Eucharistic prayer set down by him, and by the change of which our blood and flesh is nurtured, is both the flesh and the blood of that incarnated Jesus" (First Apology 66 [A.D. 151]).
  • Mary Ann from Western, NY: Wants info about Communion Services. - They just started them at her church. She is under the impression that canon law does not permit regular communion Services
  • Paul from Tonawanda: What is the difference between Martin Luther's version of Bible vs. Catholic version. Why did Luther remove the 7 books?
  • Barbara from Rochester, NY: What is the proper way to dispose of damaged religious articles? She esp. has some in her garden and she is not sure what to do with them.
  • Jason from Orlando: You can also bring the damaged sacramentals to your parish. They are often willing and able to dispose of them appropriately.
  • Theresa from WMTQ Radio area: Very disturbed about gossiping & politics in her area in regards to staffing in parishes. Wants to know what to do to avoid being in the midst of the gossip. Can Fr. please say a prayer to help the situation - The arguing is poisoning the Church within.
  • Carolyn: I say donate the sacramentals to someone willing to fix them up
  • Related question: What do you do if someone keeps trying to contact you to tell you a piece of gossip that you don't want to engage in? Should you tell the person you just don't want to hear it?
  • Dennis from Facebook: During adoration, why does the priest wear (please forgive me for not knowing the right name) a cape-like garment and wrap his hands in it as to not touch the monstrance?
    • humeral veil
  • Carolyn: Father what is your personal opinion about 2012 being the end of days? As Catholics should we be looking out for the second coming of Christ due to all the environmental and political tragedies in the world today?
  • Sue from Rochester, NY: Is a Catholic able to marry if the minister will be a Lutheran woman. Can a Catholic attend that service?
  • Sarong from the Philippines via Facebook: "Does the Church have any social teaching on forms of government? I know she is against communism, but is she against parliamentary forms of government? The Philippines is currently under a Presidential form of government. There are some factions that suggest it should be changed to parliamentary. They are accusing the Catholic Church (in the Philippines) of going against the Parliamentary form of government. Do you have any opinion about this?"

April 1

  • Fourth Sunday of Lent: The Man Born Blind.
  • Daniel's Prayer of Repentance.
  • Angela: Why do we call The Arch-Angels Saints? My understanding of Saints and Angels conflict when it comes to the Arch-Angels God's Abundant Blessings
  • Jason from Orlando. Good afternoon Father, Gina, and listeners. When we die, do we ever lose consciousness? Did Jesus ever lose consciousness when he died? Thanks and God bless!
  • Julie from Ontario, NY: Has an adult son not practicing the Faith. She knows God answers prayer: she prays for him all the time. How does that work with with the fact that He never takes our free will away? She keeps praying, but her son has free will to accept God or not.
  • Erica from In the Nicene Creed, why do we say that Jesus rose “again” from the dead? I’ve never understood that. Thanks, Father.
  • Alice from Batavia: People visit the Holy Land and visit the birthplace of Our Lady. How can that be if our Lady's house was transported to Loreto?
  • Anonymous from Colburn, Ontario: Albert Coutu, a much loved father and grandfater, died this morning. [pioneer of some religious movement...I can't remember what she said :/] She asked if we pray for him please?
  • Lizette from Facebook: How come Jesus asks us to be like Him if we can not be like Him because we are not perfect? What can we do to get closer to that perfection?
  • Joanne from Buffalo: Question about her daughter's upcoming marriage to her live-in boyfriend. The daughter says she is Buddhist. Boyfriend is atheist. Wedding will have no minister of any kind. Not sure what to do. How can she support this?
  • Patricia from Cheektowaga: Comment about the lady with her daughter getting married outside of the Church. She was in similar situation and consecrated her whole family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She recommends this
  • Sam from Buffalo: wants to congratulate you for your answer about the lady in distress about her daughter's wedding.
  • John from Question about Confession: Exam of Conscience: What to do if we remember sins of the past.
  • Bob from Cheektowaga. Question on Simony: Received a solicitation from an organization to purchase some trinket. Instead of purchasing it, he sent them a definition of simony Was he correct?
  • Jerry from E-mail: Are there Christians outside the Catholic Church who can receive the Eucharist if they attend a Mass? This came up during the funeral mass of my mother-in-law who passed away Mar 17th and for the sadness to be lifted from the family as they grieve their loss.
  • John Z. from Facebook: "At what point in Jesus life does he realize divinity? Are there any hints in Scripture? What about Mary--when did she know? If she did know, how would one go about parenting one's own creator?"

March 25

  • Marty from Rochester: Wants clarification on the Jesuit vow of poverty. Has a relative who is a Jesuit and never knows what they can get him as a gift
  • From Maureen in Amherst: "The priests at my church have begun to regularly change the words of the readings and Eucharistic prayer to make them more gender neutral. One visiting priest even omitted any reference to the pronoun 'He' in reference to Jesus, choosing instead to use Jesus' name repeatedly in the Eucharistic prayer. I find this distracting and was wondering if this is actually allowed. It may seem a small thing, but it seems small things eventually become big things."
  • John from e-mail: "Isn't the Feast of Saint Joseph on March 19 a Holy Day of Obligation in canon law? Has there ever been a time when the Bishop's in this country treated it as such? Also, are there a better reasons, other than poor Mass attendance and the additional burden on priests who would have to say extra Masses as to why so many of the ten Holy Days listed in Canon Law are abrogated? In my very limited wisdom these would seem to be very poor reasons to limit personal sacrifice and the Sacrifice of the Mass."
  • Mark from Buffalo, NY: Why are there more than 40 days in the Maronite Rite for Lent?
  • Mary Beth from Henrietta: The Maronite rite calls it Ash Monday.
  • Mark from Rochester: In the sacrament of Confession Does the priest have liberty not to absolve someone if they keep confessing hte same mortal sin?
  • Fran from Rochester: The Rosary has been said for many years for world peace, and yet we still have no world peace. What are your thoughts on this?
  • Second question from Fran: "Did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John write the bible?"
  • John from Wilson: On the Feast of Corpus Christi, they used to do Intinction. He is wondering why this is not done anymore.

March 25

  • From Maureen in Amherst: "The priests at my church have begun to regularly change the words of the readings and Eucharistic prayer to make them more gender neutral. One visiting priest even omitted any reference to the pronoun 'He' in reference to Jesus, choosing instead to use Jesus' name repeatedly in the Eucharistic prayer. I find this distracting and was wondering if this is actually allowed. It may seem a small thing, but it seems small things eventually become big things."
  • Marty from Facebook, following up on the question from Barbara last week: "I agree that people praying the Our Father in orans position (not to mention holding hands) during Mass is a small matter, and I certainly don't hate or have anger at people for doing it. In fact, I know from discussing this issue that a lot of people are surprised to learn that it is not the norm. The practice is so nearly universal most people probably think it is required, so I don't blame them for it. But I see it as part of a larger issue of people generally doing what they want at Mass without regard to the rubrics. It's a wedge to open the door to more serious matters. For me a larger issue would be lectors taking it upon themselves to 'correct' the readings for gender neutrality, priests 'improving' the words of the Eucharistic prayers, or the introduction of all kinds of liturgical 'innovations' (here read 'abuses'). There are bigger and smaller ones, but they all add up. The Lord Himself has told us that one who can be trusted in small matters will be given responsibility for greater ones. Sometimes I think it would just be simpler if we would all have the humility to practice obedience."
  • John from e-mail: "Isn't the Feast of Saint Joseph on March 19 a Holy Day of Obligation in canon law? Has there ever been a time when the Bishop's in this country treated it as such? Also, are there a better reasons, other than poor Mass attendance and the additional burden on priests who would have to say extra Masses as to why so many of the ten Holy Days listed in Canon Law are abrogated? In my very limited wisdom these would seem to be very poor reasons to limit personal sacrifice and the Sacrifice of the Mass."
  • Betty from e-mail: "I suppose you have heard of the accusations about Fr. Corapi. In his statement he said the damage is immediate, irreparable and serious. I see immediate and serious but is it truly irreparable?"

March 18

  • Dennis from Buffalo: Lucifer was once an angel who rejected God's wishes and was cast out of heaven along with other angels who followed Lucifer. I have heard when you die you go to hell or you can go to purgatory on your way to heaven but you cant go from heaven to hell and you cant go from hell to heaven. How is that when it happened with Lucifer?
  • Jason from Orlando: Good afternoon Father, Gina, and listeners. When contrasting the story of The Temptation of Christ in Matthew 4: 1-11 with the version in Luke 4: 1-13, I notice that the last two temptations (jumping off the Temple and worshiping Satan) are in reverse order. I was wondering, is there any reason for this (emphasis perhaps)?
  • I'll try to remember to bring my book on this topic next week - It has "types"/branches of Protestantism
  • Ann from Buffalo. - Is there any Patron Saint for those who have eating disorders?
  • Jen from Buffalo: Are any colleges that profess in their mission statement they are Catholic (even though in reality they are now secular) free to bring in speakers, classes and clubs that directly conflict with teachings of the Catholic Church in the spirit of providing an "education" or better prepared "leaders"?

What position or action should an alumni take (if any) if they want to maintain connections with the college but not compromise on areas of moral conflict?

  • Gina: here's what I found.... There is no patron saint for eating disorders. However, since it is considered a mental illness there are a number of patrons against mental illness.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_is_the_patron_saint_of_eating_disorders#ixzz1Gz7Zlxx8

  • John from Wilson: Went to confession last weekend - given for Pennance but he forgot to do it. Does he have to go back to confession?
  • Bob from Boston, NY: - Is the devil omnipresent, or can he only deal with one person at a time?
  • Barbara from Kenmore: How should we hold our hands during the Our Father at Mass? Like the priest or some other way?
  • Jason from Orlando: Follow-up from FB question - Can you explain what you mean when you talk about different sources for the Bible, s/a the Quelle source?
  • Bob from N. Falls, NY: - Pope Benedict's new book "Jesus of Nazareth" II says don't worry about conversion of the Jews, b/c the Gentiles need to be converted before the Jews will be. Bob is not sure what the Pope is saying here.
  • Rob from Summerset, KY: - Not a Catholic. Is interested in our Catholic religion - wants to become Catholic. - Wants to know why we call our priests "Father"
  • Perhaps Father Moleski already knows, but here is a page on "Calling no man Father" http://www.catholic.com/library/Call_No_Man_Father.asp
  • Debbie: Don't some theologians say the "Quelle" source just a theory, since it has never been found?

March 11

  • Eric. Why don't most women cover their heads anymore? If it is all about modesty then why would Paul require it only while praying or prophesying?
  • Jason from Orlando: What is the History of the Stations of the Cross?
  • Jen from Buffalo: The readings on Ash Wednesday talk about doing your prayer, fasting, etc in secret, yet walk around all day with giant ash crosses on our forehead. That seeming contradiction has always bothered me. Can you discuss?
  • John from Webster, NY:
    • Why isn't Ash Wednesday a holy day of obligation? Jimmy Akin: "Holy days of obligation are either commemorations of particular events (such as the birth of Christ or the presentation of Jesus in the Temple), particular people (such as Jesus' earthly father, St. Joseph), or important theological concepts (such as the Kingship of Christ). Ash Wednesday does not commemorate any event (nothing special happened forty days before the crucifixion -- at least not that we know of), and could only be said to indirectly commemorate a Person (Christ) since it is the beginning of preparation for the greater celebrations of Christ's saving work, which follow, and although Ash Wednesday is a day of penance (like all of the days of Lent except Sundays, which are feast days no matter when they occur in the liturgical calendar since they celebrate Christ's resurrection), the Church has never chosen to make it or any other specific day the definitive commemoration of the concept of repentance."
    • Can we say novenas any time, or only on prescribed days?
    • Looking for website/resources about our Protestant brothers and sisters - what do the different denominations believe?
    • Comment - last week Canisius got beat up. John says that Father Moleski's ministry is one of the blessings at Canisius.

March 8

  • Chris from Texas:
  1. When is the correct time to distribute ashes during the Ash Wednesday Mass? Before Mass (like the 1962 Liturgy), After the Homily, or After Mass?
  2. Why do some parishes schedule only 1 Ash Wednesday Mass and have 5 to 6 Liturgy of the Word/Distribution of Ashes services on Ash Wednesday? Wouldn't it be more practical for people to receive both their ashes and the Eucharist that day?
  3. Ashes can be purchased from Church Supply sites.
  • Cindy from Leominster, MA: "The church does not have a dogmatic definition of the sequence of events at the end of the world." That's because the Church does not need one. Unfortunately some -- not all -- fundamentalist groups use the really, really immanent return of Christ as the reason not to invest in society. I know many fundamentalists who are of this mind-set.... These groups have four different interpretations about the Tribulation and Rapture and all of that. If this teaching were clear in Scripture, wouldn't all the groups have one and the same conclusion?
  • Cindy: Is there a prayer that you could suggest to be said by the whole family during Lent? I was thinking something like a decade together each evening......Thank you!
  • Patricia from Buffalo: If a person because of illness is unable to receive sacraments and attend church services, if they perform good works and listens to mass on the radio, can they get God' graces for all the work they put into leading a good life? What if one is not sure if they are they are in a state of grace?
  • Bill from Boston, MA: Is The story of the woman caught in adultery not in the original Gospels. What is the Catholic perspective on this topic.
  • Dennis from Buffalo: Fr can you tell me if the Eastern Orthodox churches have the same sacraments as the Catholic church?
  • John from Webster: What is the Obligation during Lent & is it alright to still pray a Novena or more?
  • Janet from Buffalo: I'm confused about my teenage daughter's Dr. suggesting that she take a birth control pill for acne control.
    • Anonymous: wants to pass on info to the mother who called about the birth control to her teen-age daughter that her breast tissue is yet immature and therefore may increase the chances for breast cancer.
    • Alice. Batavia. Wants to add to try going to a health food store and look for something that is more natural and ask the clerk there for help on acne supplements.
  • Gabriel from East Amherst: In the Gospel of Mark . He originally left. There is a postscript in the 16th chapter a few verses were added in which the church kept.
  • Pauline from Buffalo: Wants to state that at Our Lady Help of Christians are burning last years Palms TONIGHT for the ashes on Ash Wednesday. Is this Unusual?
  • John: recently you have posted information on the extra books that are in the Catholic bible. You also posted quotes in the New Testament that can be found in the extra books in the Old Testament. Is there any reference to these books found in the Dead Sea scrolls? It's good to catch your show.
  • Jason from Orlando: Father can you please explain how the Rock of Meribah is a type for Jesus?
  • Margie from Buffalo: She had a daughter who's 18 , she is now pregnant again & I've tried to raise her the right way what do I do?
  • Lizette: I was listening to Mother Angelica this morning and she was saying that a lie is a lie and I was wondering if I lie for a good reason like not to hurt the feeling of someone. Is that okay to do or do we have to tell the truth no matter if it's hurtful?
  • Mark K. from e-mail:

March 4

  • Buddy from Athol. - Question about relat. between Roman Cath church & oriental churches
  • Dennis. Buffalo. Father, as you know, John the Apostle was left to care for Mary by Jesus on Good Friday. My question is, did Mary go with John when he went about his preaching? Or did he stay with her until her Assumption, and then start his preaching mission? Also, Johns's gospel seems to go into the most depth of the gospels, as you can tell it stands alone compared to Matthew , Mark and Luke. Could that possibly be the influence of Mary and maybe she gave him some of her special insights?
  • Alison. I am currently participating in a Great Adventure Bible study at my parish and this week, we focused on Ch 17 of Matthew. When discussing the Transfiguration, someone asked how the disciples recognized Moses and Elijah. While discussing this we speculated perhaps the nature of the conversation between Jesus, Moses & Elijah (discussed in Luke) might have enlightened the disciples or perhaps this knowledge was given to the disciples by God in the same way the knowledge of who Jesus is was revealed to Peter (Matt 16:17). Were we correct in our ideas? Is there any specific Catholic teaching on this question? Thanks and God bless!
  • Paul from Boston, MA - considering joining a Third Order; wants to know how one knows one is called to that
  • Debbie (not answered): Have they (dissenters) essentially excommunicated themselves?
  • Tom from Buffalo. - Where is Canisius College going? Has 2 sons who used to go there, but withdrew b/c the college is not what they expected. Have a very active gay/lesb. culture on campus...He is very concerned
  • Carol from Depew - comment - Thank you, God bless you for your comments on the Canisius College issue and the situation with Cuomo, etc. She is glad to hear the Church has not changed its view about same-sex marriage
  • Elaine from Buffalo - Is there something that people can do when they come across a so-called Catholic who is pro-abortion?
  • Eric. Will any of those Christians who are alive during Christ's return have to go to Purgatory? If so, I don't understand how because I thought Scripture says they will be given a glorified body.
  • Marie from Buffalo - had an experience with her daughter going to Canisius - daughter experienced promotion of a gay/lesb movie; someone coming to the class to promote this lifestyle - very disheartened - wanted to go to the Bishop
  • http://www.franciscanstor.org/ The priests at Franciscan U. are TOR - Third Order Regular
  • John from Rochester - was a student from Canisius - wanted to share a story similar to previous conversations
  • Catherine’s family, horrified at her refusal to do the conventional thing, forced her to endure months of mistreatment before she won the right to join the Dominican Third Order and live a devout life at home. For three years, Catherine lived a life of prayer, silence, and austerity in her tiny 9-by-12-foot room. During the Carnival of 1366, she experienced a mystical betrothal to Christ. A few days later, she realized that God was asking her to leave her contemplative isolation and re-enter the world. Catherine of Siena was only 19 when her public ministry began.
  • Barbara from Kenmore - She is a TOR - wanted to comment about Third Order Franciscans

February 25

  • Buddy from Athol, MA: This is the first time he remembers that for 2 years in a row the Eastern and Western churches will celebrate Easter on the same day...Do you have a comment Father.
  • John from Buffalo: Two questions. (1) In Romans 16.22 "I, Tertius, the writer of this letter, send you Christian greetings." Who was this Tertius. Didn't St. Paul write it? (2) Father on your Web site, I saw your table on the number of chapters in certain versions of the bible. I also noticed it on an iPod app too. Why are there differences between what some Christians say are in the Bible? Is it not a bit divisive to have different versions of something that is so important to all Christians?
  • The books missing from Protestant Bibles are: Tobit, Judith, Baruch, Wisdom, Sirach, 1 and 2 Maccabees, and parts of Esther and Daniel.
  • Bob from Sloan, NY: Did Martin Luther also try to take 4 books out of the NT, which were later put back in?
  • Jason from Orlando, FL: If Eve was created w/o sin and Mary was created w/o sin, could Mary have sinned, and what would have happened if she did?
  • "Naomi and her family suffered great misfortune in a foreign land. Ruth, a girl from that foreign land, decided to migrate with Naomi to Bethlehem. They arrived in time for the barley harvest."[1]
  • Jim from e-mail: This video will fit in with your talking about Hannukah. Watch it. It's excellent.
  • Ann from Rochester, NY: Where in the NT is there anything about homosexuality?
  • William from Norwood, MA:
    • Once a person confesses on a regular basis, is that the equivalent of "repenting" or is repenting a change in a person's ways
    • When baptized - children of God and going to Heaven - Does that mean they can do anything they want? Wouldn't they then need to be baptized again as an adult?

February 18

  • Nora from Williamsville, NY: Our oldest son, James, is making his First Holy Communion in May. We are interested in getting him a Bible, since he is beyond the toddler-type Bible story books we have. Do you have a specific suggestion that would be age-appropriate, maybe something with deeper questions or explanations along with the text? Thank you, and God Bless!
  • Buddy from Athol, MA: Do you think there will be reconciliation between the Roman Catholic Church and the Polish National Church
  • Jason from Orlando, Fl: Has a female friend who is discerning a vocation to a religious life. What can he do to encourage her to pursue this path?
  • Diane from Rochester: Heard a lecture on Genesis - they said that God created more than just Adam and Eve at the same time. Doesn't the Church teach that we are all descendents of Adam & Eve?
  • Mary, Boston, MA: Grandson is getting married by a Justice of the Peace. She is concerned: How can she not go to his wedding? Not sure what to do.
  • Alice from Batavia, NY: Trying to find a Bible passage: after Jesus rose from the dead, something was said about the "righteous souls following Jesus"
  • Frank, Rochester, NY: At school Masses many children are receiving Communion. He does not think that all are Catholic.
  • Greg from Buffalo, NY: What happened before hte beginning part of Genesis. specifically about angels. When were they created, how were they created and what was their relationship to God
  • Paul from Rochester, NY: When Jesus was on the cross, was he completely naked?
  • Ed: Fr. Moleski mentioned Fr. Fernan from LeMoine. Ed was a student of Fr. Fernan's; he graduated in 1959 from LeMoine and was pleased with the nice words Fr. Moleski said about Fr. Fernan.

February 16

  • Jason from Orlando: via internet.voting 'A' it has helped them.
  • Ben from Buffalo, NY: Ben thinks that technology is a distraction in relation to one another, & it takes away from human interaction. Q.When we talk in church about Jesus' 2nd coming what will that look like?
  • Cindy from Washington state: I am listening today using my iPad at work, I am thoroughly enjoying your broadcast. Thank you for this ministry - I am sure I will be back to listen again. God bless. BTW, I vote for A - it has helped them!! Between my iPhone & iPad I keep in nearly constant contact with family & friends as well as our RCIA team, Servant School, & the rest of our parish family. I love the new confession app too - I hope to make a good confession using it before Easter. We have a young priest who is tech-saavy so it shouldn't be a problem.
  • Ray from California: thinks technology has helped.
  • Bill from Scituate, MA: New technology has helped. I have tried to “bear witness to [my] faith through the digital world.” Doing so has helped me to focus my prayer and direct my study. This has strengthened my relationship with God. With five children, three teenagers and two a bit younger, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to keep an eye on their use of new technology. Let’s say they have experienced many opportunities to learn more about the virtues of moderation and prudence. All in all it has been a positive thing for the family.
  • Michelle from Alberta,Canada: Michelle finds that modern tech has been rather hurtful, especially when people put things on the net that should be said in confidence or in person. It's a double edge sword.
  • Jessica from Village of Lancaster, NY: How can I respond and justify my faith when my born again father in law insists I need to be born again in order to reach salvation and to be a follower of Jesus?
  • Ellen from Buffalo: She votes both.
  • Fr from Peter Calabrese: Rome, Italy. I vote A. It helps me keep in touch with family that is far away. I have access to great Catholic blogs to help me learn and reinforce my faith and relationship with God and has helped me stay in touch or renew old friendships as well as open the doors for new friendships
  • Tommy from Buffalo: technology has help to strengthen his faith with all the resources.
  • Chris from Steubenville, OH: I downloaded the new Confession app but I have a complaint about it... I forgot my password already! LOL My fault!

February 11

  • Scott from Rochester: Could you describe how to make a good confession? Also, please pray for me and my service coordinator who are having a meeting today.
  • Bryan from e-mail: I have my own lectionary for daily mass readings. Sometimes they don't match up. Can you tell me why that might be?
  • Pat wants to let Father know that he forgot to tell Scott about the Precepts of the Church.
  • Lizette from Facebook: Has the apparition in Garabandal, Spain, been approved by the Church?
    • The official position of the Church is still pending, as Garabandal has neither been positively approved, nor negatively condemned. The Vatican has yet to make a public pronouncement, likely because the Church is awaiting to see if the prophecies will be fulfilled. ((according to garabandalvideos.com))
  • Paul from Buffalo: Father do you have any ideas about how to talk to his parish priest about bringing about An Adoration Hour and the Rosary once a month?
  • Miraculous Medal - St. Catherine Laboure
  • Our Lady of La Salette
  • Sal from Medford, MA: He called about three wks. ago about Cursillo and were asked to call back and share his experience. It was wonderful. he wants to share something he learned about doing an examination of conscience too.
  • Jason from Orlando, FL: Jason has a Question about these passages 1 Pet. 2:1-17, esp. v. 5. What does it mean? like living stones..
  • Adam from Fall River, MA: Wants to comment on the 2 apparitions that they are both not connected.
  • Michelle from Buffalo: needs clarification about abstaining or fasting on Fridays.
  • Anonymous from BUFFALO: has a long history of over-eating , & one of the 7deadly sins is gluttony and heard Bishop Sheen recommend crouding out the bad habit but needs clarification and suggestions on what to do.
  • Russel from Batavia, NY: Q: 1. Does the Anointing of the Sick forgive sins at all?
  • Kathryn from East Aurora: "The miraculous medal was given to to Sr. Kathryn LaBouré. She grew up going to the Miraculous Medal Novena at a Parish. Our Lady said that whoever wore it would be taken care of.

February 9

  • Paul from Cambridge, MA: Has a prayer request for a big miracle for his father 91, hanging by a thread had a stroke and his mother who's been hanging in right by him.
  • Dennis from Buffalo: E. I like sports. I do however find it troublesome, to see people playing a game asking for so much money. I know its hard work. Its a God given talent. But I dont see how a person can ask for and receive so much money, when others have little or no money. I dont know how you can feel good or right with yourself. I know that most of players give back in some way to people less fortunate. I think it's also interesting that we have so much "free" money to throw around into players, when that money could be so much better spent elsewhere, for the good of society and people less fortunate.
  • Jason from Florida: via internet. Comment on Poll.Voting A. identifying with atheletes.
  • Bob from Boston,NY: Comment on Sports, "an the good race and fought the good fight"
  • Bill from Scituate, MA: We enjoy sports in our family. We don't live or die with the team or the athletes. A few years ago we instituted a new family rule when our local football team was winning Super Bowls. No wearing of Pats jerseys at mass on Sunday. I guess we vote A.
  • Deb from Wellesly: In thinking of Paul who's father is dying, She wants to make it known that there is a very powerful prayer called the Divine Mercy Chaplet. In the Diary of St.Faustina it says to pray the mercy chaplet at the bed of the dying.
  • Jason from Florida: Hey, Father. What about wearing a nice collared shirt with a small, subtle team logo on it to Mass? Yea or nay?
  • Fran from Rochester:
    • 1. Why doesn't God protect innocent children?
    • 2. Why have her prayers throughout her life never been answered & she's 83yrs. old.
    • 3. Will the Church ever let priests get married?
  • Bill from Boston,MA: Comment on the commercials and their sexual innuendos, and it seems that there's much more aggressiveness and anger in and off of the field in the sports industry today.
  • From Jason: Catholic Athletes for Christ.
  • Christina from Lockport: She went to Corpus Christi School when she was a little girld and she would hear a litany of the blessed virgin Mary (she remembers it in polish if you could interpret).and would like to find out what it was, if you could help please.
  • A litany for The Station of the Cross.

January 28

  • Laura from e-mail: my pentecostal sister and I have a dispute I hope someone can settle. our sister is having great difficulty with quitting smoking. I suggested that we need to let her know that smoking is sinful because it damages the temple of the Holy Spirit( our body). My sister said absolutely not because that would be shaming her ,which is from the devil. She said that only the conviction of the Holy Spirit could help her and that she thinks our sister is under a curse that needs to be broken. But she said that us (or me) telling our sister of the sinfulness of smoking would only shame her into believing that she is unloved by God because of her inability to quit smoking. And that would cause her to turn away from God. What do you recommend?
  • Christina from Orchard Park: Just started Bible Study - Little Rock Bible Study - it says that Duay Rheims Bible is inaccurate - Is DR inaccurate, and does Father know anything about that particular Bible Study?
  • Buddy, Athol, MA - WQOM, Boston: Do you think there will be reconciliation between Roman Catholic Church and SSPX
  • Nora from Williamsville, NY: Hi Fr. Marty and Gina ~ would you please prayr for a friend going through a job search, needed sooner than expected? Thank you, and God Bless!
  • Scott from Rochester: Can Father give him a synopsis of today's readings? If mortal sin on soul, is private confession necessary or is general penance service enough?
  • Nalida (Nuh-lid-uh) from Boston: Often on EWTN during televised Mass and sometimes at Mass in my parish, some women cover their hair with a veil-like material. I'm wondering why? I'm a convert to Catholicism. I know some Protestants like Pentecostals feel a woman should cover their hair in church. Why do some do it in Catholic churches?
  • Brett from Rochester, NY: Asking about intricacies of a Communion Service as opposed to a Mass - Can a lay person read the Gospel and give the Rite of Penance or does it have to be a deacon or priest?
  • Susan from W. Roxbury, MA: saw a billboard for radio station 1060 AM - Is there a regular rosary time on the radio. In regards to conversation about literal vs figurative interp. of Bible: She was educated by Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent dePaul and was always told not to attempt to interpret the Bible on own, but always to ask the Holy Spirit to help understand it.
  • Jason from Orlando: When we go to Adoration, how much talking vs. listening should we do?
  • Joe from Rochester: How does live, pray and stay faithful in a diocese which is filled with the spirit of rebellion and feministic theology
  • Ellen from Buffalo: If you go see the Holy Father (audience), you have to have your head covered - called a mantilla or chapel veil - can google it. Good news is that Father does not have to wear one. Blog called the Crestcap - a Catholic Mom with pics of her daughters wearing mantillas - very good links on that blog.
  • Alice from Batavia: Comment about mantillas - She remembers when she was in school - the Sister would hand everyone a tissue to put on her head.

January 22

  • Sarah from Richland, WA: Please pray for my fiance, Juan, who is stationed in NY as a medic in the Army – he recently found out that he has a mass believed to be a tumor in his head. He has been seizing and experiencing excruciating migraines, along with so much more. He is in the hospital at present and it is still unknown if the mass is malignant, due to the dangers (death) of the required tests. He is also experiencing a spiritual battle within himself, searching for answers.
  • Jason from Orlando: In a couple of hours, I will be leaving for Washington, DC, where I will be participating in the March for Life on Monday. Could you please pray for everyone participating in the March for Life, the West Coast Walk for Life, and other pro-life events going on all over the country this weekend, and for a greater awareness and respect for the sanctity of life?
  • John from Attoeboro, Southern MA:he used to listen to 590 AM & some don't seem too bad, Oliver Cromwell was being praised as a great man a holy man of God, but he knows some of the history of this man and some of the murders that he has had his hand in. John is very glad that CATHOLIC IS ON THE AIR today.
  • Christopher from Rochester: Fr. Marty, can you give an educational overview on "separation of church and state". Points that may be of interest:
1) Where it is found in the constitution if at all?
2) How our current political environment sometimes misinterprets it?
3) The original intent of Separation of Church and state by our founding fathers?
4) And finally, how did we go from our founding father's beliefs and interpretation to our current administration's interpretation?
  • Bob from Boston, NY: What is the point of the charism to be to speak in tongues?
  • Dennis from Buffalo: Did Martin Luther start the Lutheran religion? A friend of mine tried to say he didn't. I thought I read he was a Catholic monk he wasn't happy with the church and he listed his issues with the church and nailed it on a Catholic churches door ...on Oct 31 and I forget the year. And he proceed to form the Lutheran church, which is true if either?
  • Dennis from Buffalo: I hear that Mohammad is suppose to be a prophet is he in the bible and was he before or after Jesus?
  • Tommy from Buffalo - It is the Roundheads that Fr. Moleski is referring to. - He is correct.

January 14

  • Carlos from Melrose, MA: Father, as I try to develop a more consistent prayer life, I’m somewhat overwhelmed by all the choices – Vocal Prayers, Rosary, Liturgy of the Hours, Christian Meditation, prayers from the Saints, etc. – all of which are highly recommended ...in one way or another. On the other hand, I have only so much time as a husband, father, working professional, catechist, etc., and all of these prayers can take up a lot of time during the day if done correctly. Aside from the Mass, does the Church place more value over one type of prayer over another where I should focus on that type of prayer? How does one balance all their life commitments and prayer without feeling guilty that they may not be giving God enough time?
  • Scott from Rochester: Can people pre-select gospel readings for their funeral?
  • Scott from Rochester: Today's Gospel talks about how the paralytic's friends cut a hole in the roof and lowered him down to Jesus. How were the roofs made back then? Were they like today's?
Easily accessible?
"Stairs or a wooden ladder led up onto the roof, which was used as an outdoor room that was partly shaded by matting or a tent-like superstructure.
"The inside rooms tended to be small and dark, so the courtyard and the roof were important parts of the house, used for tasks that needed good light - such as spinning and weaving, and food preparation. The flat roof area might also be used for sleeping, or for drying food or textiles (see the story of Rahab the prostitute in Joshua 2:6). In the earlier period of Jewish history, it may also have been used for bathing - Bathsheba was probably bathing herself on the flat roof of her house when she was seen by King David (see the story of this famous act of voyeurism in 2 Samuel 11:2-4)."[2]
Branches? Woven branches and clay?
  • "Houses had an even roof made of branches. A ladder was put there to climb up onto the roof."[3]
  • "The size of the rooms was limited by the fact that rooms could only be as wide as the beams that supported the roof. Beams, usually wooden, reached from one wall to the other, and were covered with a mixture of woven branches and clay, which was smoothed with a stone roller."[4]
  • "Drystone basalt walls would have supported a roof of tree branches covered with straw and earth — a fairly flimsy construction easily breached to lower a paralysed man on a mat, as described in Mark 2:1-12."[5]
Mud and palm branches?
  • "Desperate friends tore off the mud-and-palm-leaf roof to lower a paralytic to Jesus' healing and forgiving attention."[6]
  • "The excavation concluded that the Church was built over a private home that dated from the early Roman period (63 B.C.--70 A.D.). The home was a cluster of small rooms around a central courtyard. Its walls were of local basalt field stones. Those stones would not have held a solid roof, so its roof was probably like the one at Qatsrin (see below), wood branches or logs with mud--easy for people to rip up and lower someone to Jesus. The place is not very different from other houses of the period."[7]
Stone or clay tiles?
  • "A first century home in Palestine had a flat roof composed of large stone tiles which were easy to remove and easy to replace. The tiles were sometimes covered with dirt or sod for insulation purposes. So there was no need to rip up shingles and saw through plywood and beams in order to make a sizable opening in the roof! God is certainly not teaching us from this portion of His Word that it's OK to break the law and destroy property as long as it's for the purpose of getting a person to Christ! The roof was not destroyed or damaged--only temporarily opened up. Remember also that a first century home had an outside staircase up to the flat roof. This enabled the four men to carry their paralytic friend and his bed up to the rooftop without spilling him and without employing an elaborate ladder or block and tackle system! The "bed," of course, was not a heavy inner spring mattress and frame but a lightweight pallet or mattress-like pad. Thus the hole in the roof was not gigantic in size! All of these basic background considerations preserve us from visualizing impossible situations and making wild applications."[8]
  • "'Through the tiles': Luke has adapted the story found in Mark to his non-Palestinian audience by changing 'opened up the roof' (Mark 2:4 a reference to Palestinian straw and clay roofs) to through the tiles, a detail that reflects the Hellenistic Greco-Roman house with tiled roof."[9]
  • Buddy from Athol (Ath-hall), Ma: Has a comment about the Beatification of JPII
  • Jason from Orlando: Good afternoon, Father, Gina, and listeners. Can you please discuss the possibility of people other than the Blessed Virgin Mary having been assumed body and soul into Heaven, and who some of these persons might be?
  • Jen from Buffalo: What is the significance of the statement made by the Vatican about Father Baker? What is it really saying/what does it really mean?
  • Dennis from Facebook: Father, I hear a lot about spiritual advisors. What are they and where do you get one from?
  • Brian from Buffalo: "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it" (Matt 16:18) Father, what is the Greek or Hebrew word for 'church' in this verse and what was the understanding of 'church' from the apostles. I know as 21st century Christians we know what 'church' means but what did it mean to the Apostles at the moment this was said?
  • Roy from Rochester: Is it possible that Jared Loughner could have been possessed by a demon that may have caused the Arizona shootings?

January 7

  • Christopher W. from e-mail:
1.) Why do bishops sometimes wear a red cassock under their vestments when they celebrate Mass?
  • "Cassock".
  • "[The cassock is a] floor-length garment worn by clergy. The Roman style has 33 buttons (representing Christ’s 33 years on Earth). It is black for priests, purple for bishops, red for cardinals, white for the pope. The purple cassock for bishops has red cuffs on the sleeves. It is known as the “choir cassock” and may be worn under the alb and on its own for special ceremonies when the bishop is not celebrating mass. Cardinals and bishops also have a 'house cassock' that is black with red or purple piping. The house cassock is worn for non-liturgical occasions."[10]
2.) Is it okay for a priest to tell someone who is struggling with their Catholic faith to take a "break" from practicing their faith?
  • Mark C. in Boston from e-mail: Does the Church have any official teaching on piercings, and if so are there any Old Testament antecedents for it?
  • Michael from Batavia: His daughter just informed him that she was gay and he would like advice on how to respond.
  • John from Olean: Has a question regarding St. Anselm in his treatment on the problem of evil, and how would he view natural disasters in light of that?
  • Kathleen from Youngstown: Kathleen is a social worker and finds herself counseling people on the possibly of divorce as a good thing for people who are in negative/abusive marriages. Is that OK?
  • Gabriel from East Amherst: What are father's thoughts about eulogies at Catholic funerals?
  • Jason from Orlando: Is Confession part of First Friday devotion?
  • Desiree from Hemet [Rhymes with Emmet], CA: In the chaplet of St. Michael, she wants to know if the reference to principalities has any relation to the reference in Ephesians.
  • Dave from Fairport, NY: A Church in the area took Christ off the Crucifix and they're hanging him from the ceiling. He wants to know if this is legitimate.

January 6

Tuesdays and Thursdays: "Passionate Polish Pastoral Apologetics."

  • Gina: Discussion of the Twelve Days of Christmas; the difference between the Western feast of Epiphany and the Eastern feast of Theophany (Baptism of the Lord).
  • Sal from Medford. He just discovered the station. He's going on a Cursillo retreat and wants to know what father's opinion is about that?
    • Cursillos de Cristiandad: "A short course in Christianity." Begun by Spanish laymen in 1944; first English Cursillo was given in 1961.
  • Jason from Orlando on the Internet: he read someplace that in the old days they used to celebrate the nativity, the three kings, and the baptism of Our Lord all in one day. What does father say about that?
  • Gary from WQOM, New Bedford, MA.: When a priest is being ordained he receives the gift of the Spirit, so what does a deacon receive?
  • Amy from Buffalo: The sign between the initials for the three Kings is not plusses ++ but the sign of Cross.
  • Pauline from Tonawanda: Father was talking about the 12 days of christmas as if it is a secular song but actually its history is rooted about a time in the king henry the 8th reign when he outlawed Catholicism. The jesuit priests came up with the words as a sort of code to other believers.
  • Lorraine from Westford, MA, WQOM. The bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit, but is it strictly written by males only?
  • Eddie from Rochester, 1460AM: Fr. was talking about Matthew's gospel, that there is no trace of the Aramaic original. At a Conference about Origins of the Gospel, they said there was a piece written in Aramaic in the British Museum in London.