Saints in the First Eucharistic Prayer

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"Who are Certain Saints Mentioned in the Holy Mass?"

In the Communicantes

The text

In communion with those whose memory we venerate,
especially the glorious ever-Virgin Mary,
Mother of our God and Lord, Jesus Christ,
and blessed Joseph, her Spouse,
your blessed Apostles and Martyrs,
Peter and Paul, Andrew,
James, John,
Thomas, James, Philip,
Bartholomew, Matthew,
Simon and Jude;
Linus, Cletus, Clement, Sixtus,
Cornelius, Cyprian,
Lawrence, Chrysogonus,
John and Paul,
Cosmas and Damian
and all your Saints;
we ask that through their merits and prayers,
in all things we may be defended
by your protecting help.

Sorted list

The Holy Family
- Mary
- Joseph
Twelve Apostles

Twelve apostles are listed--but Paul is a second-generation apostle, not one of the original Twelve!

- Peter and Paul (!)
- Andrew
- James and John
- Thomas
- James
- Philip
- Bartholomew
- Matthew
- Simon and Jude
Five martyred popes, a bishop, a deacon, and some laymen
Saint Lived Feast Notes
Clement ~35 - 99 AD 23 November Drowned during reign of Trajan. Knew Peter? Consecrated bishop and appointed successor by Peter? Author of an epistle to the church in Corinth circa 96 AD.
Sixtus "Sixtus" sounds like "sixth," but the proper Latin for "sixth" is "sextus." "Sixtus" was more probably from the Greek word, "xystus," meaning "polished." Confusion reigns because Sixtus is the sixth pope in the Catholic list of popes (Annuario Pontificio).
Cornelius died June 253. September 16 Pope (251-253) and martyr. Rejected re-baptism of apostates by Novatian. Martyred with Cyprian.
Cyprian 210-258 September 16 Martyr. Supported Cornelius against Novatian and anabaptists.
John and Paul
Cosmas and Damian

In the Nobis quoque

The text

To us, also, your servants, who, though sinners,
hope in your abundant mercies,
graciously grant some share
and fellowship with your holy Apostles and Martyrs:
with John the Baptist, Stephen,
Matthias, Barnabas,
Ignatius, Alexander,
Marcellinus, Peter,
Felicity, Perpetua,
Agatha, Lucy,
Agnes, Cecilia, Anastasia
and all your Saints;
admit us, we beseech you,
into their company,
not weighing our merits,
but granting us your pardon,
through Christ our Lord.

Saint Lived Feast Notes
John the Baptist
Stephen the first martyr
Matthias the Apostle chosen to replace Judas
Barnabas companion of Saint Paul
Ignatius of Antioch bishop and martyr
Alexander Pope and martyr
Marcellinus and Peter a priest and an exorcist who were martyred together
Felicity and Perpetua martyrs from Africa
Agatha d. 291 5 February virgin martyr from Sicily
Lucy 283-304 13 December virgin martyr from Sicily. Patron saint of the blind; martyrs; Perugia, Italy; Mtarfa, Malta; epidemics; salesmen; Syracuse, Italy; throat infections; writers.
Agnes 291-304 21 January Virgin and Martyr of Rome. She is the patron saint of chastity, gardeners, girls, engaged couples, rape victims, and virgins.
Cecilia Virgin martyr of Rome; patroness of music. First saint whose body was found incorrupt!
Anastasia Virgin martyr from Croatia.