Parts and Plans for the Ultimate Biplane        

Plan Sets and parts:

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York Enterprises Canopies and other components necessary for the
Ultimate Biplane series

Plan sets for the 10-100, 10-200, 10-300, and 20-300

Devin will fabricate and supply parts to order.

York Enterprises
29 Grenville St
Southampton, ON
N0H 2L0

Phone: (519) 488-1431 (weekday/evenings)
          (519) 797-2930 (weekends)



Ribs for the top & bottom wing.


Other York Enterprises designs

Jeff Yeskin's LaserZ-200 (2007).

York Enterprise's first Z-200 fuselage.

York Aircraft is now selling plans / components for the Laser Z-200. Email for details and price list. Aerobatic +/- 10g. Build entirely from the plans or purchase components. Steel tube kits available. CNC profiled. Plans $275.00 USD (2007). First customer-built York Enterprises Laser Z-200 kit awaiting its maiden flight in Germany (2009):

Airplane Plastics
9785 Julie Court
Tipp City, Ohio 45371
(937) 669-2677

Devin York says:

They have the bubbles for the single seater and 2 seater in smoke or clear. They have taken the time to finish off the molds and are going to be our supplier.
Mike Skoczen has 10-180 and 10-200 plans.

Pitts S1-T / Ultimate Wings

My name is Leonard Sebulsky and I live in Saskachewan. I have an S1-T project with a set of ultimate wings for sale. E-mail Martin X. Moleski, SJ to get in touch with Leonard.

Ultimate 10-200 Wing Kit

I have a 10-200 fast build wing kit still in the crate from Gordon with the pre-built ribs, all wires, hardware, drawings, and interplain struts.

$8,000.00 or best offer.


Eric Dienst


10-100/180 Kits

A little background on myself and why kits are for sale. I am 64 years young. Life has many curves. Wife operated on for Cancer and doing well. Also, we cared for parents until they passed away.

I am an active Pilot and aircraft owner my over 33 + years. Properly trained in Aerobatics-Pitts Specials, Citabria, etc.

I want to get my Factory built Pitts S1S to Aviat for restoration and Annual in order that I may fly it again.

I will consider offers. Also,will sell one piece at a time.

I am an EAA Member.

Ronald Stafy --
(610) 326-4804 
Pottstown, Pa.

These are 1988 Prices, that I paid. NEW and not touched kits and assemblies.

One Factory Welded & Blue Primed Ultimate 10-100/180 Fuselage (same as Pitts S1S only wider at cockpit)
Controls, pre-welded
Tail Group, pre-welded
Gear & Engine Mount for 160 HP LYC
Gear & Engine Mount for 125 HP LYC
Cowling & Spinner Kit & firewall
Canopy Frame
Windshield Frame
Windshield Clear Plastic

 I will consider reasonable offers.

I have all metal aierons full span--Not Assembled


I also have an enlarged Pitts rudder and Haige tail wheel assembly and (2) spades for the ailerons.

(1) Pitts S1S Lower left wing. NEW and uncovered. Built by Aviat.---Also, spring gear (aluminum) no damage for Pitts S1S and sight for strut mount of Pitts S1S


Barn Full of Parts

All kinds of spare parts and project planes.



Parts and Plans

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