Counterfeit Catholicism

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There are two different ways of going wrong, not just one.

Protestants subtract from the Tradition and add new principles of interpretation.

Ultra-dogmatic Catholics treat as dogma what is not dogma. They are hyper-Catholic, hyper-dogmatic, or ultra-dogmatic.

More Catholic Than the Pope: An Inside Look at Extreme Traditionalism by Patrick Madrid.

They take private revelations as dogma, and seek to impose their peculiar interpretations of the Tradition on other Catholics.

They set aside the recent actions of the Magisterium--especially Vatican II--based on their interpretation of less-authoritative actions of Roman institutions (e.g., the guidelines issued by the Pontifical Biblical Commission in 1903).

Bouyer calls this "integrism"--a type of conservatism that wants to preserve every jot and tittle of the tradition.