We are in Utah, and still more amazing views. No time for coffee yet this morning - yawn. I will get coffee at the next stop. Should be in Moab by lunchtime. “Poor Winston” Dave says (for no real reason except to say it.) Rain forced us to get a cabin, boo-hoo. Went back to Arches National Park and at one of the stops, we saw a “flash flood” slowly progress through the valley below because of the rain (we were at fiery furnace viewpoint). The sound of the water pouring from the mountains was cool, and the slow crawl of the flood was interesting to watch with it's foamy front. The water rushed to the front only to be absorbed by the dry sand, once the sand is saturated, the front would crawl along. We talked with a nice couple from the Netherlands while we watched the stream's progress. Unfortunately this was the only time we had not grabbed the camera from the car. :-(