Stopped in front of the Colorado sign for pictures and was mocked by a trucker going the other way. His horn sounded like he was laughing at Dave as if to say “ha ha, your wife is making you do it.” The horn sounded like “ha ha ha hah haah haaaaah”. Very funny! I'm still smiling as I write this picturing the trucker's horn and Dave waving back at the guy. Jill (the GPS unit) saved us in Des Moines. She originally wanted us to take an exit that was closed and then directed us through hill and dale around the city to get us back on the I80W. We drove through the Rockies at night. A little scary but it was a good thing we did because a snow storm came through the following morning. Plenty of snow on the mountains still, and the shear cliffs are a sight to see, even in the dark. Amazing! Stopped in Grand Junction Colorado for the night after 14 hours and over 1000 miles of driving.