Mike Skoczen -- C-GAVR -- 10-200        


Updated April 17, 2006

From Mike Skoczen, C-GAVR.

Hello, my name is Mike Skoczen. I just found the site. I have built and flown a 10-200 here in Canada, C-GAVR. It had an IO-360 with a fixed pitch prop. It was subsequently sold to a friend of mine and destroyed returning from a contest due to the propellor separating. Mine was built from plans so I can help others if they need help. I have plans for the 100-180 bought from Gord Price himself and plans for the 10-200 also.

My first aerobatic lesson was with Mr. Price in a Decathlon C-GDTX (I think). He was a gentleman and as I recall an very unselfish instructor. I remember him letting me spend time alone with the prototype at Guelph when I purchased the plans. It is not an easy (by homebuilt standards) to build, but is very unique, has the higher g limit and rolls like no tomorrow. My only regret is that Mr. Price did not get to see it. He was very helpful and encouraging to me when I was a 20 year old aerobatic rookie. Anyhow, please post this. If I can help anyone I will. Maybe I can offer some real experience. Mike.


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