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To do

  • Update MediaWiki--tighar and cac.

Skeleton for a new page

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about me

"MXnet" is my nickname for

Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Assistant to the editors of Biblica and Orientalia Pontifical Biblical Institute Rome, Italy

Notes to self

First edit. --Mxmsj 14:29, 23 August 2010 (EDT)

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Blank tables

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r1 c1 r1 c2 r1 c3
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Dates from
United to Rome

Test, test, test

This is a test.[1]

  1. Test passed!

Pages that need work

Hampsch -- spiritual bookkeeping?

Does the Gospel of John differ from the synoptics in the use of "Christ"?

"Son of Man" vs. "Son of God."

Special characters

HTML Codes--Table of ASCII characters

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This is leftover from a failed plan in 2011.

2012: Earhart Symposium in DC, then to Chicago for MP Conference.

DOW Date From To Miles Time
Thurs 14-Jul Buffalo Indianapolis 507 8:00
Fri 15-Jul Indianapolis Atchison 537 9:00
Sat 16-Jul Earhart Festival
Sun 17-Jul Atchison Maloy 106 2:00
Mon 18-Jul Maloy Kalona 229 4:00
Tue 19-Jul Kalona New Franken 361 6:00
Wed 20-Jul New Franken Lansing 421 7:00
Thu 21-Jul Lansing Buffalo 326 6:00

My 2012 Patrons

Avery Dulles.

13 January 2012.

I promise to read Carey's biography this year!

GKC, too.