Monthly Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit

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Vultus Christi.
On May 18, 1874, the Carmelite Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified (1846-1878) beheld a chalice streaming with light and a dove. From the light she heard a voice saying, "I ardently desire that priests say a Mass each month in honor of the Holy Spirit. Whoever will say it or hear it will be honored by the Holy Spirit Himself. He will have light, he will have peace. He will cure the sick. He will awaken those who are asleep."
In June 1877, through the intermediary of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, she sent a message to Blessed Pope Pius IX, saying: "The world and religious communities are seeking novelties in devotions, and they are neglecting true devotion to the Paraclete. That is why there is error and disunion, and why there is no peace or light. They do not invoke the light as it should be invoked, and it is this light that gives knowledge of truth. It is neglected even in seminaries. ... Every person in the world that will invoke the Holy Spirit and have devotion to Him will not die in error. Every priest that preaches this devotion will receive light while he is speaking of it to others. I was told that each priest in the whole world should be required to say one Mass of the Holy Spirit each month, and all those who assist at it will receive very special grace and light."