Juaquin Rodriguez 10-200        

25 November 2010

Please post that my ultimate 10-200 is up for sell they can find it on barnstormers or contact me by email:


• $10,000
• If you wish to do some acro this is the plane for you. This is a plans-built Ultimate 10-200 with a motor mount for an IO-360. She is about ready to cover and paint. I have test fitted an IO-360 on the mount and she lines up perfect. The frame needs to cleaned up and painted. Shoot me an email and I will call you and also send a link to you so you can look at all the pics. Selling to get the funds for a Varieze
• Contact Juaquin Rodriguez, Owner - located Austin, TX USA • Telephone: (830) 857-4069 .

12 September 2010

Pictures from the build.

22 August 2010

Thanks for all the info you have on your site.

I will be picking up a 10-200 on Tuesday I would say at this moment that it is about 40% done but that could change once I get it to my shop. Upper and lower wings are built and the fuselage is done rudder and elevator are done.

The guy that I am getting it from moved onto a rv-8 and does not see himself ever finishing it so he gave (yea you read right) gave it to me

Once I get it to the shop I will email pics out.

Now I need to find parts for it like the main wheels and brakes and tail wheel and a good source for covering for the wings.

I will keep you posted and send a link out when I get my build website up

Juaquin Rodriguez
Austin TX



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