Background for the Courses I teach

I hope to use this wiki to throw up ideas, hints, guidelines, explanations of how my courses work.

This is a work in progress. If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail me.

Why do Catholics have to go to Church regularly?

  • The Church is a labor of love.
  • It takes skill to pray, meditate, and worship in Church.
  • It takes love to be willing to develop the skill of worship.
  • Garbage-in, garbage out (GIGO).

Why do you say that the Genesis stories are true?

They teach:

  • Who created: the one God, alone, with no partners.
  • What was created: everything!.
  • Why it was created: for love.

Why do you say that the Genesis stories are false?

  • The details from the “campfire stories” are scientifically ludicrous. Everything that the plots of the stories assert about when and how creation took place is false; the first story (Gen 1) literally contradicts the second story (Gen 2).

Why are you opposed to the custom of "gathering around the altar"?

  • The custom gives the impression that the people closest to the action have the best seat in the house and are getting more out of the performance than the folks toward the rear.
  • Drawing close to the Lord's table is an inward, spiritual movement, not primarily a bodily action. I do honor those who bring the body to Church–that is a great act of love for God, for their neighbors, and for the faithful themselves. But getting a better place to watch the drama unfold does not imply drawing closer to God. Interior closeness is what counts for both the priest and the people: are we or are we not letting God enter the throne room of our hearts?
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