Prayer for Sorrowful Mothers

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Dear Mary, Sorrowful Mother, a sword pierced your soul
so that the thoughts of many might be revealed.

We know that the resurrection of your Son
turned all of your sorrows into joy.

Please come today and minister to all sorrowing mothers:

- those who have been widowed
- those who have been abandoned by their husbands or their children
- those who struggle to raise their children alone
- those who grieve having had an abortion
- those who have lost children through miscarriages
- those who have given children up for adoption
- those whose children suffer from genetic defects, birth trauma, or other debilitating conditions
- those who have not been able to conceive
- those whose husbands have been unfaithful
- those who are physically or psychologically abused by their husbands or children
- those who suffer from their own addictions or those of their family
- those who are anxious for the souls of their wayward children
- those who feel lonely and unloved on Mother's Day for whatever reason

We pray that through your faithfulness in your suffering, Mary,
you may comfort and console our suffering mothers.

Help them to see the light of Christ shining in the darkness
and drawing them toward a future full of hope.

We ask this of God the Father, almighty,
by the power of the Holy Spirit,
through your intercession
and in the most holy Name of Jesus.


Isaiah 66

"The heavenly Jerusalem is a free woman and our mother" (Galatians 4:26).

Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad because of her,
all you who love her;
Exult, exult with her,
all you who were mourning over her!

Oh, that you may suck fully
of the milk of her comfort,
That you may nurse with delight
at her abundant breasts!

For thus says the Lord:
Lo, I will spread prosperity over her like a river,
and the wealth of the nations like an overflowing torrent.

As nurslings, you shall be carried in her arms,
and fondled in her lap;
As a mother comforts her son,
so will I comfort you;
in Jerusalem you shall find your comfort.

When you see this, your heart shall rejoice,
and your bodies flourish like the grass.