Woke up to 1/4“ of snow covering everything - cabin was nice and toasty warm :). Walked the trails of Arches - WOW! Long, hard, and beautiful. Boy are we out of shape. The Patriarch Arch was the best! My favorite rocks in the park were the ones we named the “Sarcofiguys” at the entrance. Way cool. It was sunny, windy, and cold. We watched it rain/snow in the distance over the mountains all around us. On the way back from our long hike, we were dive bombed by a group of purple martins on some high rocks. They probably had nests in the surrounding rocks and most definately wanted us out of there! You could hear them whoosh by as they swooped just inches past your head. We drove through the Navajo Indian Reservation to get to the I40W….very bleek is all I can say. Had to stop for sheep in the road. Stopped a couple of hours outside of Flagstaff for the night. As an aside, once we hit the Arizona border, there were bottles and broken glass on both sides of the road as far as an arm could throw . They were along the highway for over ten miles, the desert glistened with all the broken glass, like diamonds.