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Daryle Grounds' 10-200. More photos at:


Raven Aircraft 2XS

The Raven is inspired, in part, by the Ultimate.
Devin York met the folks from Raven Aircraft at Oshkosh 2002 and sent me the link to their site.



10-200 from Missouri

Copyright Bevin Shively--used by permission.

Click on the photo for a larger version from airliners.net.

Hey Martin! Very cool website! I looked thru the whole thing. You are quite welcome to use my photos as you wish. This airplane belongs to a friend of mine and I shot these pics at the Ozark Airlines annual reunion. Speaking of "plum Crazy" check out my little plum...

It's not done yet but i'm doing a complete zero time on this airplane. I decided that it needed to be purple. Not many purple airplanes around. They are not installed yet, but I painted the wheel pants and the prop spinner purple too... Tailwinds!~Bevin~

PS.. I have a Really cool 10-300S R/C model I did in Ozark colors if you are interested! Let me know and I'll send you a picture of it! ~B~



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