Liturgical Year

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The birth of the Messiah
6-7 weeks.
Following Jesus as a disciple
30-34 weeks.
The death and resurrection of Jesus
14 weeks.

The Liturgical Year also contains Holy Days of Obligation; the number varies by rite and region.

Dynamic Seasons

Before the development of the Liturgical Year, there were four times of fasting and prayer (Ember Days) to break the year into four quarters.

Key dates for 2024

  Sundays: B — Gospel of Mark
Weekdays: II (2024 is an "even year")

USCCB calendar for 2024
7 Jan Epiphany
8 Jan Baptism of the Lord
14 Feb Ash Wednesday
31 Mar Easter
9 May Ascension Thursday
19 May Pentecost
19 Jun Corpus Christi
2 Jun Christ the King
1 Dec First Sunday of Advent

Other commemorations

  • National Vocation Awareness Week in January
  • World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life
  • World Marriage Day
  • National Marriage Week USA