Sons and Daughters of the Father

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Flight from Woman by Karl Stern.

Hatred of sexual differentiation.

Hatred of paternal authority.

Hatred of genetic or biological determination.

Confusion of determination with determinism?

The Father is the only person who is His own origin. All other persons, divine, angelic, human, and (possibly) extra-terrestrial receive their personal identity from the Father. "One God and Father over all."

"Call no man father."

The Church is a patriarchy because of the all-male hierarchy.

Jesus is the Bridegroom; the Church is His Bride. We are all feminine with respect to His masculinity.

Women, by nature, teach receptivity (wu wei).

Information is useless against resentment.

We need to be converted in order to be healed.

"God became man so that man could become God."

The argument about gender-inclusive language is an argument about revelation and faith. We cannot inform people who do not share the Catholic standpoint.

It is a mistake to work on interior decorating when the foundations are crumbling. First things first!

Don't gripe about the sins of others--not of our enemies and not of our sluggish priests. "Be a saint" (Kreeft).