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My interest in the Ultimate began with flying RC models. But I'm reluctant to start a page on this topic because it is so huge. The Ultimate must be the best-selling RC biplane ever. In the hands of a good pilot, they fly as well as they look. Some of the rest of us have trouble dodging the trees.

One afternoon at our field, there were nothing but Ultimates: two Carl Goldbergs, one Great Planes, and a Sig Bluehawk.


Bob White of Innovative Wings in Calgary, Alberta, is building a 50% model of the Ultimate. Here is the whole story.

Chip Hyde's 1999-2000 Tournament of Champions Ultimate.

Bevin Shively's Ozark Ultimate 10-300s

Hey Martin! I took a couple of pics of my model today and thought I'd send them to you. Also I took a better pic of my Purple plane today that will give you a better idea of what this finished product will look like. ... Thanks for posting it! That was a real surprise! Anyway, The 10-300 model is hanging from my kitchen ceiling now. I don't fly it cause I dont want to crash it! It took tooo long to do the logos! Note the pilot. All my models have Alf the alien as pilots. Complete with headsets! Thanks again! ~Bevin~

As I mentioned before I am building my own model of Ultimate, so I figured it might be interesting for you to see the final result. It isn't finished yet, but this is the color scheme I am going to use; to be exact I plan to color it in exact the same way, I even intend to put some effort into the side banners. Hope you like it!

The kit is from Sebino, an Italian company. It is said, that it is suposed to be the best Italian kit on the market, which I can only confirm. The kit is full scale, very quality made, with glas fiber fuselage which is strengthened with carbon in the front; the wings are styro-abachi and the main upper wing supporter is from duraluminium......all together a very good product.

About the color is really beautiful; the side banners are going to be tricky though (I don't like stickers), but they give the final superb touch to the finish!


Gregor Drnovsek

Xavier Mouraux's RC Pix


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