Brian Beaudry -- Advantage         

June 20, 2005

Brian has been keeping us up-to-date on Rob Holland's 20-300S.

Richard Blatter's Advantage 300--N200RB.

I bought the Advantage biplane recently. You can see it on the Muscle Biplane web site. It is very similar to the Ultimate. I couldn't build an Ultimate for what I paid for the Advantage. I also don't have the time required to build and complete the airplane in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, I planned on shortening the 10-300S fuse anyway. I will fly the Advantage for about 1 year, then I plane to take it apart and make some mods. I'd like to make full-span ailerons, and the Macro flap system. I also plan to remove the drag/anti-drag wires and internal bracing so that I can skin the wings in plywood. The rest of the mods will be to reduce weight and improve the fit and finish.
Take care

Brian took 2nd in an IAC competition in an Eagle in 2002.


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