Link Role(s) ISP Subject, owner, webmaster, root Slicehost Subject, page maintainer Canisius Subject, owner, editor (underdeveloped–just a test) Google
TIGHAR root, webmaster, wikimaster, Joomla admin (part of small team) Slicehost
- Ameliapedia Mediawiki on TIGHAR; wikimaster Slicehost
- News 'n' Views Joomla on TIGHAR; super administrator Slicehost
- Forum SMF on TIGHAR; administrator Slicehost
RC precision aerobatics (pattern) Acting webmaster (part of a large team) Koopowitz server Webmaster (two-man team; under redevelopment–blank Joomla installation) GoDaddy
Big-8 2006-2011: board member, wiki privileges jik's server, webmaster, board member (mostly maintained by a more adept STUMP user) Panix
Polanyi Society owner GoDaddy
Phi Beta Kappa of Western New Yorkwebmaster Google
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