Liturgical Year

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Liturgical year.svg
The birth of the Messiah
6-7 weeks.
Following Jesus as a disciple
30-34 weeks.
The death and resurrection of Jesus
14 weeks.

The Liturgical Year also contains Holy Days of Obligation; the number varies by rite and region.

Dynamic Seasons[edit]

Before the development of the Liturgical Year, there were four times of fasting and prayer (Ember Days) to break the year into four quarters.

Key dates for 2021[edit]

USCCB calendar for 2021
6 Jan Epiphany
10 Jan Baptism of the Lord
17 Feb Ash Wednesday
4 Apr Easter
13 May Ascension Thursday
23 May Pentecost
3 Jun Corpus Christi
21 Nov Christ the King
28 Nov First Sunday of Advent

Other commemorations[edit]

  • National Vocation Awareness Week in January
  • World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life
  • World Marriage Day
  • National Marriage Week USA