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I intend to believe and teach all that the Roman Catholic Church believes and teaches. If I've made an error, please e-mail me and let me know how to bring my thinking and teaching into line with the mind of the Church.

The purpose of this wiki is to develop some thoughts about the faith of the Church. It is not intended to replace the Catechism of the Catholic Church nor provide a complete exposition of Catholic doctrine, law, or spirituality.

I am also not attempting to write an encyclopedia like Wikipedia or the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Lastly, I am speaking only for myself here. Although I intend to represent the teaching of the Church accurately, what I write here must not be attributed to the Society of Jesus or to the magisterium of the Church.

This is a place where I organize some information that interests me in a way that I find personally helpful. If you find it interesting and helpful, too, great! If not, go in the peace of Christ.

As they say in sports, "it is what it is."