10-100 Prototype -- C-GIKZ         

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Good morning!

I just happened to be browsing your website and have some updated info on
the Ultimate Prototype.

My name is Cam Harrod, for the past 17 yrs , I worked side by side with
Ken Gamble assisting him in his Aviation business.

With his passing, I am continuing this business operating it on behalf of
Ken's family.

The Prototype Ultimate was sold 2yrs ago but continued to be stored at
Ken's farm up until Sept 30/06.

On that day the new owner (John Molek) and myself dismantled the a/c. It
was then placed on a trailer and transported to Ohio USA.

Keep'em Flying

Cam Harrod
Kenneth G Gamble Ltd
Barn Full of Parts
Cell : 416-727-5190
Email : Campbell.harrod@pwc.ca

January 8, 2006

Just came across your site and was amazed to see photos of Gord Price's planes and examples of my graphic work and paint jobs.

I worked for Gord in those ambitious years as his graphic artist and aircraft painter. I produced the original three view drawings for the 10-100, 180, 200 and 300 and still have the originals. I produced his logos, ads and flyers as well as all of his signage requirements, but my proudest involvement was the custom blended paint job on the 10-100 prototype (silver-blue-purple blend) that was featured in all of the sports aviation magazines of the day. Consisting of over four gallons of metallic silver, candy blue and purple polyurethane enamel and a few clearcoats, Gord commented that the paint job added excess weight to the aircraft that was noticeable in performance, even though it was real pretty. What a sad sight it was in Gamble's field with weeds growing through it.

If you are interested in further anecdotes, I'd be happy to assist.

Best regards,
Andre Probst
Creative Design Inc.
Kitchener Ontario

From Dale (2005): "Rumor has it the plane has been sold ... I was going to buy it but I have many other projects in my shop and don't have the room. As you know I collect any Pitts stuff, so if you have any or know of anyone who has neat items posters etc. please let me know."

If anyone wants to trade Pitts stuff with George,
drop me a line. I'll put you in touch with him.

September 27, 2002

Hi Marty,

Here are the photos of the first ultimate prototype [built by Gordon Price for Ultimate Aircraft in the 1980s]. It has been sitting for 12 years and isn't in good shape but the owner will sell it for 6000 Canadian dollars.


October 7, 2002

Hi Marty! The old 10-100 is the first one, it is serial 001. Its not in bad shape but it needs attention NOW. The trailing wing edges are in poor shape. The covering has exposed most of the wood ribs. The fuse is OK and most of the fittings, fuel tank, seat belts etc. are still there and in reasonable shape. All in all, I would buy it if I had the space and the knowledge to restore it. It has a good cowl and canopy frame etc. but does need the following: engine, prop, spinner, basic instruments, some wiring, wheels and brakes, and of course, a total restoration job.



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