Dieno: 20-300S        


Terry Dieno's 20-300 in Saskatchewan.

Dieno believes that this is the only Ultimate with an S-wing (plywood sheeted, different airfoil) and the Kevlar fuselage and cowl. To his knowledge, there is no other plane like it in existence. Dieno is a crop sprayer by trade, and he reports that the Kevlar Ultimate is dramatically different from a Pitts. Dieno thinks that Joane Osterude had the only other Kevlar fuselage. Hers was destroyed in an accident at an airshow. The molds for the fuselage and cowl have been lost or destroyed. The plane weighs just under 1200 pounds empty. The major assemblies of this plane were factory-built.

David Lea from England was Gordon Price's mechanic at theWorld Championships in 1988. He helped Terry acquire and assemble the pieces. David was a fishing captain from England who had cashed out his assets, moved to a home at the Guelph Airpark, and purchased a 10-200 of his own, which he flew to the Championships while Gordon few a 10-300. When Gordon was suffering from some inner-ear difficulties and was having trouble practicing the entire aerobatics routine, Lea was the one who persuaded him to push himself to the limit. He and his wife were killed in a motorcycle accident in the fall of 1988. Terry put David's name on the tail of the plane in gratitude for the help he gave him. The plane was finished in 1996 and sold to Rob Holland of Aerial Advantage in New Hampshire in 2002.


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