The Problem

When Community Builder or Fireboard have long lists, they can be broken into chunks and dealt with a page at a time.

The first problem was in the users list in Community Builder:

The second seemed just like it. These are the page navigation buttons in the backend of Joomla! for dealing with long user lists:

Neither one of these were working right.

Community Builder Users List (frontend)

Clicking on the page navigation links produced absurd results–blank screens, back to the front page, or even getting an editable article (!).

This turned out to be a problem with the way that Joomla! was checking the URL to make it Search-Engine-Friendly (SEF). CB wanted to send void parameters; the Joomla! SEF parser gagged on them and mangled the links, so that they became meaningless.

Solution: A Joomla! team member fixed the SEF parser so that links would be preserved the way they were sent. This thread in the Joomla forum explains the problem and has a link to the patch that made all things well again in the front end.

Community Builder and FireBoard (backend)

Clicking on these navigation links went nowhere. With FireBug on, people could see the javascript error message that document.adminform.liststart had no properties.

In the onclick definitions, the javascript code was trying to set the value of document.adminform.liststart to various values for each option. But because there was no liststart variable in the form, there was nothing to assign the value to.

Solution: create an HTML tag <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=limitstart VALUE=0> and see that it was included in the HTML for the admin page. I found out where the adminForm was created in both components, added the tag defining limitstart and a hidden variable, and all was well again. Now the javascript code had something to assign the values to and the links started working as intended.

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