Dale George: First RC Ultimate        

August 8, 2002

Mr. Moleski,

Great site lots of old pics and stuff.

I used to hang out at the Guelph airport during Gordon's early days before he built anything. He first built new wings for his Pitts. They became a big hit after he won a few National titles.

The 10-100 plane come first after his wings and then I convinced him to let me make an R/C model. Dan Ulrich and I worked on the R/C plans. Dan was Gordon's draftsman at the time.

Gordon did not have much interest in the model side of things. He gave me the exclusive rights to make scale models etc. Too bad over the years I do not know where the letter got to, O well.

Gordon also hired some Waterloo University engineering students. Steve Hulshoff in particular helped to create the CAD plans and "refine" Gord's designs. He also provided structual analysis using the university's facilities. I have Steve's old business card if you would like a copy.

I met the Yorks through just talking airplanes at local airports around the Wiarton area where I now live. Wow did they like my old stuff. I put Devon in touch with Dan and magic happened. They are now working together on all sorts of neat stuff.

Well got to go, I could go on for quite a bit about Gord's old days. I still kick myself for not sticking with the R/C model side of things. The models became a big hit like I knew they would and all I got for my hard work is an old set of original drawings. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Again, great site, its good to see Ultimates are still alive and well.

Best Regards Dale

P.S. Devin told me about you.

October 22, 2002

Hi Marty,

Thought you might be interested in this 1981 photo of Gordon. I don't know the Pitts behind him, but my guess it is C-GNOD. Also included is a shot I took of 001 just after it was pushed out of the paint booth. The yellow and blue plane is my first Ultimate 10-200. I am waiting for confirmation of a heated hanger space in Owen Sound where the rebuilding process will start of 001. I have some pics of Bob White's R/C 1/2 scale Ultimate, its great. I will mail you some pics of my Lazair and Chief soon.



October 26, 2002

Hi Marty,

Here are some pics of my Chief and Lazair. Please let people know I have 1/3 scale 10-200 R/C plans complete with all profiles etc.



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