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comp.admin.policyDiscussions of site administration policies.
comp.aiArtificial Intelligence. (Moderated) about artificial life. document understanding technologies. research, algorithms and software. of Artificial Intelligence to Education. set theory, aka fuzzy logic. intelligence in games and game-playing. algorithms in computing. language processing by computers. aspects of neural networks. aspects of Artificial Intelligence. systems and other artificial intelligence shells. Intelligence Vision Research. (Moderated)
comp.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
comp.apps.spreadsheetsSpreadsheets on various platforms.
comp.archComputer architecture.
comp.arch.arithmeticImplementing arithmetic on computers/digital systems.
comp.arch.bus.vmebusHardware and software for VMEbus Systems.
comp.arch.embeddedEmbedded computer systems topics.
comp.arch.fpgaField Programmable Gate Array based computing systems.
comp.arch.hobbyistHomebrew digital electronics design. (Moderated)
comp.arch.storageStorage system issues, both hardware and software.
comp.archives.adminIssues relating to computer archive administration. Microsoft Windows archives.
comp.archives.msdos.dDiscussion of materials available in MSDOS archives.
comp.bbs.majorbbsSupport & discussion of The Major BBS from Galacticomm.
comp.bbs.miscAll aspects of computer bulletin board systems.
comp.bbs.tbbsThe Bread Board System bulletin board software.
comp.bbs.tsxTSX BBS discussions.
comp.bbs.waffleThe Waffle BBS and USENET system on all platforms.
comp.benchmarksDiscussion of benchmarking techniques and results.
comp.binaries.cbmFor the transfer of 8bit Commodore binaries. (Moderated)
comp.bugs.2bsdReports of UNIX* version 2BSD related bugs.
comp.bugs.4bsdReports of UNIX version 4BSD related bugs.
comp.bugs.miscGeneral UNIX bug reports and fixes (incl V7, uucp).
comp.bugs.sys5Reports of USG (System III, V, etc.) bugs.
comp.cad.autocadAutoDesk's AutoCAD software.
comp.cad.cadenceUsers of Cadence Design Systems products.
comp.cad.compassCompass Design Automation EDA tools.
comp.cad.i-deasSDRC I-DEAS Masters Series software.
comp.cad.microstationMicroStation CAD software and related products.
comp.cad.microstation.programmerDeveloping software in Microstation CAD. Technology's Pro/Engineer design package.
comp.cad.solidworksSolidWorks newsgroup.
comp.cad.synthesisResearch and production in the field of logic synthesis.
comp.client-serverTopics relating to client/server technology.
comp.cog-engCognitive engineering.
comp.compilersCompiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated)
comp.compilers.lccThe lcc C Compiler and related topics. Java Compiler Compiler and related topics. of compilers and tools with PCCTS.
comp.compressionData compression algorithms and theory.
comp.compression.researchDiscussions about data compression research. (Moderated)
comp.constraintsConstraint processing and related topics. data as a corporate asset: stds & methds.
comp.databasesDatabase and data management issues and theory.
comp.databases.adabasADABAS Database topics in general.
comp.databases.berkeley-dbThe Berkeley DB libraries.
comp.databases.btrievePervasive Software client/server development.
comp.databases.filemakerTechnical discussions about FileMaker.
comp.databases.guptaGupta SQLWindows client-server development. resolution with DB2 database products.
comp.databases.informixInformix database management software discussions.
comp.databases.ingresIssues relating to INGRES products. Windows' relational database system, Access.'s SQL Server and related products.
comp.databases.mysqlMySQL RDBMS technical discussions.
comp.databases.objectObject-oriented paradigms in database systems.
comp.databases.olapAnalytical Processing, Multidimensional DBMS, EIS, DSS. jobs, etc. related topics. database administration/server topics. software tools/applications.
comp.databases.paradoxBorland's database for DOS & MS Windows.
comp.databases.pickPick-like, post-relational, database systems.
comp.databases.postgresqlPGSQL Relational Database Management System.
comp.databases.progressThe Progress 4GL & RDBMS.
comp.databases.rdbThe relational database engine RDB from DEC.
comp.databases.revelationAll products produced by Revelation Software.
comp.databases.sybaseImplementations of the SQL Server.
comp.databases.theoryDiscussing advances in database technology.
comp.databases.visual-dbaseDatabase discussions using Visual dBASE.
comp.databases.xbase.codebaseCodeBase and its related products.
comp.databases.xbase.foxFox Software's xBase system and compatibles.
comp.databases.xbase.miscDiscussion of xBase (dBASE-like) products.
comp.dcom.cablingCabling selection, installation and use.
comp.dcom.cell-relayForum for discussion of Cell Relay-based products.
comp.dcom.faxFax hardware, software, and protocols.
comp.dcom.frame-relayTechnology and issues regarding frame relay networks.
comp.dcom.isdnThe Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).
comp.dcom.isdn.capiCAPI - the Common ISDN Application Interface.
comp.dcom.lans.ethernetDiscussions of the Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 protocols.
comp.dcom.lans.fddiDiscussions of the FDDI protocol suite.
comp.dcom.lans.miscLocal area network hardware and software.
comp.dcom.lans.token-ringInstalling and using token ring networks.
comp.dcom.modemsData communications hardware and software.
comp.dcom.modems.cableCable modems and internet access via cable tv. Testing and Analysis Procedures and Results. management methods and applications.
comp.dcom.sdh-sonetDiscuss the SDH and SONET technology.
comp.dcom.serversSelecting and operating data communications servers.
comp.dcom.sys.bay-networksBay Networks hardware, software, other products.
comp.dcom.sys.ciscoInfo on Cisco routers and bridges.
comp.dcom.sys.nortelNortel telecommunications products and systems.
comp.dcom.telecomTelecommunications digest. (Moderated)
comp.dcom.telecom.techDiscussion of technical aspects of telephony.
comp.dcom.videoconfVideo conference technology and applications.
comp.dcom.voice-over-ipVoice Over IP technology.
comp.dcom.vpnVirtual Private Network Technology.
comp.dcom.wanAll topics concerned with wide area networking.
comp.dcom.xdslDiscussion area for different DSL technologies.
comp.distributedDistributed Resource Sharing and Applications.
comp.doc.managementDocument Management technologies.
comp.doc.techreportsLists of technical reports. (Moderated)
comp.dspDigital Signal Processing using computers.
comp.editorsTopics related to computerized text editing.
comp.eduComputer science education. assisted languages instruction issues.
comp.emacsEMACS editors of different flavors.
comp.emacs.xemacsBug reports, questions and answers about XEmacs.
comp.emulators.apple2Emulators of Apple // systems.
comp.emulators.cbmEmulators of C-64, C-128, PET, and VIC-20 systems.
comp.emulators.freemwareOpen source PC Virtualisation software. of game console systems.
comp.emulators.mac.executorARDI's Mac emulator, Executor.
comp.emulators.miscEmulators of miscellaneous computer systems. free MS-Windows emulator under X.
comp.file-sharing.bittorrentDistributed file sharing on Bittorrent protocol.
comp.fontsTypefonts -- design, conversion, use, etc. use of visual art in games., sound, speech production. gameplay and rules systems. news, project management, jobs. algorithms for games. info on programming games. used in producing computer graphics. aspects of computer animation. 3D graphics in Inventor. Programmer Interface issues, methods. OpenGL 3D application programming interface. PEXlib application programming interface. graphics software from Alias Research. Application Visualization System. modeling, animation and raytracing package. graphics software applications.'s Visualization Data Explorer (DX)., answers, tips and suggestions. GNU Image Manipulation Program. gnuplot interactive function plotter. IRIS Explorer, aka MVE.'s Lightwave3D & related topics., answers, tips and suggestions. Shop Pro in general. Photoshop techniques & help. applications and products. graphics software products. software products, problems, etc. graphics miscellany.'s 3D Studio software. comparisons, approaches, methods. software, tools and methods. interface & shading language. on scientific visualization.
comp.groupwareSoftware & hardware for shared interactive environments.
comp.groupware.groupwiseNovell's Groupwise product (Wordperfect Office).
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.adminLotus Notes system administration.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.appsApplication software for Lotus Notes.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.miscLotus Notes related discussions.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.programmerProgramming for Lotus Notes.
comp.home.automationHome automation devices, setup, sources, etc.
comp.human-factorsIssues related to human-computer interaction (HCI).
comp.infosystemsAny discussion about information systems.
comp.infosystems.gisAll aspects of Geographic Information Systems.
comp.infosystems.gopherDiscussion of the Gopher information service.
comp.infosystems.harvestHarvest information discovery and access system.
comp.infosystems.hypergThe Hyper-G network hypermedia system and applications.
comp.infosystems.interpediaThe Internet Encyclopedia.
comp.infosystems.intranetIntranet topics.
comp.infosystems.kiosksInformational and transactional kiosks. (Moderated)
comp.infosystems.searchAll aspects of search technology.
comp.infosystems.waisThe Z39.50-based WAIS full-text search system.
comp.infosystems.www.advocacyComments and arguments over the best and worst.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.htmlWriting HTML for the Web.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.imagesUsing images, imagemaps on the Web.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.miscMiscellaneous Web authoring issues. site design philosophy.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheetsLayout/presentation on the WWW.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.toolsPrograms to help authoring Websites.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.macWeb browsers for the Macintosh platform.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.miscWeb browsers for other platforms. browsers for MS Windows.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.xWeb browsers for the X-Window system.
comp.infosystems.www.databasesWeb Database Integration.
comp.infosystems.www.miscMiscellaneous World Wide Web discussion.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.macWeb servers for the Macintosh platform.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.miscWeb servers for other platforms. servers for MS Windows and NT.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.unixWeb servers for UNIX platforms.
comp.internet.libraryDiscussing electronic libraries. (Moderated) blogging service and software., Gmail, Groups, Maps, Picasa, etc. social networking. video for the masses., such as Wikipedia.
comp.ivideodiscInteractive videodiscs -- uses, potential, etc.
comp.lang.adaDiscussion about Ada*.
comp.lang.aplDiscussion about APL.
comp.lang.asm.x86Bulletin Board and Q&A for x86 assembly language topics. (Moderated)
comp.lang.asm370Programming in IBM System/370 Assembly Language.
comp.lang.awkThe AWK programming language.
comp.lang.basic.miscOther dialects and aspects of BASIC.
comp.lang.basic.powerbasicPowerBasic Inc. programming languages.
comp.lang.basic.realbasicREALBasic programming discussion.
comp.lang.basic.visual.3rdpartyAdd-ins for Visual Basic.
comp.lang.basic.visual.databaseDatabase aspects of Visual Basic.
comp.lang.basic.visual.miscVisual Basic in general.
comp.lang.betaThe object-oriented programming language BETA.
comp.lang.cDiscussion about C.
comp.lang.c++The object-oriented C++ language.
comp.lang.c++.ledaAll aspects of the LEDA library.
comp.lang.c++.miscDevelopment in C++, libraries, cross and single targets
comp.lang.c++.moderatedTechnical discussion of the C++ language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.c.moderatedThe C programming language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.clarionTechnical discussion of Clarion programming.
comp.lang.clipperClipper and Visual Objects programming languages.
comp.lang.clipper.visual-objectsCA-Visual Objects developer system.
comp.lang.closCommon Lisp Object System discussions.
comp.lang.cobolThe COBOL language and software.
comp.lang.dylanFor discussion of the Dylan language.
comp.lang.eiffelThe object-oriented Eiffel language.
comp.lang.forthDiscussion about Forth.
comp.lang.forth.macThe CSI MacForth programming environment.
comp.lang.fortranDiscussion about FORTRAN.
comp.lang.functionalDiscussion about functional languages.
comp.lang.haskellPolymorphically-typed lazy purely-functional programming.
comp.lang.hermesThe Hermes language for distributed applications.
comp.lang.iconTopics related to the ICON programming language.
comp.lang.idlIDL (Interface Description Language) related topics.
comp.lang.idl-pvwaveIDL and PV-Wave language discussions. Graphics API's for the Java language. for and criticism of the Java System. software components (JavaBeans). relating to Java and CORBA., java.sql, JDBC, ODBC. toolkits and windowing: AWT, IFC etc. problems, catch-all first aid., native methods, hardware. in the Java language. issues raised by Java., browsers, compilers, other tools.
comp.lang.javascriptNetscape Communications Corp.'s JavaScript language.
comp.lang.labviewLabview Software Discussion Group.
comp.lang.limboThe Inferno OS's Limbo programming language.
comp.lang.lispDiscussion about LISP.
comp.lang.lisp.mclDiscussing Apple's Macintosh Common Lisp.
comp.lang.logoThe Logo teaching and learning language.
comp.lang.miscDifferent computer languages not specifically listed.
comp.lang.mlML languages including Standard ML, CAML, Lazy ML, etc. (Moderated)
comp.lang.modula2Discussion about Modula-2.
comp.lang.modula3Discussion about the Modula-3 language.
comp.lang.mumpsThe M (MUMPS) language & technology, in general.
comp.lang.oberonThe Oberon language and system.
comp.lang.objective-cThe Objective-C language and environment.
comp.lang.pascal.ansi-isoPascal according to ANSI and ISO standards.
comp.lang.pascal.borlandBorland's Pascal.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.advocacyContentious issues related to Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.miscGeneral component issues.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.usageUsing pre-written components.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.writingWriting Delphi components.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.databasesDatabase aspects of Borland Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.miscGeneral issues with Borland Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.macMacintosh based Pascals.
comp.lang.pascal.miscPascal in general and ungrouped Pascals.
comp.lang.perl.announceAnnouncements about Perl. (Moderated)
comp.lang.perl.miscThe Perl language in general.
comp.lang.perl.moderatedPerl language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.perl.modulesUse and development of Perl modules.
comp.lang.perl.tkUsing Tk (and X) from Perl.
comp.lang.phpPHP, server side scripting.
comp.lang.pl1PL/I language discussions.
comp.lang.popPop11 and the Plug user group.
comp.lang.postscriptThe PostScript Page Description Language.
comp.lang.prologDiscussion about PROLOG.
comp.lang.pythonThe Python computer language.
comp.lang.python.announceAnnouncements about the Python language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.rexxThe REXX command language.
comp.lang.rubyThe Ruby dynamic OO programming language.
comp.lang.satherThe object-oriented computer language Sather.
comp.lang.schemeThe Scheme Programming language.
comp.lang.scheme.scshSCSH - the Scheme Shell.
comp.lang.smalltalkDiscussion about Smalltalk 80.
comp.lang.smalltalk.advocacyDiscussion of Smalltalk Language pros/cons.
comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphinThe Dolphin variant of the Smalltalk language.
comp.lang.tclThe Tcl programming language and related tools.
comp.lang.verilogDiscussing Verilog and PLI.
comp.lang.vhdlVHSIC Hardware Description Language, IEEE 1076/87.
comp.lang.vrmlVirtual Reality Modeling Language discussion.
comp.lang.xharbourxHarbour programming, Clipper, and xBase.
comp.lsiLarge scale integrated circuits.
comp.lsi.cadElectrical Computer Aided Design.
comp.lsi.testingTesting of electronic circuits.
comp.mail.elmDiscussion and fixes for the ELM mail system.
comp.mail.eudora.macEudora email software for Macintosh. email software for MS Windows.
comp.mail.headersGatewayed from the Internet header-people list.
comp.mail.imapDiscussion of IMAP-based mail systems.
comp.mail.list-admin.policyPolicy issues in running mailing lists.
comp.mail.list-admin.softwareSoftware used in the running of mailing lists.
comp.mail.mhThe UCI version of the Rand Message Handling system.
comp.mail.mimeMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions of RFC 1341.
comp.mail.miscGeneral discussions about computer mail.
comp.mail.mushThe Mail User's Shell (MUSH).
comp.mail.muttThe Mutt E-Mail Client.
comp.mail.pegasus-mail.miscPegasus Mail for DOS and Macs, and Mercury Mail. of Pegasus Mail for Windows.
comp.mail.pineThe PINE mail user agent.
comp.mail.sendmailConfiguring and using the BSD sendmail agent.
comp.mail.smailAdministering & using the smail email transport system.
comp.mail.uucpMail in the uucp network environment.
comp.mail.zmailThe various Z-Mail products and their configurability.
comp.miscGeneral topics about computers not covered elsewhere. tablet PC running iPhone OS.
comp.multimediaInteractive multimedia technologies of all kinds. as components in MIDI music systems. use of computers in music. use of Computers in Music Research and Composition. (Moderated)
comp.newprodAnnouncements of new products of interest. (Moderated)
comp.objectObject-oriented programming and languages.
comp.object.corbaOMG CORBA standard.
comp.object.logicIntegrating object-oriented and logic programming. about the Association for Computing Machinery. Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail. (Moderated) of computing and social responsibility. Equipment Computer Users' Society newsgroup. of EFF goals, strategies, etc. and announcements about the IEEE & its members. International Student Society for Neural Networks. of Lisp Users related discussions. about/for the The Sun User's Group. Association activities. Association events and announcements. lodging during Usenix conferences. of Personal Computer User Groups. a user group. for user group meetings and events. group discussions in general. group newsletter Production.
comp.os.aosTopics related to Data General's AOS/VS.
comp.os.chorusCHORUS microkernel issues, research and developments.
comp.os.coherentDiscussion and support of the Coherent operating system.
comp.os.cpmDiscussion about the CP/M operating system.
comp.os.geos.miscGEOS O/S by Geoworks in general.
comp.os.geos.programmerGEOS O/S Programming in general.
comp.os.infernoThe Inferno network operating system from Lucent.
comp.os.lantasticThe LANtastic network operating system.
comp.os.linux.advocacyBenefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.
comp.os.linux.alphaLinux on Digital Alpha machines.
comp.os.linux.announceAnnouncements important to the Linux community. (Moderated)
comp.os.linux.answersFAQs, How-To's, READMEs, etc. about Linux. (Moderated)
comp.os.linux.development.appsWriting Linux applications, porting to Linux.
comp.os.linux.development.systemLinux kernels, device drivers, modules.
comp.os.linux.embeddedLinux operating system on embedded hardware.
comp.os.linux.hardwareHardware compatibility with the Linux operating system.
comp.os.linux.m68kLinux operating system on 680x0 Amiga, Atari, VME.
comp.os.linux.miscLinux-specific topics not covered by other groups.
comp.os.linux.networkingNetworking and communications under Linux.
comp.os.linux.portableLinux OS on portable PCs.
comp.os.linux.powerpcLinux systems running on PowerPC microprocessors.
comp.os.linux.securitySecurity and the GNU/Linux Operating System.
comp.os.linux.setupLinux installation and system administration.
comp.os.linux.xLinux X Window System servers, clients, libs and fonts.
comp.os.linux.xboxLinux on Xbox.
comp.os.lynxDiscussion of LynxOS and Lynx Real-Time Systems.
comp.os.machThe MACH OS from CMU & other places.
comp.os.magic-capEverything about General Magic's Magic Cap OS.
comp.os.minixDiscussion of Tanenbaum's MINIX system.
comp.os.miscGeneral OS-oriented discussion not carried elsewhere. and debate about Microsoft Windows. communication applications. DOS&Win3 apps in Win95. financial & tax software. applications. programs for Win3.x. programs for Win95. email applications. Winsock applications. news applications. word-processing applications. Windows CE operating system. discussions about Windows issues. and other networks. RAS networking. and TCP/IP networking. to Novell, TCP/IP, other nets.' built-in networking. NT system administration. NT network administration. NT Security topics. NT advocacy arguments. discussion about Windows NT. and beta Windows NT versions. NT hardware setup. NT software setup. NT BackOffice. NT software compatibility. NT system services software. versions of Windows., dialogs and VBXs., graphics and printing. management issues. Microsoft Windows. programming. programming. NT driver development., COM and DDE programming. development for Windows. Development tools. development for Windows. programming. VxD and driver development. Windows programming interfaces. Viewer development., hardware, and driver issues in Win3.x., hardware, and driver issues in Win95. adapters and drivers for Windows. Topics about Windows 95. and Configuration of Windows 95.
comp.os.msdos.4dosThe 4DOS command processor for MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.appsDiscussion of applications that run under MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.desqviewQuarterDeck's Desqview and related products.
comp.os.msdos.djgppDOS GNU C/C++ applications and programming environment.
comp.os.msdos.mail-newsAdministering mail & network news systems under MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.miscMiscellaneous topics about MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.programmerProgramming MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovisionBorland's text application libraries.
comp.os.netware.connectivityConnectivity products (TCP/IP, SAA, NFS, MAC).
comp.os.netware.miscGeneral Netware topics.
comp.os.netware.securityNetware Security issues.
comp.os.os2.advocacySupporting and flaming OS/2.
comp.os.os2.announceNotable news and announcements related to OS/2. (Moderated)
comp.os.os2.appsDiscussions of applications under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.betaAll aspects of beta releases of OS/2 systems software.
comp.os.os2.bugsOS/2 system bug reports, fixes and work-arounds.
comp.os.os2.commModem/Fax hardware/drivers/apps/utils under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.ecomstationSerenity Systems operating system eComStation.
comp.os.os2.gamesRunning games under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.mail-newsMail and news apps/utils (on- & offline) under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.marketplaceForsale/wanted; shopping; commercial ads; job postings.
comp.os.os2.miscMiscellaneous topics about the OS/2 system.
comp.os.os2.multimediaMulti-media on OS/2 systems.
comp.os.os2.networking.miscMiscellaneous networking issues of OS/2.
comp.os.os2.networking.serverAdministration of NetWare, Warp Server, etc.
comp.os.os2.networking.tcp-ipTCP/IP under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.networking.wwwWorld Wide Web (WWW) apps/utils under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.programmer.miscProgramming OS/2 machines.
comp.os.os2.programmer.oopProgramming system objects (SOM, WPS, etc).
comp.os.os2.programmer.portingPorting software to OS/2 machines.
comp.os.os2.programmer.toolsCompilers, assemblers, interpreters under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.scitechReal-time, engineering/CAD, sciences, etc.
comp.os.os2.setup.miscInstalling/configuring OS/2; misc. hardware/drivers.
comp.os.os2.setup.storageDisk/Tape/CD-ROM hardware/drivers under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.setup.videoBase video hardware/drivers under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.utilitiesGeneral purpose utils (shells/backup/compression/etc).
comp.os.os9Microware's OS-9 real-time operating system.
comp.os.parixForum for users of the parallel operating system PARIX.
comp.os.plan9Plan 9 from Bell Labs. (Moderated)
comp.os.psosThe realtime operating system pSOS+.
comp.os.qnxUsing and developing under the QNX operating system.
comp.os.researchOperating systems and related areas. (Moderated)
comp.os.rstsTopics related to the PDP-11 RSTS/E operating system.
comp.os.vmsDEC's VAX* line of computers & VMS.
comp.os.vxworksThe VxWorks real-time operating system.
comp.os.xinuThe XINU operating system from Purdue (D. Comer).
comp.parallelMassively parallel hardware/software. (Moderated)
comp.parallel.mpiMessage Passing Interface (MPI).
comp.parallel.pvmThe PVM system of multi-computer parallelization.
comp.periphsPeripheral devices.
comp.periphs.printersInformation on printers.
comp.periphs.scannersTechnical discussion of scanners and imaging devices.
comp.periphs.scsiDiscussion of SCSI-based peripheral devices.
comp.programmingProgramming issues that transcend languages and OSs.
comp.programming.contestsAnnouncements & results of programming contests.
comp.programming.literateLiterate programming and LP tools. (Moderated)
comp.programming.threadsAll issues about multithreaded programming.
comp.protocols.appletalkApplebus hardware & software.
comp.protocols.dicomDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.
comp.protocols.dns.bindBerkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND). (Moderated)
comp.protocols.ibmNetworking with IBM mainframes.
comp.protocols.isoThe ISO protocol stack.
comp.protocols.kerberosThe Kerberos authentication server.
comp.protocols.kermit.miscKermit protocol and software.
comp.protocols.miscVarious forms and types of protocol.
comp.protocols.nfsDiscussion about the Network File System protocol.
comp.protocols.pppDiscussion of the Internet Point to Point Protocol.
comp.protocols.smbSMB file sharing protocol and Samba SMB server/client.
comp.protocols.snmpThe Simple Network Management Protocol.
comp.protocols.tcp-ipTCP and IP network protocols.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domainsTopics related to Domain Style names.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpcTCP/IP for IBM(-like) personal computers.
comp.protocols.time.ntpThe network time protocol.
comp.publish.cdrom.hardwareHardware used in publishing with CD-ROM.
comp.publish.cdrom.multimediaSoftware for multimedia authoring & publishing.
comp.publish.cdrom.softwareSoftware used in publishing with CD-ROM.
comp.publish.electronic.developerElectronic publishing developer tools.
comp.publish.electronic.end-userElectronic publishing end-user tools.
comp.publish.electronic.miscGeneral electronic publishing issues.
comp.publish.prepressElectronic prepress.
comp.realtimeIssues related to real-time computing.
comp.risksRisks to the public from computers & users. (Moderated)
comp.robotics.miscAll aspects of robots and their applications.
comp.robotics.researchAcademic, government & industry research in robotics. (Moderated) from the CERT about security. (Moderated) pertaining to network firewall security. Security Service Application Program Interface. issues of computers and networks. PGP versions, utils and such. (Moderated) and its implications. related resources, information and more. of PGP, bug reports and help. signing, encryption and decryption using PGP. secure remote login and tunneling tools. of Unix security.
comp.simulationSimulation methods, problems, uses. (Moderated)
comp.societyThe impact of technology on society.
comp.society.developmentComputer technology in developing countries.
comp.society.futuresEvents in technology affecting future computing.
comp.soft-sys.aceACE programming, porting, and systems.'s visual development environment. Development. of Forte development software. Client/Server App Development. forum on SAP software.
comp.soft-sys.dceThe Distributed Computing Environment (DCE).
comp.soft-sys.gis.esriESRI GIS software and system implementation.
comp.soft-sys.khorosThe Khoros X11 visualization system.
comp.soft-sys.math.mapleMaple computer mathematics discussion group.
comp.soft-sys.math.mathematicaMathematica discussion group. (Moderated)
comp.soft-sys.math.scilabScientific software package Scilab.
comp.soft-sys.matlabThe MathWorks calculation and visualization package.
comp.soft-sys.middleware.opendocOpenDoc and its related technologies.
comp.soft-sys.octaveGNU Octave, language for numerical computations.
comp.soft-sys.powerbuilderApplication development tools from PowerSoft.
comp.soft-sys.ptolemyThe Ptolemy simulation/code generation environment.
comp.soft-sys.sasThe SAS statistics package.
comp.soft-sys.shazamThe SHAZAM econometrics computer program.
comp.soft-sys.stat.spssThe statistical program package SPSS.
comp.soft-sys.stat.systatThe statistical program package SYSTAT.
comp.soft-sys.wxwindowsDiscussions related to wxWindows framework. Engineering and related topics. script software. (Moderated) management, tools and procedures. Programming discussions., using, & writing non-English software. licensing technology. of software metrics., organizational and other software patterns. announcements. (Moderated) of shareware. (Moderated) aspects of testing computer systems. 2000 compliance: projects and issues.
comp.sources.bugsBug reports, fixes, discussion for posted sources.
comp.sources.dFor any discussion of source postings.
comp.sources.gamesPostings of recreational software. (Moderated) reports and fixes for posted game software.
comp.sources.testersFinding people to test software.
comp.sources.wantedRequests for software and fixes.
comp.specification.larchLarch family of formal specification languages.
comp.specification.miscFormal specification methods in general.
comp.specification.zDiscussion about the formal specification notation Z.
comp.speech.researchSpeech technology research issues.
comp.speech.usersIssues related with using current speech technology.
comp.std.announceAnnouncements about standards activities. (Moderated)
comp.std.cDiscussion about C language standards.
comp.std.c++Discussion about C++ language, library, standards. (Moderated)
comp.std.internatDiscussion about international standards.
comp.std.miscDiscussion about various standards.
comp.sw.componentsSoftware components and related technology.
comp.sys.3b1Discussion and support of AT&T 7300/3B1/UnixPC.
comp.sys.acorn.advocacyWhy Acorn computers and programs are better.
comp.sys.acorn.announceAnnouncements for Acorn and ARM users. (Moderated)
comp.sys.acorn.appsAcorn software applications.
comp.sys.acorn.extra-cpuExtra CPUs in Acorn computers.
comp.sys.acorn.gamesDiscussion of games for Acorn machines.
comp.sys.acorn.hardwareAcorn hardware.
comp.sys.acorn.miscAcorn computing in general.
comp.sys.acorn.networkingNetworking of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.acorn.programmerProgramming of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.alliantInfo and discussion about Alliant computers.
comp.sys.amiga.advocacyWhy an Amiga is better than XYZ.
comp.sys.amiga.announceAnnouncements about the Amiga. (Moderated)
comp.sys.amiga.applicationsMiscellaneous applications.
comp.sys.amiga.audioMusic, MIDI, speech synthesis, other sounds.
comp.sys.amiga.cd32Technical and computing talk for Commodore Amiga CD32.
comp.sys.amiga.datacommMethods of getting bytes in and out.
comp.sys.amiga.emulationsVarious hardware & software emulators.
comp.sys.amiga.gamesDiscussion of games for the Commodore Amiga.
comp.sys.amiga.graphicsCharts, graphs, pictures, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.hardwareAmiga computer hardware, Q&A, reviews, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.introductionGroup for newcomers to Amigas.
comp.sys.amiga.marketplaceWhere to find it, prices, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.miscDiscussions not falling in another Amiga group.
comp.sys.amiga.morphosAll about Amiga-compatible MorphOS.
comp.sys.amiga.multimediaAnimations, video, & multimedia.
comp.sys.amiga.networkingAmiga networking software/hardware.
comp.sys.amiga.programmerDevelopers & hobbyists discuss code.
comp.sys.amiga.uucpAmiga UUCP packages.
comp.sys.amstrad.8bitAmstrad CPC/PcW/GX4000 software/hardware.
comp.sys.apolloApollo computer systems.
comp.sys.apple2Discussion about Apple II micros.
comp.sys.apple2.commApple II data communications.
comp.sys.apple2.gnoThe AppleIIgs GNO multitasking environment.
comp.sys.apple2.marketplaceBuying, selling and trading Apple II equipment.
comp.sys.apple2.programmerProgramming on the Apple II.
comp.sys.apple2.usergroupsAll about Apple II user groups.
comp.sys.armThe ARM processor architecture and support chips.
comp.sys.atari.8bitDiscussion about 8 bit Atari micros.
comp.sys.atari.advocacyAttacking and defending Atari computers.
comp.sys.atari.announceAtari related hard/software announcements. (Moderated)
comp.sys.atari.programmerProgramming on the Atari computer.
comp.sys.atari.stDiscussion about 16 bit Atari micros. discussions of Atari ST hard/software.
comp.sys.attDiscussions about AT&T microcomputers. BeOS is better/worse than XYZ. getting your Be{Box,OS} working. BeOS/BeBox related topics. related to BeOS programming.
comp.sys.cbmDiscussion about Commodore micros.
comp.sys.cdcControl Data Corporation Computers (e.g., Cybers).
comp.sys.convexConvex computer systems hardware and software.
comp.sys.decDiscussions about DEC computer systems.
comp.sys.dec.microDEC Micros (Rainbow, Professional 350/380).
comp.sys.encoreEncore's MultiMax computers.
comp.sys.handheldsHandheld computers and programmable calculators.
comp.sys.harrisHarris computer systems, especially real-time systems.
comp.sys.hp.appsDiscussion of software and apps on all HP platforms.
comp.sys.hp.hardwareDiscussion of Hewlett Packard system hardware.
comp.sys.hp.hpuxIssues pertaining to HP-UX & 9000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp.miscIssues not covered in any other comp.sys.hp.* group.
comp.sys.hp.mpeIssues pertaining to MPE & 3000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp48Hewlett-Packard's HP48 and HP28 calculators. AS/400 miscellaneous topics. "classic" IBM PC and compatibles of the 1980s. programs which showcase programmer skill. games on PCs. (non-rpg) games on PCs. for all PC gamers. (Moderated) simulators on PCs. clone games wanted and for sale. not covered by other PC groups. computer games devoted to naval warfare. games on the PC. space flight simulation games. of sports games for the IBM PC. games on PCs. based on historical conflicts. drives and interfaces for the PC., cache, memory chips, etc. & communication cards for the PC. PC hardware topics. hardware & equipment for the PC. drives & other PC storage devices. IBM PC computer & clone systems. cards & monitors for the PC. about IBM personal computers. related to IBM's RT computer. for a particular soundcard. about using soundcards with games. in general. and sound questions using soundcards. questions about pc soundcards. hardware, any vendor. System/34, System/36, System/38 diverse topics.
comp.sys.intelDiscussions about Intel systems and parts.
comp.sys.intergraphIntergraph hardware and software products.
comp.sys.isisThe ISIS distributed system from Cornell.
comp.sys.laptopsLaptop (portable) computers.
comp.sys.laptops.thinkpadIBM/Lenovo line of laptop computers.
comp.sys.m6809Discussion about 6809's.
comp.sys.m68kDiscussion about 68k's.
comp.sys.m88kDiscussion about 88k-based computers.
comp.sys.mac.advocacyThe Macintosh computer family compared to others.
comp.sys.mac.appsDiscussions of Macintosh applications.
comp.sys.mac.commDiscussion of Macintosh communications.
comp.sys.mac.databasesDatabase systems for the Apple Macintosh. games for the Macintosh. games for the Macintosh. simulator gameplay on the Mac. games for sale and trade. games not covered in other groups. games on the Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.graphicsMacintosh graphics: paint, draw, 3D, CAD, animation.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.miscGeneral Mac hardware topics not already covered.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.storageAll forms of Mac storage hardware and media.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.videoVideo input and output hardware on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.hypercardThe Macintosh Hypercard: info & uses.
comp.sys.mac.miscGeneral discussions about the Apple Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.oop.macapp3Version 3 of the MacApp object oriented system.
comp.sys.mac.oop.miscObject oriented programming issues on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.oop.powerplantMetrowerks' PowerPlant (CodeWarrior) Framework.
comp.sys.mac.oop.tclSymantec's THINK Class Library for object programming.
comp.sys.mac.portablesDiscussion particular to laptop Macintoshes.
comp.sys.mac.printingAll about printing hardware and software on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.codewarriorMacintosh programming using CodeWarrior.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.gamesMacintosh game programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.helpHelp with Macintosh programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.miscOther issues of Macintosh programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.toolsMacintosh programming tools.
comp.sys.mac.scitechUsing the Macintosh in scientific & technological work.
comp.sys.mac.systemDiscussions of Macintosh system software.
comp.sys.mac.wantedPostings of "I want XYZ for my Mac."
comp.sys.mentorMentor Graphics products & the Silicon Compiler System.
comp.sys.mipsSystems based on MIPS chips.
comp.sys.miscDiscussion about computers of all kinds.
comp.sys.msxThe MSX home computer system.
comp.sys.ncrDiscussion about NCR computers. merits of Network Computers. Computers and related topics.
comp.sys.newton.marketplaceNewton-specific forsale, wanted & jobs.
comp.sys.newton.miscMiscellaneous discussion about Newton systems.
comp.sys.newton.programmerDiscussion of Newton software development. NeXT religion. and solutions for known NeXT bugs. the physical aspects of NeXT computers. hardware, software and jobs. discussion about the NeXT computer system. related programming issues., use and availability of NeXT programs. related to NeXT system administration.
comp.sys.northstarNorthstar microcomputer users.
comp.sys.nsc.32kNational Semiconductor 32000 series chips.
comp.sys.oricOric computers (Oric1, Atmos, Telestrat, et cetera).
comp.sys.palmtopsSuper-powered calculators in the palm of your hand.
comp.sys.palmtops.pilotThe Pilot handheld computer.
comp.sys.penInteracting with computers through pen gestures.
comp.sys.powerpc.advocacyWhy the PowerPC is Good/Evil (delete one).
comp.sys.powerpc.miscMiscellaneous questions about PowerPC processors.
comp.sys.powerpc.techProgramming and architecture of PowerPC processors.
comp.sys.primePrime Computer products.
comp.sys.proteonProteon gateway products.
comp.sys.psion.appsDiscussion about Psion specific programs.
comp.sys.psion.commDiscussions about Psion communications.
comp.sys.psion.marketplaceBuy and sell Psion computers and accessories.
comp.sys.psion.miscDiscussion about miscellaneous Psion related topics.
comp.sys.psion.programmerDiscussion about Psion programming.
comp.sys.pyramidPyramid 90x computers.
comp.sys.ridgeRidge 32 computers and ROS.
comp.sys.sequentSequent systems, (Balance and Symmetry).
comp.sys.sgi.adminSystem administration on Silicon Graphics's Irises.
comp.sys.sgi.announceAnnouncements for the SGI community. (Moderated)
comp.sys.sgi.appsApplications which run on the Iris.
comp.sys.sgi.audioAudio on SGI systems.
comp.sys.sgi.bugsBugs found in the IRIX operating system.
comp.sys.sgi.graphicsGraphics packages and issues on SGI machines.
comp.sys.sgi.hardwareBase systems and peripherals for Iris computers.
comp.sys.sgi.marketplaceSGI-specific for sale, wanted and jobs.
comp.sys.sgi.miscGeneral discussion about Silicon Graphics's machines.
comp.sys.sinclairSinclair computers, eg. the ZX81, Spectrum and QL.
comp.sys.stratusStratus products, incl. System/88, CPS-32, VOS and FTX.
comp.sys.sun.adminSun system administration issues and questions.
comp.sys.sun.announceSun announcements and Sunergy mailings. (Moderated)
comp.sys.sun.appsSoftware applications for Sun computer systems.
comp.sys.sun.hardwareSun Microsystems hardware.
comp.sys.sun.miscMiscellaneous discussions about Sun products.
comp.sys.sun.wantedPeople looking for Sun products and support.
comp.sys.tahoeCCI 6/32, Harris HCX/7, & Sperry 7000 computers.
comp.sys.tandemTandem computers and related environments.
comp.sys.tandyDiscussion about Tandy computers: new & old.
comp.sys.tiDiscussion about Texas Instruments.
comp.sys.transputerThe Transputer computer and OCCAM language.
comp.sys.unisysSperry, Burroughs, Convergent and Unisys* systems.
comp.sys.wearablesWearable computers and their applications. (Moderated)
comp.sys.xeroxXerox 1100 workstations and protocols.
comp.sys.zenith.z100Heath & Zenith computers, Z-100 series and others.
comp.terminalsAll sorts of terminals.
comp.textText processing issues and methods.
comp.text.desktopTechnology & techniques of desktop publishing.
comp.text.frameDesktop publishing with FrameMaker.
comp.text.interleafApplications and use of Interleaf software.
comp.text.pdfAdobe Acrobat and Portable Document Format technology.
comp.text.sgmlISO 8879 SGML, structured documents, markup languages.
comp.text.texDiscussion about the TeX and LaTeX systems & macros.
comp.text.xmlThe Extensible Markup Language (XML).
comp.theoryTheoretical Computer Science.
comp.theory.cell-automataDiscussion of all aspects of cellular automata. Retrieval topics. (Moderated)
comp.unix.adminAdministering a Unix-based system.
comp.unix.advocacyArguments for and against Unix and Unix versions.
comp.unix.aixIBM's version of UNIX.
comp.unix.amigaMinix, SYSV4 and other *nix on an Amiga.
comp.unix.auxThe version of UNIX for Apple Macintosh II computers.
comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc386BSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.bsdi.miscBSD/OS operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announceAnnouncements pertaining to FreeBSD. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.miscFreeBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.miscBSD operating systems.
comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.miscNetBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.announceOpenBSD announcements. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.miscThe OpenBSD operating system.
comp.unix.cdeThe Common Desktop Environment.
comp.unix.crayCray computers and their operating systems.
comp.unix.dos-under-unixMS-DOS running under UNIX by whatever means.
comp.unix.internalsDiscussions on hacking UNIX internals.
comp.unix.largeUNIX on mainframes and in large networks.
comp.unix.machtenThe MachTen operating system and related issues.
comp.unix.miscVarious topics that don't fit other groups.
comp.unix.pc-clone.16bitUNIX on 286 architectures.
comp.unix.pc-clone.32bitUNIX on 386 and 486 architectures.
comp.unix.programmerQ&A for people programming under Unix.
comp.unix.questionsUNIX neophytes group.
comp.unix.sco.announceSCO and related product announcements. (Moderated)
comp.unix.sco.miscSCO Unix, Systems, and Environments.
comp.unix.sco.programmerProgramming in and for SCO Environments.
comp.unix.shellUsing and programming the Unix shell.
comp.unix.solarisDiscussions about the Solaris operating system.
comp.unix.sys3System III UNIX discussions.
comp.unix.sys5.miscVersions of System V which predate Release 3.
comp.unix.sys5.r3Discussing System V Release 3.
comp.unix.sys5.r4Discussing System V Release 4.
comp.unix.tru64Running, owning and administering Tru64 UNIX.
comp.unix.ultrixDiscussions about DEC's Ultrix.
comp.unix.unixware.miscProducts of Novell's Unix Systems Group.
comp.unix.user-friendlyDiscussion of UNIX user-friendliness.
comp.unix.xenix.miscGeneral discussions regarding XENIX (except SCO).
comp.unix.xenix.scoXENIX versions from the Santa Cruz Operation. Garnet user interface development environment. InterViews object-oriented windowing system. issues about windowing systems. about the Open Look GUI. SUIT user-interface toolkit. the TeleUSE UI Builder. and augmenting the UIM/X UI Builder. about the X Window System. and using, not programming, applications for X. XFree86 window system and others. of the X toolkit. K Desktop Environment. Motif GUI for the X Window System.
humanities.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
humanities.classicsDiscussion of ancient Greece and Rome., practice, history & aesthetic issues in design.
humanities.language.sanskritThe Sanskrit language and related topics.
humanities.lit.authors.shakespearePoetry, plays, history of Shakespeare.
humanities.miscGeneral topics in the arts & humanities. life and works of Richard Wagner.
humanities.philosophy.objectivismThe ideas of Ayn Rand. (Moderated)
misc.activism.militiaCitizens bearing arms for the common defense. (Moderated)
misc.activism.progressiveInformation for Progressive activists. (Moderated)
misc.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
misc.books.technicalDiscussion of books about technical topics. business of consulting. (Moderated) for group facilitation professionals. (Moderated) for marketing topics. (Moderated) for general business topics. (Moderated) product development and management. (Moderated) aspects of professional records management.
misc.consumersConsumer interests, product reviews, etc.
misc.consumers.frugal-livingPracticing a frugal lifestyle.
misc.consumers.houseDiscussion about owning and maintaining a house. interest housing developments.
misc.creativityPromoting the use of creativity in all human endeavors.
misc.educationDiscussion of the educational system. education and adult literacy practice/research. home-schooling. anything about home-schooling. English to speakers of other languages. related to medical education. related to science education.
misc.emerg-servicesForum for paramedics & other first responders.
misc.entrepreneursDiscussion on operating a business.
misc.entrepreneurs.moderatedEntrepreneur/business topics. (Moderated)
misc.facts.straight-dopeThe Straight Dope column and related topics. forms of aerobic activity. other general fitness topics. walking: help, instruction, events., weightlifting, resistance. only about items for sale. expansion cards. video cards. Macintosh equipment. Macintosh systems. software. Macintosh systems. chips and modules for sale and wanted. for sale and wanted. and displays for sale and wanted. hardware for sale and wanted. other equipment. for other systems. other types of systems. audio equipment. expansion cards. video cards. PC-specific equipment. motherboards. PC systems. software. PC systems. and plotters for sale and wanted., CDROM and tape drives for sale and wanted. related computer items. items for sale and wanted.
misc.handicapDiscussions of interest to persons with disabilities.
misc.headlinesCurrent interest: drug testing, terrorism, etc. issues and support., complementary and holistic health care. and related disorders. of diabetes management in day to day life. & support of infertility. about Repetitive Strain Injuries. areas of occupational therapy.
misc.immigration.australia+nzMigration forum for Australia and New Zealand.
misc.immigration.canadaCanada immigration issues.
misc.immigration.miscMiscellaneous countries immigration issues.
misc.immigration.usaUSA immigration issues.
misc.industry.electronics.marketplaceElectronics products & services.
misc.industry.pulp-and-paperTechnical topics in the pulp and paper industry.
misc.industry.qualityQuality standards and other issues.
misc.industry.utilities.electricThe electric utility industry. of intellectual property rights.
misc.invest.canadaInvesting in Canadian financial markets. planning in general. (Moderated)
misc.invest.futuresPhysical commodity and financial futures markets.
misc.invest.marketplaceAll other ads/promotions.
misc.invest.miscInvestments not in other misc.invest.* groups. Funds.
misc.invest.optionsFinancial options on stocks and futures.
misc.invest.real-estateProperty investments.
misc.invest.stocksForum for sharing info about stocks and options.
misc.invest.technicalAnalyzing market trends with technical methods. about contract labor. in the chemical sciences. about employment, workplaces, careers. listings only for entry-level positions. of resumes and "situation wanted" articles.
misc.kidsChildren, their behavior and activities., support, and decisions re breastfeeding. use of computers by children.'s health. questions, ideas, and experiences. (Moderated) planning, pregnancy, childbirth. on all forms of family-oriented vacationing.
misc.legalLegalities and the ethics of law. the legal climate of the computing world. aspects of law. (Moderated)
misc.metric-systemThe International System of Units.
misc.miscVarious discussions not fitting in any other group. of news bulletins from the Net. telephones.'s iPhone.
misc.ruralDevoted to issues concerning rural living.
misc.survivalismDisaster and long-term survival techniques and theory.
misc.taxesTax laws and advice.
misc.taxes.moderatedTax professionals meeting place and answers to queries. (Moderated)
misc.testFor testing of network software. Very boring.
misc.test.moderatedTesting of posting to moderated groups. (Moderated)
misc.transport.air-industryAirlines, airports, commercial aircraft. (Moderated)
misc.transport.marineMaritime and inland waterways transportation.
misc.transport.miscGeneral transportation issues.
misc.transport.rail.americasRailroads & railways in North & South America.
misc.transport.rail.australia-nzRailways in Australia & New Zealand.
misc.transport.rail.europeRailroads & railways in all of Europe.
misc.transport.rail.miscRail issues not in other geographic groups.
misc.transport.roadRoad and highway transportation.
misc.transport.truckingCommercial trucking related issues.
misc.transport.urban-transitMetropolitan public transportation systems.
misc.wantedRequests for things that are needed (NOT software).
misc.writingDiscussion of writing in all of its forms.
misc.writing.moderatedArt, craft, business and creative process of writing. (Moderated)
misc.writing.screenplaysAspects of writing and selling screenplays.
misc.writing.screenplays.moderatedCraft/business of screenwriting. (Moderated)
news.admin.announceAnnouncements for news administrators. (Moderated)
news.admin.censorshipCensorship issues in news administration.
news.admin.hierarchiesNetwork news hierarchies.
news.admin.miscGeneral topics of network news administration.
news.admin.moderationTechnical and social issues of newsgroup moderation. (Moderated) of ip-based blocklisting. (Moderated) of abuse of email systems. facility abuse, including spamming. of net abuse policy. (Moderated) of abuse of the Usenet system.
news.admin.nocemNoCeM protocol policy issues and information.
news.admin.peeringArticle flow, server peering requests, & offers.
news.admin.technicalTechnical aspects of maintaining network news. (Moderated)
news.announce.conferencesCalls for papers and conferences. (Moderated)
news.announce.importantGeneral announcements of interest to all. (Moderated)
news.announce.newgroupsCalls for newgroups & announcements of same. (Moderated)
news.announce.newusersExplanatory postings for new users. (Moderated)
news.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
news.groupsDiscussions and lists of newsgroups.
news.groups.proposalsDevelopment of Big 8 proposals. (Moderated)
news.groups.questionsWhere can I find talk about topic X?
news.lists.filtersNotices for automated news filtering systems.
news.lists.miscNews-related statistics and lists. (Moderated)
news.miscDiscussions of USENET itself.
news.newusers.questionsQ & A for new users of Usenet. (Moderated) about Usenet B-news-compatible software. software other than readers and servers. about the "nn" Usenet news reader package. Network News Transfer Protocol. software for reading network news (Usenet).
rec.animals.wildlifeWildlife related discussions/information.
rec.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
rec.antiquesDiscussing antiques and vintage items.
rec.antiques.bottlesAntique Bottle Collecting.
rec.antiques.marketplaceBuying/selling/trading antiques. devices and materials of yesteryear.
rec.aquaria.freshwater.cichlidsCare and keeping of freshwater cichlids.
rec.aquaria.freshwater.goldfishCare and keeping of goldfish, koi, carp.
rec.aquaria.freshwater.miscFreshwater aquaria in general.
rec.aquaria.freshwater.plantsKeeping of freshwater aquarium plants.
rec.aquaria.marine.miscMarine aquaria in general.
rec.aquaria.marine.reefsMarine Reef aquaria.
rec.aquaria.marketplaceAquarium advertising & announcements.
rec.aquaria.miscClosed System aquaria in general.
rec.aquaria.techAquarium related technology and equipment.
rec.arts.animationDiscussion of various kinds of animation.
rec.arts.anime.creativeOriginal works by fans, related to anime/manga. (Moderated)
rec.arts.anime.fandomImportant issues concerning Japanese animation fans.
rec.arts.anime.infoAnnouncements about Japanese animation. (Moderated)
rec.arts.anime.marketplaceThings for sale in the Japanese animation world.
rec.arts.anime.miscJapanese animation fan discussions.
rec.arts.asciiASCII art, info on archives, art, & artists. (Moderated)
rec.arts.bodyartTattoos and body decoration discussions.
rec.arts.bonsaiDwarfish trees and shrubbery.
rec.arts.booksBooks of all genres, and the publishing industry.
rec.arts.books.childrensAll aspects of children's literature.
rec.arts.books.excerptsOnline book excerpts. (Moderated)
rec.arts.books.hist-fictionHistorical fictions (novels) in general.
rec.arts.books.marketplaceBuying and selling of books.
rec.arts.books.reviewsBook reviews. (Moderated)
rec.arts.books.tolkienThe works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
rec.arts.comics.creativeComics-related original creative writing. (Moderated)
rec.arts.comics.dc.lshThe Legion of Super-Heroes and related characters.
rec.arts.comics.dc.universeDC Comics' shared universe and characters.
rec.arts.comics.dc.vertigoComics from the Vertigo imprint.
rec.arts.comics.elfquestThe Elfquest universe and characters.
rec.arts.comics.infoReviews, convention information and other comics news. (Moderated)
rec.arts.comics.marketplaceThe exchange of comics and comic related items.
rec.arts.comics.marvel.universeMarvel Comics' shared universe and characters.
rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooksThe Mutant Universe of Marvel Comics.
rec.arts.comics.miscComic books, graphic novels, sequential art.
rec.arts.comics.reviewsReviews of comics and comics-related materials. (Moderated)
rec.arts.comics.stripsDiscussion of short-form comics.
rec.arts.danceAny aspects of dance not covered in another newsgroup.
rec.arts.disney.animationAnimated features, cartoons, short subjects.
rec.arts.disney.merchandiseToys, videos, music, books, art, collectibles.
rec.arts.disney.miscGeneral topics pertinent to the Disney Company.
rec.arts.disney.parksParks, resorts, dining, attractions, vacations.
rec.arts.drwhoDiscussion about Dr. Who.
rec.arts.drwho.infoInformation about Doctor Who. (Moderated)
rec.arts.drwho.moderatedDiscussion of "Doctor Who". (Moderated)
rec.arts.eroticaErotic fiction and verse. (Moderated)
rec.arts.fineFine arts & artists.
rec.arts.henson+muppetsThe Muppets and other Jim Henson works.
rec.arts.horror.marketplaceAll horror-related commercial messages.
rec.arts.horror.miscThe horror genre in miscellaneous media.
rec.arts.horror.moviesThe horror genre in movies.
rec.arts.horror.tvThe horror genre in television shows.
rec.arts.horror.writtenThe horror genre in written form. about interactive fiction.
rec.arts.mangaAll aspects of the Japanese storytelling art form. marching bands. school marching bands.
rec.arts.marching.colorguardCompetitive color guard activity.
rec.arts.marching.drumcorpsDrum and bugle corps.
rec.arts.marching.miscMarching-related performance activities.
rec.arts.marching.percussionMarching percussion.
rec.arts.miscDiscussions about the arts not in other groups.
rec.arts.movies.current-filmsThe latest movie releases.
rec.arts.movies.eroticaAspects of erotic films and videos. (Moderated)
rec.arts.movies.internationalNon-American art films.
rec.arts.movies.lists+surveysTop-N lists and general surveys.
rec.arts.movies.local.indianIndian movies and the Indian film industry.
rec.arts.movies.miscGeneral aspects of movies not covered by other groups. experiences.
rec.arts.movies.past-filmsPast movies.
rec.arts.movies.peoplePeople in the movie business.
rec.arts.movies.productionFilmmaking, amateur and professional.
rec.arts.movies.production.soundMovie, TV & Video sound.
rec.arts.movies.reviewsReviews of movies. (Moderated)
rec.arts.movies.techTechnical aspects of movies.
rec.arts.mysteryMystery and crime books, plays and films.
rec.arts.origamiAncient Asian Paper Sculpture.
rec.arts.poemsFor the posting of poems.
rec.arts.proseShort works of prose fiction and followup discussion.
rec.arts.puppetryFor discussion of puppets in any form or venue.
rec.arts.sf.announceMajor announcements of the SF world. (Moderated)
rec.arts.sf.compositionThe writing and publishing of speculative fiction.
rec.arts.sf.fandomDiscussions of SF fan activities.
rec.arts.sf.marketplacePersonal forsale notices of SF materials.
rec.arts.sf.miscScience fiction lovers' newsgroup.
rec.arts.sf.moviesDiscussing SF motion pictures.
rec.arts.sf.reviewsReviews of science fiction/fantasy/horror works. (Moderated)
rec.arts.sf.scienceReal and speculative aspects of SF science.
rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.customizingCustomizing Star Wars toys.
rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.miscDiscussion of all Star Wars collecting.
rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.vintageStar Wars items made before 1990.
rec.arts.sf.starwars.gamesStar Wars games: RPG, computer, card, etc.
rec.arts.sf.starwars.infoGeneral information pertaining to Star Wars. (Moderated)
rec.arts.sf.starwars.miscMiscellaneous topics pertaining to Star Wars.
rec.arts.sf.supermanDiscussion of Superman in any medium.
rec.arts.sf.tvDiscussing general television SF. 5 creators meet Babylon 5 fans. about TV show _Babylon 5_. (Moderated) 5 creators meet Babylon 5 fans. (Moderated) small US town copes after a nationwide nuclear attack. Leap TV, comics, cons, etc.
rec.arts.sf.writtenDiscussion of written science fiction and fantasy.
rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordanBooks by author Robert Jordan.
rec.arts.startrek.currentNew Star Trek shows, movies and books.
rec.arts.startrek.fandomStar Trek conventions and memorabilia.
rec.arts.startrek.infoInformation about the universe of Star Trek. (Moderated)
rec.arts.startrek.miscGeneral discussions of Star Trek.
rec.arts.startrek.reviewsReviews of Star Trek books, episodes, films, &c. (Moderated)
rec.arts.startrek.techStar Trek's depiction of future technologies. topics and issues in theatre. theatre around the world. and discussion of plays. in stagecraft and production.
rec.arts.tvThe boob tube, its history, and past and current shows. Colbert tells it like it is! Office, both US and UK Version. in interactive television. Science Theater 3000 announcements. (Moderated) fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000. News' The O'Reilly Factor. operas produced by or for the ABC network. operas produced by or for the CBS network. of interest to all soap opera viewers. UK-based comedy shows. the UK based show Coronation Street. the UK based show Eastenders. about the British soap, Emmerdale. topics about UK-based television.
rec.arts.wobegon"A Prairie Home Companion" radio show discussion. of automobile audio systems. audio systems. (Moderated) and selling of home audio equipment. about audio here if you can't post anywhere else.'s two bits on audio in your home. audio recording and studio engineering., factual, and DIY topics in home audio. audio circuits which use vacuum tubes. on and off-road four wheel drive vehicle. all aspects of automobiles over 25 years old. automobiles., Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle, etc info/talk. Ford Explorer SUV. Mustangs in all their flavours. automobiles. on Jeep and Willys vehicles. MX-5 Miata Forum. about Saturn cars, fans and company., Bus, Ghia, Squareback, Thing, etc., Jetta, Corrado, Vanagon, new models, etc. automobiles, parts, tools, accessories. discussion about automobiles. performance automobiles. engines & vehicles using them. of automotive simulators. Auto Racing Teams. 1 motor racing. of Formula One racing. (Moderated) Car motor racing. racing news, results, announcements. (Moderated), legal auto competitions. and other professional stock car racing. and Stockcar Racing. (Moderated) type of interest in any form of rally motorsport. aspects & technology of auto racing. aspects of automobiles, et. al.
rec.aviation.aerobaticsAerobatics and unusual attitude flying.
rec.aviation.balloonHot air and gas balloons and airships.
rec.aviation.hang-glidingHang-gliding, paragliding, foot-launched flight.
rec.aviation.homebuiltSelecting, designing, building, and restoring aircraft.
rec.aviation.ifrFlying under Instrument Flight Rules.
rec.aviation.marketplaceAviation classifieds.
rec.aviation.militaryMilitary aircraft of the past, present and future.
rec.aviation.military.navalDiscussion of Naval Aviation subjects.
rec.aviation.miscMiscellaneous topics in aviation.
rec.aviation.owningInformation on owning airplanes.
rec.aviation.pilotingGeneral discussion for aviators.
rec.aviation.powerchutesSafety and operation of powered parachutes.
rec.aviation.productsReviews and discussion of products useful to pilots.
rec.aviation.restorationForum for debate on aircraft restoration.
rec.aviation.rotorcraftHelicopters and other rotary wing aircraft.
rec.aviation.simulatorsFlight simulation on all levels.
rec.aviation.soaringAll aspects of sailplanes and hang-gliders.
rec.aviation.storiesAnecdotes of flight experiences. (Moderated)
rec.aviation.studentLearning to fly.
rec.aviation.ultralightLight aircraft in general, all topics.
rec.backcountryActivities in the Great Outdoors.
rec.bicycles.marketplaceBuying, selling & reviewing items for cycling.
rec.bicycles.miscGeneral discussion of bicycling. off-road cyclist topics. (Moderated)
rec.bicycles.racingBicycle racing techniques, rules and results.
rec.bicycles.ridesDiscussions of tours and training or commuting routes.
rec.bicycles.socSocietal issues of bicycling.
rec.bicycles.techCycling product design, construction, maintenance, etc.
rec.birdsHobbyists interested in bird watching.
rec.boatsHobbyists interested in boating. building, design, restoration, and repair. in boats., hardware, software on boats. products for sale and wanted. (Moderated) about any boats with oars, paddles, etc. paddling and touring. paddling. racing. competition of all motorized watercraft.
rec.climbingClimbing techniques, competition announcements, etc.
rec.collectingDiscussion among collectors of many things.
rec.collecting.booksIssues related to collecting books of all types. of sports and non-sports cards. cards.
rec.collecting.coinsCoin, currency, medal, etc. collecting forum.
rec.collecting.dollsDoll and bear collecting and crafting.
rec.collecting.paper-moneyPaper money and related collecting.
rec.collecting.phonecardsInfo and Marketplace group for phonecards.
rec.collecting.pinsAll aspects of collecting and trading pins.
rec.collecting.postal-historyStudy of the movement of the mails worldwide. memorabilia (cards, photos, etc). memorabilia (cards, photos, etc). memorabilia (cards, photos, etc). memorabilia (cards, photos, etc). memorabilia not in any other group.
rec.collecting.stamps.discussDiscussion of stamps and philately.
rec.collecting.stamps.marketplaceAll philatelic advertising.
rec.collecting.villagesCollectible houses, cottages, villages, and accessories.
rec.crafts.beadsMaking, collecting, and using beads.
rec.crafts.brewingThe art of making beers and meads.
rec.crafts.carvingExchange of information on carving and its techniques.
rec.crafts.distillingDiscussion of distilling alcohol and other substances.
rec.crafts.dollhousesCollecting and making of dollhouse miniatures.
rec.crafts.glassAll aspects of glassworking and glass.
rec.crafts.jewelryJewelry making and gemology. (Moderated)
rec.crafts.knotsDiscussion on knots, how to tie and where to use them.
rec.crafts.marketplaceSmall-scale ads for craft products of all kinds.
rec.crafts.meadmakingThe art and lore of making mead.
rec.crafts.metalworkingAll aspects of working with metal.
rec.crafts.miscHandiwork arts not covered elsewhere.
rec.crafts.polymer-clayTechniques & resources relating to polymer clay.
rec.crafts.potteryThe ancient art of making clay pots.
rec.crafts.rubberstampsThe rubberstamp craft- tips, supplies, swaps.
rec.crafts.scrapbooksThe art of scrapbooking and its techniques.
rec.crafts.textiles.machine-knitDiscussion of machine knitting.
rec.crafts.textiles.marketplaceAds for textile products.
rec.crafts.textiles.miscFiber and textile crafts not covered elsewhere.
rec.crafts.textiles.needleworkAny form of decorative stitching done by hand.
rec.crafts.textiles.quiltingAll about quilts and other quilted items.
rec.crafts.textiles.sewingSewing: clothes, furnishings, costumes, etc.
rec.crafts.textiles.yarnYarn making & use: spin, dye, knit, weave etc.
rec.crafts.winemakingThe tasteful art of making wine.
rec.crafts.woodturningWoodturning and turned objects.
rec.drugs.announceAnnouncements about drugs and related issues. (Moderated)
rec.drugs.cannabisThe drug cannabis (marijuana).
rec.drugs.chemistryChemistry, pharmacology and related issues.
rec.drugs.miscStimulants, sedatives, smart drugs, et cetera.
rec.drugs.psychedelicLSD, Ecstasy, magic mushrooms and the like.
rec.drugs.smartSmart drugs (nootropics).
rec.equestrianDiscussion of things equestrian.
rec.folk-dancingFolk dances, dancers, and dancing. and baked goods, e.g. bread, pastries., cooking, cookbooks, and recipes. matters concerning Jewish cuisine. (Moderated) and spirits. things beer. making and drinking of coffee. as beverage and culture. equipment, appliances, utensils. history of food making arts. and selling food-related items. foodstuffs, herbs, and medicinals. for interesting food and drink. (Moderated) of dining out. and baking with sourdough. recipes, cooking, nutrition. (Moderated)
rec.gambling.blackjackAnalysis of and strategy for blackjack, aka 21.
rec.gambling.blackjack.moderatedBlackjack gambling. (Moderated)
rec.gambling.crapsAnalysis of and strategy for the dice game craps.
rec.gambling.lotteryStrategy and news of lotteries and sweepstakes.
rec.gambling.miscAll other gambling topics including travel.
rec.gambling.other-gamesGambling games not covered elsewhere.
rec.gambling.pokerAnalysis and strategy of live poker games.
rec.gambling.racingWagering on animal races.
rec.gambling.sportsWagering on human sporting events. information, pure strategy games. of the game of backgammon. and hints on board games. Cosmic Encounter board game. and selling of board games. networked strategy war game Bolo. interested in bridge. forum. of openings/middlegames/endgames. on game servers, databases, software. for news/discussion related to chess. regarding email chess. of nat'l/international chess organizations. of the game of Chinese chess, Xiangqi. and hacking DOOM-related files. Help Service (new players welcome). about DOOM and id Software. DOOM and user-created levels. Online RPG EverQuest. Planetarion Game in general. computer games. and hacking Quake-related files. discussion of Quake. Quake and user-created levels. Quake with Quake-C. and maintenance of servers. strategy game "Stars!". Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter. multi-player game Ultima Online. for fans of the Ultima games. the X11 game XPilot. Core War computer challenge. of game design related issues. conquest game Diplomacy. and hints about Empire. and rebuttals about various role-playing systems. of happenings in the role-playing world. (Moderated) fantasy stories and other projects. (Moderated) of cyberpunk related roleplaying games. role-playing with TSR's Dungeons and Dragons. GURPS role playing game. industry & companies. roleplaying games. game materials wanted and for sale. discussions of role-playing games. of Darkness and StoryTeller games. role playing games. about Go. aspects of interactive fiction games. related discussion and posting. robot games. (Moderated) and modern tabletop wargaming. and various tabletop wargames. in the Warhammer Universe. and computer games. issues of multiuser dungeons. articles about multiuser dungeons. (Moderated) about DikuMuds. of the LPMUD computer role playing game. aspects of multiuser computer games. about Tiny muds, like MUSH, MUSE and MOO. of the X window system game Netrek (XtrekII). about Play by Mail games. pinball-related issues. (non-gambling) card playing. computer game ADOM. computer game Angband. info about rogue-styled games. (Moderated) and programming of Roguelike games. dungeon games without other groups. computer game Moria. computer game Nethack. computer game Rogue. trading card game discussions. "Magic: the Gathering" postings."Magic: the Gathering" rules Q&A."Magic: the Gathering" strategy. of Magic cards. Magic cards. Magic cards. trading card stuff. trading card game discussions. Trek Trading Card Games. about trivia. Vectrex game system. of 3DO video game systems. on merits of various video game systems. about coin-operated video games., converting, repairing etc. and requests for arcade games. of Atari's video game systems. topics with emphasis on games. talk, info and help for the Amiga CD32. home video entertainment systems. video game stuff for sale or trade. XBox360 console. discussion about home video games. Nintendo video game systems and software. Wii gaming console. Sega video game systems and software. game hardware and software. PS3 comsole. and tactics for the distributed game Xtank. the Xtank game and its robots.
rec.gardensGardening, methods and results.
rec.gardens.bambooAll aspects of bamboo growing and uses.
rec.gardens.ecosystemsEcosystems and organic gardening. (Moderated)
rec.gardens.edibleEdible gardening topics.
rec.gardens.orchidsGrowing, hybridizing, and general care of orchids.
rec.gardens.rosesGardening information related to roses.
rec.gunsDiscussions about firearms. (Moderated)
rec.heraldryDiscussion of coats of arms.
rec.humorJokes and the like. May be somewhat offensive.
rec.humor.dDiscussions on the content of rec.humor articles.
rec.humor.funnyJokes that are funny (in the moderator's opinion). (Moderated)
rec.humor.funny.rerunsReposts of rec.humor.funny archive material. (Moderated)
rec.humor.jewishHumor and the discussion of humor, mostly Jewish. (Moderated)
rec.humor.oracleSagacious advice from the USENET Oracle. (Moderated) about the USENET Oracle's comments.
rec.huntingDiscussions about hunting. (Moderated)
rec.jugglingJuggling techniques, equipment and events.
rec.kitesTalk about kites and kiting.
rec.knivesAnything that goes cut or has an edge.
rec.magMagazine summaries, tables of contents, etc.
rec.mag.dargonDargonZine fantasy fiction emag issues and discussion.
rec.martial-artsDiscussion of the various martial art forms.
rec.martial-arts.moderatedMartial-arts in general. (Moderated) media players.'s iPod media players.
rec.miscGeneral topics about recreational/participant sports.
rec.models.railroadModel railroads of all scales.
rec.models.rc.airRadio-controlled air models.
rec.models.rc.helicopterModel helicopter flying, construction, and tips.
rec.models.rc.landRadio-controlled land models.
rec.models.rc.miscRadio-controlled miscellaneous items.
rec.models.rc.soaringBuilding and flying radio controlled gliders.
rec.models.rc.waterRadio-controlled water models.
rec.models.rocketsModel rockets for hobbyists.
rec.models.scaleConstruction of models.
rec.motorcyclesMotorcycles and related products and laws. motorcycles and ATVs off-road. aspects of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. of all aspects of racing motorcycles. Technical Discussion. Victory motorcycle rides, tech, resources. music without instrumental accompaniment. with Afro-Latin, African and Latin influences. music and artists. aspects of the music of the Arab world. aspects of Amy Grant's career. Difranco, related topics. Beach Boys' music & the effect they've had. music of Bruce Hornsby. Danny Elfman's music. music of Deborah Gibson. Harris, her music, her friends. band Extreme and members' post-breakup work. Goes to Usenet. rock band KISS and related projects. Little Feat Newsgroup. Carey and her music. McCartney's music and life. Thinking Mind's Metal Band. aspects of Rebecca St. James' career. for fans of Bruce Springsteen's music. Stevie Nicks. group The Wallflowers. quartet and chorus singing. about the Fab Four & their music. press notes about the Beatles. (Moderated) Four analytical & investigative articles. (Moderated) of jazz, blues, and related types of music. Blues in all forms and all aspects. aspects of brazilian music. and modern music with a Celtic flavor. music, both contemporary and traditional. about classical music. classical music. music performed on guitar. classical (including early) music. music on CD, vinyl, cassette, etc. discs of collector value (NO wanted or forsale). (NO wanted, forsale, CD or vinyl). vinyl records (NO wanted or forsale). musical and lyrical works. fiddle/banjo music and beyond. music, performers, performances, etc. of comedy and novelty music. of Bob's works & music. of pre-classical European music. the discussion of experimental music. types and forms of Filipino music. genre originated in the sf/fantasy fan community. discussing folk music of various sorts. Music Tune Discussion and Trade., soul, rhythm & blues and related. of Kate Bush & other alternative music. (Moderated) group for (Grateful) Dead-heads. music and culture in general. and Carnatic Indian classical music. Indian music in general. of all industrial-related music styles. and announcements on musical topics. (Moderated) of Iranian music. performers and their discussions. and playing of all types of bagpipes. musicians who play in groups with others. bass and bass guitar techniques and equipment. family (current & old) performance., building, repair of musical instruments. aspects of chamber music. groups and choral music. and related instruments. horn players and playing. and acoustic guitar techniques and equipment. of acoustic guitar playing. aspects of jazz guitar. tablature and performance. (Moderated) by and for musicians on the making of jazz. & selling used music-making equipment. & other percussion techniques & equipment. aspects of hand drumming. music, performing, composing, learning, styles. aspects of the saxophone and its music. about songwriting., concertinas, and related free reeds. and computer music. exchange of trumpet related information. and selling collectible compact discs. and selling non-vinyl/CD music. and selling collectible vinyl records. lovers' group. for movies and television."New Age" music discussions. aspects of opera. the musical group Phish. rock, art rock, fusion, Canterbury, RIO, etc. and promo materials from record companies. (Moderated) and related music styles., Rockers, Dancehall Reggae. musical group R.E.M. of music of all genres and mediums. (Moderated) Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music. Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music. Rock, Pop, Soul, and Rhythm & Blues music. forum for discussion of music theory. of the female singer/songwriter Tori Amos. of music videos and music video software.
rec.nudeHobbyists interested in naturist/nudist activities. with members of the high IQ society Mensa. for Creative Anachronism.
rec.outdoors.campingGeneral camping, any camping you could do by auto.
rec.outdoors.fishingAll aspects of sport and commercial fishing. bass. fishing in general. relating to tying flies for flyfishing. fishing, methods, gear, Q&A.
rec.outdoors.marketplaceAll business related to the outdoors.
rec.outdoors.national-parksActivities and politics in national parks.
rec.outdoors.rv-travelDiscussions related to recreational vehicles.
rec.parks.themeEntertainment theme parks.
rec.petsPets, pet care, and household animals in general.
rec.pets.birdsThe culture and care of indoor birds.
rec.pets.birds.pigeonsRacing Pigeons, Show Pigeons, and related material.
rec.pets.cats.anecdotesStories about our cats.
rec.pets.cats.announceInformational postings, FAQ's regarding cats. (Moderated)
rec.pets.cats.communityFeline/human conversations and related topics. health and behavior.
rec.pets.cats.miscGeneral feline topics.
rec.pets.cats.rescueDiscussion of feline rescue organizations and methods.
rec.pets.dogs.activitiesDog events: showing, obedience, agility, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.behaviorBehaviors and problems: housetraining, chewing, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.breedsBreed specific -- breed traits, finding breeders, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.healthInfo about health problems & how to care for dogs.
rec.pets.dogs.infoGeneral information and FAQs posted here. (Moderated)
rec.pets.dogs.miscAll other topics, chat, humor, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.rescueInformation about breed rescue, placing and adopting.
rec.pets.ferretsForum on ferret care and husbandry. (Moderated)
rec.pets.herpReptiles, amphibians and other exotic vivarium pets., printing and other darkroom issues. cameras, scanners, printers, software, PhotoCD. digital cameras. rangefinder camera systems. SLR (single lens reflex) camera systems. cameras w/ fixed zoom lenses & manual controls. cameras and lenses. of APS equipment. format cameras and lenses. format cameras and lenses. formats, tripods, projectors, bags etc. and commercial photofinishing. of personal photographic equipment. 35mm equipment. darkroom equipment & supplies. digital photographic equipment. large-format equipment. medium-format equipment. issues related to photography. art and science of photography. (Moderated) of fine art, framing, display. non-equipment posts about technique., landscapes, travel tips etc., figure studies, weddings etc.
rec.pondsPond issues: plants, fish, design, maintenance.
rec.ponds.moderatedCare & enjoyment of recreational pods & water gardens. (Moderated)
rec.puzzlesPuzzles, problems, and quizzes.
rec.puzzles.crosswordsMaking and playing gridded word puzzles.
rec.pyrotechnicsFireworks, rocketry, safety, & other topics. theory, techniques and construction. tube-based amateur radio equipment. radio and other digital radio modes., tips, notices and news for DXers. about production amateur radio hardware. radio construction and experimentation. radio practices, contests, events, rules, etc. radio practices, rules, etc. (Moderated) use & regulation policy. radio transmissions through space. of global domestic broadcast radio. (Moderated) radio. postings related to radio. (Moderated) relating to noncommercial radio."Utility" broadcasting traffic above 30 MHz. radio enthusiasts. to trade and swap radio equipment.
rec.roller-coasterRoller coasters and other amusement park rides.
rec.runningRunning for enjoyment, sport, exercise, etc. and girl scout organizations.
rec.scouting.issuesIssues related to scouting policy.
rec.scouting.miscGeneral and international guiding and scouting topics.
rec.scouting.usaUSA specific scouting and guiding topics.
rec.scubaHobbyists interested in SCUBA diving.
rec.scuba.equipmentScuba equipment, purchase, pros/cons, use.
rec.scuba.locationsScuba travel, location questions.
rec.skiing.alpineDownhill skiing technique, equipment, etc.
rec.skiing.alpine.moderatedAlpine (downhill) skiing. (Moderated)
rec.skiing.announceFAQ, competition results, automated snow reports. (Moderated)
rec.skiing.backcountryBackcountry skiing.
rec.skiing.marketplaceItems for sale/wanted.
rec.skiing.nordicCross-country skiing technique, equipment, etc.
rec.skiing.resorts.europeSkiing in Europe.
rec.skiing.resorts.miscSkiing in other than Europe and North America.
rec.skiing.resorts.north-americaSkiing in North America.
rec.skiing.snowboardSnowboarding technique, equipment, etc.
rec.skydivingHobbyists interested in skydiving. aspects of archery for archers of any skill level. about baseball. & discussion of baseball. (Moderated) on the collegiate level. baseball data (Stats, birthdays, scheds). (fantasy) baseball play. on the collegiate level. European basketball forum. about basketball. of professional basketball.'s basketball at all levels. sports, including pool, snooker, carom games. in all its pugilistic facets and forms. about the sport of cricket. aspects of the Sport Curling. of flying disc based sports. aspects of swordplay. about the sport of footbag. of Australian (Rules) Football. about Canadian rules football. college football. (fantasy) football play. about American-style football. professional football. about all aspects of golfing. about ice hockey. of the sport of field hockey. Personal Water Craft, aka "jet skiing". sports. officials and officiating athletic contests. aspects of the Olympic Games. matters related to the sport of orienteering. all aspects of the survival game paintball. about professional wrestling. league professional wrestling. postings about wrestling. (Moderated) Entertainment. (Moderated) dealing with the sport of rodeo. for competition or fitness. related to playing/supporting Rugby League. related to playing/supporting Rugby Union. skating. ice skating. skating, aka Rollerblading. skating topics. and speed skating. (quad) roller skating. and related issues. about soccer (Association Football). aspects of fastpitch and slowpitch softball. for all apects of squash. group is dedicated to the Japanese sport Sumo. for and competing in swimming events. of all types: foosball and subbuteo. related to table tennis (aka Ping Pong). related to the sport of tennis. all aspects of multi-event sports. sorts of fun on one wheel. about volleyball. of water polo. and other boat-towed activities. of action figure toys., selling, trading and auctions. car collecting. of Lego, Duplo (and compatible) toys. of toys that lack a specific newsgroup. Transformers. older than 20 years valued as historic/memorabilia. on the African continent. travel around the world. in Asia. Information for Australia and New Zealand. forum for bed and breakfast guests. (Moderated) travel discussion group. to the islands of the Caribbean, sans pirates. by cruise ship. in Europe. in Central and South America. and accomodations wanted and for sale. and anything about travel. in the United States and Canada.
rec.videoVideo and video components. and regulatory issues of cable television., computer-based video editing and production. Video Toaster and Flyer systems. pro/con arguments. forsale/wanted posts. miscellaneous issues. players and other hardware. in-depth technical issues. titles and other software. equipment marketplace. professional quality video productions. video, technical and artistic. (Moderated) video releases on laserdisc and videotape. systems and technologies. satellite broadcasting. and non-DBS satellite information."Large Dish" ("BUD") systems and technologies.
rec.windsurfingRiding the waves as a hobby.
rec.woodworkingHobbyists interested in woodworking.
sci.aeronauticsThe science of aeronautics & related technology. (Moderated)
sci.aeronautics.airlinersAirliner technology. (Moderated)
sci.aeronautics.simulationAerospace simulation technology. (Moderated)
sci.agricultureFarming, agriculture and related topics.
sci.agriculture.beekeepingBeekeeping, bee-culture and hive products.
sci.agriculture.fruitAgricultural techniques for fruit, berries & nuts.
sci.agriculture.poultryChickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry.
sci.agriculture.ratitesOstrich, emu, rhea, or cassowary ranching.
sci.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
sci.anthropologyAll aspects of studying humankind.
sci.anthropology.paleoEvolution of man and other primates.
sci.aquariaOnly scientifically-oriented postings about aquaria.
sci.archaeologyStudying antiquities of the world.
sci.archaeology.mesoamericanThe field of mesoamerican archaeology.
sci.archaeology.moderatedAll aspects of archaeology. (Moderated)
sci.astroAstronomy discussions and information.
sci.astro.amateurAmateur astronomy equipment, techniques, info, etc.
sci.astro.ccd-imagingAstronomical digital image capture and processing.
sci.astro.fitsIssues related to the Flexible Image Transport System.
sci.astro.hubbleProcessing Hubble Space Telescope data. (Moderated)
sci.astro.planetariumDiscussion of planetariums.
sci.astro.researchForum in astronomy/astrophysics research. (Moderated)
sci.astro.satellites.visual-observeVisually observing artificial satellite.
sci.astro.setiThe Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. scientific study of plants. research. on homopteran (sap-sucking) insects. butterflies & moths. insect study and related issues. behavior and behavioral ecology. of evolutionary biology. (Moderated) aspects of fisheries science and fish biology. related to food science and technology. of amphibians and reptiles. of biological material., fungi, algae, other microscopic organisms. and related sciences. of the past (but no creation vs evolution!). aspects of plant diseases and pests. (Moderated), taxonomy, and the tree of life. topic relating to biotechnology.
sci.chemChemistry and related sciences.
sci.chem.analyticalAnalytical chemistry.
sci.chem.coatingsPaints and Coatings practitioners.
sci.chem.electrochemThe field of electrochemistry.
sci.chem.electrochem.batteryAnalyzing all aspects of all types of batteries.
sci.chem.labwareChemical laboratory equipment. organic chemistry related topics. (Moderated)
sci.chem.organometOrganometallic chemistry.
sci.cognitivePerception, memory, judgement and reasoning.
sci.comp-aidedThe use of computers as tools in scientific research.
sci.cryonicsTheory and practice of biostasis, suspended animation.
sci.cryptDifferent methods of data en/decryption.
sci.crypt.random-numbersGenerating cryptographic strength randomness.
sci.crypt.researchCryptography, cryptanalysis, and related issues. (Moderated), storage and retrieval of scientific data.
sci.econThe science of economics.
sci.econ.researchResearch in all fields of economics. (Moderated)
sci.eduThe science of education.
sci.electronics.basicsElementary questions about electronics.
sci.electronics.cadSchematic drafting, printed circuit layout, simulation.
sci.electronics.componentsIntegrated circuits, resistors, capacitors.
sci.electronics.designElectronic circuit design.
sci.electronics.equipmentTest, lab, & industrial electronic products.
sci.electronics.miscGeneral discussions of the field of electronics.
sci.electronics.repairFixing electronic equipment.
sci.energyDiscussions about energy, science & technology. about hydrogen as an alternative fuel.
sci.engrTechnical discussions about engineering tasks.
sci.engr.analysisAll aspects of engineering analysis.
sci.engr.biomedDiscussing the field of biomedical engineering.
sci.engr.chemAll aspects of chemical engineering.
sci.engr.civilTopics related to civil engineering.
sci.engr.coastalCoastal and ocean engineering.
sci.engr.colorThe art, science, and industry of coloring.
sci.engr.controlThe engineering of control systems.
sci.engr.electrical.complianceLaws, regulations and design for EMC, safety.
sci.engr.electrical.sys-protectionPower system protection.
sci.engr.geomechanicsGeomechanics issues and related topics.
sci.engr.heat-vent-acHeating, ventilating, air conditioning & refrigeration.
sci.engr.joining.miscJoining of materials for manufacture & repair.
sci.engr.joining.weldingWelding of materials for manufacture & repair.
sci.engr.lightingLight, vision & color in architecture, media, etc.
sci.engr.manufacturingManufacturing technology.
sci.engr.marine.hydrodynamicsMarine Hydrodynamics.
sci.engr.mechThe field of mechanical engineering.
sci.engr.metallurgyMetallurgical Engineering.
sci.engr.micromachiningDevices enabled by micromachined structures.
sci.engr.miningMining engineering and mining technical topics.
sci.engr.radar+sonarRadar & sonar systems.
sci.engr.safetyAll aspects of the safety of engineered systems.
sci.engr.semiconductorsSemiconductor devices, processes, materials, physics.
sci.engr.surveyingMeasurement and mapping of the earth surface.
sci.engr.television.advancedHDTV/DATV standards, equipment, practices, etc.
sci.engr.television.broadcastBroadcast facility equipment and practices.
sci.environmentDiscussions about the environment and ecology.
sci.environment.wasteImpact of Wastes and Waste Management Methods.
sci.fractalsObjects of non-integral dimension and other chaos.
sci.geo.cartographyMaps, grids, coordinates, projections, datums.
sci.geo.earthquakesFor discussion of earthquakes and related matters.
sci.geo.eosNASA's Earth Observation System (EOS).
sci.geo.fluidsDiscussion of geophysical fluid dynamics.
sci.geo.geologyDiscussion of solid earth sciences.
sci.geo.hydrologySurface and groundwater hydrology.
sci.geo.meteorologyDiscussion of meteorology and related topics.
sci.geo.mineralogyMineralogy, rock hounding and related topics.
sci.geo.oceanographyOceanography, oceanology and marine science.
sci.geo.petroleumAll aspects of petroleum and the petroleum industry.
sci.geo.rivers+lakesScience of rivers and lakes.
sci.geo.satellite-navSatellite navigation systems, especially GPS.
sci.image.processingScientific image processing and analysis.
sci.langNatural languages, communication, etc.
sci.lang.japanThe Japanese language, both spoken and written.
sci.lang.translationProblems and concerns of translators/interpreters.
sci.lang.translation.marketplaceProfessional translators' marketplace., stopping or reversing the ageing process.
sci.logicLogic -- math, philosophy & computational aspects.
sci.materialsAll aspects of materials engineering.
sci.materials.ceramicsCeramic science.
sci.mathMathematical discussions and pursuits.
sci.math.num-analysisNumerical Analysis.
sci.math.researchDiscussion of current mathematical research. (Moderated)
sci.math.symbolicSymbolic algebra discussion.
sci.mech.fluidsAll aspects of fluid mechanics.
sci.medMedicine and its related products and regulations. treatment, pathology/biology of HIV, prevention. (Moderated) of medical cannabis. aspects of cardiovascular diseases. related topics; all about teeth. Lateral Sclerosis research and care., treatment, and prevention of cancer. diseases. Disease: patient support, research & information. information exhange. aspects of immune illness. applications in medical care. aspects of laboratory medicine and management. practice of obstetrics by midwives. (Moderated) questions and discussion. impacts of diet. & gynecology. (Moderated) Strain Injuries (RSI) & job injury issues. Surgery, related issues and management. (Moderated) and laboratory medicine. teaching and practice of pharmacy. of physics in medical testing/care. prostatic hypertrophy. cancer. and news in psychiatry and psychobiology. aspects of radiology. and interventional radiology. networks. No diagnosis questions. for and about medical transcriptionists. vision, visual correction, and visual science.
sci.military.moderatedMilitary technology. (Moderated)
sci.military.navalNavies of the world, past, present and future.
sci.miscShort-lived discussions on subjects in the sciences.
sci.nanotechSelf-reproducing molecular-scale machines. (Moderated)
sci.nonlinearChaotic systems and other nonlinear scientific study.
sci.op-researchResearch, teaching & application of operations research.
sci.opticsDiscussion relating to the science of optics.
sci.optics.fiberFiber optic components, systems, applications.
sci.philosophy.metaDiscussions within the scope of "MetaPhilosophy."
sci.philosophy.techTechnical philosophy: math, science, logic, etc.
sci.physicsPhysical laws, properties, etc.
sci.physics.acceleratorsParticle accelerators and the physics of beams.
sci.physics.acousticsTopics in acoustics and vibrations.
sci.physics.computational.fluid-dynamicsComputational fluid dynamics.
sci.physics.cond-matterCondensed matter physics, theory and experiment.
sci.physics.discreteDiscrete models of fundamental physical processes. (Moderated)
sci.physics.electromagElectromagnetic theory and applications.
sci.physics.foundationsFundamental and philosophical physics. (Moderated)
sci.physics.fusionInfo on fusion, esp. "cold" fusion.
sci.physics.particleParticle physics discussions.
sci.physics.plasmaPlasma Science & Technology community exchange. (Moderated)
sci.physics.relativityThe theory of relativity.
sci.physics.researchCurrent physics research. (Moderated)
sci.physics.stringsString theory and related fields. (Moderated)
sci.polymersAll aspects of polymer science.
sci.psychology.announcePsychology-related announcements. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.journals.psycheE-journal on consciousness. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.journals.psycoloquyE-journal on psychology. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.miscGeneral discussion of psychology.
sci.psychology.personalityAll personality systems & measurement.
sci.psychology.psychotherapyPractice of psychotherapy.
sci.psychology.researchResearch issues in psychology. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.theoryTheories of psychology & behavior.
sci.researchResearch methods, funding, ethics, and whatever.
sci.research.careersIssues relevant to careers in scientific research.
sci.research.postdocAnything about postdoctoral studies, including offers.
sci.skepticSkeptics discussing pseudo-science. manned and unmanned space flight programs. about space related topics. (Moderated) of space-related news items. (Moderated) about space policy. and planetary science and related technical work. (Moderated) space shuttle and the STS program. stations and orbiting platforms. and general issues related to space flight. (Moderated)
sci.stat.consultStatistical consulting.
sci.stat.eduStatistics education.
sci.stat.mathStatistics from a strictly mathematical viewpoint.
sci.systemsThe theory and application of systems science.
sci.techniques.mag-resonanceMagnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.
sci.techniques.mass-specAll areas of mass spectrometry. (Moderated)
sci.techniques.microscopyThe field of microscopy.
sci.techniques.spectroscopySpectrum analysis.
sci.techniques.testing.miscGeneral testing techniques in science.
sci.techniques.testing.nondestructiveNondestructive tests in science.
sci.techniques.xtallographyThe field of crystallography.
sci.virtual-worldsVirtual Reality - technology and culture. (Moderated)
soc.adoption.adopteesDiscussion of adoption by adoptees. (Moderated)
soc.adoption.parentingAdoptive parenting by adoptive parents.
soc.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
soc.atheismLiving as an atheist and atheism in society. (Moderated)
soc.biDiscussions of bisexuality.
soc.collegeCollege, college activities, campus life, etc. university admissions process. aid issues, college and beyond. issues related to graduate schools. about graduate schools. Int'l Assoc. of Business and Commerce Students. affecting collegiate teaching assistants.
soc.couplesDiscussions for couples (cf.
soc.couples.interculturalInter-cultural and inter-racial relationships.
soc.couples.weddingWedding planning.
soc.culture.afghanistanDiscussion of the Afghan society.
soc.culture.africanDiscussions about Africa & things African.
soc.culture.african.americanDiscussions about Afro-American issues.
soc.culture.african.american.moderatedAfrican-American perspectives. (Moderated)
soc.culture.albanianAlbania and Albanians around the world.
soc.culture.algeriaFrom A to Z about Algeria.
soc.culture.arabicTechnological & cultural issues, *not* politics.
soc.culture.argentinaAll about life in Argentina.
soc.culture.aseanCountries of the Assoc. of SE Asian Nations.
soc.culture.asian.americanIssues & discussion about Asian-Americans.
soc.culture.assyrianAssyrian culture, history, language, current diaspora.
soc.culture.asturiesAsturian culture.
soc.culture.australianAustralian culture and society.
soc.culture.austriaAustria and its people.
soc.culture.balticsPeople of the Baltic states.
soc.culture.bangladeshIssues & discussion about Bangladesh.
soc.culture.basqueBasque culture and related issues. (Moderated)
soc.culture.belarusAll things about Belarus. (Moderated)
soc.culture.belgiumBelgian society, culture(s) and people.
soc.culture.bengaliSociocultural identity of worldwide Bengali population.
soc.culture.berberThe berber language, history, and culture.
soc.culture.boliviaBolivian people and culture.
soc.culture.bosna-herzgvnaThe independent state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
soc.culture.brazilTalking about the people and country of Brazil.
soc.culture.bretonAll about Breton culture and Brittany.
soc.culture.britishIssues about Britain & those of British descent.
soc.culture.bulgariaDiscussing Bulgarian society.
soc.culture.burmaPolitics, culture, news, discussion about Burma.
soc.culture.cambodiaCambodia and its people.
soc.culture.canadaDiscussions of Canada and its people.
soc.culture.caribbeanLife in the Caribbean.
soc.culture.catalanThe Catalan language and the lands where it is spoken.
soc.culture.celticIrish, Scottish, Breton, Cornish, Manx & Welsh.
soc.culture.chileAll about Chile and its people.
soc.culture.chinaAbout China and Chinese culture.
soc.culture.colombiaColombian talk, social, politics, science.
soc.culture.cornishAll things Cornish and Cornwall, worldwide.
soc.culture.costa-ricaTopics about Costa Rica.
soc.culture.croatiaThe lives of people of Croatia.
soc.culture.cubaCuban culture, society and politics.
soc.culture.czecho-slovakBohemian, Slovak, Moravian and Silesian life.
soc.culture.dominican-repThe life and people of the Dominican Republic.
soc.culture.ecuadorThe culture and people of Ecuador.
soc.culture.egyptianEgypt, and its society, culture, heritage, etc.
soc.culture.el-salvadorTopics about El Salvador, Central America.
soc.culture.esperantoThe neutral international language Esperanto.
soc.culture.estoniaEstonian culture, language, news, politics. (Moderated)
soc.culture.ethiopia.miscUnmoderated forum to discuss Ethiopian culture.
soc.culture.europeDiscussing all aspects of all-European society.
soc.culture.filipinoGroup about the Filipino culture.
soc.culture.frenchFrench culture, history, and related discussions.
soc.culture.galizaGalicia, on the Iberian Peninsula.
soc.culture.germanDiscussions about German culture and history.
soc.culture.greekGroup about Greeks.
soc.culture.guinea-conakryGuinea (ne French Guinea, in West Africa).
soc.culture.haitiHaiti specific development and cultural issues.
soc.culture.hawaiiAloha kakou, E KOMO MAI! Eh, no forget hemo da shoes. (Moderated)
soc.culture.hmongDiscussion of Hmong people and its culture.
soc.culture.hondurasGeneral topics regarding Honduras and Central-America.
soc.culture.hongkongDiscussions pertaining to Hong Kong.
soc.culture.hongkong.entertainmentEntertainment in Hong Kong.
soc.culture.indianGroup for discussion about India & things Indian.
soc.culture.indian.delhiInformation related to Delhi, capital of India.
soc.culture.indian.goaAbout Goa, India's smallest state. (Moderated)
soc.culture.indian.gujaratiGujarati cultural group.
soc.culture.indian.infoInfo group for soc.culture.indian, etc. (Moderated)
soc.culture.indian.jammu-kashmirThe culture of Jammu & Kashmir.
soc.culture.indian.karnatakaKarnataka's culture, history, and present.
soc.culture.indian.keralaCulture of the people of Keralite origin.
soc.culture.indian.marathiDiscussion related to Marathi Culture.
soc.culture.indian.teluguThe culture of the Telugu people of India. (Moderated)
soc.culture.indonesiaAll about the Indonesian nation.
soc.culture.interculturalPeople of mixed "culture", "ethnicity", "race".
soc.culture.iranianDiscussions about Iran and things Iranian/Persian.
soc.culture.iraqIraq, its society, culture and heritage.
soc.culture.irishIreland and Irish culture.
soc.culture.israelIsrael and Israelis.
soc.culture.italianThe Italian people and their culture.
soc.culture.japanEverything Japanese, except the Japanese language.
soc.culture.japan.moderatedAnything Japanese. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jewishJewish culture & religion (cf. talk.politics.mideast).
soc.culture.jewish.holocaustThe Shoah. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jewish.moderatedDiscussion of Jewish culture and religion. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jewish.parentingIssues about raising Jewish children. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jordanAll topics concerning The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
soc.culture.kenyaKenyan peoples, politics, culture, and affairs.
soc.culture.koreanDiscussions about Korea & things Korean.
soc.culture.kurdishPeople from Kurdistan and Kurds around the world.
soc.culture.kuwaitKuwaiti culture, society, and history.
soc.culture.kuwait.moderatedKuwaiti culture, society, and history. (Moderated)
soc.culture.laosCultural and Social Aspects of Laos.
soc.culture.latin-americaTopics about Latin-America.
soc.culture.lebanonDiscussion about things Lebanese.
soc.culture.liberiaThe culture of Liberia.
soc.culture.maghrebNorth African society and culture.
soc.culture.magyarThe Hungarian people & their culture.
soc.culture.malagasyMadagascar and the Malagasy culture.
soc.culture.malaysiaAll about Malaysian society.
soc.culture.mexicanDiscussion of Mexico's society.
soc.culture.mexican.americanMexican-American/Chicano culture and issues.
soc.culture.miscGroup for discussion about other cultures.
soc.culture.mongolianEverything related to Mongols and Mongolia.
soc.culture.nativeAboriginal people around the world.
soc.culture.nepalDiscussion of people and things in & from Nepal.
soc.culture.netherlandsPeople from the Netherlands and Belgium. of topics related to New Zealand.
soc.culture.nicaraguaTopics related to the country of Nicaragua in general.
soc.culture.nigeriaNigerian affairs, society, cultures, and peoples.
soc.culture.nordicDiscussion about culture up north.
soc.culture.occitanSpeakers of Provencal/Occitan/Langue d'Oc.
soc.culture.pacific-islandCulture of the pacific islands (except Hawaii).
soc.culture.pakistanTopics of discussion about Pakistan.
soc.culture.pakistan.politicsPolitical discussions on Pakistan.
soc.culture.pakistan.religionReligious discussions related to Pakistan.
soc.culture.pakistan.sportsSports in Pakistan.
soc.culture.palestinePalestinian people, culture and politics.
soc.culture.peruAll about the people of Peru.
soc.culture.polishPolish culture, Polish past, and Polish politics.
soc.culture.portugueseDiscussion of the people of Portugal.
soc.culture.puerto-ricoPuerto Rican culture, society and politics.
soc.culture.punjabPunjab and Punjabi culture.
soc.culture.quebecQuebec society and culture.
soc.culture.rep-of-georgiaThe Caucasian Republic of Georgia and Georgians.
soc.culture.romanianDiscussion of Romanian and Moldavian people.
soc.culture.russianAll things Russian in the broadest sense.
soc.culture.russian.moderatedModerated discussion of Russian culture. (Moderated)
soc.culture.scientistsCultural issues about scientists & scientific projects.
soc.culture.scottishAnything regarding Scotland or things Scots.
soc.culture.sierra-leoneThe culture of Sierra Leone.
soc.culture.singaporeThe past, present and future of Singapore.
soc.culture.singapore.moderatedSingapore & Singaporeans. (Moderated)
soc.culture.sloveniaSlovenia and Slovenian people.
soc.culture.somaliaSomalian affairs, society, and culture.
soc.culture.south-africaSouth African society, culture, & politics.
soc.culture.south-africa.afrikaansThe Afrikaans language and speakers.
soc.culture.sovietTopics relating to Russian or Soviet culture.
soc.culture.spainSpain and the Spanish.
soc.culture.sri-lankaThings & people from Sri Lanka.
soc.culture.swissSwiss culture.
soc.culture.syriaSyrian cultural matters and affairs.
soc.culture.taiwanDiscussion about things Taiwanese.
soc.culture.tamilTamil language, history and culture.
soc.culture.thaiThai people and their culture.
soc.culture.turkishDiscussion about things Turkish.
soc.culture.turkish.moderatedIssues related to Turks/Turkey. (Moderated)
soc.culture.ukrainianThe lives and times of the Ukrainian people.
soc.culture.uruguayDiscussions of Uruguay for those at home and abroad.
soc.culture.usaThe culture of the United States of America.
soc.culture.venezuelaDiscussion of topics related to Venezuela.
soc.culture.vietnameseIssues and discussions of Vietnamese culture.
soc.culture.welshThe people, language and history of Wales.
soc.culture.yugoslaviaDiscussions of Yugoslavia and its people.
soc.culture.zimbabweCulture and other issues pertaining to Zimbabwe.
soc.feminismDiscussion of feminism & feminist issues. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.africanGenealogy of Africa and the African Diaspora. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.australia+nzAustralia, New Zealand, and their territories.
soc.genealogy.beneluxGenealogy in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
soc.genealogy.britainGenealogy in Great Britain and the islands.
soc.genealogy.computingGenealogical computing & net resources.
soc.genealogy.frenchFrancophone genealogy.
soc.genealogy.germanFamily history including a German background.
soc.genealogy.hispanicGenealogy relating to Hispanics.
soc.genealogy.irelandGenealogy in Ireland (both North and South).
soc.genealogy.italianItalian genealogy and family heraldry.
soc.genealogy.jewishJewish genealogy group. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.marketplaceGenealogy services and products.
soc.genealogy.medievalGenealogy in the period from roughly AD500 to AD1600.
soc.genealogy.methodsGenealogical methods and resources. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.miscGeneral genealogical discussions.
soc.genealogy.nordicGenealogy in the Scandinavian countries.
soc.genealogy.slavicGenealogy of Slavic peoples.
soc.genealogy.surnames.britainSurnames queries - Great Britain. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.canadaSurnames queries - Canada. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.germanSurnames queries - German speaking countries. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.globalSurnames queries central database. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.irelandSurnames queries - Ireland & Northern Ireland. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.miscSurnames - regions not covered elsewhere. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.usaSurnames queries - USA. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.west-indiesGenealogy of the West Indies.
soc.historyDiscussions of things historical.
soc.history.ancientAncient history (up to AD 700).
soc.history.early-modernEarly modern history worldwide, to 1800.
soc.history.livingLiving history and reenactment, issues and info.
soc.history.medievalThe historic period of the middle ages.
soc.history.moderatedAll aspects of history. (Moderated)
soc.history.scienceHistory of science and related areas.
soc.history.war.miscHistory & events of wars in general. of the U.S. Civil War. (Moderated) Revolution/international perspectives.
soc.history.war.vietnamThe Vietnam War. (Moderated) & events of World War Two. (Moderated)
soc.history.what-ifAlternate history.
soc.libraries.talkDiscussing all aspects of libraries.
soc.menIssues related to men, their problems & relationships.'s interests, roles, rights, relationships, etc. (Moderated)
soc.miscSocially-oriented topics not in other groups.
soc.motssIssues pertaining to homosexuality., requests, etc. about people on the net. group for the Fraternity "Freemasonry". (Moderated) organizations. info on all service topics.
soc.penpalsIn search of net.friendships.
soc.personalsPersonal ads -- people in search of (ISO) others. (Moderated)
soc.politicsPolitical problems, systems, solutions. (Moderated)
soc.politics.anti-fascismThe politics of fighting fascism. (Moderated)
soc.politics.marxismKarl Marx and his legacy in theory and practice. (Moderated)
soc.religion.asatruFollowing the Gods and Goddesses of Northern Europe. (Moderated)
soc.religion.bahaiDiscussion of the Baha'i Faith. (Moderated)
soc.religion.hinduDiscussion about the Hindu dharma, philosophy, culture. (Moderated)
soc.religion.islamDiscussions of the Islamic faith. (Moderated)
soc.religion.mormonThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Moderated)
soc.religion.paganismNetworking for Pagans. (Moderated)
soc.religion.quakerThe Religious Society of Friends.
soc.religion.satanismSatanism and the Satanic way of life.
soc.religion.unitarian-univUnitarian-Universalism & non-creedal religions. (Moderated)
soc.retirementFor seniors: retirement, aging, gerontology issues.
soc.rights.humanHuman rights & activism (e.g., Amnesty International)., fitness, health-care for seniors.
soc.senior.issuesIssues relevant to seniors and aging.
soc.sexuality.generalHuman sexuality in general. (Moderated)
soc.sexuality.spankingAdult sexual spanking. (Moderated)
soc.singlesNewsgroup for single people, their activities, etc. among people who are or were single. (Moderated)
soc.subculture.bondage-bdsmBondage/Dominance/S&M discussion & support.
soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm.femdomSensual domination by females.
soc.subculture.expatriateIssues of interest to expatriates. to and from people living with HIV. (Moderated) crisis situations. with depressed people. and mood disorders. affective disorder. of depression. for fat people. No diet talk. for fat people. (Moderated) help and chat for those of us who feel alone. (Moderated) and support related to pregnancy loss. (Moderated) and survivors recovering from strokes. and intersexed persons. with visual impairment or blindness. youths helping each other. (Moderated)
soc.veteransSocial issues relating to military veterans.
soc.womenIssues related to women, their problems & relationships.
soc.women.lesbian-and-biLives of lesbian and bisexual women. (Moderated)
talk.abortionAll sorts of discussions and arguments on abortion.
talk.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
talk.atheismDebate about the validity and nature of atheism.
talk.bizarreThe unusual, bizarre, curious, and often interesting.
talk.environmentDiscussion the state of the environment & what to do.
talk.euthanasiaAll aspects of euthanasia.
talk.originsEvolution versus creationism (sometimes hot!). (Moderated)
talk.philosophy.humanismHumanism in the modern world.
talk.philosophy.miscPhilosophical musings on all topics.
talk.politics.animalsThe use and/or abuse of animals.
talk.politics.chinaDiscussion of political issues related to China.
talk.politics.cryptoThe relation between cryptography and government.
talk.politics.drugsThe politics of drug issues.
talk.politics.european-unionThe EU and political integration in Europe.
talk.politics.gunsThe politics of firearm ownership and (mis)use.
talk.politics.libertarianLibertarian politics & political philosophy.
talk.politics.medicineThe politics and ethics involved with health care.
talk.politics.mideastDiscussion & debate over Middle Eastern events.
talk.politics.miscPolitical discussions and ravings of all kinds.
talk.politics.sovietDiscussion of Soviet politics, domestic and foreign.
talk.politics.theoryTheory of politics and political systems.
talk.politics.tibetThe politics of Tibet and the Tibetan people.
talk.rapeDiscussions on stopping rape; not to be crossposted.
talk.religion.bahaiDiscussion of the Baha'i Faith.
talk.religion.buddhismAll aspects of Buddhism as religion and philosophy.
talk.religion.course-miracleA Course in Miracles.
talk.religion.miscReligious, ethical, & moral implications.
talk.religion.newageEsoteric and minority religions & philosophies.
talk.religion.pantheismPantheism in general.
talk.rumorsFor the posting of rumors.