Me, Myself, and I        

This whole website is about me and my hobbies, and yet there are a few extra things that just don't fit into any other categories.

"Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!"

History of my Canisius College home page

I expect that the College will discard my pages Any Day Now. I retired in 2019 and am editing this page in 2021. It shows that I have been learning HTML for 25 years. They passed swiftly, and I'm not likely to have another 25 years to truly master the medium.

Seventh edition: April 18, 2006. Major makeover. Still working with Dreamweaver. I've learned some CSS and am now using a template to give every page a navigation bar and a similar look.

Sixth edition: December 11, 2002. I'm pretty good with Dreamweaver now. No reason why I shouldn't work harder at keeping this page fresh. :o(

Fifth edition: August 28, 2002. I've purchased a copy of Dreamweaver and have been using it for a year or more on my RC pages.

Fourth edition: February 14, 2000.  I'm still using Netscape Composer, now version 4.7.  I'm slowly getting a little more confident with the whole business of creating web pages and publishing them to my Canisius account.  This edition was necessitated by Bill Fulmer not being able to see the Netscape graphic that I had intended to place here.  We'll see if this works for him now.

Third edition: This is a test of Netscape Composer 4.5. I hate it when computers make me do their work.  It looks like Netscape works fine, although it took me several tries to figure out how it wanted the upload directory to be described.  Whew!

Second edition: I used the two-week evaluation copy of Hot Dog Pro to start updating my homepage after more than a year of not touching it. I wasn't satisfied with the remote upload capabilities of that version--it kept forgetting my password!--so I finished the second revision with Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 (March 21, 1997).

 First edition: This page was created with the Hot Dog Pro Web Page Editor on February 18, 1996.