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A magnificent site in french--contains a spectacular walkaround photo album detailing the Bluehawk and contains some other history and photos as well.  Gordon tells me that the photos were probably taken in Florida when the first RC kit was being developed.


This site has all of the photos taken of a walkaround of the 10-300s Bluehawk. It takes a little experimenting to learn how to navigate the French site, but if you're a scale modeller, it is well worth the effort.

Click on the photo tab at the top.

Four new buttons will appear on the left of the screen:

      • Generales
      • Details
      • Mosaique
      • Diverses

      If you click on the first two buttons, you get a sketch of the plane showing the point of view from which the photos were taken. Then you click on an arrow to see that photo. I visited the site several times before I realized how the whole thing worked. :o(

Sami Kontio Airshows -- Beyond the LImit

Sami flies OH-XSF


History of the Ultimate Design--Pitts Special Team


Sean Tucker's Pitts Challenger looks a lot like an Ultimate, but it's not: 

This site has a special section of closeups for
modelers to use.

A descendent (the Advantage).  Well, it uses the Ultimate cowl: 


A Swedish 10-300 and Daryl Ground's 10-200


Ultimate 20.300T-- One of two 20-300s that I know were built.


N360SH: Kendal Simpson's home page.


N8UB: Aerial Advantage & Rob Holland:


The Biplane Hangar

An online discussion group for biplane builders.

Toronto Aerospace Museum

Parc Downsview Park
65 Carl Hall Road
Toronto, ON M3K 2B6

They have one Ultimate 10-100 and are interested in
obtaining more information about the aircraft. It is
C-FPVJ. You may get larger versions of this
photograph at airliners.net:

Photo copyright Den Pascoe; used by permission.

If you have primary source materials and/or
other Ultimate Aircraft memorabilia, I am
sure they would be interested in having the
materials donated to the museum.

Other photos of C-FPVJ.

Barn Full of Parts

Used parts for all kinds of aircraft.

Contact: Cam Harrod
Cell : 416-727-5190


The Dam Pub

"This pub is owned and operated by my daughter, Stephanie Price. I helped create it. I am going back for Robbie Burns day and the festivities. We are creating a Robbie Burns (christened Robert Burness) room upstairs in the pub which will hold a party of 20." -- Gordon Price




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