A strange thing just happened.

A popup window asked me to tell it what kind of network “Network 4” is.

Beats me. I'm not conscious of asking to install a new network.

Seeing two networks

So I look at the Control Panel/Network and Sharing center (12:56 PM)

As you can see, I have “Network 4” and “Network” showing on my system:

If I view the status of “Network 4” …

… and click on “Details” …

… then do the same for “Network” …

… and look at its details …

… they are identical.

So I called the helpdesk

Talked with Mark Hammersmith. “Network 4” is a term familiar to him.

Then I rebooted

And now I'm back to one Network (1:29 PM). Login went OK. I'm feeling much better already.

Whassup? moleski@canisius.edu

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