Ultimate 10-100 -- C-FPJV        

4 August 2010

Marty, We’re finishing and rigging the 10-100 that was in the Toronto Museum. We’re looking for weight and balance info and would like to get in touch with the owners of Kendall Simpson’s old 10-200. I see on your site that Gary Mey has it. Can you pass on my contact info to him? And anyone else that might have info on the Cog G / Control surface travel. Thanks!

Dave Gillespie

Toronto Aerospace Museum

Parc Downsview Park
65 Carl Hall Road
Toronto, ON M3K 2B6

They have one Ultimate 10-100 and are interested in
obtaining more information about the aircraft. It is
C-FPVJ. You may get larger versions of this
photograph at airliners.net:

Photo copyright Den Pascoe; used by permission.

If you have primary source materials and/or
other Ultimate Aircraft memorabilia, I am
sure they would be interested in having the
materials donated to the museum.

Details of C-FPJV

December 23, 2002

Attached are the pictures of the Ultimate C-FPVJ I took at the Toronto Aerospace Museum in November 2002.

I was told that the builder of this Ultimate got his licence cancelled for medical reason and he donated the plane to the museum before it flew. Apparently, he didn't want anybody to fly it to avoid any chance of lawsuit if something happen. When I get more info on the plane I will send it to you.

I should go to the Toronto area for a few contests this summer and I plan on stopping at the museum again. Feel free to use the pictures on your website.

The Toronto Aerospace Museum is a small museum but there are some very unique pieces. A Lancaster that need a lot of care. One of the only two CL41 Tutor modified with the radar/navigation system of the CF104 for training purposes. The original prototype of the Zenith Zenair kit plane and many more. It is located in one of the old DeHavilland hangars where the first Chipmunks were built. http://www.torontoaerospacemuseum.com


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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