Notes on the Ultimate Biplane        

23 March 2021

I am moving this material to my MediaWiki.

This page will be updated there.


I started these pages on June 28, 2000. Someone had alleged that the design of the Ultimate Biplane was inspired by RC models. After surfing a bit, I began to take some notes to show that Gordon Price already had designed and flown the Ultimate 10-100 before he began to judge RC competition. The principles of the design are derived from his experiences in world aerobatics.

April 2006

After six years of maintaining the pages, I've converted them to this new format in the spring of 2006. It is 1:48 AM on an April morning as I type these words. The devil is in the details!

15 July 2010

Starting in on another revision of Whether and when this may affect these pages remains to be seen. I know that they are well-indexed by Google and I'd hate to disrupt links to them. "Keep it Super-Simple," self!

If you have anything to add to these pages, let me know.