"Most" (2003) moview review

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Remake of The Bridge (1973).
Remade as Sommersonntag (2008).
  • The same composer did the soundtrack for Most and Passion of the Christ.
  • "Most" is Czech for "bridge."
  • 2003 Sundance Film Festival: Official Selection
  • Palm Springs International 2003: Winner ~ Best of Festival
  • Maui Film Festival 2003: Winner - Best Short Film; Audience Award - Best Newcomers
  • Heartland Film Festival 2003: Winner ~ Crystal Heart Award
  • Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film

Wonderful casting. The Dad and the boy are magnificent!

And the homeless woman and her sister.

Smiling baby at the end.

Ambiguous ending. What does it mean? Reincarnation? Life goes on? The boy gave his life that the other boy might live?

The Making of Most

Life(n) productions.

Shot in Prague and Poland with Czech actors.

"La Vie en Rose" -- Edith Piaf

Based on a true story? Or an urban legend? Or a sermon?

"Prague became our home."

"We'll have much more fun in Prague."

A modern day parable that expresses the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.